Oilers at Wild, G78/07-08

This is Stan Weir. Stan Weir was born in a log cabin that he built with his bare hands. Stan Weir can lick his elbow. Stan Weir puts the fun in funeral. Big Foot takes pictures of Stan Weir.

Stan Weir once played 18 holes of golf using a 12 inch strip of rebar and a sun dried tomato. He shot a 54.

When Stan Weir crosses the street, cars look both ways. Stan Weir speaks in CAPS. Stan Weir won a pissing contest with a Russian racehorse.

Stan Weir doesn’t like the Minnesota Wild. He thinks their uniforms look like puke and they have too many guys with funny names. Plus their fans look funny.

Stan Weir will bring us money and shapely, adventurous women with bad eyesight.

Ladies and gentlemen, Stan Weir!

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199 Responses to "Oilers at Wild, G78/07-08"

  1. Oilman says:

    That first one made me laugh out loud LT – keep em coming!

  2. Muller says:

    Jesus….If we keep winning, keep em comin…was that the 82-83 edition?

  3. doritogrande says:

    I wonder who Defense Minister Lemaire will start in goal? Backstrom shit a brick in the first 5 minutes and Harding seemed to play a solid second, but Backstrom was back between the pipes for a good outing in the third.

    I doubt we’ll see a blowout this time. I’m calling that last win an anomaly that almost never happens playing the Wild.

  4. danny says:

    I’ve paid my dues -
    Time after time -
    I’ve done my sentence
    But committed no crime -
    And bad mistakes
    I’ve made a few
    I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face -
    But I’ve come through

    Weir the champions – my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end -
    Weir the champions -
    Weir the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause Weir the champions – of the world

  5. Jon G says:

    With Backstrom getting back in for the 3rd I would assume that we will be seeing him tonight. Unless Harding was being punished for the awful give away to Brodziak. Either way the start is again the key, if the Oilers can get a quick one it will open the game up. Where as, if the Wild score first we could be in for a long PPV night.

  6. heed says:

    i heard stan weir shaves with a rusty chainsaw. is this true?

  7. Jfry says:

    can someone help me out with the sopcast? i’m assuming the game will be on there tonight. i downloaded it but have never used it. much appreciated.

  8. toqueboy says:

    not sure why i was logged on with the other handle…at any rate if someone wants to help me with sopcast, email is toqueboy@hotmail.com. i really appreciate it.

    sorry to hijack the thread LT.

  9. Lord Bob says:

    What’s up with the mistaken logins lately? Toqueboy, if jfry is your girlfriend’s account I think we’re going to have to declare some sort of blessing by the holy Weir.

    (By the way, that golf one destroyed me. Anyway.)

    A win tonight pulls us within a point of the loser of Dys-Dives, provided they lose in regulation. A point. Vancouver will have a game in hand on us, but if it’s Colorado that loses… I can almost taste that.

    I’m terrified. I really am.

  10. canablach says:

    I’ve colorprinted Stan and I’ll put his image beside my bed. Tonight, I’ll kiss him goodnight and will turn in. Can’t stand up to the time zone her in Italy.
    Oilers, first thing in the morning.


  11. rider guy says:

    Stan Weir doesn’t like the Avalanche. He doesn’t like teams that change their names and he still thinks they’re the Rockies. No one has the nerve to tell him.

    hey lt, does stan feel the same way about the wild as he does about the avs?

  12. ClaytonMagnet says:

    So, my wife pointed out earlier this year how the Wild all look like Christmas elves in their home uniforms. Very astute, my wife. And so is Stan Weir. As Christmas was created to honour Stan Weir’s birthday, he, in effect, owns all Christmas elves. This is very convenient for the Oilers.

    Stan Weir can blow bubbles with beef jerky.

  13. doritogrande says:

    Stan Weir catches bullets with his teeth; he then spits them back into his assailant’s pistol, causing said pistol to explode.

    Stan Weir is NOT susceptible to Kryptonite.

  14. Julian says:

    touqeboy, go here :


    look for the thread with today’s date that says “streaming” on it.

  15. Kristopher Milligan says:

    Stan Weir once entered a lumberjack contest. He thought axes were for pussies and won using his left hand.

  16. gary b says:

    On the seventh day, Stan Weir said:

    “Dude. You’re done here.”

  17. jon k says:

    I haven’t watched this many games consecutively since the ’06 run. That being said, as much as I dearly, dearly want the Oilers to win this one, I’ve seen the Wild shut us out in St. Paul so many times I can’t help but feel that tonight is the beginning of the end.

  18. Alice says:

    // Jesus….If we keep winning, keep em comin…was that the 82-83 edition? //

    Not Jesus. Common mistake – it’s the beard that fools you. While hockey had gone out of favour in the middle east after the last ice age, Stan’s mulletaceous look remained popular.

