Stars at Oilers, G54/07-08

This is Dino Ciccarelli. A guy I know played a couple of games against him in the minor leagues (maybe 1980) and told me everyone on his bench wanted to run the guy at every chance.

Ciccarelli’s playing style seems to have been obscured with the passage of time. In spite of a long career in the bigs, it ended with injury and then if I recall correctly he had to sue his NHL team for salary owed (those lovable owners and their antics).

He was an amazing goal scorer, but he was much more than that. An agitator, a gritty player who went to the blood zones and took his lumps (that #31 in the photo I’ve posted was a world class dink and I will bet you $1000 that Dino got slashed on this play) and he scored 608 NHL regular season goals.

We’re beginning to get a picture of the Edmonton Oilers team for 08-09, with Kevin Prendergast offering up recently that the Oilers needed a scoring winger.

I think they need a Dino Ciccarelli. Although he was never drafted (severe injury) the guy strolled into pro hockey and scored at a frequency even Wilt Chamberlain would have been impressed by, beginning with 55 in his first full season (in this way he resembles Rick Macleish).

If the Oilers could find a gritty, skilled winger to put on the top 6, like this:

  1. Horcoff-Penner-Hemsky
  2. Gagner-Nilsson-Ciccarelli

They’d have a nice combination of skill and grit on both of the scoring lines. We can argue over Stoll or Cogliano being a better choice than Gagner, or you may think Torres is a better option at LW and we can argue that all summer.

However, the Oilers need a player who can put the puck in the net and are well shy on jerks with skates. As an organization, the leading goal scorer is Horcoff (21) and despite some promise this club doesn’t have two scoring lines. They may have two 20-goal scorers at season’s end and that’s not close to good enough.

Get Dino, wherever Dino is. The Oilers need him and PDQ.

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  1. DBO says:

    Good post LT. Do we have anyone who fits the bill in the minors? is Reddox that kind of player, or is it too much to ask that he score? It seems like for Lowe best case would be to be able to put Torres on that line. Seems like Stoll is quickly losing his place on this team, if the third line is Cogs-Moreau-Pisani.
    is there anyone in the league that would be available that might fit this mold? Would we take Tucker?(would we want him?) With the injuries should we not call up Schremp and give him a real chance to prove himself?

  2. pboy says:

    Tucker is a PP specialist who is basically useless 5 on 5. The only time he gets his name on the score sheet 5 on 5, is when he takes a stupid penalty.

  3. HBomb says:

    I look at it this way for next year with regards to the top nine:


    Three options that spring to mind:

    1) Could Ethan Moreau catch some Mike Knuble-style karma if he got put with H&H and produce 30G-30A?

    2) Could Jarret Stoll play C and Horcoff moves over to LW?

    3) Could the Oilers do something in terms of a package deal to land that Erik Cole guy out of Carolina WITHOUT giving up Pitkanen or Gilbert off the backend?

    Personally, I think Moreau with Pouliot and Brodziak is the 4th line next year (Reasoner is going to cost too much for a 4C, IMO….if they want a vet, they need to wait until mid-August and find this offseason’s Josef Vasicek), and Stoll is going to get sacrificed in order to sign Pitkanen.

    I think Erik Cole would be a great fit here. If Carolina was willing to part with him.

  4. DBO says:

    Looking at carolina, Cory Stillman is a UFA next year. he makes small money this year, but with his last few seasons he’s due for a raise, but he might be the kind of solid scoring winger we could use. The last few years he’s scored close to 25 goals (hurt last year) and has 21 already this year/. He might be a $3 million player that could help us, without getting rid of anyone.

  5. Tyler says:

    My favourite Cicarelli fact is that he was once arrested for going outside wearing nothing but a sweatshirt.

  6. Chris! says:

    Tyler: I was thinking of the same thing. There aren’t too many characters like Dino in the league anymore.

    One of my perennial favourite pool picks, Brian Rolston, is a UFA this year. He would fit the bill nicely, and he’s probably underrated enough to come cheap(ish).

    Not that we have money to burn, but hey.

  7. Bruce says:

    Dino Ciccarelli was a complete fucking jerk. I don’t want him or his ilk on my team.

    Not only did everybody in the NHL want to run him, everybody in my keeper league hockey pool hated his guts to the extent that we adopted a “Ciccarelli Rule” making him ineligible for our draft so nobody would be tempted to sell their soul for his points. (The only such rule in the now 29-year history of our draft.)

