Oilers at Canucks, G60/07-08

This is Trevor Linden. I spend quite a few days every year in Medicine Hat where they take their hockey pretty seriously. Linden is one of a few (Lanny McDonald, Kelly Hrudey a few others) former Tigers who had a tremendous impact on the community but my suspicion is that he is the favorite son.

For that reason, I would be okay with the Canucks winning the Stanley this spring. The problem is they may not make the playoffs, as the back end of the Western conference is beginning to look like an AMC Gremlin (google images should help for the young).

In fact, the Canucks are so bad they can see the Oilers in their rear view mirror. If the Oilers win tonight, I think we can safely assume Kevin Lowe is at least partly a buyer and those rfa’s (Marc Pouliot to the Air Canada terminal!) might be shopped for short term gain (read: get us out of the lottery by G82).

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  1. danny says:

    This team is suprisingly not dead in the water (yet) but when push comes to shove, these are the games that the pretenders fold. Theres no question which of these two tonight are the pretenders.

    I must confess though, that I am enjoying watching the league standings, and paying attention to teams like the Isles / Thrashers. The race for 16th overall is a more realistic target and its been a guilty pleasure of mine following it. I really don’t want to endure a year of chatter about Burke picking in the top 7.

    A win tonight would make the playoffs seem possible,but more importantly it would be large to this team to finally win a must-win game. Thats what makes tonights game so pivotol.

    Can’t wait.

    If they give a flat performance tonight, then the team is hopeless. Not just for this season either.

  2. Black Dog says:

    The west is wild and wacky once again. Calgary struggles. San Jose looks great and then get their asses handed to them. The Wings are sliding. I watched part of their game last night – BJs have some nice things going on but the goaltending was iffy, as it was last Saturday. Chelios looked old and after their big line not a lot going on with Cleary out.

    Some teams that looked like sure bets aren’t going to make it. I would guess its Wings/Ducks again but it seems like things may be a little unsettled. Interesting to see what happens at the deadline. I would think the Wings and Ducks look to shore up while other teams may smell blood and go for broke.

    Also suspect that the Oilers will be buyers after all. I think if they go .500 these next six games then Lowe has the excuse he needs.

  3. danny says:

    On HF someone quoted The Journal that the Oilers PP have been 20/90 over the last 21 games. Thats pretty impressive.

  4. Mr DeBakey says:

    MacTavish has said over & over that he likes this team.

    Seldom is heard a discouraging word
    Especially when compared to last year’s team

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    I could never cheer for a rival team to win the cup.

    I just couldn’t.

  6. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: Oh I can. As bad as G7, SCF was for me (and that was one bad day) I was happy that Doug Weight got his Stanley, and Wesley too.

    And when Ryan Smyth wins his, I’ll be thrilled and that’s the truth.

  7. rickibear says:

    LT: Will Ryan “sniff” bring it back to Edmonton.

  8. Lowetide says:

    I don’t really care to be honest. Ryan Smyth gave a decade to the Oildrop and has nothing to prove to me.

  9. speeds says:

    Anyone think Lowe would take on Darcy Tucker at or near the deadline?

    He’s been rumored to EDM a couple of times in the past, would probably come cheap in terms of assets.

  10. speeds says:

    Forgot to add:

    He’s got a cap hit of 3 mil for the 3 years following this year.

  11. Lowetide says:

    I hope he trades for Tambellini. Get a guy who might be able to develop into something and catch fire in new surroundings. Then, if he’s a player then you have something.

  12. rickibear says:

    Tucker for two expiring contracts Reasoner and Sanderson. But taking on 3M for three years when it will be needed for Cogliano and Gagner in two years scares me. Even with a career shooting % of 14 and RTSS hit count above 100 each year. When you look at games played I get the same feeling when I heard we signed Souray.

  13. Dennis says:

    LT: I’ve got the 70′s station on here and just heard this song called “Nashville Cats” by The Lovin Spoonful for the first time.

    I must say that I’m disappointed that you didn’t use that for a game thread yet:)

    I can’t cheer for the Canucks as long as Jim Hughson’s alive. And I can’t stand Linden because that guy has always murdered us. I get the feeling that he could be 50 years old and come out of retirement and score a goal against us.

    And it would be assisted by a 90 year old Ulf Dahlen.

    You really can’t expect this teams team to win on any given night but I’d be disheartened if they didn’t work their nuts off tonight. We know the playoffs are out of reach and I dare say so do the players but they’ve still a got a chance to finish strong and try and foster some kind of winning environs for all the kids.

  14. Dennis says:

    Also, I vote no on Proposition Tucker. 3/9 mill left so fuck that.

  15. Steve says:

    The Oilers look a lot closer to the playoffs than they are. First, because everybody’s got games in hand on them, but second because they don’t just have to pass the eighth place team that’s six points ahead of them, but the five teams in between them, and that’s just not realistic. I’m sure I’m not telling any of you anything you don’t know, but that’s my preface to my comment that, while I don’t necessarily object to the Oilers being buyers, there’s no reason for them to be renters. If anybody’s offering a legitimate NHLer for prospects, I’d do it, as long as the NHLer isn’t a pending UFA. Likewise, if we get rid of our UFAs, I’d rather take reliable but unspectacular NHLers (who aren’t pending UFAs) than guys with killer upside who are still five years away.

    I still think that, properly managed, this should be a playoff team next year. Probably a 7-8 seed, but we’ve seen that that’s as good as any other seed.

    Of course, I have a tradition of being unreasonably optimistic. Go ahead and lose 7-0 tonight, you fuckers.

  16. Black Dog says:

    steve – if we get offered anyone decent for any of our pending UFAs – Reasoner, Sanderson (is that all?) – I suspect Lowe will jump at it

    And no to Tucker – I have watched his act for years. Lived in Clearwater when he played in Tampa and then here in Toronto.

    This is a guy who would boast about the Memorial Cups he won when he was trashtalking so the story he goes? “Oh yeah, how many Memorial Cups have you won?”

    Granted he has played hurt this year and all of a sudden is looking better now that he is healthy but he is a bad actor, imo, poor 5 on 5 and is a no go with that contract.

    That is all.

  17. garnet says:

    Trevor Linden wasn’t just a Tiger of note, he’s a Medicine Hat boy born and raised, and with him they won their only two Memorial Cups — back to back, no less — so yeah, he’s a pretty popular sort around there. I was in the Hat in the early ’90s when the team had Mike Rathje and Rob Niedermayer and was teasing the locals into believing.

  18. rickibear says:

    Bdhs: In the NBA expiring contracts are gold. If you are in a rebuild you want to dump money. I am suprised teams do not try to move long term contracts for free cap space. There are teams tight to the cap. Including us.