    Stan and The Man, a comparison:

    JC: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.
    SW: Check. And I’ll raise you one Edmonton Oilers. [ Few remember that it was Stan who laid out buddy Lazarus in the first place, with a hip-check ]

    JC: Turned the water into wine.
    SW: Didn’t bring any water, “What the hell, isn’t this supposed to be a party?”

    JC: Fed five thousand with the loaves and fishes
    SW: “Five thousand? You call that a harem?”

  19. PDO says:

    I’m like… 0-6 on PPV’s this year, or something along those lines.

    Thusly, I think I can’t buy the PPV, and will instead have to trek to an establishment that serves Alexander Keiths and Hot Wings…

    For the good of the Oilers, right?!

  20. Cam says:


    A full explanation on my blog:
    How to watch games on sopcast

  21. dubya says:

    Thusly, I think I can’t buy the PPV, and will instead have to trek to an establishment that serves Alexander Keiths and Hot Wings…

    For the good of the Oilers, right?!

    Gotta do whatya gotta do.

    Man, I think my liver/heart might be shot by the time the playoffs come if the Oil can actually pull this off. 2006 all over again.

    ps: Pisani with the winner in OT.

  22. Jonathan says:

    Stan Weir caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Breakaway countries, in his honour, call themselves KazakhSTAN, UzbekiSTAN, etc. In the same region, thousands of children born out of wedlock in 1989 were named Stanislav. (Meaning: Half-slavic son of Stan)

  23. doritogrande says:

    Ok, Jonathan’s tops all.

  24. PDO says:

    Gretzky went where the puck was going.

    Weir made the puck come to him.

  25. toqueboy says:

    thanks for all the sopcast help…

  26. Simon says:


    A full explanation on my blog:
    How to watch games on sopcast

    No way this can happen on macs, is there?

  27. Lord Bob says:

    The Original Six were the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Rangers, and Stan Weir. Everybody was too afraid to correct him.

  28. melm.. says:

    Did anyone else get the text alert that Deslauriers is backing up Roli tonight?

  29. Simon says:

    Did anyone else get the text alert that Deslauriers is backing up Roli tonight?

    I didn’t, but it’s not really that surprising. I don’t think they would have called him up if they felt they really couldn’t count in Garon as a back-up. Sweet Jesus, Roli, play like it’s Game 3, first series all over again.

  30. Dennis says:

    Just a note: I absolutely can’t get enough of of tuning in to Total Sports and hearing about the Golden Bears winning.

    On to stuff that’s cared about by more than family and friends, tonight’s one of the two games that really worries me when I look at the five we have left. Time was we could even win in Minny when we started Jacquin “The Phoenix” Gage — look it up — but that’s turned as of late and has everybody forgotten how we blew a late second period 4-1 lead in Minny back just before the New Year? Bad things happen in Minny and we already took them in the first half of a BTB and they have first place to play for.

    It seems like a cop-out but I’ll feel really strongly about our chances for a win if we score first. And we could really use the PP bouncing back tonight as chances to score could be scarcer than hen’s teeth.

    Finally, it would also be nice if Roli allowed two or less and neither of them being questionable.

  31. Bruce says:

    Dennis: Agree on all points (esp. the Bears!). I heard Jacques Lemaire laughing darkly after the game Monday and thought, son-of-a-bitch, I wouldn’t want to be the team that plays these guys next … oh, fuck!

    They will be loaded for bear in the first period tonight is my guess. The boys better be ready, espcially Roli. The silver lining is that he played the best two games of his current run on the road. If he ever wants to stick it to his former club, this is the night.

  32. Tweezer So Cold says:

    Too many nattering nabobs of negativity here, GOIL!

    Stan Weir sneezed one day, and from this primordial slime was born Chuck Norris.

    WANTED: a timeless nickname for the 89-13-12 combination tearing up the NHL.

  33. Alice says:

    It would be nice too if Van pitched in with a win tonight, though it pains be to say it under the long shadow of Mister Weir.

  34. Richard Pollock says:

    Hey guys,

    I always enjoy the work Lowetide churns out. Great article yesterday on the Greene/Smid combination. Just wanted to let you know that we have been doing some quick q and a’s with your favorite prospect Robby Schremp over at Illegal Curve. It isn’t too in depth, but he does give some insight into how things are down in Springfield. I figure it may be of more interest to your readers than fans of other teams. Either way, keep up the great work.

  35. Bruce says:

    WANTED: a timeless nickname for the 89-13-12 combination tearing up the NHL.

    I’m thinking of the High Wire Act. These guys do those same sort of “trapeze” passing plays that Mess and Andy used to specialize in, especially that one year they played with Nilsson the Elder. I’d like to say they’re doing it without a net, but the unfortunate fact is there actually is a net in our end when they’re out there which catches them all too often. But man are they fun to watch.

    Big game tonight. Nice to have a team to get excited about again.

  36. Oilman says:

    WANTED: a timeless nickname for the 89-13-12 combination tearing up the NHL.