    While it’s a nice story on the surface (little guy recovers from broken leg in draft year to make it as a big scorer), so is Steve Downie a nice story that shouldn’t obscure the fact the guy is a complete scumbag. Seems to me Dino the Perv was up on charges a couple of times: that indecent exposure caper which as I recall also involved a young neighbour girl; a sexual assault charge involving a 17-year-old girl as well as two or three Washington Capital teammates inc. fellow scumbag Neil Sheehy; and on the ice, a stick-swinging incident involving Luke Richardson (then with Toronto) which landed Ciccarelli in the slammer for a day. Wasn’t long enough.

    My early memories of Dino involve him shooting the puck at Bryan Trottier during the 1981 SCF, then pulling the same stunt at Kevin Lowe during a @#$% pre-season game the next fall. Lowe caught Ciccarelli with a clean check, play carried on, Ciccarelli broke out of his own zone with the puck, looked up, saw Lowe, and wired a high slapshot that hit Lowe up in the collarbone area. It was NOT a hockey play (Cocciarelli had just crossed his own blueline, so it was no shoot-in, more like a shooting). Lowe went down in a heap while Dino disappeared behind the linesmen that always seem to appear to protect the scumbags. Sitting in the stands I wanted nothing more than to see Dave Semenko come off the bench and deal with the little prick once and for all … would’ve been worth a 20-game suspension.

    Ciccarelli scored almost nothing but garbage goals, sucking around the edge of the crease a la Tucker. That he was a one-way player can be seen in his ratio of powerplay:shorthanded goals, which at 232:1 is the most extreme I have ever seen. Dino was a goal suck, pure and simple, and the rest of the time he was a cheap shot artist who took a ton of stupid penalties. Sure, he was a EFFECTIVE goal suck, but fuck ‘im. I’m glad that he never won the Cup, I’m glad he isn’t in the HoF, and I’m particularly glad he never played for the Oilers.

    Did I mention I don’t like him much?

  8. heed says:

    i think bruce just made a case for picking up a dino like player in his page long rant about the guy. when is the last time this team had a players that everyone loves to hate?

  9. Sean says:

    I think we need some size on either the 4th line or the 2nd line. If Stortini works on his skating all year then maybe he’ll work on 4th line. I don’t like Reasoner and Brodziak on the 4th.

    Even though its a small line I wonder how Gagner – Schremp – Nilson would do on 2nd line.

    Did anyone watch Gratton beat the piss out of Burrows for slashing Lecavalier? We need a player like Gratton too.

  10. Mr DeBakey says:

    Would SJ take Staios for Setoguchi?
    Would Fla take Stoll for Booth?

    I didn’t think so

    Carry on

  11. jon k says:

    To be honest, Avery or Carcillo are players who most compare to Dino at this point in time. Both are agitators, tough, and are players who can score, albeit to a far lesser extent.

  12. Bruce says:

    when is the last time this team had a players that everyone loves to hate?

    Esa Tikkanen?

    While I don’t disagree with Heed’s conclusion, the trick is finding a guy our own fans don’t hate more than the other teams’ fans do. e.g. the all-time scummiest Oiler, Shayne “Shame” Corson, who I hated his whole career, but never more than the three disastrous years he was here. I was never less proud to be an Oiler fan.

    Btw, consider yourself fortunate that you got the “short” version of my Dino rant. }:O

  13. Psyche says:

    Coincidentally TSN is having a similar debate:

    NHL on TSN experts: Who’s the best pest?

  14. heed says:

    is dino also the player whose ex-wife or wife (can’t remember) dumped a pot of scalding hot water on him? i believe he was. seems like his entire life was devoted to sending people to the edge.

    ps he is also the player i most identify with the stars.

  15. Bruce says:

    Hi from the edge.

    I think the player I most identify with the North Stars is Bobby Smith. Funny thing, I liked the 1980 North Stars of Smith, Al MacAdam, Steve Payne, Craig Hartsburg, Curt Giles, and Gilles Meloche that ended the Montreal dynasty, but when Dino came up the next year I stopped liking the whole team real quick. Often that happens when one considers a team a real threat, but the No-Stars never really were one through the years; the Oilers easily swept them aside in their one playoff meeting in 1984, otherwise the Stars always seemed to get upset within their own Norris Division.