    Tucker has a NTC so he probably is never an option thank god. But we should be trying to package Reasoner and Sanderson to a team that needs cap room.

    Why not Philadelphia for Knuble. Toronto for example. The only things that package might get off them and I would want is Kilger and Gill.

  19. speeds says:

    BTW, I’m not endorsing picking up Tucker, I just think it may a possibility if there was ever any truth to the rumors that had him coming over the years.

    Yes he has a NTC, but he’s from Alberta and I think I read that he grew up an Oilers fan. While that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d waive his NTC to come to EDM, I don’t see how it hurts those chances.

  20. Black Dog says:

    rickibear – they may be gold in the NBA and pending UFA star players always bring a nice return in the NHL but Marty Reasoner and Geoff Sanderson aren’t bringing you Kilger and Gill

    Kilger is a solid bottom sixer with a nice contract, that is, the perfect guy under this CBA. If Toronto were to move him they could get more then nothing (ie/ Snaderson and Reasoner) and how would they replace what he does at the same price? Gill I think they might move but he’s pretty close to Kilger, imo, although his contract is a bit more

    They will likely move Marty and Sanderson but anything more then a midround pick or a minor prospect in return would surprise me

  21. Dennis says:

    Steve, actually a 7 or 8 seed isn’t as good as any. Mirtle’s boyfriend had a piece on the Globe’s site, and it’s probably still up there, talking about what places have housed the last few mug winners.

    People might get wrapped up in thinking they have a chance because the Oilers were two goals away from winning the cup but there was a specific story behind the year. I’m sure you know this but the Oilers had been outchancing teams all year but just needed some netminding. They got that plus Spacek and Samsonov for fuckall off the roster and bam they were loaded for bear.

    Maybe the Flames pick up Sundin or something like that they’re eight with a hammer but usually if you’re starting off from the bottom of the bracket that’s where you’ll land.

  22. Lowetide says:

    garnet: And I knew that too btut had forgotten it.

    Dennis: After what the Oilers did to Vancouver in the 80s I can’t really see ever being mad.

    Quick story: I got into the habit of listening to Rod and Ken Brown on CFRN Radio with the sound down on TV (this is 80s for sure).

    This one night in VCR the Oilers are just beating the tar out of the Canucks, it’s one of those games where you have to pee but know you’re going to miss two goals if you do.

    Anyway, mid-3rd period maybe, if there’s anyone left in the building you can’t hear them but you know they have to play out the string.

    Oilers score again and there’s no crowd noise on the radio, just Rod kind of calling-laughing and trying not to be an ass about it.

    There’s a pause.

    THEN a booming sound, like a shotgun or a backfire. VERY LOUD.

    Rod Phillips: What was THAT?

    Ken Brown: Where’s Tom Watt?

    Followed by 10 full minutes of Rod Phillips trying to call a hockey game while giggling like a child.

    I laughed so hard it hurt.

  23. godot10 says:

    Next year…

    Penner, Gagner, Hemsky
    Torres, Horcoff, Nilsson
    Moreau, Cogliano, Pisani
    Glencross, Brodziak, Stortini
    Pouliot, Stoll

    Nope…I don’t think we have any interest in Tucker.

    I don’t think Stoll gets traded until Horcoff signs his extension, and the young guys get better on faceoffs.

  24. Dennis says:

    Yeah, it’s funny how some simple things just kill you.

    Last year I still watched all the game down the stretch but it obviously wasn’t a lot of fun.

    Not sure how many seats were empty at Rexall but there was a Sat night game where the Blues paid a visit and it was on at 930 NST which means CI had the Blues cast.

    Anyway, it was a night for a few laughs. The Blues cast was from their local, KPLR, and not Fox Sports Midwest so they had this thing going on where there weren’t any commericals in between whistles. Anyway, the whole game Bernie Federko was telling the cameraman which women to point and shoot out and he was getting on like a real pig.

    So I enjoyed that:)

    Later on, things were super quiet in the building and Raffi tried to stickhandle through three guys. It failed, of course, and through circumstances like A: quiet building and B: perhaps the Blues TV guys had their mics turned way up, I heard a fan say in the crowd, “Nice move, Hemsky.”

    I absolutely lost it and the best part was I had taped the game because I had been babysitting my nephew while the game was played so I just kept going over it over and over again.

    Sometimes it’s the simple stuff. Today for instance I for some odd reason thought of Herb Tarlick and I lost it for a minute:)

  25. Steve says:

    Steve, actually a 7 or 8 seed isn’t as good as any. Mirtle’s boyfriend had a piece on the Globe’s site, and it’s probably still up there, talking about what places have housed the last few mug winners.

    Okay, fine, I can’t argue with that. But seventh or eighth seed at least allows us to sit down, watch some playoff games, and dream. For now, I’d settle for that.

    (And even if they’re not just as good statistically – I’m sure the top four seeds win a lot more cups than five through eight, which I admit largely obliterates my point – things can happen. Players can get hot at the right time, you can face a high seed that was decimated by injuries right before the playoffs…hell, you can fill a gaping hole in your team for cheap at the deadline. If we can ice a team that’s got a reasonable chance for a seventh or eighth place finish, we’ve got reason for hope.)

  26. danny says:

    It still really hits me in the nads when I think about the ’06 run that Carolina had. They turned around the MTL series after the Koivu injury. They walked over the Devils. They eeked past an injury riddled Sabres, who were missing i think 4 of their starting defensemen?

    Then the finals come, and Roloson gets injured for the series, Conklin hands them game 1, literally, and Markannen shits the bed in game 2 after being put in a pretty bad predicament for a career backup.

    Lord. How many breaks did they catch? No doubt they were good, but BUF and EDM were the better teams.


  27. GB says:

    Agree with you LT – as a Canuck fan who remembers how the Oilers kicked the Canucks’ ass (while seemingly barely trying) about 8 times a year back in the Smythe Division days, I find it strange so many Oiler fans I know hate the Canucks.

    Or is is all Jim Hughson and Matt Cooke?


  28. rickibear says:

    Bdhs: I should have said “or” but Gill is Toronto’s only true physical defenceman. I would not expect to get either.

    I am not trying to make this the HF Board of throw out Pick Options.

    I pointed out my possibilities of trades for KLowe on “Kevin Lowes Future” at 1:39 PM, February 09, 2008. When you look at it there really are not that many movese that makes sense.

    I came to the same conclusion as Godot10.

    Also having reviewed my post back to February 09, I have been throwing out trade options like a smart ass HFboard style. I apologize and you can “book it” or “you heard it here”

  29. Lowetide says:

    rikibear: We don’t accept apologies at this blog. We do accept “go to hell”, “I recently slept with your GF” and “assclown.”

