Oilers at Sharks, G59/07-08

That’s Gilles Meloche in goal clearing the puck, and defender Len Frig maybe 1974. The Seals had some good players but they never could put it together, enjoy sustained success and build on their fanbase. They had good management people (Bill Torrey, Gerry Ehman both went to NYI and helped them win multiple Stanleys) but never gave them the freedom to get the job done. They drafted fine players, but sent them away too early or watched them have one or two good seasons before falling back.

The San Jose Sharks are a much better organization but there are some cracks forming on the current edition of the team. Their blueline isn’t championship quality and they are riding their starting goalie just like the Hawks did during the early 70s (if you don’t remember it usually resulted in “Tony O looks a little tired here in G7, SCF”) and their scoring isn’t consistent.

Like Ottawa in the east, the Sharks need a shakeup. Among other things, a quality veteran defender who can calm the waters, back up the depth chart and give some of these puck movers room to roam without fear. The Senators made a nice trade the other day for Stillman (a nice pickup) and Mike Commodore who I believe was the key to the deal. NHL Championships are won by grizzled veterans, guys who are calm even in double overtime when it’s jailbreak the other way.

The Sharks need a Steve Staios, they could use a Marty Reasoner (who is certainly being showcased). I think tonight is a really good scouting trip, and the question is this: which young player would you prefer to see in an Oilers jersey after the deadline?

There’s a trade there for San Jose, and it very well could be with Edmonton.

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  1. digger says:

    Back during Prongergate, I seem to remember one popular rumour going around about how the Sharks were in the runnings to get Pronger, but they refused to part with Michalek in any deal, a player that Lowe wanted as part of any package for Pronger from SJ.

    I wonder if SJ has any regrets if this is true?

    The window for a Stanley cup contender can often be a fragile one, and the Sharks may end up looking back on July 2006 as an opportunity missed.

  2. Black Dog says:

    I like that young kid from St. Thomas.

    Joseph Thornton.

    Maybe Lowe could prise him loose. Certainly didn’t cost Wilson all that much. :)

    Wilson is doing a little Pat Gillick late 80s version – he needs to make those moves for Alomar, Carter and Cone.

    Or the Sharks will end up being the late 90s Indians. Nice squads that never did win anything.

    Cheechoo seems to be recovering from his surgery finally.

  3. Pat H says:

    LT (and/or others):

    I’m not convinced on the “Reasoner is being showcased” angle. Yeah, I know that he went before, with a handshake deal and a “we’ll see you back here in the summer”. But I’m not convinced that there would be much of a return, surely not a 2nd rounder coming back? Maybe a 3rd?

    But apart from that, I see Reasoner as being far too valuable to MacT at this point, tanked season or no. I just can’t see MacT parting with his golden boy right now, even if it’s just for a couple of months.

    I know that this ‘Reasoner is on the block’ thing doesn’t come out of nowhere. I heard Glen Healy mention it the other day. But I’d just be pretty floored if it happened.

  4. Big T says:

    As another trade thought I heard on NHL Centre Ice, I wonder if something like Tuommo Ruutu (SP?) for Jarret Stoll is a possibility. Both are impending RFA’s and neither has developed the scoring touch both clubs had hoped for.


  5. Chris! says:

    Bernier’s having a rough season and could probably use a change of scenery. He’s a big kid who can score goals and the Oilers need more of both . He’s an RFA next season and could probably be had for $2-$2.5M — if he wants to play here, of course.

  6. Marchantfan says:

    I love it whenever you bring up the Golden Seals.

    As for SJ, I agree with you assessment of their needs; however, they seem largely interested in building/solidifying their team through young players, if their trading history is any indication. digger’s point is a good one, though–perhaps they’ve learned that veterans can get you there.

  7. Iffy says:

    I wonder what Washington would give up for Roloson? It seems that they have a few too many 3rd and 4th liners there.

    (I’m quite a bit more than a bit biased, but check out the Corsi on Laing.)

    And that SE division is horrible!

