AHL Report Cards 07-08: Rob Schremp

The boxcar numbers are 71gp, 19-48-67 -16 58pims. He is an impact player in a narrow view at the AHL level. Schremp’s PP numbers (11-27-38) account for 57% of his offense and rank him among the league leaders in PP assists and points. Had the Edmonton Oilers not drafted Sam Gagner and Andrew Cogliano, had Schremp not had that injury that put him back a little and probably cast his fate at training camp, Rob Schremp might be enjoying his rookie season.

As it is, he has some things to overcome. Consider these quotes, first from NHL coach Craig MacTavish: “the things he needs to do to stay here long-term are not quick fixes. He needs the strength base and quickness. He’s got to be strong enough to battle at a standstill because he’s not going to outskate many guys.”

Also, this quote from Guy Flaming’s recent Top 20 at HF: “One report described Schremp by saying “There are players who win battles in the corner and some who lose those battles. Rob Schremp has absolutely no interest in the battle.”

And this from AHL coach Buchberger: “His vision is unbelievable at this level. He passes the puck like a pro.”

I think Rob Schremp might have benefited more from having someone like Rob Daum as the AHL head coach and will always wonder how his career might have rolled out if the Oilers had kept him on the roster at age 19 or 20. Either way he’s probably good enough to play in the NHL right now in that narrow view we’ve always talked about but that job in Edmonton is currently unavailable and occupied by the youngest player in the NHL. As for addressing the things coach MacT suggested needed improvement, one suspects it’s like asking Otis Nixon to stop hitting line drives: it’s fine in theory, but he is what he is.

Although the “saw him good” crowd often points to his tremendous skill level, the math suggests Schremp can’t make a big difference at EVs. Although we don’t have TOI we are able to list the top EV scorers for Springfield and it does tell a story. Here are the Oilers F prospects at even strength (listed by points-per-game) for Springfield this season:

  1. Reddox 58gp, 13-14-27 .466
  2. Pouliot 50gp, 11-10-21 .420
  3. Schremp 71gp, 8-21-29 .408
  4. Jacques 38gp, 5-9-14 .368
  5. Spurgeon 12gp, 1-3-4 .333
  6. Goulet 33gp, 7-3-10 .303
  7. O’Marra 30gp, 2-5-7 .233
  8. Trukhno 57gp, 4-9-13 .228
  9. McDonald 66gp, 8-7-15 .227
  10. Bodie 55gp, 7-5-12 .218
  11. Sestito 70gp, 5-8-13 .186
  12. Johansson 25gp, 3-0-3 .120
  13. Almtorp 36gp, 1-2-3 .083

We don’t have TOI and that may be a factor, but if Reddox and Pouliot were indeed getting EV playing time beyond Schremp’s minutes that reflects badly on 44, correct? Also his -16 is third worst on the team, with two AHL rookies the only players with a worse record in this department.

Having said that, there’s no real doubt he took a step forward this season and continues to be a one dimensional player with enough skill in that area to make the NHL. The questions are “when?” and “with what team?”

Final Grade: 80%.

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5 Responses to "AHL Report Cards 07-08: Rob Schremp"

  1. Dennis says:

    It really shouldn’t be that hard to flip this guy on draft day for a 2nd round pick.

    If you’re a GM who knows you need to improve your PP, and you believe that Schremp can make it work and his A numbers say he can, then why wouldn’t you take a chance on him?

    A list of the 10 worst PP along with brief summaries:

    30: Stl: Blues can’t score so why wouldn’t they take a chance on Schremp? Couldn’t Murray shield him at EV?

    29: Col: A non-starter because I imagine that PP will work itself out.

    28: CBJ: You’ve got the Howson connection and that’s certainly worth mentioning. Is Hitch that sick of his PP that he’d tolerate Robbie?

    27: NYI: Did Nolan learn his lesson with Nilsson?

    26: Chi: I think you’ve got enough of your own kids here to shelter and if I’m Tallon, I’m thinking that Kane and Toews can turn this PP around any day now.

    25: Nsh: Trotz has this thing where his bottom six is filled by Fiddlers and Nichols so would he clear a spot there for Schremp and then feed him PP time?

    24: NJD: Schremp on a Sutter team? I doubt it

    23: NYR: Rumors that they chased him at the deadline, you’ve got the Slats/Lowe connect and Glen does love his skilled guys. Definite possibility.

    22: Cgy: Would Lowe take the chance to trade Rob in the same division? Would Keenan be able to stomach Rob if he can no longer stand Huselsis?

    21: Edm – The Incumbents: PP began humming after about the 14 game mark and has ran at close to 20% since. 89′s the real deal, 83 is etched in stone and we’ve got other kids to feed with the sugar-time. A non-starter.

    20: Ana: Would the Oilers deal with Ana? I think they might after Burke winds up in TO – we all know it’s coming – and if Selanne re-retires, Ana could use a Schremp on their PP.

    So, there we have it. I think Rob’s an NHLer right now but he’s a guy you use a tonne on the PP and you cross your fingers and close your eyes when you roll him out at evens on the road.

    Question now is what could the Oilers get for him and what’s the point of hanging on to him past draft day? We no longer need to wait to see if he’s serious about his off-ice program.

  2. Coach pb9617 says:

    23: NYR: Rumors that they chased him at the deadline, you’ve got the Slats/Lowe connect and Glen does love his skilled guys. Definite possibility.

    If you assume that Jagr, Shanahan and Straka are all out at the end of the season, there are openings on the power play.

    After Gomez and Dubinsky, the Centers are…pedestrian. If they slot 16 for the third line, it might be fit. It might be a situation where Stoll and Schremp can go for a couple of seconds.

  3. uni says:

    23: NYR: Rumors that they chased him at the deadline, you’ve got the Slats/Lowe connect and Glen does love his skilled guys. Definite possibility.

    That would be interesting, but the rumours I heard was that it was actually Pouliot not Schremp that had their interest. Additionally don’t forget Drury, though he’s no Gomez or Dubinsky hee hee.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    They’ve been using Drury on the wing lately, and pretty often.

  5. breakerdog says:

    If Robert Nilsson walks on an RFA contract offer sheet, The Hockey Jesus may have a shot at filling in his spot on the kid line. If Nilsson signs here then there is just no place for him on this roster. Trade bait IMO.

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