    That is all. :-)

  30. jon k says:

    Rickbear you can go to hell. By the way, that’s LT’s way of saying he slept with your girlfriend, assclown.

  31. HBomb says:

    Al Strachan being a moron on the Satellite Hotstove as he has it on “good sources” that Vinny Lecavalier figures he’s “done enough time” in Tampa and will ask to be traded this summer.

    Didn’t CBC fire this fuckin’ idiot already once? Any shred of credibility he had was lost when he tried to justify Pronger leaving Edmonton as him wanting more money and the Oilers being unwilling to give it to him, even though contract renegotiation is specifically outlawed by the CBA.

    He, Strickland, and Brophy can all go take a long walk off a short pier.

  32. HBomb says:

    speeds and LT: Speaking of possible names at the deadline, I brought up a name I wanted from Philly on BDHS’ blog earlier today.

    Jeff Carter. Offer up Stoll plus Staios and see if they bite.

    Young guy with ridiculous upside, RFA this summer (so it’s a neutral move in that regard), can play C or RW, so he’d probably fit on the 2nd line with Gagner and Torres next year.

    Tambellini would be a nice add, without a doubt, but Carter’s a guy I’d be looking at if Philly’s willing to move him. LeBrun just mentioned Ottawa as having interest in Stoll on the Hotstove, and I wonder if they’d give up Vermette in return.

    Oh, and after watching the LA game last night, IF the Oilers are forced to try and move Pitkanen, I’d call LA about Alex Frolov, put him with Horcoff and Hemsky, and run out Penner-Gagner-Nilsson as the 2nd line next season.

  33. Bruce says:

    LT, I’m betting that game you remember was the time Oilers shellacked Vancouver 13-0. It was around 1985 or ’86. I was one of the 1000 fans in the building whooping it up right to the end; it was great! As I recall Dave Lumley scored the final goal at 19:47 of the third period. There was 0:13 on the clock, and the scoreboard also read 0-13. Very weird.

    Tonight I’d settle for 1-0. Or 13-12.

  34. Dennis says:

    Lebrun’s a pretty solid guy and he also said the Oilers and Sens had worked on a deal earlier this season but it didn’t get done. The way he said it made it sound like the previous day had been for Stoll as well. Edm might really be able to get a NE div bidding war going on between Mtl and Ott over Jarrett.

    You really think the Sens are ready to cut the cord on Vermette?

  35. Ozzieoiler says:

    OT. But does Giraldi signing in NY help us to ink Gilbert?

  36. HBomb says:

    Someone needs to kick the shit out of that little punk Burrows. God I hate that piece of shit.

    Going after Hemsky? Real tough. Hope Hemmer scores on this 4 on 3….but for some unexplained logic, Marty Fucking Reasoner is out on the PP….christ, do we WANT to not score on these things?

  37. HBomb says:

    Nice work Steve Smidth. Fuck.

    MacT pisses away a PP and a timeout by having Reasoner on the PP, then that happens.

    Four minutes in, and it’s bluntly obvious we’re not winning this game tonight.

  38. PDO says:

    HBomb: They wanted someone in front of the net, and Penner was in the box.

    I think he also wanted 2 centers out there.

    God I hate the Canucks. The ice is terrible and has already resulted in a Canuck goal. I hate Hughson for that “isn’t that why they have warmup?” comment.

    And right now, I love Matt Greene. Just decimated Kesler and sent him a good reminder about why you stay the hell away from Hemsky.

  39. honkey says:

    Timeout and then we use both Reasoner and Stoll on the powerplay, if they are so desperate to score that goal in 4 on 3 they should use player with som offensive skill.

  40. Steve says:

    Four minutes in, and it’s bluntly obvious we’re not winning this game tonight.

    It’s was similarly bluntly obvious at the end of the second in the Wild game, no?

  41. HBomb says:

    Hemsky gets hit by that punk Kesler, and Greene responds nicely. An elbow to Kesler’s skull followed by a fight.

    Any of Kesler, Cooke or Burrows getting roughed up makes me smile. Trio of fucking pukes.

    LT said he wouldn’t mind the Canucks winning the Cup….I’d rather see Anaheim win again, or the Flames, or hell, the LEAFS. I hate the Canucks.

    And now one of the Aliens takes a run at Garon. This game is going to take six fucking hours at this rate. Kill ‘em all!

  42. HBomb says:

    It’s was similarly bluntly obvious at the end of the second in the Wild game, no?

    I chose to skip that game in favor of going out with a hot 22-year old business student for drinks. This decision was based on the entertainment value of previous Oiler/Wild games.

  43. CrazyCoach says:

    Vancouver has a bunch of pussies out there. Glad to see Kesler get his bell rung. Whine all you want Ryan, but try keeping your head up and that won’t happen.

    The worst part for me is having to watch this game with a BC feed.

  44. HBomb says:

    The worst part for me is having to watch this game with a BC feed.

    Yeah, Hughson is terrible when doing Canuck games on CBC. Keep him in check Simpson.

    pdo: Yeah, I know they want someone in front of the net, but there are better options. Under NO circumstances should Reasoner be on the first or second unit powerplay. None.

  45. mc79hockey says:

    And right now, I love Matt Greene. Just decimated Kesler and sent him a good reminder about why you stay the hell away from Hemsky.

    That was a cheap shot but completely awesome.

  46. CrazyCoach says:


    Going after the Bobbsy tywins makes no sense to me.

    Pull a Reggie Dunlop.

    $100 of MacT’s money for the first of his guys that really wacks Markus Naslund. He’s the chief punk on that Canucks team

  47. Bruce says:

    Did anybody catch the little hack on Hemsky’s wrist about five seconds after the icing whistle? The camera was in close on Ales so you could just see the stick that got him and not the bearer, but I’m betting it was one of the fucking pukes.

  48. Bruce says:

    Luongo has been taking lessons from Pepe Lemieux and Darcy tucker. See the old pull-the-head-back trick there?

  49. HBomb says:

    That was a cheap shot but completely awesome.

    The way the Canucks play the game, I don’t care how far into the gutter that the Oilers go tonight.

    Fuck the Nucks.

  50. HBomb says:

    Luongo has been taking lessons from Pepe Lemieux and Darcy tucker. See the old pull-the-head-back trick there?

    I used to like Luongo when he was in Florida, but I would fully approve of someone taking a 200-foot run at him tonight.

    Whiny sissy bitch goalie. Garon could kick his ass, I bet.

  51. Bruce says:

    Is there a rule against face-planting a guy into the glass? Burrows is a prick.

  52. speeds says:

    Bruce, it’s called boarding.

