Oilers at Preds, G42/07-08

This is Reijo Juhani “Rexi” Ruotsalainen. He played 26 regular season games for the Edmonton Oilers, and 43 in the playoffs. He once scored 28 goals in an NHL season, a nice mark for a defenseman in any era.

With word today that Sheldon Souray is hurt again and flew back to Edmonton I think it’s time for another “second half miracle” from Rexi. He’s only 47.

Oilers won last night with Dustin Penner playing the hero. Other things to be happy about include Tom Gilbert’s continued fine play, Garon getting the job done in net and Horcoff ending a point drought.

This team remains undermanned and on the outside looking in, but if they could add a veteran RW, a nice scoring LW and stop playing Grebeshkov and Smid every night they have the coaching to make a noise in the Western Conference. And by “noise” I mean “screw Brian Burke out of a lottery pick.”

Any old guys in Europe interested in coming over to NA for a 40 game romp ala Rexi?

Just saying.

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  1. Eetu says:

    You did know that they changed the rules to disallow doing what Rexi did, right? So there’s no help coming for Oilers from this side of the pond.

    Furthermore, Jani Rita is hurt and won’t be back before March, so you couldn’t get your “nice scoring LW” anyway.

  2. Aaron says:

    Phone up Ulanov … :)

  3. pboy says:

    I’m not sure how LT can say that we have the “coaching” to do anything, when MacT and his staff have continually put a pairing of Grebs and Smid on the ice in any situation. Everyone who is watching the Oil can see that these two guys are a -3 waiting to happen every night, everyone except the coaching staff.

  4. Oilman says:

    Note to Smid…when puck carrier goes behind the goal line and looks out to the slot, check over left shoulder…..that is all.

  5. rickibear says:

    Mikko Luomo? He is our former draft pick 30yr 6’4″ and leading Dmen in scoring in SEL.

    Sewden has oppted out of the IIHF agreement right?

  6. Simon says:

    Rene Corbet is playing for the Mannheim Eagles of the German League. I saw him play against Berlin and he scored a couple of goals.

  7. rider guy says:

    a funny sidenote about rexi. i read somewhere that slats kept him on the oilers protected list for years after he left north america, even during all the expansion drafts of the late 90′s. he hadn’t played here in years but i guess it was slats idea of a joke.

  8. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve given up any hope of Lowe making any moves to improve this team this year. The team is earning points at about .927 per game (38 in 41), and they haven’t shown anything to suggest that they have ability to better that rate. So realistically, other than maybe keeping a lottery pick away from Grumpy McFatfuck, what would “bringing in help” do at this point? The Oilers are going to need to get 58 points out of the remaining 41 games for even a chance at the playoffs. That’s 29-12. There isn’t anyone anywhere that the team could bring in to produce that kind of turnaround without completely blowing everything up (which may not be a bad idea). So what, we overpay someone with picks/prospects to get a serviceable someone-or-other to hopefully help us crawl out of the basement? God, I hope not. The roster is such a dog’s breakfast as it is; we don’t need another square peg Frankensteined into a round hole.

    Face it – the season is a write-off, and Burke is getting at least a top 10, probably a top 5 pick. Let the kids develop together, gain chemistry with each other, and we’ll see you in ’10-’11.

  9. Oiler Mag says:

    Tony Hand is still raking up the points (53 in 36gp) – and he’s just released a new book, so he could afford the air fare!!


  10. grease trap says:

    It’s not impossible to still make the playoffs this year, but I think that’s not important for a trade consideration anyway.

    IF…a trade could be made that sends out needless skill redundancies, why not pull in a couple players that we would want for 08/09 anyway? (I hear talk about some Lupul kid tearing it up in the Eastern Conference) Give those players a taste of the 4 million dollar dressing room, talk up the long range plans for a Stanley Cup running dynasty about to begin and add another couple pieces to a promising team.

  11. Black Dog says:

    Why not move guys who are obviously no longer in the plans – Pouliot, Jacques – if you can bring in a veteran guy who is locked up for another season or more? These guys are gone anyways – may as well try and get something of value for them. They’re not getting to the playoffs but if they can improve the team then do it.

  12. Dennis says:

    I’m in a good mood today so I won’t make fun of/chastise people that think Lowe can make a trade that benefits the club.

    Instead I’ll focus on things I’d like to see tonight but which probably won’t happen:

    - Please play Garon until he has two bad games in a row. Did you see Roli joking around with 27 after his OT winner? He’s fine with sharing the load and fuck him if he isn’t.

    - Play 37 with 24 and 5 with 23 OR break up 77/25 and reunite 23/77. Don’t play 37/5 and don’t make 24 have to play with 5 again.

    - Play 23 on the PP with 16 and thus allow 77/25 to come back as the first pairing on the shift after the PP expires

    - Keep 89 in the pressbox. We’ve been wasting too many points on him and because it’s the second half of a BTB and because we’re back to taking stupid penalties, we’re gonna need some more time out of our 4th line tonight.

  13. Asiaoil says:

    Pretty much have to agree with Dennis – the team needs have been obvious since August and I don’t see why they will be addressed now. Not like anyone was asking for a 100 point center – just a couple of bigger,reliable bottom 6 wingers who know their way around the defensive zone.

    Same with pissing away points playing Smid and Gagner. Sending Gagner to the WJC would not have harmed him one bit nor would sending Smid to the AHL for the rest of the year and giving him top pair minutes and all the PP time he could handle. OK let’s all stop making sense now since this is Oilers we are talking about…..