  8. Bruce says:

    The Sharks defence is not championship calibre in large part because their two All-Rookie Team defencemen, Matt Carle and Marc-Edouard Vlasic, have taken a major step backwards this year. I can tell you all about it cuz I got both of these bums in my “keeper league” pool. Here’s their numbers (inc. ’06-07 playoffs):

    2006-07: 88 GP, 13-34-47, +12
    2007-08: 49 GP, 2-11-13, -6

    2006-07: 92 GP, 3-24-27, +18
    2007-08: 56 GP, 1-8-9, -11

    Talk about the sophomore slump. Times two.

    Carle has recently signed a four-year extension starting next year, worth $13.75 MM, so clearly he’s in the Sharks’ long-term plans. If they’ve changed their minds to the point that he’s now available, caveat emptor.

    Vlasic is an intriguing case who came out of nowhere to make the NHL as an underage second-rounder, a very rare feat last accomplished by (I think) Patrice Bergeron. He was the picture of composure, impressed me every time I watched the Sharks. This year he’s slipped, and was even sent down to the AHL during the All-Star break, but with 4 points in his last 5 games maybe any window of opportunity is closing fast. He would be a real good risk, esp. with a year to run at $735K, but it’s hard to imagine he’s available. Just maybe if Doug Wilson thinks there’s a deal for today he might get caught in a weak moment. That he leads the Sharks in total TOI is probably all we need to know about his availability; he’d certainly cost more than Steve Staios.

    Up front, forget Michalek, but young guys with some appeal include Steve Bernier, Joe Pavelski, and Ryan Clowe (a native son of Newfoundland), all RFA’s at season’s end. Like the young defenders these youngsters seem to be spinning their wheels under Ron Wilson. There’s a pretty decent chance one of them might be available if Lowe wants to take on another contract headache.

    Other possible targets are rookie forwards Devin Setoguchi and Torrey Mitchell, both of whom are getting more TOI/GP than Bernier or Pavelski. I’ve been impressed with Mitchell, who at 23 is the more rounded player and an important contributor to the Sharks PK unit. Setoguchi is more a pure goal scorer, but Oilers could use one of those.

  9. doritogrande says:

    I’d be asking for Logan Couture or Torrey Mitchell. We don’t need any more up and comers on the blueline, so if it’s a trade with SJ, we may as well try and take a run at one of their forward prospects. I’m thinking Devin Setoguchi would cost us an arm and a leg (read: Pitkanen), but Staios straight up for Couture or Mitchell isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

  10. Alice says:

    LT, not disagreeing, but an oft-repeated theme of yours has been ‘not enough NHL players here’. If they do put a few veterans into the slot machine and pull the handle, let’s remember that we endorsed it.

    I’m surprised that everyone – at least in the bottom 20 – seems to accept the ‘rebuilding phase’. When is Detroit going to have theirs? Some recent posts are getting close to the point: scout well (including veterans) and don’t overpay the journeymen. The SC run seems to have been followed by an urge to reward the over-achievers for that spring, and now we have a lot of inflated MOTR salaries, .5M here, 1M there. You need 6 guys eating 50% of the payroll, say between 8-11% each, and the rest at 1-4% Not an even distribution. Two distributions.

  11. namflashback says:

    If anything can come for Reasoner or Sanderson, great — but I don’t think Staios can go.

    Gilbert-Staios-Greene-Roy is your RD. Taking Staios out of the 3 hole does not make this defence better next year. Getting a reasonable replacement will not cost less. So keep the guy you have on contract.

  12. PDO says:

    Is it possible the memory of Roloson stoning Cheechoo in double OT has stuck with Wilson enough that they’d consider taking him on?

  13. namflashback says:


    I think they have solved the “scout well” part — the KP era has been quite good as Lowetide has examined several times. The pipeline could use some more skill, but I don’t think they need to accelerate the pace of prospects graduating at this point. As for the overpaid — journeymen — well it is what it is. However, the length of the Torres, Pisani (and we’ll see about Stoll) deals really make them a non-factor by the time the team needs to make alternate decisions.

    And swapping those guys out doesn’t help the team in the short term.

