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This is Marc Pouliot in one of those new “slim-look” uniforms (I guess the old ones were the “Husky Fit”) which makes it a very rare item. Pouliot has played only one and a half hours in anger in the uniform and the word “anger” is being used loosely here.

Pouliot is in action tonight for the Springfield Falcons (AHL) along with a plethora of Oilers prospects. Kevin Prendergast suggested yesterday that “The Rangers weren’t interested in Schremp, it was Pouliot.”

Another from KP: “Pouliot has been the best Falcon recently.”

Finally from Mr Prendergast: “It’s time maybe for players like Liam Reddox and Marc Pouliot to sort of come up here and take a run at making a job for themselves for next year.”

So we wait. Tonight’s game is 2-0 for the other side after the first period (Falcons outshot 10-5) with Deslauriers in goal.

The February numbers for the big forwards on the Falcons:

  1. Marc Pouliot 12gp, 7-6-13 E
  2. Rob Schremp 12gp, 3-6-9 -5
  3. Liam Reddox 8gp, 1-3-4 +1

Prendergast’s quotes was pretty noncommittal (he used the words “maybe”, “like” and “sort of” which are all maybe a little limp, sort of like, wishy-washy) but let’s count the days until one of these men is called up.

Today is Day 1. I’m giddy. Isn’t this how Ted Koppel got started?

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27 Responses to "AHL Callups"

  1. doritogrande says:

    Damn, I was just looking at this game’s stats and was giong to comment on Deslauriers continuing his downward spiral when I see you’ve beaten me to it. Should be noted that the goals were shorthanded and on the powerplay for Worster. Peckham’s been impressive also, I’m hoping to see a bit of him as well when 25 eventually gets shelved for the rest of the season.

  2. Jon G says:

    The only thing I wonder about calling some of these guys up is who gets taken out of the line up? With the way the 4th line has been playing it will not be one of them. As well, with Reasoner and Sanderson staying here at the deadline I assume that they are in it for the long haul. Nilsson deserves more than a 2 in 2 out rotation as if he is ever gonna find his game sitting on the bench will not make it happen. I would believe if anyone does get called up it will be someone like Young to play on blue line when no one else is available.

  3. Mr DeBakey says:

    “The Rangers weren’t interested in Schremp, it was Pouliot.”

    I think that was actually Flaming who said that; “I have it on good authority that…”
    KP just said something generic about discussions about several players.

    The neat thing was how KP hinted the Oilers might carry a CFL-sized roster next year, adding another D, Pouliot, those two Icelandic stars – Mor Gritte and Mor Skoren, Reddox and so on

  4. Lord Bob says:

    The neat thing was how KP hinted the Oilers might carry a CFL-sized roster next year, adding another D, Pouliot, those two Icelandic stars – Mor Gritte and Mor Skoren, Reddox and so on

    Fingers crossed that K-Lowe doesn’t think you get to carry a certain number of non-imports.

    By the way, LT, I wouldn’t trade Pouliot for Hugh Jessiman either. :P

  5. doritogrande says:

    Asia, theahl.com has no mention of Deslauriers getting pulled, yet.

    Springfield’s down 4-1. Reddox has the Falcons goal. All the Worcester goals have been on special teams (3PP, 1SH).

  6. Asiaoil says:

    JDD has shown a nasty habit of starting strong and then going downhill after Christmas both this year and last. Another mediocre 4 goal on 22 shots performance tonight

  7. doritogrande says:

    Oh sure Asia, change your post and make me look foolish.

    I’m on to you ;)

  8. Asiaoil says:

    Right you are doritogrande….but he’s not puplling his weight down the stretch when the team is hurt and fighting for theirplayoff lives. He running SP has gone something like:

    Nov – .929
    Dec – .920
    Jan – .918
    Feb – .912 (.861 for this month alone)

    It’s not a titianic like sinking but the kid better start bailing water and fast otherwise Dubnyk is the starter.

  9. Lowetide says:

    At the end of November Deslauriers SP was .929, Dubnyk’s was .899.

    After tonight, Deslauriers is .912 and Dubnyk is .908.

  10. Lord Bob says:

    At the end of November Deslauriers SP was .929, Dubnyk’s was .899.

    After tonight, Deslauriers is .912 and Dubnyk is .908.

    I sense a new radical theory of having a different starting goalie after New Years. K-Lowe, call me.

  11. Dennis says:

    There’s no way that Sanderson should play any games over Pouliot or even Reddox for that matter.

