Oilers at Avs, G71/07-08

This is a Barracuda. I always wanted my Dad to buy one but we had a Valiant instead. The difference between a Barracuda and a Valiant is the difference between driving around town with the prettiest girl in school and driving around town with a buddy. Fricking Valiant.

Many years ago, TV car commercials were fun to watch. They’d start with the Barracuda flying down the highway and a big Lorne Greene-style voice saying “the 1972 Plymouth Barracuda: You will get the girl and lose the acne if you buy this car!” I think that’s pretty close to the exact line.

The 07-08 Oilers are starting to look like that brand new Barracuda of my youth ripping up the blacktop. This team has plenty of power under the hood, speed to burn and terrific curb appeal. Added features include much of the torque coming from amateur procurement, along with a nice group of small (Garon, Glencross, you know the list) deals. Fuel efficiency is a problem and there’s some wasted space but who cares? There only has to be enough room for you and the girl.

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  1. Black Dog says:

    That’s a beautiful post.

    I remember the Valiant vaguely. And the Barracuda.

    My mom had a Plymouth Duster. Gold.

    Luckily this was long before I could drive.

    One time when we were in Timmins it caught on fire spontaneously. Trunk fire. True story.

    Those beauty Michigan automakers.

  2. HBomb says:

    Me, being younger that you LT, well, the 90′s didn’t have the classic cars that the 60′s and 70′s did.

    That being said, a cool car would have been a Mercedes or BMW to occasionally take the ladies out with in high school.

    Instead, what did I have to learn to drive on and take girls out in? My mom’s fucking 1996 Dodge Caravan. No chance my old man let me drive the Chrysler 300….

    And then, to make matters worse? My first car of my own, even though I badly wanted a 2nd hand Civic hatchback?

    1988 Plymouth Reliant. Baby-blue, 2 door “sport model”. I don’t know how you can have a sport model of a car that looks like a Kleenex box on four wheels.

    At least now I’ve got a sporty ride. The reward at the end of a tortuous five-year degree program in engineering, that’s what that is.

  3. doritogrande says:

    Well for me it was either take the Huterite van, or mom’s standard transmission sedan. Easy choice. Automatic transmission isn’t driving; it’s steering. First actual car was a 1990 Acura Rustbucket…erm, Integra. I think it topped out at 170 in the city, but law enforcement doesn’t need to know that.

    Should we be a tad concerned that some of the Barracuda’s parts are in the shop being worked on, and may be a detriment to the car when they’re returned in proper working order (Ex: Torres, Souray)?

    Any update on Captain Cripple? Is the ankle/groin injury going to hold for another day?

  4. goldenchild says:

    A question for LT and the board, whats the biggest surprise of the last 20 games out of these,

    A) Nilsson’s improved play/effort away from the puck? That dive in OT vs is something we just would not have seen in October.

    B) Cogliano’s scoring touch? Scoring in a variety of ways, looks to be distancing himself from the Marchant comparisons.

    C) The fact that not only did he not wear down as the season went on, but Gagne at 18 and prob around 175 has gotten stronger each game and has been the most productive Oiler in the last 20 games?

  5. Ken says:

    That car is so beautiful.

    And to think I had the luxury of a 1976 Orange AMC Gremlin.


    At least it had a V8 which gave it the geek factor with the guys but that really didn’t make up for the overall package.

    Umm.. GO OILERS!

  6. HBomb says:

    Here’s another good debate. What’s most likely to happen?

    a) Hemsky gets hot and finishes at a point a game

    b) Penner hits the 25 goal plateau

    c) Gagner hits 50 points

    d) Cogliano hits 20 goals

    e) Nilsson makes it to 40 points


  7. HBomb says:

    Morning news item: Pisani Oilers nominee for Masterton:


    All I can say is this: he better damn well win the fucking thing. I will call bullshit if Jason Blake or someone else gets it.

  8. namflashback says:


    Gagner had a horrible stretch of games in Nov-Dec after his tasty start.

    Really, really bad.

    And while the “2/3 not legal in all jurisdictions” line still makes my sphincter tighten when they are pinned in their own zone, they are certainly learning to make the plays they need to. I doubt that they win on the shots directed against/for ledger, but they certainly are doing their job on the GF/GA ledger.

    Nillson has become a very good player just in time to carve out an NHL career.

    Cogliano is just what we should expect from a very good college player.

    Sam is a very good player.

