Riley Nash has been named ECAC Rookie of the Year for 07-08. He’d already won the Ivy League award but this one takes in the entire conference and is certainly worthy of mention. A few other items:

  1. This award is voted on by the league’s coaches.
  2. Nash finished the regular season ranked in a tie for ninth in overall scoring in the ECAC.
  3. His 20 points on eight goals and 12 assists led all first-year players
  4. His eight goals in league play were tied for ninth in the conference.
  5. Nash was 12th in the league with 12 assists.
  6. He proved to be a lethal sniper on the power play, with five goals and seven assists with the man advantage.
  7. Nash was named the ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Week on Nov. 12 after leading the Big Red to a road sweep at Yale and Brown, including scoring a highlight-reel power play goal in the victory over the Bears.
  8. He earned a spot on the ECAC All-Rookie team.
  9. His current Desjardins NHLE (82gp, 10-15-25) puts him behind Mike Comrie (27) but ahead of Andrew Cogliano (19) and Horcoff (16) at the same age.

There have been some rumblings about Nash possibly leaving college for the Western Hockey League, something Guy Flaming mentioned in his recent Oilers top 20 Profile. To quote Guy “The Oilers declined to comment on whether or not such a scenario was in the cards but one source has suggested to HF that should the Swift Current Broncos trade Nash’s rights to the ideal team, it might present a more beneficial and attractive environment for next season. The source suggested the right fit could possibly be found close to Nash’s home with the Kelowna Rockets or with the Edmonton Oil Kings where he would perform at Rexall Place, the home of his NHL team.”

Guy followed up in a more recent article on the subject, saying “And don’t be surprised if Edmonton has their eye on Nash’s older brother Brendon who is also at Cornell as a sophomore. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think he could get an invite to the planned May prospects camp.”

Reading between the lines here it looks like the Oilers may be recruiting just as hard as Cornell this spring.

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21 Responses to "Nash ECAC ROY"

  1. MP3 e MP4 says:

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  2. Black Dog says:

    Hello. I agree. This post is likeable, and you blog is very interesting.

    Congratulations. :)

    Another award for Nash, nice to see.

    Any players of recent vintage to play in this league and how did they compare to Red?

  3. Lowetide says:

    Chris Higgins and Hugh Jessiman both won this award this decade. Erik Cole won it in 1998. Ken Dryden (Cornell) didn’t win it incredibly although he was player of the year in 1969. Martin St Louis also won that award.

  4. Dennis says:

    Nash and his teammates can be seen tonight on the NHL Network at 830 NST. Not sure if this is a taped game or if it’s live or not but certainly worth checking out just to see how young Nash operates.

    I’d love to check this one out but I told the missus I was her’s after the Hoyas game was over;)

    Hopefully someone will check it out and post a synopsis.

    BTW, not sure if the older Nash is a player or if the Oilers are considering inking him as a favour but we’ve seen this team give guys like Terry Marchant, Jared Smyth and Paul Comrie a chance before so maybe it’s just good business.

  5. PunjabiOil says:

    I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until Nash starts putting up numbers against quality players in quality leagues.

  6. Bruce says:

    Nash and his teammates can be seen tonight on the NHL Network at 830 NST. Not sure if this is a taped game or if it’s live or not but certainly worth checking out just to see how young Nash operates.

    It’s live. They just showed Princeton taking out Colgate 3-0, which I didn’t watch, but I’ll take in a chunk of the Cornell-Harvard affair at 17:00 MDT. I’ll post something in this thread on my impressions of Nash a little later.

    Thanks for the reminder Dennis.

  7. Guy Flaming says:

    We had Nash on the show this past week and he commented directly on the CHL/NCAA subject. It’s archived at

    sorry for the link there but figured since you quoted the first two articles it only made sense to finish it off with the player himself commenting.

  8. Lowetide says:

    Good stuff, Guy.

  9. Lowetide says:

    Nash had a nice first period, got a couple of chances (one by blowing by a defender) and looked like he could cause problems every shift.

    Without the puck he looked really raw to me, all over hell’s half acre in his own zone and more chasing than shadowing.

    Nice chance early in the second but Cornell is down 2-0 with a couple of quick ones.

    Nice player, I think.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Well we’re mid-3rd and I like him even more. Shows some hustle (although he’s cruised some too) and lots of grit for a kid giving up 3 or 4 years (routinely) when he heads into the corner.

    If that damn LW on his line could hit the freaking net it would be 3-2 Dtyden.

  11. Bruce says:

    Saw little bits and pieces, didn’t have full control of the remote. Liked what I saw of our boy Riley for the most part, he competes hard and is very strong on the puck. Made one nice play late in the first when he consecutively beat two guys wide on his off-wing (the left side, he shoots right) with the same howdayado? move, then hit the side of the net from a sharp angle … had a fine shift in the third when he really crushed a guy on the side boards to regain possession inside the zone, then took a hard backhand from a difficult angle that gave the goalie trouble, and finally made a fine centring pass to the guy who couldn’t hit the net … next shift had a little trouble in his own zone, got overpowered on the end boards on a good play by the Harvard forechecker resulting in a scoring opportunity against … then made a number of strong plays in the dying moments during a 6-on-4 with Cornell trying to overcome the 3-1 deficit. He didn’t seem to mind traffic, when he had the puck he had it and was looking to bring it to the net for the most part.

    I didn’t think his team played very well in the parts of the game I saw, but Nash himself wasn’t the problem, that’s for sure. Good first impression from my perspective.

  12. Dennis says:

    I tried watching a bit of it in between eps of “Damages” and man oh man was that ever bad hockey. Did anyone else get that impression?

    What did Nash have to say about his potential CHL status on Guy’s show? Someone wanna provide a synopsis?

  13. Bruce says:

    man oh man was that ever bad hockey. Did anyone else get that impression?

    Yes. Brutal. That’s why I didn’t thumb wrestle for control of the remote.

  14. Lowetide says:

    He said it was “something that is in the back of my mind” which isn’t really so much an indicator of which way he’s leaning as admitting he’s thought about it.

    My guess would be if they sign him (with a bonus) and then send him to junior PLUS grab his brother too they probably have a shot.

    Why wouldn’t he do it? Ken Dryden took summer classes after he played in Cornell (it was a Canadian university, can’t remember which one).

  15. Traktor says:

    I was really impressed with Riley’s brother, Brendan.

    He looked like a Theo Peckham clone.

  16. Traktor says:

    When Riley was asked what he was taking in school on the pipeline show, he basically said “I’m just taking it to take it”

    It doesn’t sound like it would be hard to convince him to play in the CHL next year.

  17. Lowetide says:

    According to the Cornell site: “He is enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.”

  18. Dennis says:

    Thanks, boys.

  19. speeds says:

    If I were in Nash’s position I don’t think I would leave school to play in the WHL. I could more easily see the reason Nash might want to come out of school to play in the AHL – speed up his hockey development, pro coaches, more games, practice with better players, more time to improve fitness and spend on hockey in general while getting paid.

  20. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    According to the Cornell site: “He is enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.”

    As is his brother, who is ~two years older than Riley, but only in his second year at Cornell.

    “CALS… is considered by many to be the top school of agriculture-related sciences in the world.”

    I don’t think Riley leaves Cornell before his second year… unless it’s to follow his brother.


  21. IceDragoon says:

    ummm, yeah…
    Just remove the spaces.

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