    If those kids can get us into the playoffs, The Sons of Weir Line (or variations thereof…Stan Weirs Kids, Stan Weirs Sons, etc) would be appropriate

  37. nancy says:

    WANTED: a timeless nickname for the 89-13-12 combination tearing up the NHL.

    Spector says they’re being called the Conga line in a National Post article…. not a big fan of that personally.

  38. Bruce says:

    As in CoNGa? Mildly interesting in a corporate kind of way. Reminds me of one of those space mission acronyms where they borrow letters from wherever to make the acronym into some overlying theme. COgliano-Nilsson-GAgner: the first vowels from Cogliano and Gagner work, but Nilsson’s doesn’t so leave it out.

  39. nancy says:

    He doesn’t really mention where it comes from but I assumed it comes from what you suggested Bruce. I found it mildly entertaining but in all honesty the image it brings to mind is that of a woman wearing a colorful ruffled dress and a hat with various fruits dangling from it…. Not exactly something I associate with hockey.

  40. mike w says:

    Hoo Boy. PPV broadcast tonight. Why must we be punished like this?

  41. Dennis says:

    GNC sounds about right to me.


  42. Bruce says:

    Game on. Fuck PPV, I’m listening to Rod. It’s been too long since I’ve listened to a game on radio. Used to be it was more than half the games went untelevised, meaning for me, half the road games.

  43. Simon says:

    Gaborik. Bah.

  44. Bruce says:

    Ouch. Ouch again on the ensuing faceoff.

  45. honkey says:

    Bad turnover by Stoll and Gilbert didnt play that 2 on 1 very good at all.

  46. uni says:

    Props to Stortini, but gods I wouldn’t toss it up with Boogard unless I was suicidal.

  47. Bruce says:

    It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Sounded like Zack took more than one for the team that time.

  48. Slipper says:

    Sean Hill should have to piss in a cup after every game he scores a goal.


  49. honkey says:

    Looking worse for every minute.

  50. Bruce says:

    Fuck. 2-0 already. I think I’m glad I saved my $12.95+ tonight.

    Huge test now. We simply can’t afford another 5-1 meltdown, the boys need to answer the bell immediately. But it sounds like the Wild are loaded for Bear, as I had feared.

  51. Bruce says:

    Slipper: Nice to see you insulting the other guys this time. :) After 0 goals in 29 games, Juicer Hill has beaten Roli in consecutive games. Ferfuxsakes.

  52. PDO says:

    Jarret Stoll 2
    Edmonton Oilers 0

    I’m growing very sick of his shit. First he tries to dangle someone at the blueline, while Gaborik is on the ice… 2 on 1 the other way, back of the net. Then he sees open ice in front of the net! So he flies three feet into the crease on his strong side, making himself completely fucking useless to receive a pass… turnover again, Minnesota PP and it’s 2-0.

    Holy fuck someone took their stupid pills this morning.

  53. Lowetide says:

    Not to overstate, but the next goal for the Oilers could be the biggest of the season. 2-1 is a game, 3-0 to Lemaire’s bunch is a death sentence.

  54. Oilman says:

    Hoo Boy. PPV broadcast tonight. Why must we be punished like this?

    Those sopcast instructions above worked great for me…the minny broadcasters actually are a nice change from Principe.

  55. Slipper says:

    Huge, HUUUUUUUGE, powerplay.

    We need a BIG goal here.

    None bigger than the lead cutting in half, first period, powerplay goal!

  56. honkey says:

    Strong shift by the 4th line again drawing a penalty. Guess its time for Stoll to shine agian.

  57. Lowetide says:

    Is Pouliot a thespian or did Burns actually do something there to deserve 2?

  58. PDO says:

    So, they call a gay hook there but not a blatant trip on Hemsky?


  59. honkey says:

    Useless refs tonight.

  60. Bruce says:

    I wonder how many 5-on-3s are caused by a puck-over-glass penalty. Seems like most of them.


  61. uni says:

    Roloson made a big save there, and gods what a kill there, Staios is just dead sexy when he blocks shots like that.

  62. honkey says:

    Great kill 3 on 5, Staios and Greene with some really good work down low.
    Lets hope it gives Oilers some jump and urgency going in to the 2nd period.

  63. PDO says:

    Greene gets his helmet knocked off by a stick and no call.

    This is starting to look like a really long night.

  64. Bruce says:

    Hmmm, Matt Greene played 2:14 of the last 3:07, including the first 76 seconds of an absolutely critical 3-on-5. Maybe he isn’t a #6 after all.

  65. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: No. There’s only 6 dressed, so he’s #6. :-)

  66. Lord Bob says:

    Stan Weir is a false prophet.

    There. I said it.

  67. Lowetide says:

    Lord Bob: I think it’s kind of funny someone named “Lord Bob” has so little faith.

    There. I’ve said it.

  68. Slipper says:

    There were two defensemen in the box, and the Oilers were pinned in on a 5 on 3 kill, but…

    I mean what other option was there? Put Smidly or Grebs out there?