    Next year, they will be a little better — but it isn’t a GO FOR IT year.

    WRT to the “journeymen” Moreau, Pisani, and Torres continuation with the Oilers, it really relies on the following key:
    - does their cap hit prevent the team from doing something that it needs to do in the next 2 seasons?

    Lowe’s comment at the end of December is the tell. He said the team was about where he expected them to be by then minus 5 points. He really didn’t expect them to be “highly competitive.”

    So is Lowe’s plan about 08-09? Doubtful. 5 sophomores up front, 2 on D. Even with some natural attrition on the roster (Reasoner, Sanderson) and everything else status quo next year, they’ll be better — but not spectacular.

    09-10 — We’ll see, and the length of Horcoff’s extension will be the next tell. In this season, if they are competitive throughout the season — the GM could make some additions at trade deadline to beef up, but could also wait until 10-11. If they get to the playoffs — Pisani adds a roster element you need.

    Pisani and Torres are potentially off the books by then or can be re-signed to then-market rates (which WILL be lower). The salary also reduces just in time for the Cogs and Gags re-ups.

    10-11 features either lower cost replacements for Pisani, Torres OR Pisani and Torres at a lower cost.

    I just don’t see the reason to move these guys when the plan was likely for 09-10 or 10-11 at the absolute earliest.

    So, long story short — Pisani is overpaid. However, changing him now doesn’t significantly improve the team within the timeframe the team is planning for.

  14. Jonathan says:

    //If anything can come for Reasoner or Sanderson, great — but I don’t think Staios can go.

    Gilbert-Staios-Greene-Roy is your RD. Taking Staios out of the 3 hole does not make this defence better next year. Getting a reasonable replacement will not cost less. So keep the guy you have on contract.//

    I think this reasoning makes Pitkanen untradeable, but I disagree on finding a replacement for Staios. This summer’s UFA crop is full of #3-#5 blueliners, and signing one of them to replace 24 is a reasonable option IMO.

    Ward, Commodore, Hedican, Zyuzin, Hejda, Finger, Sauer, Lilja, Montador, Modry, Stuart, Carney, Hill, Schultz, Rachunek, Meyer, Malik, Mara, Roszival, Vandermeer,Eaton, Orpik, Davison, Jackman, and Salvador are all available, and that’s ignoring the high-end and low-end guys. Plus, maybe it’s just me, but I think Matt Greene (based on his pre-injury play) should be ready for the #2 spot on RD next season.

  15. jon k says:

    Chris: Bernier is not a player of interest. After asking SJ fans about it, it’s apparent that well, he’s probably just not that good.

  16. Master Lok says:

    I posted on hfboards http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=478317 that if we did trade with SanJose – it would be the first ever trade between the Oilers and the Sharks. AFAIK.

  17. Dennis says:

    Interesting that Healy mentioned Marty’s name; that leads me to think he’s a goner.

    I don’t think that’s the first name someone would pick out of the air when they’re looking at guys the Oilers would deal so this must mean that somewhere along the way Healy’s heard that Reasoner can be had.

    Because we have to hear about their lack of faceoff prowess all the time, the first place I’d suggest he’d go would be to the Habs. I’m not sure what we should ask for him because I’m not really what he really has left to give. Vic mentioned this over at IOF the other day and it’s true: Marty’s never been the same player since he got hurt in TO in the ’04 season.

    He had a great season in ’03, putting up 31 points while playing tough min and killing penalties and then he looked really good starting out in ’04. I remember posting about it on the boards how he was creating chances and looked like a guy who might up up 45 or 50 points. But then he got hurt and wasn’t the same afterwards and hasn’t been since, really.

    I think it’s to the point where his body can’t do the things his mind knows it should. I’d say he’s still a good guy to win a draw or PK but he’s most likely a 3rd line pivot at EV at this point and that might be pushing it. I was sad that he didn’t get to be a part of the ’06 run and I think he would’ve been a better option than Rem but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

    I think the Sharks have enough vets but I’m saying that without looking at their faceoff men or their PK as those are the only areas where Marty could help them.