    I know that if the Oilers call up either Marc or Liam they’re here for the rest of the season but can they go down after the NHL’s regular season is over?

    If the Oilers don’t call anyone up before tomorrow night’s game then I guess we’ll have our answer.

  12. Asiaoil says:

    doritogrande – hey I can look foolish all on my own – but thanks for the help :)

    As for DD – here is his line by month:

    Oct .921 (4 games)
    Nov .877 (4 games)
    Dec .918 (5 games)
    Jan .852 (1 game)
    Feb .919 (9 games)

    January is basically meaningless since he sat almost the entire month and only played one game. The kid has always been a workhorse and is used to playing – so I’m not surprised he threw a stinker after sitting for so long.

    DD has been everything you could hope for in 3 months (Oct, Dec and Feb). The thing about Dubnyk is that he does not have a lot of bad games – but when he does – it massively bad and it tends to trash his overall numbers. Been like this for years with him – a solid workhorse starter who occassionally has a REALLY bad game. Problem is these infrequent really bad games do a good job of trashing SP stats built up over multiple very solid games.

    He’s a guy who if he looks off in the first period – you just pull him – because it likely will only get worse. His bad nights are not too frequent and they are getting fewer – plus the kid is also super-resiliant and generally rebounds with a good showing the next night.

  13. jon k says:

    I think KP’s comments regarding having new faces on the roster and his omission of mentioning Torres and Stoll suggests that they’ll be gone in the offseason.

    I think a few prospects will be on the way out as well. JFJ and Pouliot are the most likely candidates but personally I hope that we do retain Pouliot. There’s still hope for him yet and this could be the year where he starts putting it together (how many prospects have had that said about them?). Besides, it might be interesting to put him on the wing of Gagner, who is somewhat similar to Crosby in playing style.

  14. Bruce says:

    Carrying forward an idea from the last thread, in which Dennis and Doritogrande were trying to figure out where we could put guys like Reddox and Pouliot should they be recalled. I had figured out the stats of the so-called Crosstiniaks since the line was put together 7 games ago. Interesting to compare their numbers since then with some of the minute-munchers at the “top” of the line-up:

    Player – | -TOI- | G-A-P, +/- | S, HT, PiM
    Glencross | 67:12 | 2-3-5, +3 | 11, 13, 17
    Stortini – | 61:56 | 0-4-4, +5 | 5, 20, 31
    Brodziak | 97:30 | 4-1-5, +3 | 13, 8, 17
    Stoll – - -| 127:13 | 1-1-2, -1 | 19, 8, 4
    Penner – | 113:55 | 1-1-2, -6 | 15, 10, 10
    Hemsky -| 126:34 | 1-3-4, -4 | 17, 1, 4

    Hmmm, I don’t think the Crosstiniaks are the problem. Over those seven games the big-money guys have a few more shots, but that’s to be expected given they have close to double the ice time, not to mention about 30 minutes apiece on the PP vs. about 30 seconds each for the pluggers. In little more than half the ice time the fourth line has 13 points to 8, a combined +11 to -11, and 41 hits to 19. Hemsky has a ridiculous 1 hit, which maybe we should forgive cuz of his bad wrist. Stoll and Penner rank 1-2 on the team in hits, yet Stortini has more than both of them put together over the last 7 games. The Crosstiniaks have been bringing it!

    Oh yeah, their comparative salaries are $1.492 MM to $10.050 MM; and cap hits $1.187 MM to $10.550 MM.

    Conclusion: the fourth line is the least of Oilers’ worries, in fact is probably their #1 asset right now. But the guys at the top of the payroll are either injured or are not pulling their weight.

  15. Lowetide says:

    Well a rational team would sit Sanderson until he retires and then wait for the next injury (in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…) but the Oilers are imo trying to get as far down the pop charts as possible. They actually only need one team (as in CHI or CBS) to step into the elevator shaft to have a healthy chance of staying out of the top 6.

  16. PDO says:

    Hard to imagine CBJ not falling into the elevator shaft with the losses of Foote and Fedorov.

    I can honestly see us catching Carolina as well… they’re one of the teams that probably has more of a beef with injuries than we do. If we would’ve won against them, it’d be all but a lock… but alas, the boys decided to shit the bed in one of Scorecoff’s last games.

  17. jon k says:

    I think it’s important to keep in mind that the 4th line is probably playing a little above themselves, while 2/3 of the top line is playing injured.

    No doubt, they’ve got something to be proud of, but a 7 game sample is still only 7 games.