  53. CrazyCoach says:

    All of GM place and Alain Vignault just breathed a huge sigh of relief. There’s been a lot of talk here in BC lately about Luongo and him looking tired.

    I have a feeling Luongo is feeling a little betrayed by the fact that he was brought in and yet they haven’t done anything to make the team better.

  54. speeds says:

    Good job by Grebeshkov to skate that opportunity into the slot.

  55. Bruce says:

    Bruce, it’s called boarding.

    Not tonight it isn’t.

  56. speeds says:

    Great feed from Gagner!


  57. HBomb says:

    Stortini might have just separated Pyatt’s shoulder, Moreau took Ohlund out twice on one shift, Kesler’s running at Hemsky every other minute….

    And Gagner just set up Reasoner to tie it.

    I love this shit.

  58. honkey says:

    I just love Gagner, him and Nilsson have nice chemistry in the offensive zone.

  59. speeds says:

    I was thinking today that if, by some miracle, Gagner is a 70 pt C next year this team could actually make the playoffs.

  60. HBomb says:

    All that shit and Stortini gets two for breaking Edler’s stick?

    Should have gone for his wrist, might have gotten away from it…..

    And judging by the replay, that was definitely a shoulder injury that Pyatt suffered.

    Hemsky high-sticks Kesler and gets away from it. I’m giggling like a schoolgirl watching this, seriously.

  61. Bruce says:

    So face-planting is OK, but stick-checking isn’t.

    OK boys, you know what to do.

  62. Bruce says:

    See that? It was the fucking puke Kesler. Well caught, Kelly.

  63. HBomb says:

    Can MacT get Stortini out against Kesler? You’d think what Greene did would have learned ‘em…..apparently he’s dumber than a sack of donkey shit.

  64. Dennis says:

    Damn, can we just skip the intermission and keep playing?

    Fuck, that was awesome!!
    That Stortini hit on Weaver, I could see that one coming just before the Oilers dumped it in. I was looking at how they were sending it to the left of Luongo and I couldn’t wait for Zach to get there:)

    Greene’s hit was dirty but even if it was a 5 min major, it would be worth it. You have to show that you can’t fuck with Hemsky. And I have to give 83 credit too, he’s a tough little fucker. I can’t think of too many skill guys that can take the hits he does and still keep coming back for more.

    Tough period for Smid and I guess he sorta had it coming. I almost crapped my pants when I saw him and Roy on the ice at the same time but I really got wrried when I saw the Roy/Grebs pairing.

    Nice to see 89 not disappearing in the rubble and in fact he made an excellent little pass.

    Overall, a period like that reminds you of why you love the game in the first place.

  65. Bruce says:

    Exciting period, my blood pressure is about 300/200. Oilers got their share of licks in, three booming hits by 46 and Greene really high-bridged Kesler. I said to my wife it should have been two minutes but it still would have been well worth it. Kesler’s a good player, but he’s a hack.

    Only problem, why aren’t we chopping Naslund the same way Vancouver’s hacking Ales?

    And one question: why the hell wasn’t Gagner out instead of Reasoner on the 4-on-3? Marty made up for it with his goal, but he was a strange choice for a big early powerplay.

  66. HBomb says:

    Naslund with another pussy-bitch dive to give the Canucks a 5-on-3. Smid once again the guy going to the box.

    Pyatt not back for the 2nd period. Shoulder injury. Book it.

  67. Black Dog says:

    Good period. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were all remembering the days when the Oilers played with grit and heart and all that good stuff and we were wondering about this squad’s lack of same.

    They are playing with an edge, almost every single one of them.

    Gagner’s setup was a bigleague play – wasn’t that something?

    Smid is having one of those nights.

  68. Julian says:

    that’s naslund’s second dive drawing a penalty from smid.

  69. HBomb says:

    Salo scores a garbage goal on the 5-on-3.

    Someone break Naslund’s fucking leg.

  70. CrazyCoach says:

    Honest to goodness, why Smid isn’t sent down is beyond me. Directly responsible for two goals tonight. The announcer says he’s fighting the puck, but that’s a nice way to say he has his head up his ass.

  71. honkey says:

    How the fuck can the refs buy into those diving play by Näslund, this is just unfair.

  72. HBomb says:

    Honest to goodness, why Smid isn’t sent down is beyond me.

    Souray’s season over and Pitkanen ailing. There’s your answer.

    In all seriousness, Smid’s been playing much better the last couple weeks, but is just not having a good night tonight.

    Let’s hope Gilbert just got stung and isn’t actually hurt….

  73. Bruce says:

    If I’m Smid on Naslund, next time he’s got a good fucking reason to go down.

  74. HBomb says:

    Hughson fellating Luongo for a great stop on Gagner.

    Truth: Gagner shot it right into his blocker. Not impressive at ALL.

  75. Bruce says:

    How come every time we play Vancouver the ref is named Ben Dover? This is brutal.

  76. HBomb says:

    How come every time we play Vancouver the ref is named Ben Dover? This is brutal.

    For all the shit they’re letting go, the Canucks are getting PP’s as the result of some awfully chintsy calls.

    Who’s reffing tonight, Marc Fucking Joanette and Mic the Dick McGeough?

  77. Lowetide says:

    Best hockey game I’ve seen in a long time involving the Oilers. I’d be a 2-4 they lose this game and if it goes 3-1 they may lose heart but this group of players has shown a lot tonight imo.

    I like the Canucks effort too and they are pricks but those Sedins are pure piss-cutters.

  78. CrazyCoach says:

    If I were MacT I’d ask this ref if he was the author of the Illiad and the Odyssey

  79. Ribs says:

    Only problem, why aren’t we chopping Naslund the same way Vancouver’s hacking Ales?

    He doesn’t put himself in the positions Hemsky does. He’s more of a shooter than a doodler.

    …And that’s why the Nucks will never go anywhere with him leading the way.

    Since when does Edmonton shoot the puck on net? They’re throwing grenades everywhere tonight!

    Kids look good tonight. Gagner making plays in extreme traffic is great. Cogs looks like he ate some of Smids cereal for breakfast.

    Glencross has got some real weight to him.

  80. Black Dog says:

    Send out Brodziak’s line!

    Terrific stuff from those guys. They get out there and commit scrubicide.

    No wonder Gilbert went down. Over ten minutes in the first period. Kid’s beat.

  81. HBomb says:

    I like the Canucks effort too and they are pricks but those Sedins are pure piss-cutters.

    LT, ey’re OK, but if you asked me “which of these three players would you take on your team?”

    a) Daniel Sedin
    b) Henrik Sedin
    c) Ales Hemsky

    I choose “c” every time.