    When it comes to their D though, I think we could help them out big time. I’m on record as saying I don’t move to move Pitkanen because if we do the target keeps moving in terms of having some D that can keep the puck and I don’t know if we should move Staios either.

    Cerebral over on HF had a great thread about what Staios is making and how hard it would be to find his replacement at his salary. There’s also the point to consider if Staios will have much left by the time it comes we might have a chance to win a playoff round, which is most likely 2011.

    Anyway, on to SJ.

    It’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t have dealt Michalek for Pronger considering they had their two pivots plus Cheechoo up front and then a whole lot of kids, question marks plus Mclaren on the back end.

    Everyone seemingly wants this #1 dman so if Wilson wouldn’t take Pronger for Michalek it comes down to

    A: Sharks too cheap to pay for Pronger
    B: Wilson overvalued his defense or thought he would win with young offense instead of settling up the backend.

    SJ has to jump one of these years or else they wait for some of the older Ducks to Stay retired. Maybe my first point is the one though; maybe the owners there are too cheap to pony up for the extra money Pronger would afford over Michalek. That can’t be a lot though at this point.

  18. godot10 says:

    I don’t think they trade Steve Staios unless the offer is incredible.

    Staios is not overpaid on this contract, and he will fill the 3rd pairing mentor role for Chorney, and on his next contract with be the 7th defenseman on a much reduced salary a la Chelios.

    Rumour has it, San Jose offered Matt Carle to Ottawa for Redden, if Redden would have agreed to be moved.

  19. godot10 says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to sign Nick Schultz to a UFA contract and then trade Joni PItkanen?

    Maybe Riseborough would rip up another Oiler jersey then.

  20. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I think it’s pretty obvious Reasoner is being showcased, no?

  21. Lowetide says:

    Alice: I think this is the time for the Oilers to deal off salary. They have very little wiggle room for the summertime as they now stand (most of the free money will go to rfa’s).

  22. Bruce says:


    You mean “Joe” Reasoner? What was your first clue he was being showcased?

  23. Lowetide says:

    A few things, Bruce. Number one he seems to have moved up the depth chart considerably while still only platooning on that top line. Gagner gets some time there as does Marty. One would have though someone like Cogliano might have at least seen some time in that slot, possibly Stoll too.

    Secondly to my eye he has been taking a larger number of end-zone faceoffs and featured in a role a playoff bound team might like to use him. In some games it seems to me he has been the top FO guy (in terms of use) with lots of those in the Oilers zone.

    He’s killing penalties, he’s playing decent minutes and of course MacT is calling him Joe Sakic.

    If I cheered for another team (don’t tempt me) Reasoner would be a nice option to hope for in that he could help in a specific role and not cost too terribly much.

  24. rickibear says:

    Keep Reasoner trade Stoll to Ottawa for Mezaros.

  25. Dennis says:

    LT: I haven’t looked at his EV TOI but I didn’t get the feeling of a full-on showcase.

    I just thought MacT was afraid to go all offense with the first unit so he’d slot in Reasoner to start but then he’d throw in Gagner here and there as well.

    But it doesn’t seem like a blatant showcase to me and I don’t think that’s the way things are done in Oilerville anyway.

    Or at last not in the recent past and that’s the best place to look for comparables when assessing their MO.

    Allow me to bring up the case of Bergy last winter. He was just getting things going on the PP when the Oilers decided to pull him off that unit in favour of Petersen. Then they trade him a few days later.

    So citing that precedent, that’s really the last time someone outside of smyth was traded in-season and someone that we might’ve looked at to see if his role had changed prior to his expulsion.

    It didn’t so I think it’s MacT just fucking around a little bit. It’s getting harder and harder to watch this club for anything more than the development of 13-89 specifically and the young guys in general. I did notice during the first period the other night that MacT was running 18-13-34 vs Gaborik’s line; also seemed he was running a five man unit at them with 77/25 as the D pair.

    So, I think if we were looking for a showcase you’d see 16 up with 27-83 all the time in an effort inflate both his counting stats and his EV profile. But with 19 hedging in and out and splitting time with 89 in that role, I think it’s more MacT moving things back and forth.

