EV points are an interesting tracking tool when looking at minor league players. The really skilled kids are going right to the NHL and the minor leagues are a world populated by players who must work on one or more things. A player like Rob Schremp should always do well on the PP but is he progressing at EVs? What about Pouliot? Were there indications that Nilsson and Brodziak would come out of the pack last fall based on EV scoring?

Pretty much all of the forwards who spend significant amounts of time in the AHL are going to be playing at EV strength when they arrive at the NHL.

Below is the EV listing for the 07-08 for AHL Oilers and in bold the players who have clearly established themselves as NHL players. The 06-07 season is below that and the third group is 05-06.

07-08 EVS
  1. Liam Reddox 51gp, 11-14-25 .490
  2. Rob Schremp 65gp, 8-20-28 .431
  3. Marc Pouliot 50gp, 11-10-21 .420
  4. Tyler Spurgeon 12gp, 1-4-5 .417
  5. JF Jacques 37gp, 5-9-14 .378
  6. Stephane Goulet 27gp, 6-3-9 .333
  7. Ryan O’Marra 29gp, 2-5-7 .241
  8. Slava Trukhno 51gp, 3-9-12 .235
  9. Troy Bodie 53gp, 7-5-12 .226
  10. Colin McDonald 63gp, 7-7-14 .222

Interesting for several reasons. Reddox was a solid OHL scorer at the same time as Schremp and at least at EVs has done a better job this season offensively. They were not that far apart in their draft seasons in terms of points-per-game and at least this season Reddox would seem to be the better prospect based on EV numbers.

06-07 EVS

  1. JF Jacques 29gp, 6-12-18 .621
  2. Kyle Brodziak 62gp, 18-20-38 .559
  3. Robert Nilsson 69gp, 10-27-37 .536
  4. Alexei Mikhnov 27gp, 3-10-13 .481
  5. Marc Pouliot 33gp, 7-7-14 .424
  6. Tyler Spurgeon 34gp, 4-10-14 .412
  7. Rob Schremp 69gp, 8-17-25 .362
  8. Zack Stortini 47gp, 6-4-10 .213

Jacques had a nice 30 games here but didn’t have anything similar in either season that bookends it. Brodziak and Nilsson gave an indication of the future, perhaps as Reddox is doing this season. Schremp’s AHL debut was a struggle and it is reflected here and at EVs in the minor leagues Pouliot is porridge both years. Stortini’s value doesn’t show up in the stats.

05-06 EVs

  1. Brad Winchester 40gp, 10-8-18 .450
  2. Kyle Brodziak 55gp, 9-11-20 .363
  3. JF Jacques 65gp, 11-11-22 .338
  4. Marc Pouliot 65gp 9-12-21 .323
  5. Zack Stortini 64gp, 2-8-10 .156

Winchester might not be scoring much but he does have a major league job and his career highlight so far would probably be these 40 games (he was 16-6-22 on the PP). Brodziak is the guy who emerged among the 2003 skill forwards on this list but there’s not much clearance here between him, JFJ and MP.

Here’s what I find interesting about these three seasons:

  • Brodziak really stepped forward year over year. We gave credit to conditioning and a stellar camp but that looks like real improvement.
  • Based on these three seasons, Jacques looks like a flash in the pan. That spike season had no sustain.
  • The one season we see Nilsson the guy performed well at EVs.
  • Reddox is an interesting player to watch moving forward.

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15 Responses to "AHL EV PTS"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Good stuff LT.

    Agreed on Reddox – he seems to be trending upwards.

    Schremp also jumped – interesting if we can see that again next season, presuming he is back in Springfield.

    I would have liked to see Mikhnov stick around. Might have been interesting.

  2. Mr DeBakey says:

    Me, I’m not sold on Reddox. As always I’d be happy to be proven wrong.
    Mikhnov might return. He was burning up the RSL earlier, though I think he tailed off. If he does show up in September and it doesn’t look like its working, I imagine he’ll just return to the RSL.

    Also, I just wanted to mention how likeable this post is, and did you know that according to a recent email I rec’d, a Masters or PhD might be only 30 days away?

  3. Ducey says:

    Your comment about JFJ being a flash in the pan is interesting.

    I believe the lack of flash this year has nothing to do with a lack of talent. I think JFJ could be a consistent scorer but is strangely saddled with his great size.

    When he got called up he quite properly starting hitting guys only to face the heavyweights at the next faceoff. He seems to be unwilling/ unable to take on a Stortini role in order to earn his icetime and his confidence is shot as a result.

  4. Bruce says:

    No question JFJ brought the hitting this season. In 9 games of single digit minutes, sometimes small digits, he had 15 hits in just 55:27. (Bear in mind that among the regulars Stortini leads the team by a wide margin with ~12 HT/60.) But there wasn’t much there to back that up, just 2 PiM, and of course 0 points and +1/-4. Ducey may well be right about the heavyweights at the faceoff, I wasn’t watching that carefully, but obviously none succeeded in engaging Jacques, whereas Stortini has never been reluctant as we saw again last night. And I agree Ducey that perhaps the biggest difference between the two at this point is confidence, Zack’s seems to be growing by the week while JFJ’s was going in the other direction.

  5. Lowetide says:

    I’m still squarely on the JFJ bandwagon but that one season at EV stands out.

  6. Dennis says:

    Not sure if anyone else remembers this — though it should certainly be listed on one of the hockeyfight sites — but JFJ get absolutely pounded by Bieksa early in the ’07 season. I’m thinking it happened in Van but I’m sure someone can find the particulars.