    And this is not one of those “you need both, one is no good without the other” things. Hemsky’s playing with a hurt wrist and is still the most dangerous player on the ice.

  82. Black Dog says:

    See that backcheck – Glencross can skate like the wind and he’s just smooth.

  83. PDO says:

    If I were MacT I’d ask this ref if he was the author of the Illiad and the Odyssey

    I’d ask him if Hughson, Naslund and Vignault liked the taste of his dick or not, because this is beyond ridiculous.

  84. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Jesus. lol. Jesus.

  85. HBomb says:

    And Canuck fans boo Hemsky for falling down at the end of a shift, yet they worship that pussy Naslund?

    Burn down GM Place and piss on the ashes.

  86. PDO says:


    Sorry, it’s that damn Mr. Alexander Keith.

    Besides, you know you laughed and realized I was right :D

    No way the Oilers should be losing this game, they’ve been the better team tonight.

  87. Bruce says:

    Scrubicide or scrumicide? They almost bulled that one over the line.

  88. Ribs says:

    Brodziak again. Wow.

  89. HBomb says:

    Luongo you pussy. It’s a wrist shot.

    You’re also an idiot for not wearing a throat-guard like every other goalie in the league.

    Brodziak! 4 in three games! Fuck You Bobby Lu!

  90. mc79hockey says:

    Man, the fourth line is bounce fucking city at the moment. They’re working hard but this is nuts.

  91. Black Dog says:

    Scrubicide, Bruce.

    The slaughter of the opposition’s scrubs.

    In this case, Sedinicide though.

  92. honkey says:

    Has Brodziak just become the Oilers new Ovechkin.
    That 4th line is playing great hockey and is a difference maker.
    That GlenXtrade is looking better and better.

  93. PDO says:

    Somewhere, likely sitting down and with a beverage, Bruce smiled to himself.

    I’ve been liking Zach Attack more and more in recent weeks, in part thanks to Bruce ;), and I’m pretty much a signed, sealed and delivered convert.

  94. Black Dog says:

    Fun game to watch.

  95. speeds says:

    Got to agree with everyone else, this has been an awfully fun game to watch.

  96. Lowetide says:

    Does anyone else think PJ Stock is an idiot?

  97. Ribs says:

    Figures that the one Oiler line that forms some chemistry would be include Strotini, Brodziak, and No Name Man from Ohio.

  98. Black Dog says:


    I was having this conversation with my cousin last weekend. WTF is it with PJ Stock? Who does he know? Who does he blow?

    He hasn’t paid his dues. He’s not any good. And its not even like the TSN Domi abortion to try and get ratings – who the hell is this guy?

  99. mc79hockey says:

    Does anyone else think PJ Stock is an idiot?

    Yes. Also, those Newfoundland ads with Great Big Sea kill me. I think I saw Dennis in the crowd.

  100. Ribs says:

    PJ Stock is horrible. He acts like a 10 year old on air.

    Though I’d prefer him over Cassie Campbell. I have nothing against women doing commentating and interviews, she is just really bad at it is all.

  101. Black Dog says:

    Isn’t Dennis the lead singer?

  102. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Yeah, you’re right. I knew it as soon as I read it. :-)

    BDHS: I know! He sucks AND blows! He cannot speak English, in fact Don Cherry is better at it, and that includes everythink.

    MC: Great Big Sea: the official party band of Alberta.

  103. Black Dog says:

    PJ on the PP.

    Tucker is healthy and once again celebrating every goal like its the Cup winner. Ass.

    Oh yeah, how many Memorial Cups you win?

  104. Bruce says:

    Yeah, I’m smiling. Zack has played 7:57, 2 shots, 4 hits, 1 block, an assist, +1, 4 PiM.

    Fuck, just as I wrote that PJ Stock laid down the same stats. Zack’s got ‘em talking.

    Only downside, he was in the box for a GA for the first time since at least October. Cheap penalty, bad luck that Smid took the second penalty, and worse luck that Salo’s shot got tipped in by Staios. Point is Zack hasn’t been hurting the club with bad penalties. But he’s been laying a hurtin’ on Vancouver tonight. :D

  105. mc79hockey says:

    When PJ said he wasn’t one for stats, I was expecting he’d follow it up with “…because I can’t read.”

  106. Bruce says:

    Oh yeah, how many STANLEY Cups you win?



  107. Black Dog says:

    Good one Ty.

  108. Lowetide says:

    One thing I always notice about VAN these days: how many of their forwards are really AHL calibre players hired as cameos?

    It has to be about 4.

  109. danny says:

    You’re all on notice, refrain from any Newf jokes, my attourney is on notice.


  110. HBomb says:

    MC: Great Big Sea: the official party band of Alberta.

    I think that’s actually Captain Tractor that has that title.

    The Last Saskatchewan Pirate is and always will be a party classic.

  111. Black Dog says:

    Yeah LT they are still thin up front. Oilers are too but at least they have Gagner, Cogliano and Nilsson.

    Canucks have a couple of over the hill guys, a couple of never weres and a coupel of never will bes.

    Even with that D (and they sure have some nice young D) and Luongo its tough to win when Brad Isbister is on your checking line.

  112. Bruce says:

    Yeah we got you outnumbered.

    Q. What’s black and blue and floats in St. John’s Harbour?

  113. Dennis says:

    The thing that always intrigues me about guys like Zach is how they seem like the nicest kind of guys off the ice. He seems like a really nice fellow in interviews but then he’s the biggest kind of an arsehole on the ice. It’s almost like split-personality disorder.

    - Devereaux-Dowd-Laraque – ’00
    Horc-Murray-Laraque – ’01
    Glencross-Brodziak-Strotini – ’08.

    Really??:) Man, I’m watching the game and waiting for that line to get rolled out there. They finished a shift in the Van end just before the 10 min mark TV timeout and then MacT let them take the next shift after the break. They’re just working like dogs out there and hitting everything that moves and 20 made a sweet play where he came from the corner to strip a Canuck before he got to his own blueline!! I couldn’t believe he could accelerate that quickly.

    - Garon gets the benefit of another post but then so does Luongo so that’s evening up. Oilers carried the play in the first and then Van owned the first 10 of the second and it just feels like a game where the Oilers won’t catch a break. 89 muffs an open net shot and on the shot it’s a play that usually results in the goalie knocking it in his own net. Young Bourdon’s skate saves another goal. Salo scores one off an Oilers stick and Smid gave them an own goal. Oil are up against the gods tonight and I think the only way they can win is if they get a PP marker.

    - I’m pretty sure Gilbert played a full two min on one of the PK’s. It was the deal where Moreau should’ve gotten the puck out and didn’t. I’m surprised that 18 isn’t having a bigger impact tonight, frankly. I’ve noticed 2 winning some one-on-one battles though so that’s heartening.