  9. Kristopher Milligan says:

    Most likely is probably C, D, and E if the kid line keeps playing the way it has (dont see any reason why they would not)
    Pens will probably hit 20 goals, but if hemsky and penner dont find some chemistry with a centre, they will probably languish in the points dept. until scorcoff gets back (i.e next season)

  10. Dennis says:

    LT: There are times when I feel good about this team as well but there’s a lot of work to do at EV and despite what Ethan Moreau says in the postgames of the 12 games he plays a season, EV play is really what matters.

    I took a quick and dirty look at GF/GA last night and just focused on the playoff teams in the WC. I left out the Wings and Stars because they’re so beyond everyone else in terms of goal differential that I figure they’re lapping the field both on ST and at evens.

    Anyway, I looked at SJ-Cgy-Ana-Col-Min-Van and then Edm.

    I looked at plus/minus on special teams and then compared it with GF/GA. Now I understand this doesn’t account for ENGF/GA but I don’t think it skewers the stats too much.


    SJ: +21 overall, +19 ST, +2 EV.
    Cgy: +4 overall, -13 ST, +17 EV.
    Ana: +5 overall, -10 ST, +15 EV
    Col: +7 overall, -12 ST, +19 EV
    Min: -3 overall, +2 ST, -5 EV
    Van: +9 overall, +4 ST, +5 EV

    Edm: -19 overall, -2 ST, -17 EV

    So what did we learn by this? Well, I learned what I pretty much knew going on: That in the new NHL, it’s not just about special teams play. I can’t tell you how fucking sick I am of hearing that stupidity.

    So, to quell any undue ’09 exuberance;), I thought I’d throw it up there.

    But I think it’s worth mentioning that even an old crust/realist like myself can see a reason for optimism, albeit on one condition: MacT goes back to running his bench in a sensible fashion.

    I trust this will be the case and that MacT’s been off his game this year because it’s a development year and he’s trying to figure out what he has.

    But starting next season he’s going to have to give the tough min to HorPensky plus a line that rounds out the top nine and includes some of 14-16-34-18-19-20-51-78. So, if he does that and gives the kids shelter, that should go a long way to getting us close to even at evens.

    The other thing that makes me feel better is that this team knows how to kill penalties. Last year they did it without 18 and then without 18-16. This year they’ve had have man games lost from notable PKers like 18, 34 and now 10 and yet they still come up aces. Plus they’re doing it with a kid defense. I don’t like that we’re in the bottom third for total times shorthanded but the coaching staff doesn’t get enough credit for consistently putting forth a top 10 PK unit.

    So take that along with a current 56 game segment of the PP excelling and along with MacT coming to his senses on the way he runs his bench and I think this team makes the playoffs next year.

    But, here are some problems with that prediction:

    - we’ve won 18 times in OT plus SO. That’s a stat that won’t be replicated so we’d damn better better get better at EV.

    - this assumes that at least two of the kids won’t hit the sophomore jinx. I think we could handle one guy falling down a little but not two.

    - assumes the kids can still go without getting a significant bump in EVTOI because if anything, those numbers will get cut somewhat

  11. Dennis says:

    GC: I think all of them are surprising.

    Gagner has the pedigree but ever since Schremp played for London, I think we’ve been all wary of counting stats attached to the Knights. And maybe some guys saw him good in the Super Series and thought he had a chance but personally I didn’t have time in the summer to watch fabricated drama so I had no idea he was this good.

    When I started to watch him play you could see he had the passing and vision of a vet but he was getting knocked off the puck and making bad plays and I thought he should’ve been sent out. Now he’s putting up points and he’s even learning how to shield the puck on the battle. Just an amazing round of development and, if he turns out the way he’s headed; and who wants to bet against it, quite the tale to spin about how he got a chance because of injuries and medical problems of 18-34 and how he wound up getting stronger as the year went by.

    The first time I saw Nilsson go back deep in his end to intercept a pass in the slot, I laughed and thought he must’ve gotten lost. But then I saw him do it a couple of more times and now he’ll dive for the puck and I think the difference is that he cares. He had a bit of a bad rep when he came here and I guess I shouldn’t be but I’m always surprised when fellows grow up to that extent.

    Cogs didn’t look to have shagall scoring touch so the fact he’s sniping now still surprises me. He’s so fucking fast and quick that he’s had scoring chances all year and I can think of two occasions where goalies just robbed him blind, ie home game vs Philly and another vs the Isles. Both times he was to the right of the tender and was inexpliciably denied. But the chances have always been there.

    The kids line has been going but they still turn the puck over at the blueline too much and there’s a lot of fancy danery, and yes I just made that up, to their game. That’s part of having confidence and growing up in the new era and as long as they come out on top, that’s fine.

  12. goldenchild says:

    namflashback I agree about Sam in Nov and Dec but at his age and size I would not have bet on him to rebound and be getting stronger in late Feb into March. I’m stunned by it.