  26. PunjabiOil says:

    Fuck, Lupul with another goal and an assist night.

  27. doritogrande says:

    PunjabiOil said…
    Fuck, Lupul with another goal and an assist night.

    Jason Smith was -1 in just under 17 minutes. What’s your point?

  28. PunjabiOil says:

    Joffrey Lupul is having a hell of a bounce-back season.

    That’s my fucking point.

  29. Lowetide says:

    PJ Oil: I hear you, but would like to see it in context. Is he OUTscoring and playing the tough opposition? Or is he an average PP contributor who plays lots of soft minutes and delivers at major league average?

    Lupul was a guy I was fairly sure of the day they dealt Pronger, so before I believe in him again there needs to be very good proof.

    Plus of course he’s not 22 anymore and better counting numbers should be expected.

  30. PunjabiOil says:

    PJ Oil: I hear you, but would like to see it in context. Is he OUTscoring and playing the tough opposition? Or is he an average PP contributor who plays lots of soft minutes and delivers at major league average?

    Well, he’s plus 2. Not great, but not terrible either (Briere -20!). He’s got 41 pts in 44 games – that feels like a kick to the nuts that he didn’t put the effort forth in Edmonton.

  31. Lowetide says:

    I haven’t checked his Desjardins numbers, but a quick glance says he EV points per 60 (1.97) trails Nilsson (2.22) by a little. My daughter needs to check her email but I’ll have a look after the 1st period if I can get the computer back.

  32. Lowetide says:

    Okay, checking in quickly on Lupul his PP # would be tops on Oilers (5.45 compared to Hemsky’s 5.12) but he’s not close to being #1 on the Flyers:

    1. Umbarger 6.96
    2. Carter 6.00
    3. Briere 5.85
    4. Lupul 5.45
    5. Knuble 5.43
    6. Richards 5.26
    7. Upshall 5.00
    8. Gagne 4.88

    I don’t think anyone could argue Lupul is stirring the drink on this team.

    Nilsson isn’t much on the PP (2.89) but his EV numbers compares favorably.

  33. Bruce says:

    What does that say about our powerplay when our top guy would rank 7th on another club?

  34. PunjabiOil says:

    That’s fair enough Lowetide. He’s a scorer though – I would never expect him to drive the results of his teammates. I think he’s always going to be a complimentary player – a guy dependent on his teammates to get the puck to him, or cash in those rebounds.

  35. PunjabiOil says:

    On the positive side, Smid and Greene are looking like NHL players.

  36. Bruce says:

    Edmonton may be where powerplays go to die, but the flip side is we always seem to have a good PK. The two units ranked 25th and 4th respectively going in tonight, and after that period the divide is wider still.

    The good: Matt Greene destroying Milan Michalek 3-on-5, and recording 3 hits, 2 blocks and at leats a couple of good clearances on the PK.

    The bad: the ice.

    The ugly: Hemsky getting a penalty for telling the truth about the bad ice.

  37. Dennis says:

    Zednik’s doctor is hot. Anyone else think that when Faulds did the Zednik injury report?:)

    Bruce: Their PK averages out the PP and special teams should always be lumped in together and then assigned a plus/minus number. What’s the Oilers compared to the rest of the league? Or fuck it, just compared to the playoff teams in our conf. I’d imagine it’s EV where we’re getting slaughtered. Can you check that out when you get a chance.

    The rest:

    - I like how 89 is throwing his body around. He’s not playing paddycake anymore out there. I love this guy going forward. And maybe I’ll be able to justify spending the money to see his first playoff game when he suits up in late april of 2011.

    or 12

    - Awhile back some poster here said that Gilbert was getting off with his mistakes and that guy was prophetic because 77′s a shitshow now. He can still make some nice passes and is a great skater so I’ll pass this off as playing too many min or just hitting a lull

    - Vic says Garon leads the league in posts. That’s not to say I don’t believe in him or that I don’t think we should sign him but it is something worth mentioning. We know the luck Horc had in this regard last year and then it turned for him.