    Heading into the third, I’d get it down to three lines. You keep the 89 and 20 lines intact and you let 19-16 take turns centring the 18-34 combo. Sit Roy down as well and play five D.

  114. danny says:

    and if i werent 10 beers deep into my box of 12, i wouldnt have included that ‘u’ :)

  115. Ribs says:

    Usually Vancouver takes it to the Oilers top line early with their AHL Army and it shuts the Oil down enough that they can’t get any offense going. Tonight, that’s clearly not going to work.

    The grit has arrived.

    Whens the next Oil/Ducks game?

  116. Bruce says:

    A. The last mainlander to tell a Newfie joke.

  117. danny says:


    man im proud that i remembered you asked a question Bruce… well worth the payoff :D

  118. speeds says:

    How the hell can that not be a 5 min major for boarding?

    And I sure hope Roy’s OK, given his history?

  119. Black Dog says:

    Roy looks ok but wow is Cooke ever a piece of shit.

  120. Bruce says:

    I want Matt Cooke’s head on a stick.

  121. honkey says:

    The refs are a fucking joke, I hope they kill Cooke next time he steps his foot on the ice.

  122. Bruce says:

    Linesman protects Cooke while ref ignoreds blatant five minuet checking from behind MAJOR and gives us the fucking penalty? That is unacceptable. The sequel to the Iliad, on CBC tonight.

  123. Black Dog says:

    We’ve seen this a million times and the Oilers are playing nice and tough so can’t complain about that but someone should run Naslund or one of the Sedins. Take your pick.

    Canucks have way too many of these fucking jokers.

  124. Black Dog says:

    Poorly done by Gilbert.

  125. HBomb says:

    Matt Cooke is a pathetic pussy, and the Fag Twins just hooked up to make it 3-2.

    Bullshit. If we don’t win, I want to see Cooke, Naslund or one of the sisters taken off the ice in a fucking box.

  126. danny says:

    well Gilbert with the epic turnover, followed up by poorly closing the passing land and finally bailing on his respoisbility of taking the winger and letting garon stop the shooter.

    Mr Staples, how do you score that one exactly?

  127. Bruce says:

    BAd luck to have the play go on and on, Staios wound up serving 8 minutes for fighting Brad fucking Isbister. Stupid play by our only veteran defenceman, and it cost us … esp. with Roy and Smid hurting and Gilbert sucking wind.

    We’re not getting many goddamn breaks tonight.

  128. Tyler says:

    When I pulled that “Dad I can’t sleep stunt” during the game, my dad would say “For christ’s sake, the game’s on!” and throw a whiskey bottle at me.

    I wish PVR was around twenty years ago.

  129. Ribs says:

    Is it just me, or does Penner look like he has an inner tube around him when he tries to hit people?

  130. HBomb says:

    Through all this bullshit tonight, Vancouver has had five powerplays.

    The Oilers?


    Fucking bullshit and everyone other than all those retards in Vancouver and Jim Hughson can figure it out.

    And despite Staios diving into the bench, we’re getting a fucking too-many-men penalty. Flat out fucking unfair.

  131. PDO says:

    11 on 6.

    No wonder we’re down 3-2.

    If we lose this game, I hope MacT takes a fine.

  132. Black Dog says:

    Oh Laddy.

    A game to forget.

  133. Bruce says:

    6 straight powerplays for Vancouver. In this game. WTF??!!!

    My favourite is the diving penalty Garon got when Sedin ran him and crashed Garon, net and all, into the backboards.

  134. honkey says:

    You can’t win when you facing 7 opponents on the ice every shift.
    Thats a fucking constant 2-man disadvantage.

  135. speeds says:

    I’m not generally one to complain about the reffing, even in today’s game I haven’t found any of the calls particularly terrible except the Cooke non-call and the Stortini call on the same play.

    To go from a 5 min PP to a 2 min PK is a pretty sizeable shift.

  136. Lowetide says:

    This is the best GDT here since the SC run. Oilers need to score here on the PP.

    And the kids on D have made mistakes and when you do this late in the season it always ends up in the back of the net, but you know what?

    I’m okay with it. Tom Gilbert is a helluva hockey player. I knew the Sedins would do something.

    Now if Hemsky really is the player we all believe he is then he needs to weave magic on the PP.

    Wrist injury or no. He needs to get it done.

  137. Bruce says:

    Cooke has put three guys (that I know of) out with concussions this year on hits just like that. This could be four. Has Roy returned?

  138. danny says:

    As much as the maligned Ladislav has been a goat tonight, hes really starting to bring some confidence and mobility into his game. I never really pegged him for a top pairing defenseman, but in a few seasons, I think hes just that.

  139. Lowetide says:

    That’s all she wrote, but no shame for the Oilers in this game.

  140. Tyler says:

    Well, if nothing else, Gagner made his bones tonight.

  141. Black Dog says:


    Agreed on Gilbert LT – kid is something else.

    And now … revenge.

    Sammy! Although really don’t ever want to see that.

    Any bets on how long it take Moreau to go after Kesler next game?

  142. doritogrande says:

    Any respect I had for Jarrett Stoll is now gone.

    It’s been transferred to Sam Gagner.

    Seriously, what the Fuck was that. I hope he gets fucking suspended.

  143. honkey says:

    I wanna see blood.

  144. Lowetide says:

    One thing we could talk about if we were being critical of the Oilers is the effort put forth by some of the veterans. Not to point fingers but a look at career GP tells the story imo.

    And Penner needs an iron lung apparently.

  145. Bruce says:

    I’ll bet you $10,000 Matt Cooke isn’t out there in the last 40 seconds. Gutless fucking puke.

  146. PDO says:

    So what do Ryan Kesler and Paris Hilton’s crotch have in common?

  147. Bruce says:

    Gutless to the end. no tie-down.

    Fuck, I hate the Canucks, worse than anybody. I fucking HATE the Canucks.

  148. danny says:

    Stoll suspended for a shove after a season ending goal? Fuck off.

    The scrum afterwards, who was the only oiler standing around looking pretty? The fan fav Gilbert of course.

    Tom has been the ’07 Smid a bit too often lately.

  149. PDO says:


    Point fingers. Please.

    If I was going to bitch at anyone, it’d be 16 and 12.

  150. Bruce says:

    Do Vancouver fans ever cheer for their own team, or is the only chant they know “Oilers suck!”

    I have absolutely no respect for those Bertuzzi-lovin’ assholes. They embarrass Canada.

  151. honkey says:

    If Oilers play with this much heart the rest of the season, I’ll forgive them even if they end up bottom 5 in standings.