    Dino and most of the cast were long-gone by 1991 when the Stars took out the Oilers in the conference finals, after the Oilers had exhausted themselves winning the Smythe banner in two long series chock full of overtime games.

    Perhaps the claim to fame of the Minnesota North Stars is that they ended two dynasties, beating both Montreal and Edmonton the year after the last Cup of a run.

  16. Mr DeBakey says:

    Enough about that dirtball

    From the Official Website:

    LINEUP UPDATE (12:30 PM): Denis Grebeshkov comes into the lineup tonight, replacing Dick Tarnstrom.

    LINEUP UPDATE (11:33 AM): Dwayne Roloson gets the start in goal tonight… Shawn Horcoff (shoulder) took the morning skate but left early. Geoff Sanderson could be inserted in his place… Patrick Thoresen will take the pre-game warmup in case Fernando Pisani can’t go tonight.

  17. Lowetide says:

    Lordy. I better get another dozen Sleeman’s.

  18. heed says:

    that lineup update pretty much guarantees that tonight will ne a night to forget. the loss of pisani is not a really a loss at this point. he’s a shadow of his former self. no horcoff is going to hurt but you’d think the boys could try and rally in the face of adversity (who do i think i’m kidding? clearly myself). roloson though…please god…not him.

  19. Dennis says:

    I don’t know how in the hell we’re gonna find it but we need a vet to score some goals off Gagner feeds.

    I may change this opinion shortly but considering we’re paying Souray way too much to drive the PP and considering we have our own pick in ’09, I’d just say fuck it and get rid of Special Teams Stoll and let Cogs take on the second toughest min along with one of 14/18 and 34 on the other side.

    Give that crew the second toughest min and make the Horc line take on the toughs. The other way we could go is find a scoring winger for the 13-89 tandem and let Pouliot play the Peca role between either 14/18 and 34.

    This doesn’t leave a spot for Nilsson or Schmrep unless we put them on the 4th line as centre with Brodz/JFJ

  20. HBomb says:

    Roloson? Grebeshkov?

    Do we WANT to lose games at this point?

    Oh, and the way some (especially) describe Dino Ciccarelli….he sounds exactly like that little dirtbag Corey Perry.

  21. jon k says:

    Tarnstrom is out of the lineup, possibly related to the reports out of Columbus that he’s been traded for LW Curtis Glencross.

  22. Mr DeBakey says:

    Trade: Glencross for Tarnstrom
    The Blue Jackets have traded left winger Curtis Glencross to the Edmonton Oilers for defenseman Dick Tarnstrom, The Dispatch has learned.

    We’ll have a story posted on shortly.

    – Aaron Portzline

  23. heed says:

    just finished telling the old lady that i figured tarnstrom was going to be traded by the end of the day. feel bad for the guy. i wish him well.

  24. Dennis says:

    Desjardin likes him, at least at first glance.

    He’s +1 in Desjardin numbers, 11-10, while having played the seventh toughest min among forwards. At least in terms of those who’ve played 30 GP or more. His GAON/60 is very low so that’s a good sign.

    Surprised we didn’t get a pick for him. Seems like a replacement for Thor out of the box.

  25. jon k says:

    Three differences I can discern between Glencross and Thor:

    1. Size. Glencross is 6’1″. Not bad.

    2. Shot. Supposedly has an OK shot, could put up 15 goals in a season with 12 minutes per night.

    3. Physicality. Apparently likes to crash and bang.

    In the end, not a bad deal to get a 25 year-old bottom sixer with some upside for an UFA defenseman who has looked absolutely done the last few games.

  26. heed says:

    i think the physical part is the what they picked him up for. he’s rfa after this season so if he doesn’t pan out, no real loss in the future. fingers crossed.

  27. Lord Bob says:

    Lowetide calls for us to get the next Dino Ciccarelli, and that very day we pick up Curtis Freakin’ Glencross! As the kida might say, boo ya kasha.

  28. Bruce says:

    only heroin can kill that kind of pain.

    or A heroine

  29. Dennis says:

    For whatever reason, there’s no question about it, Tarnstrom was having a rough year with the Oilers. I dunno, maybe the guy’s close to being done. He was just about the easiest guy from the backend to score on and all of a sudden he was taking all these foolish penalties.

