Looking for a Good Home for Former Future

This is Rob Schremp. Hall of Fame writer Jim Matheson mentioned his name today in the EJ as an asset that might move this deadline. Matty said “maybe Lowe decides farmhands Pouliot, Rob Schremp and JF Jacques aren’t going to play for him. Again, one of the kids might move.”

Whenever Matheson says that kind of thing you have to believe at some level there may be interest, even if it is just Lowe passing along information for a local newspaper man who goes all the way back to the Boys on the Bus.

However, since we:

  1. have a brain
  2. are able to talk about this without regard to deadlines or word limits (although Mathesen wrote more today in the EJ than he did in the 90s)
  3. can sort of map out needs for the other teams

perhaps we can identify teams that would have an interest in these three (I’m always tempted to sing that old theme song from that Wizard of Oz animated cartoon: “We’re three sad souls, oh me oh my…..”) and therefore speculate about return.

Generally speaking, it is very unlikely that a team loading up for a Stanley run would have any interest at all in these three players. They are unproven forwards who would probably be HS for the entire playoffs and as such if a GM in Anaheim or Ottawa or Detroit is calling the chances are that he’s asking for Marty Reasoner instead or Marc Pouliot.

Now that we’ve sliced the list in half, here are the teams worth talking about:

  1. Boston: This is the first interesting team, as the Bruins could clearly use a player like JF Jacques. A trade to the Bruins is a possibility imo for Jacques, with names like Chistov or a pick a rational return.
  2. Carolina: They actually look like they could use some young players up front, so we’ll count them in as a possible factor for all three. Again, picks seem more likely than prospects.
  3. Columbus: Howson has knowledge of him and Hitchcock might be able to unlock Jacques.
  4. Los Angeles: We talked about Cammaleri earlier today, and I can see any of the three being a throw-in on a multi-player deal.
  5. Montreal: If they are going to deal Ryder, Pouliot might be a fit here.
  6. New Jersey: Lou picks up gems all over the place and the Devils have some needs up front.
  7. Ottawa: They might have an end-of-the-roster role for a guy like Pouliot who has shown flashes at the NHL level. Call him Vermette insurance.
  8. Phoenix: The Coyotes seem to have some traction now, and have a Jacques-type (except better) in Carcillo. I can see Gretzky having interest in Schremp, though.
  9. Pittsburgh: Pouliot had some chem once upon a time with Crosby, so it’s worth putting in here if only because if it turns out I can claim credit. :-)
  10. St. Louis: This is an interesting match for the Oilers. They could really use some young forwards for the organization and they had a large number of picks one year ago (5 in the top 44) and they have their first and second round picks this season plus Atlanta’s second round pick. Kekalainen loves Euro’s though, so maybe they ask for Mikhnov. :-)
  11. Vancouver: Based on their 4th line the other night any of the three should be of interest but Pouliot could help them right now.

All the other teams are either loading up for a run or in the same boat as Edmonton so will wait until the off-season. Either way, it looks like picks coming back for these men or other failed prospects like Chistov.

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8 Responses to "Looking for a Good Home for Former Future"

  1. Bohologo says:

    Does St. Louis really need young forwards? Given Perron, Berglund, and Oshie, I think they’re in good shape up front. Anyway, they already picked a Mikhnov, in 2002:

    Also, is it fair to say that Anaheim will not be calling? Unless it’s for purposes of taunting and general bad-mouthing?

  2. Lowetide says:

    bohologo: St. Louis is actually pretty long in the tooth up front with 8 forwards in their 30s.

    By my count, Pouliot would be the second youngest forward if he were on the roster today, with 4 under 25.

  3. Traktor says:

    I can see Toronto having interest in Schremp.

  4. Lowetide says:

    I guess so, but could they run with Schremp and Wellwood on the same team? Maybe Schremp could replace him, though and that is a good point.

  5. Dennis says:

    I think more than a few teams will have an interest in Schremp but I’m surprised that he made Matty’s list.

    Whenever I see someone mentioned by Matty, I’m just waiting him to either show up or leave. I think he’s “nailed” just about either one part or both part of a lot Lowe’s moves the last couple of season. Of course I’m with you on how this happens; Matty plays the good solider and once Lowe officially puts these guys in play, he lets Matty know about it.

    Schremp: Strange that they’re putting him on the table. Is it an admission that they think Nilsson’s likely better than him or just a hint that Pitkanen’s about to be moved for the guy that will assume the Nilsson/Schremp role in the top six; Gagner’s winger on a sheltered line. What do they hope to get for him though? Perhaps a young puck moving D that’s been soured upon by another org? I think a lot of moves are in concert with what the Oilers plan to do with Pitkanen.

    JFJ: if you believe in Stortini and Glencross, then you look to get rid of Jacques. There’s just no room for him right now

    Pouliot: Only way I figure this one is if the Oilers have faith going forward in Brodz as the 4th line pivot who’s also a RH draw man and can kill penalties. That would make him the Reasoner replacement of course which was a role we had earmarked for Pouliot.

  6. Dave says:

    Traktor: I can’t speak for the team, but I know I’d happily take Schremp on the Leafs. I’ve had a hankering for him since his OHL days for whatever reason.

    LT: Schremp better be replacing Wellwood because Fletcher had better be taking Wellwood out behind the barn and shooting him/trading him to Tampa Bay. We’re all pretty much sick of that kid’s shit at this point.

  7. Traktor says:

    LT: The Leafs forward pipeline is pathetic. Jiri Tlusty and Tyler Ruegsegger are probably the top 2 forward prospects. They might not even want him to play this year but I have to think Fletch is going to want to pick up some players with decent potential.

    I also think he would be interested in Brule, Tambellini, Brouwer, Benoit Pouliot or any other prospect that wouldn’t cost an arm an leg to aquire but also had top 6 potential. Even Marc Pouliot is probably on his radar.

    Wellwood would be an interesting option for teams who strike out on Hossa/Sundin although I wouldn’t offer much myself. (might be a guy who can lead you to the playoffs but he won’t show up for the dance)

    Dennis: JFJ has a unique skillset and he still has the potential, he just hasn’t brought his AHL game to the show yet. How long can we keep him in the AHL? If his value is only a 3rd round pick I would rather just play him in the AHL for the next couple years and hope he turns out. I’m not ready to cut him loose, even if Storts and Glenx have been made by MacT.

    dave: That’s the common theme among most leaf fans it seems. He might be more popular with Leaf fans than Oiler fans because of his junior days. Crazy.

  8. Master Lok says:

    I can see Schremp being moved before Pouliot even. With Gagner and Nilsson being in the top six, I don’t see there being a spot for Schremp, yet another smallish, skilled forward in the top six. I think you nailed it before Lowetide – it’s either Nilsson OR Schremp not both.

    Pouliot could play in the bottom six – can Schremp? that’s the only way he’s going to make the Oilers squad next year.

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