  69. Bruce says:

    Greene 7:15, 3 blocks
    Gilbert 4:56, -1, 2 PiM

    I’m guessing Greene had the better period. But hey, I’m just listening and watching the play-by-play ticker, what do I know?

    One thing I do know is we’re going to have to play a lot better than that, top to bottom, to make a game of this one. GOilers!

  70. Lord Bob says:

    Lord Bob: I think it’s kind of funny someone named “Lord Bob” has so little faith.

    I have lots of faith. When we’re winning. I’m attached to the bandwagon by bungee cord and let me tell you, it’s chafing like a mother right now.

  71. Slipper says:

    Being number three or four on this D corp can likened to being voted the most pretty at a toothless hillbilly cousin fair.


  72. Lowetide says:

    Lord Bob: I spit beer. You are forgiven. :-)

  73. danny says:

    I think Stortinis fighting major was a big disruption that period. The lines went into the blender after that to keep everyone in the game as much as possible… I’m confident thats why MacT was calling Storts back from fighting Boogard, i doubt he was scared for his well being.

  74. PDO says:

    Lowetide: How can someone who loves beer so much, spit beer and then forgive the person who caused the waste?!

    Just sayin’.

    Keys to the 2nd period?

    Jarret Stoll to stop being a dummy, and someone to get a lucky one.

  75. Slipper says:

    I heard Matt Greene made a funny joke after the warm-up skate, too. That smarky prick.

    Best defenseman after 20 minutes award:

    Steve Staios


    Matt Greene

  76. Dennis says:

    Bruce: No, I’d say he’s a 6 but he did a helluva job on that PK, no doubt about it.

    Good period by the 4th line and I don’t think we played all that badly at all. Oilers started out with all four lines having the puck in the O zone and then the 16 TO and it’s in the back of the net. Folks are right that 77 didn’t play it all that well but Roli didn’t move on that play; at all. Later on Roli made two good saves moving side-to-side but it’s still a major concern.

    Best chance for the Oilers was 12 went cross-seam on the PP to 13 on the right wing and Cogs just muffed it. We need some guys to step up and we need a PP goal because it’s gonna be hard to score three EV goals on Minny.

  77. Slipper says:

    I agree with PDO. More luck is need.

    Lotsa luck. Big luck. HUGE luck. Powerplay luck. Glenncrossian Luck.

    That, or a meteor strike or a flood.

    If the Oilers don’t win this one, all I’ve got to look forward to is my Nascar Hot Pass, and I really don’t mean that.

  78. Bruce says:

    I mean what other option was there? Put Smidly or Grebs out there?

    Well that was the second shift, after Greene made the big play to clear the zone and permit the change. And they came through too, esp. a big block by Smid judging from the description.

    You’re right of course Slipper, there’s an old saying about that, “Necessity is a mother.” Two of our better defencemen got themselves into penalty trouble, and the depth guys bailed them out. That’s what team play is about, sometimes it takes the whole unit. Usually, in fact.

  79. PDO says:

    Someone needs to remind Stoll that he’s not offensively blessed. Tries a cute move and completely misses the net… FFS.

  80. Lowetide says:

    Stoll’s hands courtesy Swiss Premium.

  81. Ribs says:

    Bruce: No. There’s only 6 dressed, so he’s #6. :-)


  82. Bruce says:

    Fuck. Goobaard, again.

    Let’s hope Roli is milking it.

  83. Bruce says:

    You’re right Ribs, I laughed too.

  84. PDO says:

    So… I ask for luck, and Roloson gets 250 lbs dropped on him and Gagner rings one off of the post.

    That’s just wonderful.

  85. PDO says:

    Stoll with another turnover leading to a 2 on 1 for Minnesota.

  86. jon k says:

    Staios has really come on lately and is playing very well. When he’s on his game it’s hard not to enjoy watching him. Smarts and grit.

  87. PDO says:

    Hill is doing everything in his power to make up for scoring on us.

    We need a PP goal…

  88. Lowetide says:

    Sean Hill played defense with Stan Weir.

    On the Seals!

  89. Lowetide says:

    Oh, bother.

  90. PDO says:

    Jarret Stoll 3
    Edmonton 0

  91. BenJammin says:

    Jarret Fucking Stoll.

  92. Paulus says:

    All of a sudden the well has gone completely dry. Jesus F’ing Weir.

  93. Simon says:

    Fuck. The Wild are just going to shut it down, now.

  94. jon k says:

    Third time on the season that Stoll has caused a SHG on that play.

  95. Lowetide says:

    Need someone to score a fluke goal. Soon.

  96. Paulus says:

    Gagner ringing that post may have been the bell’s toll for the game, nay, the season. Not to be overly histrionic or anything.

  97. PDO says:

    Well, at least this team should be aware how quickly a 3-0 lead can disappear.

