AHL Report Cards 07-08: Jean-Francois Jacques

For Jean-Francois Jacques, 2007-08 was a case of opportunity missed. He made the opening night lineup over Marc Pouliot (HS) and Zack Stortini (Springfield) but Coach MacT explained the situation by saying “at this point it’s game-by-game. Based on need. J.F. has got to bring it. He has to be a physical factor. If he’s not, then it’s going to be a situation where we’re looking elsewhere.”

He played 3:46 opening night and played 8 games in October with the NHL Oilers and another 4 in the AHL while being sent up and down like a yo-yo during the month. His AHL stats (4gp, 1-2-3 -2) once again implied he was a player while his NHL stats (9gp, 0-0-0 -3) continued the longest scoreless streak since Orel Hershiser.

For the record, here are the transactions for Jacques in the month of October 2007:

  1. October 5-assigned to Springfield.
  2. October 9-recalled from Springfield.
  3. October 13- assigned to Springfield.
  4. October 19- recalled from Springfield.
  5. October 31- assigned to Springfield.

After October Jacques was no longer considered an option for the crash and bang role on the 4line and with each passing game Zack Stortini grabbed a tighter hold on the job. To add insult to injury, Jacques ran into a string of injuries that effectively ended his season at the end of January. To quote Guy Flaming from HF: “In the meantime, Jacques has been playing on the farm to get his mojo back. A smattering of injuries this year have limited Jacques’ playing time. He bears the scar from a skate to the chin, he suffered a hyper-extended elbow and now a herniated disc has him back in Edmonton. Jacques says that his prognosis for the rest of this year is completely unknown.”

Based on various media reports it’s clear Jacques wasn’t healthy early on (elbow trouble early) and this season is close to a write off. Still, at the AHL level he did perform fairly well:

  • EV 5-9-14, .368ppg
  • PP 5-4-9 .237ppg
  • PK 1-1-2 .052ppg

In terms of where he ranks on the Oilers depth chart at F, the fact they’re even talking about him (and they are) is a testament to his uniqueness as a hockey player. The most important numbers to remember when it comes to Jean-Francois Jacques are 6-4, 220.

Final Grade: 65%.

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5 Responses to "AHL Report Cards 07-08: Jean-Francois Jacques"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Quiet around here today.

    Too quiet. ;)

    I think Jacques is going to get one last shot next year and if, if, someone goes down early and he can come up focussed and grab that chance then maybe he can finally establish himself as a player.

    Penner, Nilsson, Moreau, Glencross – I presume this will be the LW next year although I’d prefer Torres over Ethan. I’ve said a few times how and why I figure that won’t happen so I won’t go over it again.

    Anyways we know Ethan will miss time and you have to figure somewhere along the way Glencross will get dinged the way he plays.

    So Jacques should get another shot at that banger role – unless he gets passed by – and if he can make it happen then there may be a future for him in Edmonton.

  2. Dennis says:

    I just don’t think 46 is gonna give up his spot and that’s really the only place I see for JFJ in the Oilers lineup. The Oilers made it clear what they expected from the big guy and it seemed like he didn’t have the heart for it.

    I guess I could say that given their chemistry, JFJ could break in on the 4th line with his buddy MP, but Pouliot’s a long ways away from being established to the point where he could be expected to help out Jacques.

    There is the question whether the Oilers think JFJ could pass through waivers so maybe they keep him around as the 14th forward coming out of camp and in the meantime he gets a chance to work his ass off in practice and draw in if 46 falters or someone gets hurt.

    For any Expos/Oilers fans, I was gonna compare JFJ to this guy:


    But when I looked at Segi’s numbers, I realized this fellow had hit in his first three go-around’s with the Spos but he was blocked first by Brad Fullmer and finally, Lee Stevens;)

    Still, I think the comparison works in the fact that both guys were impressive physical specimens who could just about split their team’s fanbases down the middle when it came to arguing over whether or not they deserved a chance.

    There was an excellent Expos board at fanhome.com and a lot of us wasted a lot of time lobbying for Seguignol:)

  3. Black Dog says:

    Dennis – like Schremp (if he too is still around) Jacques’ only shot is if there are injuries or, solely in his case, if they don’t sign Glencross

    He’s not taking anyone’s spot through regular methods I would say I would say

    Watch him steamroll Moreau and Glencross in TC ;)

  4. uni says:

    Agreed, the only way that Schremp or JFJ make it on the Oilers roster, at the least the only way that’s in their hands, is if they go lights out in Springfield, i.e. absolutely dominate it and force a call-up, a trade, or something much like Getzlaf and Perry did with the Ducks.

  5. Master Lok says:

    I guess I must be a pessimist, because I haven’t seen anything that Jacques has done in the NHL to warrant him winning a spot. I see Reddox, or even Schremp (playing wing) as having a greater chance of winning a spot than Jacques.

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