    Maybe he hit a rough patch and couldn’t work his way out of it. All that being said, considering where he’s going to fit in for the Jackets, his desjardins number of -8 with a bad Oilers team will probably wind up helping out on a better CB team, ie without filtering the EN GD, CBJ -2 at EB with the Oilers at -21.

    You read about his physicality and see he could run out at 12-15 goals and perhaps this is the guy that takes the possible job of JFJ next season. I won’t say Pouliot because we’ll still need a centre if we get rid of Stoll and/or Reasoner.

    I was really hoping we’d get a pick but maybe there’s something about Glencross that’s not there for everyone to see.

    For those that believe the Oilers might make another trade that picks up money. I’ll assume CG was making the min and we know Tarnstrom was making two mill, so this gives the Oilers about an extra what, 500K to deal with? Nothing major mind you. Just means we could take on a player who’s on sked to make around 1.1 over the course of a full season. Of course what this deal doesn’t do is decrease the number of our contracts.

  30. Bruce says:

    Not a bad deal. Both are FA at the end of the season, and I would suggest that based on his recent performance, Tarnstrom is FA already (as in Fuck All). Dick had a tough road trip, and watching him live I thought he sucked against the Sharks the other night. He was close to the worst Oiler on the ice, which was saying a lot that night. Even with Souray in and out, it was getting pretty crowded back there, and I would have been happy (relatively speaking) to see Grebeshkov in Tarnstrom’s spot tonight regardless.

    Of course it complicates things up front, but that’s not all bad. Glencross’s 6 goals already rank him in a tie for (sob) seventh on the team, and he showed he could score at the AHL level last year, esp. in Syracuse where he went 19-16-35 in just 29 GP. He’s three months younger than Dustin Penner and is about year behind Penner on the development curve, in terms of their similar path through college and the AHL to the bigs; I’m not suggesting he’s Penner, just that he can be expected to keep improving for awhile.

    This year he’s posted respectable numbers (36 GP, 6-6-12, +3) in bottom-six minutes. I notice his TOI fell off quite a bit in January, from 12-16 minutes per game to the 6-10 range, suggesting Glencross was dropping down the depth chart and perhaps falling out of favour with Hitch. I haven’t been following the injury situation there closely enough to guess what other factors might be involved. I do know Glencross got an OT winner against Calgary, never a bad thing, and I noticed him fairly often on CBJ highlights for awhile. He was kind of like Aaron Voros, doesn’t post the big numbers, but you notice the guy. Let’s hope we keep on noticing him, and for the right reasons. If Oilers like what they see, they can likely re-sign him for relatively low $$$. He makes just $522 K this year, and hasn’t accumulated much bargaining power just yet. As such, maybe he is a bargain, well worth the ultra-low risk of this trade.

    Meanwhile, will Tarnstrom wind up paired with Dan Hejda?

  31. rickibear says:

    JFJ F*** he is a cheaper Raffi!

  32. heed says:

    the hedja love continues. in the year 2000…the norris trophy will be renamed the hedja trophy.

  33. kinger says:

    Fuck this team if Roloson starts.

    Seriously, if I was Garon, I wouldn’t trust this clown show of an organization.

    As for Glencross, he looks like a cheap bottom six’er that won’t hurt his team at evens. I think there’s some value there.

  34. Bank Shot says:

    Glencross can skate fast.

    Maybe he’ll bring back some of the success that the Sanderson-Reasoner-Brodziak line had at the beginning of the year before they decided Sanderson was too old to play on the Oilers.

  35. Mr DeBakey says:

    the hedja love continues.

    Indeed it does
    Diamond Dan is the man
    457 ES minutes with Jason Smith
    [St Jason]

    anchoring the league’s Number One PK unit.

  36. heed says:

    Indeed it does
    Diamond Dan is the man
    457 ES minutes with Jason Smith
    [St Jason]

    anchoring the league’s Number One PK unit.

    who are we talking about here?

  37. Dennis says:

    Not really sure why Garon isn’t getting this start.

    Heed: I hear ya on Hejda. Dude played like shit for the Oilers this year and is getting light up this year for the Jackets while bouncing in and out of the lineup.

    Plus, he’s making a fucking bundle of cash.

  38. kinger says:

    Dennis said…

    Not really sure why Garon isn’t getting this start.