  152. Lowetide says:

    Well 18 could have done more imo, and 16 needs to be better.

    Just does.

  153. Black Dog says:

    season ending, danny? heh

    a win and they would have had to still pass four teams; this season died a long time ago

    line brawl – beauty

  154. Tyler says:

    Are enough Canucks in the room now that Cooke has to come out so that someone can fill him in?

  155. Bruce says:

    If there’s any suspensiuons out of this game, it better be Leggo and O’Halloran. This has been the worst refereed game of the season.

  156. Tyler says:

    Well, and obviously 5 and to a point 77.

    Can’t bury 77 on that pass – he had the play, he just blew it. He will usually make that pass.

  157. Black Dog says:

    well, pdo – 77 and 5 had some obvious mistakes but I can’t fault two kid D – they played their hearts out – I thought Nilsson was ok too

    yeah Danny, 77 is a fan fav – a rook who’s playing almost 30 minutes a game and hanging in there. I’ll take that.

    I agree with LT – this was a game for Moreau to shine and Stoll did very little

    Having said that it was a terrific game.

  158. HBomb says:

    Ballsy finish. I approve.

    I want Matt Cooke and Ryan Kesler fucking obliterated next time we play these pussies.

    Full marks to Sam Gagner for taking on Kesler, who is now in the Phaneuf department when it comes to being a no-guts bully.

    And Matt Cooke is in Steve Downie territory now. If someone ended his career tomorrow, it would be nothing but karma.

    I think I’m going to take six shots of whiskey, walk the two blocks to Cook County, ride the bull and then get in a bar fight.

  159. PDO says:

    Tyler, the pass wasn’t THAT bad…

    The 2 on 1 was Smid-esque though.

  160. Lowetide says:

    Canucks GM (I could identify him in a police lineup but can’t remember his name. Nonis?) needs to get to work here. They could use Reasoner on that team, and that’s with respect to Linden. Their checking line is straight from the Red Green Show.

  161. HBomb says:

    Lowetide: Dave Nonis.

    Looks suspiciously like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man.

  162. HBomb says:

    Kesler says Gagner challenged him?

    Fuck yeah.

  163. Julian says:

    i barely noticed penner for the first two periods.

  164. danny says:

    Black Dog said…
    season ending, danny? heh

    BDHS I’ve never had any delusions of playoff grandeur, my comment was that the Oil, as far as they were concerned had their backs against the wall. There was no losing and living to tell about it. So Stolls shove deserves a supsension? ok yeah.

  165. Black Dog says:

    Yeah I think the Canucks are going nowhere. Again. Too thin up front.

    They really do have the market cornered on rats though – Cooke, Burrows, Kesler.

    Really nitpicking though I think with respect to the Oilers. They had a nice game. Didn’t back down.

    And here’s Kesler saying that Gagner challenged him. Sammy.

  166. Lowetide says:

    Kesler said Gagner challenged him? Sweet Jesus. This CANNOT be true.

  167. Tyler says:

    I agree with LT – this was a game for Moreau to shine and Stoll did very little

    All of the guys who go on and on and on and on about Moreau’s value when he has a game like he had a few games back should remember the games like this. There are more of this kind.

  168. Lowetide says:

    BDHS: I agree on that, this is a game where everyone packed a lunch and put in a full day.

    Plus when someone like Ethan rifles doesn’t show up in a game like this there is probably a reason (injury, etc).

  169. Black Dog says:

    Yeah I missed that – what about Stoll’s shove? Who said a suspension?

    That was nothing. Oh they’re talking about it now. Suspension for Staios? Huh?

    Nothing will come of it.

  170. Bruce says:

    Gagner was the 17th guy to challenge him, but the first time Kesler accepted.

    And PJ Stock can go fuck himself.

  171. Lowetide says:

    I’d like to suggest a nice big cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP for Mr. P. J. Stock.

  172. Pat H says:

    maybe I’m wrong to think this, given the timing of everything, but I was a little pissed that Penner just half-heartedly skated towards Kesler and Gagner when those two were starting up. Sure Gagner earned his stripes. But personally, I thought Penner should have skated in there and not taken no for an answer. Peel Kesler right the *uck away from Samwise and beat him. Geez.

    The friendly giant routine really irks me sometimes.

  173. danny says:

    yeah Danny, 77 is a fan fav – a rook who’s playing almost 30 minutes a game and hanging in there. I’ll take that.

    I’ve been pushing for Gilbert since ive been watching him the the AHL. I knew/know hes a gem, I just wanted to call a spade a spade. The ‘sphere has the snowball mentality where a player gets plowed for early impressions, and as much as Tom G has been spectacular, his warts are acting up now. I have no problems saying that.

  174. HBomb says:

    LT: Not only is Kesler a fucking asshole, I think he’s a huge liar.

    PJ Suck saying the Staios slash on Burrows is worth a suspension? WTF?

    And PJ, what’s the “upper boty”? Good lord.

    Apparently Burrows got five and a game for his slash on Stoll. Good. You do not celebrate a fucking empty net goal like that. Typical Canuck fashion though, the team that has never won anything celebrating an empty net goal like it won them the Stanley.

    Mark Thursday, March 20th on your calendars, people. It’s gonna be nasty at Rexall….

  175. Black Dog says:

    I don’t know Tyler, we can crack on Moreau and his salary and he didn’t have a great game tonight but since he returned this team has been better and since he ran Phaneuf a couple of weeks back this team has certainly begun to show a little more of what was missing – heart, grit etc.

  176. Ribs says:

    i barely noticed penner for the first two periods.

    he had a 10min misconduct in the first, but yea, he was not very visible for most of the game.

    And he fudged up another tying goal play at the end there. I hate it when he does that! Props to Gagner for grabbing the puck on the very unfair drop on the play.

    Gagner had a lot of wind today. Reminded me of the Can-Rus series…. can he keep it up?

  177. Bruce says:

    13-18-34 had a tough night, -2 all around, and couldn’t get the puck over their own blueline to save their souls. We need them to be better than that.

  178. Lowetide says:

    What’s Nonis hot about? I can understand being pissed about that haircut but other than that I’ve got nothing.

  179. Black Dog says:

    bruce – nice one

    and I’ll hop on the 46 bandwagon – terrific game tonight

  180. Ribs says:

    Pat H: Penner did the right thing. he was going to get in there until he realised it was a fair fight and not some goon raping Gagner.

  181. Ribs says:

    Nonis looks like Brian Burkes long-lost love child…

  182. Pat H says:

    ribs: I suppose so…maybe I’m just viscerally upset about the whole deal. Kesler is probably not even a middleweight(?), but while Samwise is listed at 191 lbs, that’s got to be soaking wet – I suspect he’s more like 180-185 max. I just don’t like seeing the kid involved in that sort of thing at this point. I mean, my respect for him went through the roof, but it bothers me that he had to do it.