  13. Dennis says:

    GC: I can’t believe you’re using a Marlo avatar. Did they run out of Omar’s?

  14. namflashback says:


    No question, just wanted to point out that it wasn’t a straight rate increasing trend.

    Mind you, his down trend was relatively short — and his up trend has been very impressive. Probably best rookie in the league if you slice the back 40GP.

  15. goldenchild says:

    Dennis, I loved Omar but you can’t tell me you didn’t get chills Ep 9 in the cell when Marlo finds out about Omar calling him out and screams ” My Name is My Name”

  16. Doogie says:

    And now I have Heart’s “Barracuda” stuck in my head. Thank you LT.

    While the playoffs are almost impossible now (though I’m still praying for Vancouver or Calgary to crash and burn), there’s still a good chance at 10th and an outside shot at 9th, and with the team on a playoff-worthy point pace since Game 16 (.574), I feel a bit ready to gloat, given where everyone else around here had this team at the start of the year. Fine, the shootout is still dumb, but they give you points for it, so it counts, and if this was a playoff team because of it, I don’t think there’d be any complaining around here. Let’s just hope they can learn to hold a fucking lead between now and next year and stop bleeding Bettman points. (Seriously, how many of those EV- numbers came in the last five or ten minutes of the third while up a goal? Five? Eight? Ten? More?)

    And on that note, anyone got money on Cogs in OT tonight?

  17. Dennis says:

    Yeah, it was a pretty good scene. Personally, I enjoyed Monk talking about Mike, “Buckwiling” and saying that Omar mentioned Marlo should have “stepped to”

    I watched every ep at least twice and by season three I was getting most of the dialogue on the first viewing. Sometimes I wouldn’t catch it all until the second watching but I loved the slang.

  18. goldenchild says:

    you mean ” Stepped tuu” ? haha I love that B-more accent, couldn’t understand half the shit Snoop said.

    I have a dish with multiple HBO’s I would get a replay almost every day and damned if i didn’t watch 20 or 30 mins of it again 4 or 5 times a week to see my fav scenes.
    Brilliant doesn’t go far enough to decribe the series. I watched the Finale twice on sunday and again on monday, still breaks my heart to see Dookie end up as Bubbles.

    Didn’t mean to turn this into a thread about the Wire.

  19. Bruce says:

    Automatic transmission isn’t driving; it’s steering.

    True that.

    I will call bullshit if Jason Blake or someone else gets it.

    Ah, the Masterton. Nominally awarded to the “NHL player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey”, over the years it has evolved into some sort of Comeback Player of the Year award. Ironic, named as it is for the one player who couldn’t come back.

    Fernando is a perfect choice, meeting as he does all three criteria, in spades. Jason Blake, who’s a helluva player btw, has also overcome a lot to play in the NHL this year. However, in my view he falls a long way short in the “sportsmanship” aspect. Not that that has been a deterrent for the voters in the past, who have turned a curious blind eye to this requirement in voting the likes of Bobby Clarke, Gary Roberts and Tony Granato as Masterton winners.

    To me this award lost its relevance in the late 90s when Roberts and Granato — two of the NHL’s least sportsmanlike players — won it in consecutive years, then Slava Fetisov didn’t win it when he recovered from injuries he personally suffered in the disastrous limousine accident that ruined the lives of two of his best friends, postponed his retirement for a year so the Wings wouldn’t lose both of their great Russian defencemen at once, and backboned the broken Wings through a long and difficult season and ultimately to a defence of their Cup title. It was one of the most uplifting stories of perseverance and dedication in all my years watching the game, achieved by one of the game’s greatest stars under an intense spotlight at the tail end of his career. Yet the PHWA in their wisdom gave the award to Jamie McLennan, who got sick, got better, and resumed his life’s work as a career backup goalie. Laudable to be sure, but nowhere near the magnitude of Fetisov’s magnificent parting gift to the game. One the game’s all-time greats, a pioneer who honourably strode through the Iron Curtain and paved the high road for fellow Russians to follow, Fetisov retired at the end of that ’97-98 season without ever winning a single award at the NHL level.

    My faith in the PHWA to get it right, already on seriously shaky ground, was permanently shattered at that point. So while Fernando seems an “automatic” choice to cop the silverware this year, PHWA “standards” might steer the voting right off the cliff.

  20. Dennis says:

    GC: I’m not sure if I can watch the finale; or at least it will be awhile before I do so.

    I got into The Wire midway through it’s first season and was watching it for a long time before any of my friends caught on. And it wasn’t until S4 that I started reading the various blogs entries that were dedicated to the show.

