Torres Gone for the Season. Enter Samsonov?

Word today that Raffi Torres is gone for the year with a knee injury. The Edmonton Oilers are left with a LW depth chart that could use some immediate help.

Dustin Penner, Ethan Moreau, Geoff Sanderson, Patrick Thoresen, Marty Reasoner and others are either legit bats at that position or utility players with enough power to play a role. Andrew Cogliano is also a possibility for the 2line which is pretty much the key element moving forward (since the top line of Horcoff-Penner-Hemsky and a makeshift 3group from Moreau, Pisani and Cogliano or Reasoner seems logical).

In 06-07, Sergei Samsonov’s EV points-per-60 with the Habs was 1.76 (not great, but not far from Raffi’s 1.94 in the same season). This season, he’s been beyond painful, with 3 equal strength points in about 4 hours of icetime.

He is on re-entry waivers again tonight. This usually means the team placing him on the waiver wire has an indication that another team may pick him up, and Edmonton is certainly an option based on the department of youth that is their major league roster.

Assuming Samsonov could come close to the 06-07 ppg number (1.76), where would he be on the Oilers depth chart?

  1. Shawn Horcoff 2.4
  2. Ales Hemsky 2.29
  3. Robert Nilsson 1.93
  4. Sam Gagner 1.80
  5. 06-07 Sergei Samsonov 1.76
  6. Andrew Cogliano 1.63
  7. Kyle Brodziak 1.63
  8. Dustin Penner 1.43
  9. Geoff Sanderson 1.38
  10. Marty Reasoner 1.31
  11. Raffi Torres 1.19
  12. Fernando Pisani 1.17 (less than 4 hrs)
  13. Zack Stortini 0.87 (less than 4 hrs)
  14. Patrick Thoresen 0.80 (less than 4 hrs)
  15. 07-08 Sergei Samsonov 0.75
  16. Jarret Stoll 0.71

Ethan Moreau is at 2.70 but has played just a little over 1 hour (3EV points). This was done by quick math so there may be some errors here and there but I double checked Stoll’s just to be sure. Is Sergei Samsonov a better option than Rob Schremp? Marc Pouliot? I don’t really think he is, but he’s a veteran option and all he costs is money.

In a season where the rookies are a runaway train, I think the Oilers have to at least consider it in the hopes Samsonov has another life.

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21 Responses to "Torres Gone for the Season. Enter Samsonov?"

  1. PDO says:

    There ain’t enough beer in Edmonton for the Oilers since Pisani came within a hair of tying up Game 7.

  2. trader says:

    50 contracts…if we want to add anyone we will have to get rid of someone first

  3. Black Dog says:

    meh, that’s easily done, getting rid of a contract, I mean

    I’d take a pass on Sammy though – its a shame but I read a comment earlier today about how he was never the same after wrist surgery iirc

    a better option then what’s out there now? other then the fact that he is experienced I’m not sure what he brings – two teams have given up on him in the last six months or so

    shame – but even in ’06 I expected a whole lot more

  4. Dennis says:

    If we pick him up, my only suggestion would be that we play him with 10-83. It might sound nuts to break up the current top line but how about 27 taking the place of 14 and thus a 14-16-34 second line?

    Back to Samsonov, he’ll be costing us 1.6 for half the freight so halv that considering the remainder of the season and he’s costing us 800K. And we’ve had him before so if MacT gives the go ahead, then it’s cool all around.

    If we’re bringing him in, I’m giving him the Grade A scoring treatment, ie the 10-83 min.

  5. Aaron says:

    Does Raffi’s contract count towards the 50 contracts?

  6. doritogrande says:

    If Torres goes on the Long Term Injury list, do we get to use his contract spot?

    As for Samsonov…just say no. If he couldn’t hack it with the likes of Kovalev or Koivu, who are IMO better offensive talents than anything we have, he’s on the decline in his career. And if he can’t find his way into Chicago’s lineup when Martin Havlat’s on the injured list, then he’s got big problems.