    It’s gotta be showcasing, which to me, is just infuriating. What message are you sending to the players when you are constantly playing guys that aren’t helping you win over guys that are.

    Heed: I hear ya on Hejda. Dude played like shit for the Oilers this year and is getting light up this year for the Jackets while bouncing in and out of the lineup.

    Plus, he’s making a fucking bundle of cash.

    But Dennis, haven’t you heard the infallible HF counter argument: “Hejda wouldn’t make this team much better, so who cares.”

    That’s some good thinkin’ right there.

  39. heed says:

    hedja may be cheap but he wouldn’t be the solution. he’s a decent defenceman on a defense first team with a goaltender who is top 3 in both save % and gaa. is everyone going to start telling me that leclaire’s stats are a product of the best defense in the nhl?

  40. kinger says:

    Hejda has posted good numbers his entire NHL career, there is no plausible argument showing that he wouldn’t help this team win games.

    Your reference to Leclaire boosting his numbers is epic fail; unless of course you believe Roloson was behind this solid EV results last year.


  41. Dennis says:

    Well, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather believe that the TEAM’s doing a good enough job that Leclair’s not playing in a shooting gallery rather than Leclaire being flat out awesome.

    As for the Roli Showcase, that can really be the only awnser, can’t it? He let in two shit goals last start in TB and didn’t fare much better in his previous start in Wsh. Plus, Garon only let in two goals in 35 + last time out.

    If we are to believe the Lowe quote that he doesn’t care about Burke potentially picking top five, then maybe we’re witnessing the beginning of yet another purge.

    All of Staios-Pitkanen-Stoll should be on notice.

  42. heed says:

    so this is what you both wanted to see this year?

    smith – hedja

    staios – gilbert

    smid – greene

    can you say “cleared but not out”? the old “throw it around the boards” play never gets old.

  43. Black Dog says:

    Diamond Dan Hejda.


    “When my Dad looked at me like that I knew that it was time to do one thing, forget about Winnie, keep my head down and my mouth shut. Just wait for Wayne to show up and deflect Dad’s anger. It never failed.”

    Montage of Mr. Arnold choking the shit out of Wayne accompanied by Buffalo Springfield and “Mr. Soul”

  44. Steve says:

    Heed: I’d like to have kept Hejda, but that’s no reason not to have pulled the trigger on the Pitkanen trade.


    would, while not great, be both better and much cheaper than what we have now.

  45. Vic Ferrari says:


    LeClaire is what he is, a mediocre goalie who had a run of goalpost help. Last time I checked only Garon had had more help from the iron. Huet was up there too.

    They’ll regret signing Garon long term.

    On Hejda: I think most of us thought he was a guy who was a terrific bet to outperform his salary, and clearly he has so far. Any one deal only has so much impact, but they add up, It’s been death by a thousand knives for this Oiler roster.

    On Tarnstrom: I still think that he can really help someone’s PP. He played a lot of tough minutes for this squad as well, granted everyone’s role has shifted around in madass fashion throughout the year, aside from that one significant stretch with the Reasoner-Stoll-Thoresen seeing the type of icetime that would make Paulsson cringe, while Horcoff’s line was being thrown over boards when the puck was headed north or against tired players (a la Ovechkin).

    MacTavish talked about looking forward to having Greene back so as to help shoulder the tough minutes with Souray and Staios. “Tough minutes” isn’t something MacTavish ever talks about, just generally he never talks about context at all, hasn’t for years. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he was either talking about physical play, or that he was high.

  46. Vic Ferrari says:

    By coincidence I was just thinking today about players that the Oilers could acquire to make the broadcasts better. Glencorss was one of them, seriously. The others:

    Clutterbuck from Minny.

    T.Bay prospect Cunti.

    And Glencross, along with any two other players, one named Glen and the other named Gary. They could play on the Mamet line; be miserable, swear constantly, try to steal each other’s goals by claiming phantom deflections, and just generally darken our view of humanity.

    I’m also wide open to the return of Miro Satan.

    If we can’t have a good team, we can at least have a team with good names. :D

  47. MattM says:

    heed said…
    so this is what you both wanted to see this year?

    smith – hedja

    staios – gilbert

    smid – greene

    can you say “cleared but not out”? the old “throw it around the boards” play never gets old.