    Btw, I see that you’re from Van so I don’t understand how you have HBO;)

  21. Lord Bob says:

    The Masterton trophy is basically a joke. The Fetisov debacle Bruce mentioned is an excellent example: the simple reality is, to win the Masterton you need to be a) North American, b) play for a team popular with the national media, and c) been sick or injured in a conventional, non-threatening way that the voters can get behind.

    Pisani comes through on one of three. Therefore, if you bet on anybody other than Jason Blake to win you might as well just light your money on fire.

  22. Rob... says:

    Great analogy LT! Love the post!!

  23. goldenchild says:

    Dennis I meant Movie Channel or Movie Central, HBO was a typo :).

    Also no more spoilers from me, I’ll just say I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with the finale if you really get what the show is about in the first place and I sense you do.

    Back to my orig question biggest surprise out of the 3 A, B or C? any more takers? the more I think about it the more I think Its gagne not being completely worn out at this point of the year and being so productive.

  24. Bruce says:

    Lord Bob, you’re right that those qualities seem more important than the criteria actually named. On occasion there are exceptions, as in the case of 1999-2000 Masterton recipient Ken Daneyko. Kenny played for New Jersey (a team long bedevilled by negative media coverage) and battled back from the scourge of alcoholism. Not my idea of a “conventional” illness, although more acceptable than if he had battled back from another form of drug abuse.

    Some might argue that Daneyko didn’t fit the mould of sportsmanship given his 2,516 penalty minutes, but I always saw him as a hard, uncompromising player who lived by The Code but wasn’t a cheap shot artist a la Roberts or Granato. Of course I’m a little biased, having (assistant) coached his older brother for a couple years in the Greenfield community league and Kenny himself in the occasional practice or exhibition game. (I hasten to add I was a teenager myself way back then, and contributed Absolute Zero to his development. But I followed his subsequent career with great interest.)

    To carve out a 20-year NHL career on his relatively limited talents speaks to his perseverance and dedication, but of all the battles the three-time Stanley Cup champion won, it was the one with alcohol that ultimately won him recognition.

    For my money, that was one occasion the PHWA got it right.

  25. Black Dog says:

    gc – definitely c

    With Nilsson the feeling was he always had the skill, he just needed to grow up; he must have realized that failure to earn a spot on this club would mean he was tagged as a guy who could not make it.

    Cogliano was compared to Marchant first and foremost because of the speed and there were times he looked like he had not the greatest of hands but he gets it really deep – how many of his goals have been scored from right outside the blue paint?

    Gagner is the biggest surprise – he has gone from looking completely lost to averaging over a PPG. I think I may have wrote two weeks ago that it looked as if he and Cogliano had a shot at 40 points. At that time they were both just around thirty.

    And now he is there. He has a shot at fifty. How crazy is that?

  26. Lord Bob says:

    I am a big Daneyko fan, Bruce. But that’s both because of his play style (yeah, he had those nine zillion penalty minutes, but I think you’re right when you call him “uncompromising” rather than “dirty”; he’s what I hope Matt Greene can be) and because he played one game with the St. Albert Saints. If memory serves, that one game got him a picture on the wall in the old Akinsdale Arena. :P

  27. Bruce says:

    he’s what I hope Matt Greene can be

    Hear hear.

  28. Dennis says:

    GC: I left out the word ‘again.’ I did watch the finale on sunday night but I meant I don’t think I’ll watch it again for awhile because it hurts to think it’s over. It’s so much better than anything I ever watched, hard to find that anywhere else.

    You know, lost in all the hype over the kid line and how good we might wind up being, Dustin Penner is skating away from a dreadful finish to the season.

    Speaking of skating away, Lowe will escape relatively unscathed if the Oilers end up picking say 12th or 13th and though I supported that signing, Penner’s having an awful ’08 coda.

    So, you’ve got an awful start and an awful finish and not an awfully lot to hang a hat on looking forward to ’09.

    Is it as simple as Horc not being on the line? We’d better hope so.

  29. heed says:

    Is it as simple as Horc not being on the line?

    i honestly think it is. not to harp on stoll, but no matter where he goes this season, the minus surely follows.

  30. Bendelson says:

    So, everyone keeps talking about how the Oilers are getting lucky, over and over again in the shoot-outs. I disagree.

    Look at goalie numbers… that’s where the story is told.

    Dallas (Turco) is great at shootouts. Hence, they are again in the very top of the league in that department, and guess what? They will be again next year.

    There is nothing to suggest Garon is nothing but the best at shootouts (by a country mile)- why that would disappear next year is beyond me… Garon will be great in extra time next year as well. Those numbers aren’t ‘a fluke’. Some goalie’s get it and some don’t.