  18. Bruce says:

    Yes of course, I meant to issue the “small sample size” disclaimer so guys like MC and Vic wouldn’t be all over me … but it is fair to say that since Horcoff went down, it’s been our younger cheaper guys that have come through. It’s not just the fourth-liners either, Gagner’s been lighting it up, and last night it was Gilbert and Nilsson who led the charge.

    Let’s put it this way, given the injury list, if you just saw the stats for 16-27-83 for the last seven games, would you have guessed 4-3-0? Me neither.

  19. Dennis says:

    The Oilers should’ve bought out Sanderson right off the bat.

    Oh, and because this is the most live thread on the forum right now, not sure where I read this today because read a lot of stuff but apparently two teams were interested in Kubina.

    The Sharks and your Edmonton Oilers!!

    That’s something to look at for this summer I’d imagine

  20. Asiaoil says:

    Pouliot – the riddle inside an enigma – he just plain baffles me. One can only think about how things may have turned out different in the SCF season if he didn’t get sick. He was looking darn fine at the end of the year after getting called up – energetic and full of mustard. Seems a decade ago. You know right now I would call him up and put him between Penner and Hemsky – we could do worse as Pensky seems crippled without Horc and MAP is the closest style-wise we have. What the hell – has the kid ever really gotten a shot? Might as well find out if we have anything here and now.

    As for next year – anyone think that we could unload some youth to NYR for one season of Jagr? Say Stoll, Schremp and a prospect for a year of the Jagrmeister?

    Torres Horcoff Jagr (tough opps)
    Penner Gagner Hemsky (easy opps)
    Moreau Cogliano Pisani
    GX MAP/Brodz Stortini

    That’s a playoff bound forward crew IMHO…..but probably a pipe-dream.

  21. Ducey says:

    I disagree with the idea they should bring up MAP. He got called up two years ago for 8 games. He then didn’t make it out of camp last year. When he was called up last year he played okay but then showed up in camp this year out of shape and quickly got demoted. He moped around in the AHL for a few months until turning it on lately.

    I say leave him in the AHL and send him the message that he will be there again unless he shows up in camp with Horcoffish fitness and Moreau’s fire. Another month of the Buchberger tuning him in is likely just what MAP needs.

  22. DBO says:

    One thing I think we can’t discount is Lowe’s desire to screw Burke over with that pick as much as possible. With so much youth in our lineup, and seeing what happened last year i think it’s safe to say Lowe is playing to finish out of the bottom 5, and so we will see Sanderson and Reasoner every game from now on and only other kids will sit. Also KP was on the radio tuesday and he said something that stuck with me. he said that the Oil don’t want to hurt Springfield’s chances of making the playoffs, so they won’t call anyone up until they are out of it.

  23. jon k says:

    Asia: Jagr will become an UFA at the end of this season due to his final year being contingent on him achieving benchmarks he won’t reach.

  24. Sean says:

    I dont mind Sanderson staying because of the ripple effect on Cogliano. I see it as an investment in Cogs rather than an investment in lesser prospects. Sanderson, however, doesnt need to play every game.

    I agree that Pouliot should be given a real shot. Play him with Pensky? Sure. He’s gotta get some points playing with Hemsky and at least increase his trade value.

    Its gonna be a busy offseason. Way too many forwards.

  25. RiversQ says:

    Torres Horcoff Jagr (tough opps)
    Penner Gagner Hemsky (easy opps)

    Had to chuckle over this one.

    Jagr hasn’t played tough minutes since the 90′s, while Hemsky has been groomed for a tough minute role. His minutes get a little tougher every year. (Granted that has a little to do with the fact that Lowe’s voting off all the elite players around him like Survivor)

  26. Dennis says:

    AO: No question it seems like a long time ago that Pouliot was impressing everyone back in ’06.

    He’d arrived after spending his first year in the A and some of us were worried because he had such a bad first 20 games down in the A. But he really picked it up in the second half and the Dogs coach Don Lever had some very complimentary things to say about him.

    He finished 15-45-65, ie goals-points- games played. That was a poor/young Ham team he played on in ’06 but both him and JFJ had rookie pro seasons, Jacques finished at 24-44-65, that suggested they were damn good bets to be NHL pros. So, Pouliot came up and flashed some skill; he was a good skater and passer and knew about his own zone and he looked like a player for sure.

    For those who remember the carcass of Rem Murray playing with the Oilers in spring ’06, and it hurts me to say that because I used to love that guy, you have to wonder if Marc would’ve gotten that gig pivoting 18-20 had he not picked up mono. And he played during that time he’d probably still be here.