    I can’t see how that follows. How about keeping Hejda instead of signing Tarnstrom?

    Greene as the 7th.

    Alternately, skip Souray too, then have


    Retaining Hejda is not the same as retaining the status quo entirely. Everything about the guy suggests he’s a useful NHL defenseman, and letting him go when useful NHL defensemen is a need was a silly thing to do.

  48. Lowetide says:

    Coffee is for closers.

  49. Vic Ferrari says:

    Are the fans on the message boards still pining for magical puck moving D faeries to turn suck into gold? Sweet baby Jesus, is there any notion that Lowe CAN’T sell in this town? At this point I think he’s just taking the piss.

  50. Andy Grabia says:

    And Glencross, along with any two other players, one named Glen and the other named Gary. They could play on the Mamet line; be miserable, swear constantly, try to steal each other’s goals by claiming phantom deflections, and just generally darken our view of humanity.

    Vic, you made my day. Will they change what people get for the Three Stars? First star is a Cadillac Eldorado. Second star is a set of steak knives. Third star is you’re fired.

    By coincidence I was just thinking today about players that the Oilers could acquire to make the broadcasts better.

    Funny you say that. CIO got a report on Glencross from a guy who watched him in Alaska, and the talk about his physicality got me excited enough to consider watching tonight. I won’t, but I was close.

  51. mc79hockey says:

    They’ll regret signing Garon long term.

    I was thinking this too. If he signs for a $1MM annually or so for another year or two after next, who cares. The mistake that they’re going to make is thinking that he’s more than he is.

    Wow, Horcoff out and Reasoner on the top line.

    Hey! A banner raising!

  52. Steve says:

    L. COLUMN!!!!!11!!!!!

    Good to have Sanderson back, apparently.

  53. Steve says:

    Also, does the Ford radio commercial where they say “We brought an Oilers and Flames fan” instead of “…Flames fans” bother anybody else? Or am I just an insufferable prick?

  54. Bruce says:

    Goal scorer’s goal.

  55. Bruce says:

    8-46-51 = 8 shots on goal already

  56. mike w says:

    Geoff Sanderson: should the Oilers re-sign? I would for a million.

    I don’t think he’s been a half-bad 3rd liner with some nice wheels.

  57. uni says:

    Wow…Stortini’s first NHL goal. I have no choice but to watch this game out now.

  58. Lowetide says:

    I think Stortini had a goal earlier this season, right?

    Oilers looked interested tonight and the Stars look like less than the Stars.

    I still think Dallas wins.

  59. Black Dog says:

    Naw Mike Sandy’s done. He’s rested though. No wonder he’s flying.

    Hey Jenn and the kids are heading out of town – we should go out for pints. I could really get smashed with no need to get up. Well there’s work I guess.

    uni – its his second goal, turn off your TV

    Glengarry Glen Ross – great movie

  60. Bruce says:

    Actually his third. One last year, and Zack’s doubled his production in ’07-08. I wouldn’t bet against another before season’s end.

  61. Bruce says:

    That’s a mighty thin penalty.

  62. mike w says:

    Pints anytime, Black Dog.

  63. mike w says:

    You can just feel this team not being good enough…

    Usually in the back half of the second period.

  64. Bruce says:

    Man … that penalty on Hagman was even thinner than the one on Staios.

  65. Black Dog says:

    I’ll have my people call your people.

    Or, um, something.

    Naw this team is just the shits.

    Moreau, Reasoner and Pisani on the PP? Either that’s bad coaching or the coach doesn’t have the horses.

    All you need to know – Horcoff is out – who’s their best centre now?? Christ they don’t even have two legitimate pivots right now.

    That’s just sad.

    The Avs have Sakic, Stastny, Lapierre. The Wild have Gaborik and Rolston. The Flames have Langkow, Lombardi and Conroy.

    Etc etc.

    Its depressing.

  66. uni says:

    Well I missed that first one, I really did want to see his celebration after he finally got it…especially after he got cheated out of what should have been his first.

    Oh, well, 8 weeks of no TV and very little sports reading will keep you out of the loop.

  67. mike w says:

    I know it won’t happen, but when is buying out Sheldon Souray a good option?

    $5.4 million until goddamn 2012!

  68. Lowetide says:

    Is this team better or worse than last season’s post-deadline ragtag group?

    And I’m only partly joking.