    On the flip side you have Buffalo where Miller can’t stop anything in a shootout… better work on that, a bad SO goalie costs a team big points in ‘today’s NHL’.

    Seriously, I believe Miller’s save % in SO’s is barely .500. That’s REALLY bad considering 25% miss the damn net.

    So, the question is… how much additional value does a goalie that WINS in SO’s have above and beyond one that LOSES most? Must be a significant number.

    Go Cogs…

  31. PDO says:

    Horcoff’s so good he can carry Hemsky and Penner while fending off Thornton.

    Considering how heavy Penner is, that’s quite the feat ;)

  32. Bruce says:

    Is it as simple as Horc not being on the line? We’d better hope so.

    I have to say I’m disappointed by how little direct chemistry seems to exist between Hemsky and Penner. Somebody on one of these blogs made the astute comment the other day that Hemsky is difficult to play with; I’ve since been watching Ales in this light and agree absolutely. One would certainly prefer a star player who “makes everybody around him better” but I’m not so sure that’s true with Ales, esp. vis-à-vis Dustin. (Or Jarret, for that matter.)

    Every game there’s a play or three where Penner gets his feet moving and hits the blueline in full stride only to have Hemsky make some little extra deke outside the line and put the play offside. The idea for Ales to dump the puck into Dustin’s corner and head to the front of the net or the slot himself is completely foreign to him. Whereas Horcoff, who acted as the line’s de facto translator, would do that from time to time. The current combination reduces the effectiveness of one of Penner’s primary strengths.

    On the positive side, I would love to have a stat on how many goals the Oilers have scored where Penner was screening the goalie, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were close to 20. It’s largely uncredited, if Penner has more than a half dozen assists on those goals I’d be surprised, but the heavy shade he provides has figured in a lot of success of the powerplay unit. Just in recent games I think of Stoll’s goal on Tuesday night; Hemsky’s critical third period game-tyer against Columbus 10 days ago; or Hemsky’s seeing-eye shot in the decisive second period against LA — all Cloutier saw of that bullet was big blue buttocks. Of course the owner of those large cheeks has also collected enough garbage to pot a team-leading 11 powerplay goals.

    Am I disappointed with his recent play? Absolutely. But has he made a contribution? Yes.

    W.r.t. Penner’s salary, that $4.25 MM seems tough to swallow this year, but he gets paid the same throughout. If the contract were structured at, say, $2.25, $3.25, $4.25, $5.25 and $6.25 MM for Penner’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th full NHL season it might be better aligned with expectations. Of which mine remain extremely high for the last years of that contract. I hope and expect this is the type of player who will just keep on improving. Of course, my teeth might be ground to a fine powder by the time he actually gets there.

  33. Bohologo says:

    I see your Valiant, and raise you a bright yellow 1976 Toyota Celica.

  34. Master Lok says:

    There only has to be enough room for you and the girl.

    Girls. Ahem. Girls.

  35. grease trap says:

    Here’s some photos showing a 1974 Dodge Colt – my first car. This car, unlike mine, appears not to have been wrapped around a pole.


  36. heed says:

    Every game there’s a play or three where Penner gets his feet moving and hits the blueline in full stride only to have Hemsky make some little extra deke outside the line and put the play offside.

    there are also numerous instances where the remaining forwards are actually standing at the blue line waiting for ales to finish his sunday promenade. hemsky is awesome but sometimes he drives me nuts.

  37. CrazyCoach says:

    Hemmer’s blueline antics drive coaches nuts. One stat that is helpful to me as a coach and one I like to point out to kids is that 90% of turnovers in a hockey game occur within ten feet of either side of the blueline. This fact highlights a couple points for players: A) On a defensive transition play get the puck out of your zone at all costs, and B) No fancy moves UNTIL you cross the blueline and no passes at the blueline.

    Wow, I actually used a stat.

  38. PunjabiOil says:

    Pitkanen out tonight with the ”flu.”

    Walsher from HF had this to say. I’m finding it difficult to disagree, unless MacT is actually benching him and this is a cover up.

    Pitkanen misses more games to the flu than anybody I have seen. Butter soft. How do you miss games with a touch of the sniffles? Brutal. Dan, tell Pitkanen to quit being a little baby and suck it up. Horcoff is playing games with a messed up shoulder, same with Souray, Hemsky battling with wrist problems and Pitkanen has the “flu”… again..

  39. Lord Bob says:

    We’re not hanging out with Pitkanen, so we don’t know how bad his sniffles are. The guy’s not exactly rock hard but in Philadelphia he didn’t spend a lot of time day-to-day with hurt feelings, so I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    The worst-case scenario is that Pitkanen’s battling something nagging and, with the season gone, MacTavish doesn’t want to risk anything.