  98. honkey says:

    Hemskys pass to Stoll was just brutal.
    Brodziak has been the best Oilers forward and Staios the best defenseman other player have to step up now.

  99. Bruce says:

    Rod laid it on Stoll, Kevin laid it on Hemsky for not getting it deep and hanging Stoll out to dry. How’d you payers-per-viewers see it?

    Wait a minute, Rod is calling it a suicide pass.

    Now maybe Ales is hard to play with and maybe he isn’t, but he sure seems to give Jarret all kinds of trouble. -2 for each again tonight.

  100. Simon says:

    1-0 Colorado.

  101. jon k says:

    Granted, Hemsky has had a poor game overall and the pass could have been better, but Stoll has been turning it over when pressured at the point all season long.

  102. Lowetide says:

    I’d place blame on Hemsky there, he had another option down low and it was the better bet based on where the Wild players were.


  103. PDO says:

    Three posts for the Oilers.

    Talk about the worm turning at the worst possible time.

  104. PDO says:

    And.. it wasn’t a great play by Hemsky, but Stoll has played enough games that he should be able to make a play there under pressure.

  105. Bruce says:

    Sounds like the Crosstiniaks need a shift on the powerplay. Geez, it’s just killing us tonight.

  106. pboy says:

    It wasn’t a good pass by Hemsky but Stoll played horribly. Either your body in front of the puck and be 100% sure that the puck will not be getting behind you or back up and reset the PP. Just waving your stick at the puck will almost certainly result in a 2-1, with a forward back.

    I’d like to see Pouliot with Penner & Hemsky for the rest of the game but I doubt that will happen.

  107. PDO says:

    Glencross off the post.



  108. Lowetide says:


  109. jon k says:

    Jesus, someone hold it in on the line.

  110. Simon says:

    1-1 in the other game.

  111. Slipper says:

    Lady Luck has abandoned ship.

    The posts, the bounces…

    This has been the Oilers fucking game save for a few gaffes and a bullshit powerplay.

  112. Lowetide says:

    Well you’d have to be a nut to bet on this team down 3-0 but they’ve played well and with urgency. The Hockey Gods sleep with Jack Lemaire, so what else is new?

  113. Sean M. says:

    2-1 now…

  114. jon k says:

    Watching the replay Stoll does a pretty poor job of engaging Rolston on the backcheck too. Terrible is a word that comes to mind.

    When everything comes tumbling down it helps me to save my sanity and liver to have a goat sometimes.

  115. Lord Bob says:

    We do have one hope. Considering the beating we laid on the Wild two nights ago, maybe they shall be uncharacteristically undisciplined in their search for revenge, we’ll get a couple on the break, and it’ll be “holy crap it’s a hockey game”.

    This plan relies heavily on Jacques Lemaire losing control of his bench, but at least it’s hope.

  116. Slipper says:

    Every bounce has been in the skates or a foot out of reach, instead of on the tape.

  117. Dennis says:

    The Oilers must have had at least 9 scoring chances that period. There were three posts, 16 muffed a breakaway, Backstrom made a wicked save off a 19 tip and then 34 juuust couldn’t get to the eround. Plus, on the play where 13 drew a penalty, 12 managed to slip the puck to 89 who sent a shot just wide of the post. The Oilers outchanced the Wild and it was strange to see Minny give up that many chances in a game where they’re leading.

    The most positive thing about that period was that the Oilers absolutely didn’t quit. They kept coming and creating chances and if they get one in the first 5 min of the third, I think they’ll smell blood and make it interesting.

    Van up 2-1 late in the first….

  118. Slipper says:

    You know, the Radek Bonks of the NHL can do the same job Stoll does, but at half the price or less.

    He really did dog it on that back check.

    And he couldn’t buy an even strength goal. Apparently his money is tied up in other things.

  119. Dennis says:

    Oh, and in the interest of fairness, 77 is having a brutal game; bad coverage down low and he’s actually getting caught on his pinches and I don’t think I’ve seen that happen twice in the same game.

    Oilers just need a fucking break here. For all the goals they’ve been scoring lately, they’ve also had a few unlucky GA as well.

    Let’s even that shit up with one or two off a skate and see if we can take it to OT.

  120. dave says:

    bad pass hemsky, worse back check by stoll, he coasting when the pass comes.

  121. Lowetide says:

    Pouliot could have gotten a lot of goodwill if he’d scored there.

  122. PDO says:

    I love Fernando. God I love Fernando.

  123. Simon says:

    San. Fucking. Fernando.

  124. Bruce says:

    Finally! One hit the post and went in. I could hear that clink all the way out here in Edmonton.

  125. jon k says:

    With a player like Gilbert you have to wonder if staying in college the full four years hurts their full potential at the NHL level. He has no physical presence to speak of, but I wonder if that has anything to do with merely him learning how to play his best in his previous environment. In college it’s fine to play his style of defence, but sometimes it’ll hurt you at the NHL level.