  69. Bruce says:

    Better. Much better. So much better they’re merely shitty.

  70. mike w says:

    Sigh. Toby Petersen.

    He’s in the AHL now…

  71. Black Dog says:

    Yeah they’re better. Of course that team had its heart ripped out plus around ten regulars out.

  72. Bruce says:

    “That was a cocksucking call.” — Crash Davis

  73. uni says:

    I’d almost began to think this Moreau was just a figment of our collective imagination after not seeing him for so long…damn it’s good to see that guy in action for the first time of the year.

    Now if he could only pop 20 goals in as well =).

  74. mike w says:


  75. mc79hockey says:

    On HF the other day, someone suggested that this bunch was comparable to the 03-04 Oilers. I think it was a serious comment.

  76. Bruce says:

    Great play by Moreau there — if you play the puck, I’ll play YOU. Nice dart.

  77. mike w says:

    Kevin Quinn [to Ray Ferraro]: “And that’s a pay-per-view game so you’ll get a break and Rob Brown will take your seat…”

    Ray Ferraro: [tactful silence]

  78. uni says:

    I’m watching this off the FSN feed, so pro-Dallas commentators. Best call of the night, “Penner again! He doesn’t like Swedes!?”

  79. Mr DeBakey says:

    All of you who picked Dallas to win tonight
    may cash your winning ticket at the window on the East Concourse.

    A $2 bet is returning $1.90
    Congratulations to you all.

  80. uni says:

    God, so this is what I missed the last 2 months, having my heart ripped out game after game.

  81. mike w says:

    The “Let’s Go Oilers” chant from the crowd seems almost ironic now…

  82. mc79hockey says:

    You know what the worst part about this is? I thought that they actually played a reasonable game tonight.

  83. Lowetide says:

    Well one thing we can say: they are showcasing some guys and those guys are showing what they can do.

  84. dawgbone says:

    Yes MC, that was me making that comment.

    And I saw your half-assed comment, but nothing to refute it.

    The Western Conference from 1-15 is significantly better than it was that season, and the Northwest Division specifically is much better than it was that season.

    That 03-04 team would get hammered just as bad as this team is.

  85. mike w says:

    Well, truth is that aside from the San Jose game I haven’t had a problem with the team effort for most of the season.

    But the lack of any scoring seems to slowly catch up with this team every single game.

    Anyway, I’m gonna catch the last bit of “Disorderly Conduct” on Spike TV, fellas.


  86. mc79hockey says:

    …I saw your half-assed comment, but nothing to refute it.

    Well fuck DB. It was a bald statement of opinion, with no evidence to back it up. What do you expect?

    As for your statement about the NW being better then than now, I’m not buying it – the division had a much better GD back then. Keep in mind that the Oilers are about +9 in imaginary SO “goals” these days and they’re pretty much at the bottom of the league in GD. That version of the Oilers team – in the best or second best division in the league, in the better conference, was a solid +.

    So no, I’m not drinking that particular kool-aid.

  87. Lowetide says:

    I’m watching Princess Bride with my daughter. Great bloody movie:

    Inigo Montoya: That Vizzini, he can *fuss*.
    Fezzik: Fuss, fuss… I think he like to scream at *us*.
    Inigo Montoya: Probably he means no *harm*.
    Fezzik: He’s really very short on *charm*.
    Inigo Montoya: You have a great gift for rhyme.
    Fezzik: Yes, yes, some of the time.
    Vizzini: Enough of that.
    Inigo Montoya: Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?
    Fezzik: If there are, we all be dead.
    Vizzini: No more rhyming now, I mean it.
    Fezzik: Anybody want a peanut?
    Vizzini: DYEEAAHHHHHH.

    Inigo Montoya: He’s right on top of us. I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using.