  40. Black Dog says:

    So here’s the question – how many games has he missed with the flu?

    If its five or six buddy needs some citrus.

    If its one or two that’s another thing.

    And a flu and the sniffles are two different things. A guy on my team missed a playoff game Saturday. Hard to play when you have shit oozing out of your pants and you’re puking every five minutes.

    So how many?

    (and believe me, I think this guy is hurt way way too often but before we tar him again)

  41. Black Dog says:

    oooh Flames blew a three goal lead to Atlanta and lost 6-4

  42. Dennis says:

    Yeah, that’s a kick in the nuts.

    We’d had a night off so I’m hoping we’ll go with mostly 5 D but then again Smid’s just back from an injury so we don’t have a good and healthy top to roll either.

    Anytime I see the Oilers short on D in Col, I think about one Mon night in the ’98 season when Mironov and someone else were ejected and/or hurt early in the game and Guerin dropped back to play D.

    That was the night Scott Fraser scored the winner and broke a long losing streak at McNichols.

  43. Black Dog says:

    Avs are hurting too – this is what makes me laugh when teams bitch about their injuries (see Oilers, Leafs)

    First place despite missing Sakic and Smyth for long periods of time this season.

    Tonight they are missing Foote, Svatos, Smyth, Forsberg and Leopold. Plus Clark and Salei are hurting.

  44. Black Dog says:

    I read somewhere today that in the last 25 games Theodore has a .926 SV% – if he can provide good goaltending and the Avs can get healthy I would say they look like a Cup contender. They have a deep team.

  45. PunjabiOil says:

    So here’s the question – how many games has he missed with the flu?

    4 times in the past 2 seasons


    19-Feb-08 Missed 1 game (hip injury).
    16-Feb-08 Hip injury, day-to-day.
    22-Jan-08 Missed 2 games (knee injury).
    18-Jan-08 Knee injury, day-to-day.
    13-Jan-08 Missed 1 game (flu).
    10-Jan-08 Flu, day-to-day.
    02-Jan-08 Missed 1 game (back injury).
    31-Dec-07 Back injury, day-to-day.
    22-Nov-07 Missed 13 games (knee injury).
    31-Oct-07 Knee injury, late November.
    23-Oct-07 Knee injury, sidelined indefinitely.
    20-Jul-07 Re-signed as a restricted free agent by the Edmonton Oilers to a one-year contract.
    01-Jul-07 Acquired from the Philadelphia Flyers.
    07-Apr-07 Missed 1 game (flu).
    05-Apr-07 Flu, day-to-day.
    11-Jan-07 Missed 1 game (flu).
    09-Jan-07 Flu, day-to-day.
    12-Dec-06 Missed 1 game (abdominal strain).
    09-Dec-06 Abdominal strain, day-to-day.
    02-Dec-06 Missed 2 games (left hip flexor).
    29-Nov-06 Left hip flexor, day-to-day.
    14-Jul-06 Re-signed as a restricted free agent by the Philadelphia Flyers to a one-year contract.
    28-Jan-06 Missed 2 games (groin).
    23-Jan-06 Groin, day-to-day.
    21-Jan-06 Groin, left Saturday’s game.
    21-Jan-06 Missed 21 games (torn abdominal muscle).
    05-Dec-05 Torn abdominal muscle, mid-January.

  46. Dennis says:

    TV timeout under 10 min left and I’ve got chances at 4-0 for Avs. At least two, and maybe three, have come in the Brunette/Sakic vs the kids matchup. That’s something MacT seems comfortable with and with no penalties thus far, the same four lines are matching the same four lines.

  47. PunjabiOil says:

    Time for Pitkanen to invest in flu shots.

  48. Black Dog says:

    Orange juice will do it.

    I would say he has a lower tolerance for pain then, say, Horcoff, for sure.

    But I had a fever the other night and I was done – no puking or trots – just chills and all that.

    I couldn’t do anything – flat on my back.

  49. Mr DeBakey says:


    The Kid line is skating uphill tonight.

    Every shift its
    Get The Puck Out!

  50. Dennis says:

    Chances 9-1 for Avs.

    Nine fucking chances allowed at even fucking strength.

    MacT’s gonna have to move some things around and start changing on the fly to at get at least one somewhat favourable match-up against the Avs top six.

    The thing I hate about playing the Avs is they play from down low and that’s exactly the way to kill the Oil. If you have patience against them, sooner or later someone will lose their focus or their check and someone will come open in the crease on out.