    - Smid with another big period minus the over the glass. He’s been good for awhile now. Good period by Greene too. I’m telling you, 10 years ago this guy would’ve been gold. Back when it was as important for D to be able to skate.

    - You know it’s a night that the refs want to be the show when they call a penalty four seconds in.

  38. PunjabiOil says:

    Yes Dennis. Zednik’s doctor is fucking hot. Dr. Sonya Noor.

    Regarding Garon – hard to say. What would be his updated post numbers? I’m completely in favour of extending him if this is how he ends up playing until the end of the year. Our Kiprusoff, if you may.

    If you can lock him up for 4M or less now, it’s possibly worth a risk, rather than waiting until the UFA period. Good goalies are difficult to find. It’s been since the 2001-2002 season, where we’ve had an above-average goaltender who can steal games on a consistent basis.

  39. doritogrande says:

    Sorry, but I just love watching the Sharks play when they’re hitting everything that moves.

    If only the Oilers could be like this, I’d have the best of both worlds.

    It truly is a beautiful sport when played properly.

  40. doritogrande says:

    I love, LOVE this 4th line.

  41. doritogrande says:

    anyone else notice the 77-25 pairing’s been split today?

    Pitkanen’s been playing several shifts with Staios at EV.

  42. Bruce says:

    Another Zack convert, DG? You were dumping on him on Tuesday.

  43. PDO says:

    Fucking professional hockey players – not only do they get hot wives, they also get hot doctors. It’s just not fair.

    I expect Bruce to be chming in any minute, as his boy Stortini just got an ice hardwork assist. The Oilers are absolutely buzzing here, and stealing 2 points in SJ will go a long way towards keeping this team out of the lottery come April.


    The Oilers are +35 (40 GF and 5 GA) on the PP with just over 250 chances (including tonight).

    They are -35 (40 GA and 5 GF) on the PK, with just over 270 PK’s (including tonight).

    Nice call ;). I’d also wager if/when we get better at 5v5, the PP’s will even out as we’ll spend more time in the right zone AND we’ll start getting the benefit as younger guys become more established.

    And everyone should’ve known the refs would be the show the second they saw Koharski was a ref tonight.

  44. doritogrande says:

    Bruce, I’ll admit I’ve been a flip-flopper on Sasquatch for a while now, but he’s got a real good thing going with GlenX and Brodziak. I just hope MacT realizes that.

  45. Lowetide says:

    MacT played Stortini when he was struggling, I can’t imagine he would sit him when he’s doing well.

    San Jose needs to make a trade tonight. Jeebus.

  46. Bruce says:

    Nice balance on the special teams stats, a complete wash other than the extra 20 or so times shorthanded that bumps the PK % up a couple notches.

    Subtracting out thgose 45 goals both ways, the Oil are -25 (+99/-124) at evens, which probably incluudes a net -3 or so for ENG.

  47. Bruce says:

    Error: Pitkanen.

  48. doritogrande says:

    Bruce, Pitkanen originally saved a goal, only to cause said error.

    I don’t know exactly how to feel on that one.

  49. PDO says:


    Shit ice.


  50. dawgbone says:

    Alice, part of the reason Detroit hasn’t hit a rebuilding phase is because they pulled two absolute gems out in drafts.

    Datsyuk and Zetterberg were both late round picks. I know everyone loves to go ga-ga over the scouting staff of Detroit for making these great picks, but the fact of the matter is if Detroit had any clue they were that good, they wouldn’t have waited so long to pick them.

    To get one guy like that is a score, to get two so close together you’ve sold your soul to the devil.

    Don’t forget, the Oilers had two good drafts in the 79-80 area, and feasted off those for 10+ years, and it would have been longer if Pocklington wasn’t using the Oilers to support his other businesses.

  51. Bruce says:

    Shit ice, shitty goal. Shit.

  52. doritogrande says:


    What he said.