    Man in Black: All right. Where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right… and who is dead.
    Vizzini: But it’s so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy’s? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.
    Man in Black: You’ve made your decision then?
    Vizzini: Not remotely. Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.
    Man in Black: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.
    Vizzini: Wait til I get going! Now, where was I?
    Man in Black: Australia.
    Vizzini: Yes, Australia. And you must have suspected I would have known the powder’s origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.
    Man in Black: You’re just stalling now.
    Vizzini: You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? You’ve beaten my giant, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could’ve put the poison in your own goblet, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you’ve also bested my Spaniard, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.
    Man in Black: You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.
    Man in Black: Then make your choice.
    Vizzini: I will, and I choose – What in the world can that be?
    Vizzini: [Vizzini gestures up and away from the table. Roberts looks. Vizzini swaps the goblets]
    Man in Black: What? Where? I don’t see anything.
    Vizzini: Well, I- I could have sworn I saw something. No matter.First, let’s drink. Me from my glass, and you from yours.
    Man in Black, Vizzini: [they drink ]
    Man in Black: You guessed wrong.
    Vizzini: You only think I guessed wrong! That’s what’s so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha…
    Vizzini: [Vizzini stops suddenly, and falls dead to the right]

  88. Ribs says:

    That was the best beer league game I’ve watched all year. Yay.

  89. uni says:

    Princess Bride has to be one of the all time greats.

    That battle of wits was written by a man with a truly dizzying intellect =).

  90. Bruce says:

    Slipping quickly into Lotteryville. Even with the miracle in Florida, a 2-2-1 road trip through the SE has to be considered disappointing; now a “crucial” home stand with 1 GF, 7 GA, feels like October all over again. This wans’t a stinker like Tuesday but the Stars made it look pretty easy.

    A couple of 5-on-3s against didn’t help, especially when Stoll broke his stick yet afuckinggain to make it 5-on-2 and a half. I still don’t get how the Oilers didn’t get a two-man advantage when that Dallas guy fired the puck into the stands with nobody around him and the ref called a phantom deflection. Thought I’d seen McGeough in Detroit, but we got his ghost against the Stars again. Those guys called every other borderline penalty possible and completely gassed that one. Score was 2-1 at the time, a minute left in the first penalty, might have made a difference.

    And for the life of me, I don’t understand pulling the goalie with over two minutes left with the puck in our end and Smid on the ice. Isn’t the norm to at least get it deep first? We never even made it to centre.

    Hard to blame Roli tonight, but Turco outplayed him. Those were pretty clean GA, I guess one can hope for a big save here and there but I don’t pin this one on (our) gaoltending.

    I thought Matt Greene was the best we had on the blueline tonight; I’ve been fairly encouraged by his play since he came back from that long-term injury. But on a night where we could’ve used a little offence from the back end there wasn’t much forthcoming, the six of them combined for just 4 shots.

    Up front, decent games from Moreau, Penner, Stortini and Brodziak. Sanderson and Pisani had their moments. All those callers to Stauffer who said Horcoff was nothing when Hemsky went down should be forced to watch the tapes of this game. To be fair to Ales, it’s pretty apparent something is wrong, and frankly I wonder if Pitkanen has been the same since his latest return. If those two are ineffective and Horcoff and Souray are out, that’s a lot of unproductive salary, and we shouldn’t be too surprised at 1 goal in 2 games.

    Without Horcoff this team is without form and void.

  91. mc79hockey says:

    Just to follow up on my point (I don’t know why I’m putting any effort into debunking this, given that the initial statement wasn’t backed up) but the Oilers are on pace to be able 50 GD worse than the 2003-04 team. It defies belief that the WC has suddenly gotten that much better, when it was a kickass conference (and the NW a kickass division) in 03-04.

  92. dawgbone says:

    With the Western conference on the whole being better than it was in 03-04, that would impact the NW goal differential would it not?

    Not only that, but with the NW having better teams in general and playing 8 games against each other, would they not hurt each others goal differential?

    The Western Conference goal differential in 2003-2004 was -6.

    The Wester Conference goal differential (taking out shootout goals for/against) is +32.

    In 03-04, the Oilers were at the top half of a lot of weak teams, and feasted on them going 17-7-4 (those don’t even include some of the Central division teams who finished above .500) and +21 in those games. In their other 54 games, they went 19-22-7-5 and -8.

    And again, while their goal differential was better, the goal differential of thier opposition wasn’t as good either. I stand by my statement, that 03-04 team wasn’t very good either and they benefitted from a pretty easy schedule compared to this team here.

  93. Dennis says:

    I had the good fortune of not having to watch last night’s game. I was at my buddy’s house and he has CI but his sat was down so I was spared another win by Dallas on Their home rink.

    That being said, if I am to trust the musings of one David Staples-Lowe, it sounds like Moreau vaulted himself into MVP contention along with Ovechkin.

  94. anthony bremond says:

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