    Only chance for the Oilers was 19′s slot shot and outside of that the best possible chances were Hemsky throwing it from the right side off Theo’s pads and looking for the rebound from a net-crashing Pisani and later on Pouliot got the rebound off a shot from 46 but he was on his backhand and couldn’t get it turned around in time.

    12 looked as bad as anyone — and this was before he broke his stick on the GA — and 20 is getting the short end of the stick on shifts, ie 83 has gone in there twice to doubleshift with 19-34.

    Excellent period by Garon.

  51. Dennis says:

    Rob Faulds talking to Ferraro in the intermission and wondering if the Oilers should draft a D if they wind up in 7th or 8th spot.

    Ferraro quickly corrects him and I wonder where I went wrong with my life;)

  52. Bruce says:

    Hey Dennis, that’s exactly what I had, 9-1. For our chance did you count the Hemsky whiff from the slot or the Hemsky shot from the side boards?

  53. Bruce says:

    PS: Fuck, what a terrible period.

  54. PunjabiOil says:

    Pouliot seemed to play well in that first period.

  55. PDO says:

    The hockey gods are doing everything they possibly can for the Oilers. Flames lose. Nashville down 4-1. Minny in OT and could lose.

    And we get out-chanced nine-to-fucking-one, and are only down 1-0 somehow.

  56. PDO says:

    I’d like to have some more defensemen on the team that aren’t young enough to be drinking buddies with me, please.


  57. Lord Bob says:

    Well. That was pathetic.

  58. Bruce says:

    Error: Smid. GV: Smid. Colorado scorekeeper called it a takeaway, I guess cuz Hlinka jumped between Smid and the supposed pass receiver, Old Minus Machine (16) who drifted away towards the boards.

  59. PDO says:

    So, who made the worse play their? Stoll getting spun around and getting his stick out of the passing lane, or Greene for taking his usual idiotic penalty?

  60. PDO says:


    That’s a typo. I refuse to make that kind of grammatical mistake ;)

  61. Bruce says:

    This is men against boys. Holy shit.

    Garon out, Roli in. Very good move by MacT.

  62. honkey says:

    Time to turn this thing off. I expected a loss but not in a such bad performence as this.

  63. Coach pb9617 says:

    The team — it’s so bad without Pitkanen.

  64. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I had our chance as Reasoner from the slot.

    First TV TO of the period and it’s now 12-2 chances by my estimation.

    The killer about Smid doing something like that is he provides nothing offensively so he’s a one dimensional player and that makes mistakes like those hurt even more.

  65. PDO says:

    There we go…

  66. PDO says:

    Hi Jarret.

    My name is Brian.

    You do not have the hands, nor the vision, to complete a slappass in the NHL.

    So stop trying.

    Thank you.

  67. Lowetide says:

    From what Ray Ferraro just said Hemsky showed up Stoll for that shitty pass on the PP. It was akin to watching a rookie NFL QB throwing into triple coverage. We know it’s not a good idea to show up a teammate but golly Stoll has his head up his ass.

    Other than that, it’s the usual thing where we’re watching our kids compete against a team with more NHL players.

    With Garon playing the role of Gilles Meloche.

  68. Dennis says:

    13-4 chances with 7 min left to go in the 2nd. Oilers aren’t chasing the Avs for anything so they need to get a goal before the intermission and then tie it in the third before Garon comes back for the SO win;)

    I hate to sound like Van Wilder here but even I’m getting sick of MacT and Reasoner.

    MacT puts 19 out on the 2nd unit of that PP and it makes no sense considering Brodz has played a few shifts with the 12-51 tandem on that unit and I think they’ve marked a couple of times with that combination.

    Kids line getting absolutely drilled in terms of chances for/against. This is a night when you don’t want anything to do with them.

  69. Dennis says:

    Smidtacular game by Ladislav.

    You really don’t mind him and Greene taking penalties like that because in both cases the infractions negated scoring chances. What? That wasn’t the case you say?

    Well how about the fact that those guys send out great first passes and are multi-dimensional players. That’s not correct either?

    Fuck it;)

  70. HBomb says:

    Christ this is pathetic. Get back to 3-1 and then Colorado scores on a shitty PP (how the fuck does Smid get the only penalty out of that scrum, I do not know). Then, Wolski on a breakaway, and it’s 5-1.

    And fuck me, Jarret Stoll sucks right now. He shouldn’t be on the first PP unit and Reasoner shouldn’t be on ANY PP unit. How they are clipping along at over 19% in the past 56 games with these sorts of personnel deployments, I have no idea.

    Hopefully a loss tonight shuts up Jake Daniels and his delusions of this team making the playoffs.