  7. Ribs says:

    I thought we already had a Samsonov. Young 13 fits the silks of the speedy small-man.

  8. doritogrande says:


    The new 13 can play defense.

  9. Stuart van says:

    To what end? If he’s not a long term asset, there’s no point. Why not develop what we’ve got?

  10. Bruce says:

    I’d take a pass on Sammy though – its a shame but I read a comment earlier today about how he was never the same after wrist surgery iirc

    That was my comment, a couple of threads down, under “The Secret Life of Plante” (nice title LT). Since the comment is germane to this subject header, I’ll repeat it here for ease of reference:

    re: Samsonov, I’ve followed his career closely since I had him in my “keeper league” pool from his Calder Trophy-winning season until dropping him like a hot potato this past off-season. I don’t think he’s ever been the same since suffering a major wrist injury and bone graft surgery in October 2002. Up to that point he’d scored 0.75 PPG in his career and had missed 1, 3, 5, 0, and 8 GP in his five seasons. Since then he is 0.56 PPG and has missed 74, 26, 8, 19 and 18 so far in 2007-08. Of course the last two years that includes a lot of HS situations.

    His first five seasons remain the top five goal-scoring seasons of his career, likely due to that wrist. Since then he has had trouble shooting the puck; before that point he was merely reluctant to shoot it.

    At this point I wouldn’t touch the guy with a ten-foot pole. He doesn’t bring defence or size or toughness and carries a bit of a prima donna attitude to boot. I’d rather use Row-bear Nilsson in the dipsy-doodler role.

  11. Ducey says:

    As said above, the spot should be used to develop a youngster with an eye to the future.

    If picked up, Sammy is likely to come in somewhere between last year’s numbers and this year’s numbers. This puts him right in Sanderson territory. If you want veteran dependability, why not just use Sanderson?

  12. PunjabiOil says:

    Carolina has claimed him

  13. godot10 says:

    Carolina’s gotta make a trade for a defenseman, which is why I think they picked up Samsonov.

  14. Master Lok says:

    No size, lack of grit, but tons of skill? We don’t need Sammy – we already have Nilsson and Schremp to do that. For cheaper.

  15. Lord Bob says:

    It’s got to be Schremp. Got to be. The only question is where to play him: 27-10-83 works too well to break up, but 44-16-34 scares the hell out of me and chucking him out with the Geoff Sandersons and Marty Reasoners of the world is just a waste of time. A kid line of 44-13-89 is tempting on a certain level, because then we know where the EV- is coming from, but…

  16. Bruce says:

    Hate to break it to you, Lord Bob, but “44″ is taken, and he won’t be appearing on any Kid Line. Since Souray’s arrival on the “big” team I think Schremp has taken to 88 since the Lindros number is no longer off-limits, and presumably since 4 is not a viable option in a K-Lowe administration.

  17. therealdeal says:

    I don’t think Samsonov is an option for any team that is looking for success.

  18. Bruce says:

    Maybe a situation like Carolina, where Justin Williams is gone for the season and Rod Brind’Amour is looking for a new winger, Sergei can do just enough to get by. There’s lot o’ floaters in the southeast. But I’ll be shocked if he’s a significant difference-maker.

    Four teams — Boston, Edmonton, Montreal, Chicago — have given up on him in the last two years. He’s about done.

  19. Oilman says:

    I think it’s worth noting that neither Boston or Edmonton gave up on him…both had to see him leave for contract reasons…Boston thinking they couldn’t sign him, and Edmonton offering as much as Montreal did to retain him…..but he is about done.

  20. Dennis says:

    Also,not that it makes a huge difference, but his last contract was offered by the Habs and you know it was a little bloated because they have to over offer to anyone they try and lure.

    I think he was worth a shot and he was only gonna cost about 800K of actual money but I don’t think the Oilers are interested in taking on any money at this time.

  21. Lord Bob says:

    What makes you think I wasn’t chucking Souray onto the wing? The guy can’t skate worth a damn, so maybe he could just sit at the red line and go forward as appropriate?

    In other words, old habits die hard.

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