  53. Bruce says:

    Just went back and had another look at the Pavelski goal. The puck was dribbling harmlessly through the crease, well wide of the post, with Greene coming in behind Pitkanen looking to fire the puck behind the net and out of danger. Instead Joni decided to carry the puck forward, right back into the slot with Garon down and out, and a simple stick check by Pavelski found twine.

    Error: Pitkanen.

  54. Bruce says:

    Maybe this is a bad time to mention this, but in looking up Oilers’ scoring for Dennis I noticed the distribution by period:

    First: +46/-44 = +2
    Second: +53/-61 = -8
    Third: +45/-63 = -18
    OT: +1/-2 = -1

    That’s not the signature of a strong team. Somehow this one-goal lead after 40 minutes doesn’t seem like much.

  55. Dennis says:

    - thanks for the dig, PDO. The majority of the game’s still played at EV so it makes sense that while we can hide the kids and ride the vets on ST, you need to involve more guys at EV.

    - 24′s playing his ass off out there tonight. Hitting everything.

    - Error on 25 at the end yes. But how about the fact that 2 got to the puck ahead of Pavelski and failed to clear it? On the same note, 19 almost fucked us in the last minute with two chances to clear that he ultimately limp-wristed.

    - Another post for the Sharks but I’d still look to ink Garon. But you do it where the deal doesn’t kick in until after the ’09 season.

    - Penner looks exactly like he did earlier this season when he wasn’t worth shit, ie slow, lazy and lacking gas. MacT mentioned that he sat him down in the second period the other night vs Minny because the play was dying with a lot and he’s not even touching the puck tonight. Not sure if that’s a by-product of Hemsky trying to do it all himself or perhaps Penner just can’t keep up.

    - I am loving that fourth line. Nice play by 51 to take that off the skate right to the stick but he’s had that coming for awhile. Like I’ve been saying, that guy’s had a tonne of scoring chances this year without cashing on them.

  56. dawgbone says:

    Bruce, how many of those -18 are EN goals against?

    Just scratch them right out if they are for a better indication of the 3rd. That being said, the 2nd period is pretty worrisome, espeically the last 2 games where they’ve been outshot 34-9.

  57. RiversQ says:

    Honestly, is this ice really much worse than Rexall at this point?

    The Oilers should probably be used to bad ice by now.

  58. Devin says:

    PJO – just a note about Lupul’s goal tonight. I saw it, and it was a blatant kick-in. Not sure how on earth it counted but this is the NHL we’re talking about here so no surprises. Everything’s going right for the Joff these days.

  59. Bruce says:

    ENG +3/-8 = -5. Don’t know how many goals were scored 6v5, I know we had two in Florida.

    Fuck, what a shot by Fernando.

  60. Dennis says:

    Pretty sure Fernie scored one like that in G5 in SJ a couple of years ago;)

  61. Bruce says:

    Not to mention G5 in Raleigh.

  62. Bruce says:

    Penner looked alright on that shift.

  63. doritogrande says:

    Why is it always Mike Grier that does that kind of shit to us?

  64. Lowetide says:

    Always liked Mike Grier. Can we give two errors on a play?

  65. PDO says:

    I believe we can give 3, and if we’re not sure, we should probably give one to the goalie.

  66. Bruce says:

    The limit is three errors, and I’m giving three on that play: Hemsky, Pitkanen, Gilbert. Hemsky for coughing the puck, the two defencemen for having their heads up their holes. There’s no way a guy killing a penalty should be standing on the blueline waiting for the flip pass to come down to him and still get a clear breakaway, nearly a 2-on-0. Shorthanded. In the third. With a two-goal lead. Fuck, that’s hard to take.

  67. Bruce says:

    Nice play by Nilsson to keep the puck in our zone.

  68. PDO says:

    Plays like that make me wonder just how useful Nilsson will ever be.

  69. DBO says:

    Gilbert is by far our best all around dman. What will we sign him for? $3 mill for 4 years?

  70. DBO says:

    Anyone else notice that Hemsky and Gagner usually move to the same spot on the ice in the offensive zone? They seem to have the same instincts, it just seems that they get in each others way a lot of the time.