  126. uni says:

    If they pull off this comeback…well I don’t really have anything to bargain with the hockey gods, but you get where I was going with that.

  127. PDO says:


    They accept sacrifices of beer and donairs.

  128. Slipper says:

    Let’s goilers!

    2 quickies right fucking now!

    Gagner and Reasoner.

    The picks of destiny.

  129. Lord Bob says:

    I’m listening to this on Rod-o-Vision, but the kids and Pisani are all really flying tonight. Even when they’re not showing hands (i.e. almost all the time) they’re generating and working like husky dogs.

    I know things are gloomy, but even when this team loses it loses well. I can hardly begrudge them that.

  130. Alice says:

    Uni, you just spoke a ton

    A fresh beer may be required…

  131. Bruce says:

    Lots o’ positive events on MP’s line tonight, 6 attempted shots in just 7:34. A hit, an assist, +1.

    Silver linings.

  132. honkey says:

    Too bad the PP has gone ice cold otherwise this could have been a different game.

  133. uni says:

    To hell with those “silver linings” I want a win damnit!

    And I’m fresh out of beer, this bodes ill.

  134. Lowetide says:

    Fresh out of beer? That happened once in my 20s then I bought a second fridge. A key element in life.

  135. Bruce says:

    Oiler killer #32764 :

    Branko Radivojevic
    vs. Oilers 23 GP, 5-7-12, 0.52 PPG, +4
    vs. Others 366 GP, 47-61-108, 0.29 PPG, -40

  136. PDO says:

    The PP has to come through here…

  137. Lowetide says:

    Alright. Come on you sons-of-bitches!

  138. Bruce says:

    Uni: Me too. Does sound like they’re putting in an honest effort, with perhaps one or two exceptions. (Rod is all over Jarret Stoll just now for going back for the puck “very leisurely … not enough urgency”)

    More often than not it seems to be our vets that come up short.

  139. Bruce says:

    Lots o’ positive events on MP’s line

    Oops, I meant his personal line, in the event summary. His line, with Pisani in particular, seem to be having a pretty good game.

  140. Shane says:

    Man, Hemsky seems to have turned over a lot of pucks tongight. Dippsy doodling.

  141. jon k says:

    Tonight’s series of events:
    -Planned for loss.
    -Picked up beer.
    -Game begins. First intermission.
    -Out of beer.
    -Second intermission.
    -Out of wine.
    -Third period, on to rum and coke.

  142. uni says:

    LT, it’s not the lack of storage, it’s the lack of funds.

    I’m reduced to drinking homemade cherry rum.

  143. jon k says:

    To be honest, I can’t help but blame part of this game on MacT. Changing up the lines was a poor idea in my opinion, Hemsky having a poor game or not.

  144. PDO says:

    Of course the Oilers last scoring chance of the game is a Fernando pass to Stoll in the slot with time.

    Who goes on to fumble the pass, somehow get it into his feet and turns the puck over…

    And then another goal post. Five posts.

    The Oilers deserved better tonight.

  145. Shane says:

    The magics run out on this season. A good run and Burke doesn’t get his high pick.

  146. uni says:

    Oh god, do NOT use brown sugar for homemade rum.


  147. Lowetide says:

    Ahh, gotcha. Been there, my friend. Anyone next door?


  148. Ribs says:

    Well shhiiiattt.

  149. Lowetide says:

    I don’t think it’s over. It’s a long shot but Stan will be here next game.

  150. Ribs says:

    Does stan have some magical buddies he can bring with him to the next game? Maybe a nice little leprechaun or something… anything?

  151. Shane says:

    One interesting thing that benifits Nashville, Vancouver’s ass has been handed to them tonight, and they still might loose Luongo for a game while he goes off to cut the cord.

  152. honkey says:

    Having Stoll on the ice 6 on 5 is playing 5 on 5.
    Other than the first 10 min and a brutal PP they played a solid game.
    But giving Wild a 3 goal handicap is not a formula for success.

  153. Slipper says:

    This game was a lesson in Bounces 101.

    He who hits the most post usually loses the game.

    I think the Oil lost two tonight.

    This does seem like a very different team up front than it was in December though. If there wasn’t a small glint of playoff hope surrounding this one, it would have been a pretty positive loss.


  154. Lord Bob says:

    Maybe a nice little leprechaun or something… anything?

    A lead pipe and an appointment with Jarret Stoll’s kneecaps? When was the last time he had a good game? And how can MacTavish keep throwing him out there in important situations? If anybody on the Oilers met “ass stapled to bench” criteria tonight, it was him.

    And yet, he was always out there.

    I just don’t get it.

  155. Alice says:

    5-2 Avs,

    Well Stan didn’t come thru with the win tonight, but he Did just pull up in an Eldorado with the curvy broads and bags of cash…
    so maybe 2 outta 3 ain’t bad? I better go see what he wants.