  71. Dennis says:

    HB: Well, Smid did go and punch the guy in the mouth so I imagine the ref was sick of him fucking around after the whistle and that’s why he nailed him.

    This is a night when you want Caryle running the bench on the fly so that he’ll do everything possible to get Gagner and friends out against the Avs bottom six. Maybe it only makes a one goal difference but they are getting killed against the Avs top six.

    Nice to see 78 getting another shift after he was on for a GA as I was afraid MacT would bury him. Maybe MacT thought the same thing I did on that goal, ie who told Grebs and Greene that they needed to make enough room for a semi to run between them?

    Avs are about to work us for their fifth win in six games so I hope the Oilers come out and run around a little in the third and let them know they’re not coming out of this without some bruises.

    This is defintely one of those games when ’09 enthusiasm is tempered and you hope to fuck MacT smartens up with the way he runs his bench next year and that Torres and Horcoff can remain healthy next year.

    Finally, tough times for Roli. He’s basically Gil Herdia at this point but he’s not mopping up in an 8-2 win because it’s hard to get him real work with Wetteland-Rojas-Scott and Shaw in front of him.

  72. Bruce says:

    who told Grebs and Greene that they needed to make enough room for a semi to run between them?

    That was Grebs and Gilbert, who was so far out of position I needed the end zone camera to identify him. None of the blueline is covering themselves with glory, but to my eye 77 has been about the worst tonight. Couple plays in the O-zone, but his play in our end has been close to negligent. His giveaway to Finger was every bit as bad to Smid’s to Hlinka, only difference was Finger’s shot hit the post and out, while Hlinka’s glanced off the post and in. Oilers have been horrid protecting both the puck and the front of our net.

    Like Smid I didn’t like the contact on the goalie, thought it was a bit of a tough call and it really snuffed our momentum. He’s having a tough night as you keep pointing out Dennis, but if there’s one thing I like about Ladi it’s that you can never accuse him of not caring. Tonight that’s hollow praise but I still think it’s important.

    One weird thing happened in that period, Oilers iced a crew of Greene-Roy with Pouliot-Stortini-Brodziak. Five righthand shots on the ice at once. I can’t remember the last time I saw that, but it is extremely rare.

  73. uni says:

    Cue the miracle comeback? =(

  74. Lowetide says:

    Not a chance. Bill Buckner isn’t playing 1b.

  75. Bruce says:

    Zack’s about two more sessions of Saskatchewan Summer Skating School away from pulling off that move. Nice hit though.

  76. Bruce says:

    Interesting line for Gagner tonight:

    22 shifts, 22:32 (!)
    2 shots, 2 A/B, 2 MS, 2 GV, 2 TK, 2 BS

    For whatever reason the teenager led our entire team in ice time tonight.

  77. Coach pb9617 says:


    27 – 78 – 83

    STOP making 16 anchor down anyone that skates into the zone and thinks about scoring. Stop trying to force a glue horse into the Derby.

    That is all.

  78. Dennis says:

    Yeah, I know the difference was the luck of a post but Gilbert can bring you other things besides defending and Smid can’t so he’s operating pretty much without a net.

    Note: Considering Smid has 14 points in his first 130 games, I now see the Albelin comparison, ie Tommy had 21 points in his last 160 GP in the league;)

    Seriously, though, if it makes sense to you, I view Smid the same way Lowe undoubtedly did: one of the crown jewels of the Pronger trade. So put that together with his limited abilities and it’s tough to watch some times.

    Good night for your boy 46, BTW. You wanna talk about effort, that guy is out there forechecking like the opp owes him money and plays every shift like it could be his last.

    Overall I thought it was a good night for the 4th line despite them taking a minus. If it was football and we were working in attack zone time, I’d say those guys did no worse than come out even.

    As far as Pouliot goes, the area where he really seems to struggle is starting a breakout. I think he’s way more comfortable taking the first pass and lugging it instead of finding a lugg-er. I did like his wrist shit in the third though, along with the diving rebound attempt. And I’m surprised he hasn’t scored more in the AHL with a quick release like that.

  79. danny says:

    78′a passing has been terrible. I don;t think it is as much of an indication of his ability as much as its due to him shitting the bed everytime he doesn’t want to make a mistake.

    He has made a short pass turnover at the offensive blueline pretty much every game hes played this season, and pretty much everyone resulted in a scoring chance. I’m pretty sure it was against the Avs that he did the same thing, which resulted in a goal and his subsequent promotion.

    MP’s ceiling is looking like Marty Reasoner more and more everyday. Not a bad thing really, except for the team that has to invest development time into turning out a guy thats essentially a dime a dozen.

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