Schremp: Hey, You’re An All-Star!!

Rob Schremp has been named to the American All-Star team (AHL) and should have a big game. All-Star games are usually no-hitters, a display of pure skill and the beauty of the game takes a front seat.

As a fan, it’s hugely disappointing that Schremp is the only Falcon to make it. From a development point of view, the Oilers have to be concerned that their 22-year old picks from 2003 aren’t in the game (or the NHL for that matter).

This weekend I’m going to do a post that asks the question “when can you begin to fret over a draft pick?” which is to say how long do we wait before openly questioning whether or not a player will make it to the show.

Personally, I think it’s way too soon to ask that question about Alex Plante, but certainly a question we need to ask about Pouliot and Jacques (in photo). The first thing I’ll look at in the weekend post is how many players stumbled as drafted juniors (18 and 19 year olds) that got onto the fast track and made it as NHL players in the same role they were drafted for in the first place.

Can you think of any Oiler examples in the last 5 seasons? 10? I’m also going to have a long look at injury at its impact on those 2 developmental seasons.

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11 Responses to "Schremp: Hey, You’re An All-Star!!"

  1. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Even though Edmonton didn’t draft him, would Cleary fit that description? His first full NHL season was with the Oilers, and he was a high draft pick expected to score but didn’t. His 18 and 19 year old seasons he didn’t exactly light up the AHL, and his NHL numbers were dreadful until the light went on last year it seems. He’s finally getting some numbers (0.71ppg) with Detroit – and had a nice playoffs last year (12 in 18).

  2. dreamer says:

    Are we going to restrict this to Oiler draft picks. If so Cleary was drafted by the Hawks. After having a quick scan of oiler picks, I don’t see any that fit the bill. In the last ten years, our picks have either been hit or miss (too many misses).

  3. Dennis says:

    Cleary’s acsension has to be the anomoly, no? I’m with Lain as much as the next guy when he says that MacT and the brass always seem to make the right decision when it comes to cutting the fringe players but letting Cleary go is probably their biggest mistake.

    All that being said, I’m not a guy that spurts because a fellow’s from my province and the Oilers were good to Cleary in terms of TOI and role. In fact, in ’01, Cleary got to play with Weight and that was a pretty good gig at the time. Anyone else remember him scoring the game winner in Carolina on a Sunday afternoon during that 10 game winning streak?

    Back to the aforementioned Q’ers and at this time, we’d probably bne fortunate if MAP turned out to be as useful as Brodziak. Now, I like 51 more than most because I’ve noticed he gets a lot of scoring chances and I hope he’ll eventually cash them at a higher than current rate, but still hoping Pouliot becomes as useful as Brod is certainly a mouthful.

    Regarding JFJ, for anyone who read Flaming’s latest news from SF, Pendergast said Jacques is still in the Oilers plans. Though I imagine those plans get harder and harder to find with every game that Stortini draws a smile from MacT.

  4. Oilman says:

    I remember the Sun headline when he got the call from Hamilton and had 2 goals…”Nefoundhands”

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    Cleary didn’t turn things around right away after he was bought out in Edmonton.

    In Phoenix, he went 6-11-17 points in 68 games. In Detroit, he went 3-12-15 in 77 games.

    It was only last year where we began seeing some offensive production. 20-20-40 in 71, and this year he’s 16-16-32 in 45 games.

  6. Baroque says:

    Dan Cleary actually credits two thing to his improvement: his wife keeping him on the right track, and his own motivation at the realization that he might not have a job if he couldn’t convince anyone to give him another chance.

    When he came into training camp on a tryout with Detroit, Mike Babcock told him that if he was going to make the team, he’d have to show him more hard work than he ever had as a junior.

  7. Dennis says:

    Yeah, I forgot to mention that his turnaround wasn’t immmeadiate. I will say though that I wasn’t totally surprised that he re-invented himself as a checker. I remember him in his last season playing on a line with Marchant and Horcoff and that was a very effective troika.

    Not to hi-jack this thread but I wonder what Cleary will do this summer with his FA status. How much room does Det have, will he give them some kind of discount and if he finishes with 30 goals and 60 points, just how much will he be worth?

  8. godot10 says:

    Cleary needed a change of scenery, and even then it wasn’t till the third season after he was gone that he broke out.

    I don’t consider that an Oiler mistake.

  9. Rob says:

    What about Mark Streit in Montreal, he is having a pretty solid year. I think last year was his first full season and he is 30 years old.

  10. PDO says:

    Think Cleary would come back here? Keep in mind he quoted MacT as one of the only reasons he’s in the NHL. I know 51 should keep getting better, and the organization loves 46, but having 83-34-Cleary down the right side would certainly be nothing to sneeze at…

  11. toqueboy says:

    i thought JDD might have had a chance to make the all star game, which would have been a nice surprise given his standing this summer.

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