  156. pboy says:

    I think I would like them to go with the following next season:


    Gilbert-Veteran UFA D-man
    Souray Greene

    Keep Smid and Reasoner as your extras, they are sure to get a ton of PT with our injury situations lately.

    I would also whisper in Souray’s ear all summer that he looks like a real movie star and he would probably be very comfortable living in L.A.

    Also, I would keep Chad Moreau the fuck away from my hockey team

  157. Slipper says:

    Other positives:

    If the Oilers could talk Souray into retiring, then we’re just a Roszival, Malik, Avery and Hossa signing away from being legitimate Lord Stanley contenders.

  158. honkey says:

    Hope Preds beat out Orca for last playoff spot. I hate that team and those redheaded twins.

  159. uni says:

    Well at the beginning of the season they kept playing Gagner, Cogs, and Nilsson even though each had some funky stretches.

    Here’s hoping a light goes back on in Stoll’s jibbled post-concussion brain and he rewards MacT’s faith much like Stortini has; returning to pre-concussion future captain form for the last few games.

    Now, I’m not sure if this wine\rum my uncle made is kosher, but I’m not blind yet and I don’t feel like my kidneys have ruptured so I’m going to consider this night at evens and get some sleep.

  160. Slipper says:

    My team’s better pboy:

    ext:aww I luvya Stortini

    Malik Staios
    Roszival Pitkanen
    Gilbert Greener/Smidly/Grebs

  161. Ribs says:

    Smyth falling on his face is cheering me up a bit…oy…

  162. Dennis says:

    I really can’t get too upset over this loss because the Oilers absolutely owned the last two periods in terms of scoring chances for/against.

    I think it says a lot about these guys going forward that they’d fall down 3-0 on the road to the Wild and would refuse to quit or give an inch.

  163. Slipper says:

    Keep your chins up, and until Friday:

    Here we are still together
    We are one
    So much time wasted
    Playing games with love

    So many tears I’ve cried
    So much pain inside
    But baby it ain’t over ’til it’s over
    So many years we’ve tried
    To keep our love alive
    But baby it ain’t over ’till it’s over

    How many times
    Did we give up
    But we always worked things out
    And all my doubts and fear
    Kept me wondering
    If I’d always be in love

    So many tears I’ve cried
    So much pain inside
    But baby it ain’t over ’til it’s over

  164. docweb says:

    Dennis…Agree. Sometimes luck/bounces go your way ie San Jose and sometimes they don’t. They played well tonight with the exception of the PP. The problem is of course is that again they are in the position of having no margin for error (or bad luck)

  165. Dennis says:

    Slipper: The best part of that song is the killer bassline just before they do the chorus for the last time.

    Doc: The PP hummed for like 60 games so while I know they’re picking a bad time to resemble a witch’s titty, I really can’t damn them all that much.

    Five, fucking five!!, posts tonight and if even two of them go an inch the right way, Cogs is probably finishing off the Wild in the 64th minute;)

  166. David says:


    My issue with this lineup (or some possible variants) is that I don’t think that is has a strong enough first line to get a whole lot further than we got this year. Penner just hasn’t shown himself to be strong or consistent enough to be a real first-line winger, and I love Horcoff, but neither he nor Hemsky have really demonstrated they can be the game-breaker that you need on your top line to be really successful (though together they can be dangerous on any given night). I guess you can hope for continued improvement in the lines with the young guys, but without adding someone like a Hossa (not that I think that will happen), I think we are in for more of the same next year.

  167. DBO says:

    I wonder what will happen with the vets next year? Stoll has no trade value, and Moreau probably none as well at that price. MacT, if given the choice will play more vets, so Moreau will be in the lineup, and if they can’t deal Stoll i see him slotting in on the third line between Pisani and Moreau. The issue then is what to do with/what can you get for Torres, Greb?Smid/Greene, and the crazy amount of youth in the system that will never see a minute on the Oil like Schremp. Does Torres, Shremp, and Smid/Greene/Greb get you anything good?

  168. Dennis says:

    I think it was in the Jones piece today where Lowe made his first public mention that maybe he wouldn’t go out and look for offense so let’s look at the 12 forwards we’re playing right now and add in Moreau-Horcoff-Torres.

    So, that’s 15 guys and two of them have to go. Let’s say we bring back Reasoner as no worse than a 13th forward and we can start from there.

    I’ll just throw it out there that both of 14 and 16 won’t be back. So, if one of them goes than there’s just one more guy to shed. It could be that both 14 and 16 will be done and that second line experiment will be over.

  169. Bruce says:

    David: our first line was actually ticking along pretty good ’til Horc went down. That really was a crippling injury; while some of the youngsters rose to the challenge in his absence, the 16-27-83 combo went right into the toilet. I’m reluctant to put it all on Stoll, but Hemsky was +8 from December 1 to the All Star Game and -14 since; Penner’s splits for those same periods are +4 and -16. Over two stretches of similar duration (~25 games) that’s a 20-goal differential on our “first” line from Horcoff to Stoll.