  14. Dennis says:

    Garon gets the start and it looks like 89′s drawing another HS.

    Nice to see at least a few sensible strings being pulled.

  15. Oilman says:

    The only thing that bothers me about Gagner is that he should be at the WJC’s instead of sitting in Nashville.

    On the vet forward front – would Jim Dowd be a good pickup – from all accounts the guy loved Edmonton. Can he still play?

  16. Dennis says:

    OM, he’s always been a fav of mine and I’m still pissed that we lost him in the Ex draft to the Wild and I swore I read that Riesbrough owed us something in return.

    I’m not certain what level comp he was playing but I just know I read today he was -5. Off the top, I’d have a hard job believing he couldn’t do a better job than Sanderson.

    I can’t argue with you on 89 either. It would be nice to send him to help out Canada and in the interm we could’ve had a look at just how much or how little we missed him.

  17. Mr DeBakey says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a timeout called
    just so the coach an scream at his defncemen

  18. Dennis says:

    I haven’t missed too many games of the MacT era and I’m sure I’ve never seen him madder at his own team. That was a vicious rant.

    On to the game:

    - We could have five goals against us and I wouldn’t fault Garon. Just bang bang play after bang bang play. Unbelieveable.

    - Speaking of unbelievable, 16 and 46 are on the ice at the same time for an EV goal. That’s simply remarkable

    - Speaking of believable, Smid out to lunch again on the PP goal. Honest to sweet fuck, outside of Tommy Salo, no one’s been worst only to get trotted out there game in and game out

    - Not a great play by 23 on the 3-1 goal. Of course it doesn’t help that his partner, 37, was caught up ice but still, 23 can’t go down that easily.

  19. honkey says:

    What an ugly 20 min from an Oilers perspective. Everyone is running around without no plan whatsoever.

    I’d better turn off my espn360 stream and go to bed instead. Because this just make me feel saaaaad.

  20. Oilman says:

    Nillson connects on the feed from Penner and it’s a different game…and when was the last time any Oiler, let alone Ethan Moreau, attempted a spin-o-rama that resulted in a decent scoring chance?

  21. mc79hockey says:

    Smid burning it to the far post and the man there when the pass couldn’t possibly get through, leaving Arnott alone in front for the tap in is like a bad joke.

  22. Bruce says:

    A goal, a fight, and an interview — the Zack Stortini Hat Trick.

    Whatever you think of him as a player, you gotta like Stortini’s attitude. One small detail that this observer liked in that second period was Stortini identifying his man on the back check and moving his legs and driving with the guy all the way to the Oilers’ goal line. I hope Row-bear was watching … Smid too, for that matter. (Step One: identify your fucking man)

    For all the rough edges in 46′s skill level that are glaringly apparent to you and me, I keep seeing reasons why the coaches are sticking with this guy. Starting with the fact that he’s a hell of a lot less stupid than he looks.

  23. Lowetide says:

    Hard to identify the better team tonight.

  24. Dennis says:

    This is the kind of game where you wait for Smid to come through with a goal because the kid has loads of offensive potential.

  25. grease trap says:


    He’s offensive already.

  26. PDO says:

    So, when I was 7, my coach told me it was important to always have my head on a swivel and not just fixate on the puck. You know, so I’d know where the players on the other team were, and could go to where the puck would be next, and cover the appropriate man, etc.

    Apparently Ladi Rita was never told this.

    He’s very good at running on a treadmill though.

  27. Ribs says:

    Poor Staios. I sure wish there was another steady veteran on the club to calm his nerves. I can’t imagine what goes through his mind after losing games like this.

    I’ve never really been too impressed with Nilsson’s overall game but tonight he had a lot of try in him and that gets him brownie points in my book.

    Penner has found his game from last year and MacT is adapting the rush to his style. It’s nice to see that he’s not going to waste. I watched every goal he scored last season and I can tell you the majority of them were on the rush where he was passing defenders before he got to the net.

    Horcoff kind of dissapears with Nilsson and Penner. He doesn’t get his hands on the puck very much with them and it leaves him kind of ineffective… When can we fix Stoll’s brain?

    If the league is looking for steroid use in the NHL, I’d check Dan Hamhuis’ locker first. There’s no way he should be tossing around guys the way he was tonight. He manhandled big-boy Penner with superhuman ease!

    You can’t expect too much out of this team right now so it’s a little less dissapointing when they lose a game like this. They showed up, tried pretty hard, and a couple of brain farts turned the game into a loss. Let us move on to more important matters…

    Hemsky skating, Souray out again. Anyone vote for either of them to go to the All-Star game?

  28. rickibear says:

    I could not use my tickets for the Jan 13 Calgary/Edmonton game. Traded to a guy at work who could not make the game he bought for his young son as a Christmas gift.
    Went from gold to upper colonade.

    I can not use his tickets. They are for the Islanders Vs. Oilers
    Monday Jan. 7/08 7:00 p.m.
    Sec 207 Row 32 Seats 15 & 16

    Anyone from Edmonton in the blog group who could use them (for free) Please contact me (in the next hour)at rickithebear@gmail.com to arrange a location and I will courier them DHL by 11:30 a.m. Alberta time today. Hopefully they make it to edmonton by monday.

  29. rickibear says:

    The tickets have been claimed!

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