    When it comes to JFJ, I think the Oilers keep holding out hope that he’ll become a ruffian but I doubt it happens. 46 seems to have the personality and zest for the role and I don’t think that’s ever been JFJ’s game, has it? Could we find out how many fighting majors he had in junior and in his three years in the A? I mean, sure, a guy that size with that strenght and speed, I can see why the Oilers keep holding out hope he can make it. But it’s also hard to ask a guy to be willing to get punched in the head when it’s not something he’s pretty much grown up with. I mean, fighters are pretty much born and not made. Or at least that’s how I’ve always seen it.

    A lot of the guys we talk about breaking in would come at the expense of the 4th line but I think it’s time to stop talking like that. These guys have been doing it for awhile now and while it’s perhaps at a level that’s unsustainable over a full season, I trust this line would outscore just about every other 4th line in the league; and they add some hitting and defense-softening to boot.

    Reddox seems like an odd story, though. Kid played U-17 or 18 at the worlds and had a future as a scorer. Then he shows up in camp a bit tubby and falls to the E. Now he’s back and posting noteworthy scoring totals at evens.

  7. Dennis says:

    LT: for the sake of discussion, where do you see JFJ fitting in on the ’09 Oilers? And, failing that, do you think he’ll really pass through waivers if we bring him back for the sept camp and he doesn’t make the top 14?

  8. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: Jacques as an AHL rookie in 05-06 was given 5 minutes 8 times, with high water marks being 20PIM (once) and 17PIM (twice).

    In 06-07 he had three 5-minute penalties with a high of 7PIM (once). This season, 4 majors with another game of 20PIMS.

    As for his role in ’09 on the big club I don’t think it happens unless the light goes on. IF he does “get it” I think Jacques will be on this or another big league roster.

    I know we’re in an era where small men are playing larger roles but if a guy like Invisibister or Winchester can find a roster spot then my guess is Jacques doesn’t clear waivers.

    As an aside, if Fred Shero were still a GM or coach in the NHL he would have traded for Jacques by now. JFJ would be playing 40 second shifts, would never pass the puck more than 6 feet and I guarantee he’d be rattling the boards every shift.

    MacT likes his enforcers on a leash, which is one reason why Stortini is effective under him. A lot of what we don’t talk about on this site (and it’s my fault I’ve been meaning to post on it) is that there is a difference between guys who would have an NHL job for any coach and guys who can play for this coach.

    Stortini is an example of the latter, Jacques may well be too someday.

  9. Bank Shot says:

    “Not sure if anyone else remembers this — though it should certainly be listed on one of the hockeyfight sites — but JFJ get absolutely pounded by Bieksa early in the ’07 season”

    I remember that. I also remember JFJ pounding Nick Boynton’s face like a pinata, and giving Ollie Ollie-Tollefson a face massage.

    JFJ certainly had the capability to mess guys up with fists at the NHL level. Not goons mind you, but pretty much anyone else.

    He fought a really open style which resulted in decisive wins either way, but it wouldn’t be hard for the Oilers to teach the guy how to fight in a more controlled manner.

    Stortini certainly learned how to tie guys up quickly after getting his face mashed by Godard in the preseason.

  10. Bank Shot says:


    I think Reddox may be a smaller, less skilled version of Thoresen. I don’t know how he’d make it in the NHL, but if he does they should make a movie about it.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Bankshot: Reddox is more buzzsaw than Thoresen.

  12. Scott says:

    Thanks Lowetide.

    I can’t see any of the forwards currently on the farm making the team next season unless the Oilers lose both Glencross and Reasoner as UFAs, which I don’t think they want to do. Glencross has been very effective. The coach likes Reasoner and he can ably provide depth at center, which is certainly helpful. If those guys come back, as well as Moreau and Torres, there really isn’t any room to break in a new rookie and given that none of these guys look to be impact players, there really isn’t any need. The team doesn’t need more youth as only Horcoff, Moreau, Pisani and Reasoner are over 26 and none of those guys are over 32. The fourteen spots are already full without even considering Pouliot. Unless someone lights up the AHL next year, I think the next Oiler prospect forward to be playing for the big team for longer than an injury stint is Riley Nash.

    As an aside, where did you find the EV points totals for AHL players? I’ve been hoping to do some work in this regard, but I can’t find the info and have been thinking that I’ll need to pull it off AHL.com game by game.

    Thanks again.

  13. Lowetide says:

    Scott: I actually screwed up on the second and third seasons. The 07-08 numbers are stolen directly from Bryanbryoil’s wonderful thread at HF (Springfield sticky) but the other two seasons don’t have SH assists taken out which is my fault.

    For PP and SH goals, go to the AHL site, click STATS, then SKATERS and there is a drop down at the left (choose Springfield).

    PP assists are available at the AHL site, click STATS, then LEADERS and there’s a drop down for PP assists.

  14. Dennis says:

    BS: I don’t remember that Boynton fight at all though I do remember his bout with Tollefsen in CBJ. I did a post game for Ty’s site and I remember that game was before we dealt away Smyth.

    Note: just checked out some of JFJ’s fights via You Tube and I thought I remembered that JFJ fought Tollefesen as a reaction to a hit on his buddy Pouliot. In any case, this is the kind of stuff he’d need to do to grab a spot.

    LT: Looking at the 12 forwards we’re icing now and then factoring in Horc, Torres and Moreau; where is it you see JFJ playing on this club?

  15. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: If he figures it out I think they’ll find a place for him. If he turned it on in the playoffs (as a for instance) it might affect the Oilers offseason.

    It’s my opinion Raffi is gone.

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