  183. jon k says:

    I think the Oilers finally had enough of the Canucks and players like Burrows, Naslund, and Cooke. Too bad the rest of the team paid for it.

    Frustrating loss that can be chalked up to rookie defencemen, shoddy reffing by the always biased Leggo, and critical coaching errors on MacT’s part, in that order.

    Also demonstrates part of the reason why Pitkanen is a risky player to make the star of the franchise: He’s not helping us win games when he’s missing a third of them.

  184. danny says:

    Well, tonights loss proved a lot more positives than the win against San Jose. Finally ‘how the lost’ takes a bit of a positive spin tonight. I never expected a win, and I’d be lying if I said i expected them to battle, but they did and I give them full credit. Moving forward, tonight means way more than the 2 points they salvaged from California.

  185. Dennis says:

    I didn’t like Penner’s game but it had nothing to do with not stepping in on the 89 scrap. He did the right thing there but it pissed me off that he couldn’t draw a penalty or two. Penner’s looking like he did early in the season when he just wasn’t getting to the right places in time.

    Kesler said 89 challenged him and I don’t know if I believe him. I don’t doubt that Sam would but I think Kesler wanted to change the intial optics of the battle. I was damn proud of Gagner once he started throwing them though.

    I’m sure glad that Lowe made all those guys get hurt down the stretch last year so that the Oilers could grab Gagner. All I know is…Master Samwise…Error..error..ERROR..flying fride and lowe-lynching.

    What just happened?;)

    That was a flub by Gilbert but it wasn’t a terrible play. It was the right move to try because the wide angle showed three Canucks on the forecheck so if he hits Cogs with that pass, and he had lots of time to do so, that’s gonna be a scoring chance on the other end. Still, though, the guy’s been blipping for awhile but he was so fucking good for such a long time before that that I think we can cut him some slack.

    I think Lain’s right about Moreau; he had to be physically unable to fight if he didn’t make the card tonight. Speaking of that, can you imagine how many shoulders Souray would’ve hurt if he’d played tonight? I’d say he’d have hurt at least five:D

    Danny: I had no idea you were a Newfoundlander. Welcome aboard!!:) As for the Great Big Sea commericals, I hate a lot of things about NF. Same thing goes for Alberta too. Basically I hate provincial thinking.

    Anyway, this loss hurts but the vast majority of the boys showed up large. That counts for a lot and especially given how that might shape some of the kid’s attitudes going forward.

  186. rickibear says:

    We need to start practicing finishhing our checks Eghr and cooke style.

  187. Bruce says:

    Gagner had a beauty game tonight, made a dozen or more ELITE passes, the five foot saucer pass to Reasoner wound up on the scoresheet but there were a few others that could have. Not only did he show good hands he showed pretty good fists at the end there, he wasn’t shy about throwin’ ‘em.

    Sam set up Hemsky a handful of times and Ales needed to finish something. I know he’s playing hurt and I know he gets hacked and slashed more than almost anybody, but he’s got to get it done somehow. Nothing wrong with his legs tonight, but only 2 shots on net. Mind you the screwing we took in the powerplay dept. sure didn’t help.

  188. rickibear says:

    I do not mean in a revenge style. The league says it is a leagal way to play the game. Trying to hurt people goes against the expected standard. The league has set the bar beyond that. We need to teach are players to finish. It was nice to see Kesler get a bit of the blade from Hemsky. At some point when you start to knock out there 4M+ players another team will back off.

  189. Dennis says:

    Yeah, I forgot to mention the reffing. The 4th line was hell on wheels so you’d have a hard time convincing me that with all their offensive pressure they couldn’t draw at least one penalty.

    Finally, I hate Hughson. How many fucking times did he mention the Canucks had the momentum? It was like he was afraid it would swing if he didn’t keep telling us in which corner it was currently residing.

  190. Bruce says:

    Another beauty tonight was Matt Greene, who played a season high 22:31 and finished the night +2. Just one offical hit, but it was the dandy that shivered Ryan Kesler’s timbers. Blocked a couple of shots, and even attempted 4 shots of his own as he was at least a presence in the offensive zone. Greene even found time for a couple scraps, and acquitted himself well. Matt was one of the Oilers’ leaders in every respect tonight.

  191. HBomb says:

    Dennis: Hughson’s at his worst with the “Great save Luongo!” call when it’s clear an Oiler didn’t even get a shot on net, for one reason or another.

    Fortunately, of the two games we have left with the Dys this year, neither are on CBC.

  192. Bruce says:

    Oilers had 7 players with double-digit penalty minutes tonight. That’s what I call a team effort.

  193. Muller says:

    Despite losing tonight it was a solid effort. Hopefully we can put that energy in are remaining twenty two games.

  194. gary b says:

    some kudos to MacT for getting 46 to buy into a role he can succeed in. mucho kudos to Zach for buying into the same. somewhere in Springfield tonight, JF Jacques is probably thinking “that should be me”.

    and that Glencross is a player. can never have too many bull-in-a-chinashop guys.

  195. Iffy says:

    Gagner was the 17th guy to challenge him, but the first time Kesler accepted.

    Great line Bruce!

    And Glencross was awesome tonight. As much as I hate a lot of Lowe’s moves, this one was pretty damn good.

  196. cartooncolin says:

    Was at the game tonight. One of the best ones I’ve been to for pure entertainment value (save the score). It’s going to be much more fun watching the last 20+ games this year as these kids start to learn the NHL game. Gagner a real treat to “see him good”.

    LT: do you find a new comp for Gagner now that he’s got a fighting major – and one he wanted to boot?

  197. pboy says:

    The one time this season that the Oilers are on HNIC and I miss the game…………..At least it sounds like it was a boring one. Fuck me…

  198. digger says:

    I won’t lie, this totally made me laugh when I read it:

    “I texted my dad after the game and he said ‘Great job, that was awesome.’ And mom said don’t ever do that again.” – Gagner

    Ah, the exuberance of youth. ;)

  199. Doogie says:

    who the hell is this guy?

    Besides a borderline NHLer during his brief career, he’s also apparently a radio guy in Montreal. Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette likes to make fun him on their weekly podcast.

    The way I saw it, Penner was rushing over to Gagner vs. Kesler, then stopped up when he saw the ref, deciding that he didn’t want his second misconduct of the night.

  200. Doogie says:

    Oh, and pboy, while it’s not quite the same, you can watch the complete game in CBC’s archives. Just go to cbc.ca/hnic and follow the links.

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