    So, Pouliot goes back to the A for his second season and goes 14-31-33, and he’s still covering his bet. His assists-per-game improved only marginally but his goals-per-game damn near doubled. Once again he played on another time that wasn’t lighting things up; or at least that appears to be a safe assumption looking at their scoring leaders. So he gets a call-up and plays 46 games on an awful ’07 Oilers squad. Without checking their record in his GP, we know the Oilers were 2-18 down the stretch and I’m pretty sure he played in all of them.

    So, Pouliot shows up for an elongated audition and here’s what he’s trying to succeed despite:

    - Smyth’s absence for the last 20 games
    - Horcoff’s playing with a couple of serious injuries and his usefulness is severely comprimised
    - Stoll gets knocked out of the season in late Jan, early Feb
    - Moreau’s been out since since Oct.

    After some success on an eastern swing, ie he’s on the ice with the goalie pulled with Gilbert ties the game late in reg in Ott and then he scores a PS goal in TO later on that week and once again is on the ice with the goalie pulled, Pouliot settles in as a guy who doesn’t look like he can create a lot of offense but could also be a guy that’s tough to score on. As for the former, Pouliot isn’t the kind of player that could make the Oilers hum in the last 20 games of that year and I’ll be damned if anyone could for that matter. That was an awful team. But if he’s hard to score on well now we look to ’08 and we’re thinking he’s the next Horc because with 10-16 our first two pivots, Pouliot steps in as the 3rd or 4th line centre, kills some penalties and gets the bump once Stoll’s moved.

    And Marc even made an appearance in what now should be the infamous “Oilers conditioning bootcamp” photo from last summer in Cali. As an aside, on the irony scale that ranks right up there with a bunch of Chicago White Sox doing a PSA in March of 1919 on the dangers of gambling.

    Anyway, Pouliot shows up in camp and with Pisani bedridden, Moreau hurt basically right out of the gate and Schremp not even in the picture because of injury, and perhaps because he’s Rob Schremp, Marc should’ve been a cinch to make the club. But Gagner’s the new fair-haired boy and Cogs, despite an early injury, put up numbers though camp and they’re in ink once the real play starts.

    Marc’s a two way player with some offensive ability so that screams like a guy MacT would love so conditioning must be the X factor in this problem. Either way there’s a story here if someone wants to write it.

    Anyway, I don’t think people can say he’s been given the push of Gagner; fuck, even Jani Rita had a stretch of games playing with Comrie and Carter. The best Pouliot could go was get on the ice in the waining minutes and play with 94-10-83.

    You could bring him up now and play him with a one-handed Hemsky and a regressing Penner and that would still be better than playing him with any combo of Reasoner, Pisani and Stoll. I just want one more shot for him, just to see what we’ve got. I don’t think it’s necessary to make him the latest in the line of Chimera and Brodziak who only have their fate decided when they’re in their first camp without the cushion of waiver exemption.

    What is there to gain from playing both Reasoner and Sanderson over him? If it’s a “question” of not being able to send them back down if you bring them up and the Oilers are worried about impacting the Falcons playoff chances well I can’t wrap my mind around that. Not to disrespect the Falcons fans but is it more important to see what Pouliot has over the next ~20 games in the NHL or to let him play out the AHL string?

    I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions but if I am I won’t mind saying I was wrong. Anyway, it’s fucking up the little things like this that drive me nuts about the Oilers.

  27. Bank Shot says:

    No one has ever adressed the issue of why hard to score on NHLer Pouliot has always put up pretty crummy +/- stats in the AHL.

    Even when Pouliot played on a good team in Wilkes-Barrie last season he was a minus two. Brodziak was +12.

    Thoresen was +6 in the minors for the Falcons this season. Pouliot negative 10.

    I think Marc simply isn’t as good defensively as his NHL goals against numbers seemed to indicate. There are no hard minute numbers for the AHL, but you’d think an NHL calibre two-way player would be able to come out on top versus pretty well anyone in that league in head to head play.

    Robert Nilsson and Stortini had the same kind of low GAA numbers after 40 games this season so those numbers were very likely driven by Mact’s use of the bench.

    Mactavish also used Pouliot reluctantly on the PK in his NHL time which indicates he was never that high on Pouliot as a defensive forward.

    I’ve never really seen anything special from Pouliot, ever. He looks ok at alot of things, but just ok. Basically a bigger Marty without the NHL experience.

    Is that a guy a team should waste another 100 games developing? You can get the fully developed version on the UFA market for less money then MP’s cap hit.

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