  71. Dennis says:

    Less than three min to go in the third and MacT puts 12 back out there with 16-19 protecting a one goal lead on the road. This after that soft as shit move by Nilsson that lead to the Moreau penalty.

    And with the next whistle meaning a TV timeout which means MacT was well within his rights to sub in 20 on that line and then know that because of the timeout he could set up just three lines for the rest of the game.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there for ammo the next time someone says MacT’s not giving Nilsson a real shot.

  72. DBO says:

    how many penalties is that? man, they score and we’re killing one in OT. killing me.

  73. doritogrande says:

    Do both Assistant Captains get stripped if we lose this game?

  74. Lowetide says:

    A win for the good side but lordy Nilsson reminded me of Lupul on that one play. I swear to God Almighty that 10 inch area around the RH blueline in our zone (going right to left) was the dead zone fall 2006 to spring 2007.

    Please let’s never to that again.

  75. Dennis says:

    MacT goes with the 13 line and then the 16 line out of the timeout but inexplicably leaves 12 on the left wing.

    51-20-83, all guys you could’ve and like should’ve used instead.

    Man, Martine isn’t aging well, is she? And look at Fernie’s eyes; he’s still popping on caffeine or as Rob Brown said one night, “Sudie’s”

    I think sudafed abuse is one of the things no one talks about in the NHL, right?

  76. Lowetide says:

    Good thing Dick Pound doesn’t read this blog.

  77. Dennis says:

    Ha, yeah, there you go:)

    Seriously, though, a causual friend of mine, his wife’s friend “befriend” one of the Maple Leaves years ago. So, that Leave used to give him tickets all the time and he wound up being friends with a few of them and hanging out with them and stuff.

    Apparently the boys were huge into the sudies.

  78. Dennis says:

    Just because I’ve got the highlights on to the left of me..

    - Anyone else read Terry Jones 16 part series this week, “How wayne gretzky cured cancer and aids at his fantasy camp.”

    I’m just wondering, when he’s done with that, can he tell his barber to cut his hair ABOVE his fucking ears?

  79. Dennis says:

    Before I forget, Staios just mentioned the aniomosity between SJ/EDM as a result of the old playoff series. While I was watching all the scrumming I was thinking that Torres has a helluva lot to do with anytime that stuff happens.

  80. Bruce says:

    I love, LOVE this 4th line.

    Agreed this current 4th line combination is working well. Glencross is a player, and he fits in a little better than Sanderson since all three play the grinding style. Brodziak looks more comfortable in the middle, and I think he likes the blue collar approach; nothing fancy from those wingers, that’s for sure. Brodz has shown some nice finish, as the line has clicked for 3 goals, 8 points and each guy is +3 in the last two games. Pretty impressive production for under 15 minutes together (GlenX 14:52, Stortini 14:47 total in the two games; 24:35 for Brodziak who’s on the PK unit).

    That’s two games in a row the plumbers have provided the margin of victory, and you gotta love that. LOVE it even.

    Love that doctor too.

  81. honkey says:

    Nice with a win against those Sharks today.
    Omark had a nice game today, he didn’t score but showed off some of his skills.
    The goalie got real lucky on that play.


  82. Asiaoil says:

    Yeah love the 4th line as well – but it took Lowe 5 months to do the obvious and get another gritty bottom 6 winger with a clue for this team. Lots of us were calling for this months ago and we would have a few more wins with this simple and easily accomplished move. Oh well…..better late than never.

  83. dstaples says:

    Just came across at your error assignments, and I agree with Bruce’s assessment on the powerplay goal, terrible errors all around by Hemsky, Gilbert and Pitkanen.

    As for the Pavelski goal, Pitkanen had possession, could have moved it, and fumbled it, so although Greene did lose a battle in the corner before then, the Oilers (Pitkanen) later regained clear possession. Pitkanen could have shut down this whole play, but he made the wrong choice, so he is the only one who gets an error. This gives him 21 for the year (by my admittedly subjective tally), the most of any Oilers defenceman, and the most in terms of errors per minutes at even strength, as he is now slightly worse than Grebeshkov in this category.

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