  170. PunjabiOil says:

    Bruce, would you be interested in writing at Punjabsoil.blogspot.com every now and then?

  171. Bruce says:

    Thanks PJO, I’ll take that as a compliment. For now I’m just having a little fun freelancing, rattling a few cages, and throwing out observations, opinions, factoids, random statistics, historical notes, and general bullshit about hockey. Whether I start my own blog or join forces with an existing one or even stick around is probably a question for 2008-09. Thanks for asking, though, and I will consider it.

    BTW, I was a little concerned to read your comments under the white flag tonight. Hope that’s just a temporary thing.

    Also, my compliments for your interviews with Robin Brownlee and John MacKinnon, that was well done.

  172. PunjabiOil says:

    BTW, I was a little concerned to read your comments under the white flag tonight. Hope that’s just a temporary thing.

    Maybe it the flu that’s talking for me.

    I retract my statements on Joni Pitkanen being a pansy not to play with the flu. I’ve walked into his shoes since Saturday – not a pretty sight. The sore throat/dry cough/headaches have kept me awake until 5-6 am daily……


  173. HBomb says:

    I’ll just throw it out there that both of 14 and 16 won’t be back. So, if one of them goes than there’s just one more guy to shed. It could be that both 14 and 16 will be done and that second line experiment will be over.

    Stoll better be the first guy sent out of town, keeping Moreau over Torres would be a mistake (because Curtis Glencross would be your 3LW by the end of October when Moreau hurts himself), and signing Reasoner serves no purpose with the emergence of Brodziak and the apparent resurrection of MAP.

    On the flip-side, some combination of Moreau, Stoll, Rob Schremp, and one of the young d-men (Smid?), should be enough to accomplish two things:

    1) Add some skilled size to the top six on the wings.
    2) Move up in the drart with Anaheim’s pick.

    My ideal scenario?

    (A) Horcoff Hemsky
    Nilsson Gagner Penner
    Torres Cogliano/Pouliot Pisani
    Glencross Brodziak Stortini/(B)

    (A) – One of Jeff Carter, Erik Cole or, the Cadillac solution, Alex Frolov, acquired via trade.

    (B) – a UFA heavyweight on the cheap, be it Shelley, McGrattan or Hordichuk. No issues with Stortini in the middleweight/agitator role, but we need a deterrent to the likes of Boogard and (potentially) Georges Laraque (I get this feeling there’s a decent chance he ends up out west as a UFA this summer….)

  174. namflashback says:

    Well, as much as this little run has been nice (#&#& you Burke!) — it may be for the best that they fall a little short.

    1) it helps the players get experience in the pressure cooker(and the youth’s have delivered better than other youth laden lineups like CHI, LA, CBJ, PHX). Much like COL did last year.

    2) if they made the playoffs, it would begin to affect the large # of RFA’s salaries. Best to let that sleeping dog lie.

    3) MP has asserted himself and if he can be this way from the beginning of the season, he sticks in the NHL. Good time for him to show some jam.

  175. Alice says:

    Why do we need a deterrent to Boogard/Laraque? They’re not the ones head-hunting on the skill guys. It’s the cheapshot artists that need to be deterred, and the middleweight guy is just fine with that job. Their enforcers have the same gig, to police our guys if any of them should take to fucking around with the talent. That the big guys need to go head to head is only for bragging rights, imo. Waste of a roster seat, unless our guys start getting slapped around again.

  176. Vic Ferrari says:


    Yeah, I remember you were the guy who pointed out several years ago that it seemed like, with closely matched teams, the squad that hit the fewest posts usually won the game. Made sense.

    Now we can get the goalpost stats, and though I’ve never checked, I’m sure that you’re right. I mean when ATL comes into DET the Wings are going to be very likely to both win and hit more posts, because they’ll probably dominate the chances. But for closely matched teams I strongly suspect that you are right.

    I know this is a bit fuzzy, but I really believe that there is a lot to it.

    I mean if you said right now, that for any playoff series this spring (close enough that the home team was always favoured by the bookies) that the winner would have hit fewer posts, well I don’t think that anyone would bet against you.

    And if you predicted the same for major upsets … absolutely nobody would want a piece of that I’m sure.

    And from the time that Horcoff went down until before last night’s game … if goalposts had counted as goals the Oilers would have had seven fewer points in the standings. HF boards would be on fire demanding mass firings and trades, and guys like Glencross and Pitkanen wouldn’t be feeling as optimistic about next year when it came time to talk contract.

    Let’s give the goalpost gods their due, here, Dennis. :D

    BTW, you can cross reference timeonice.com/tposts.php?team=EDM
    if you want to check for yourself.

  177. doritogrande says:

    Not all is lost. Roberto Luongo left the Canucks for the birth of his child, and they’re not sure when he’s going to be back. Here’s the TSN article: http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=232955&hubname=nhl

    Oiler fans rejoice, by the Power of Weirskull we have a chance!

  178. Bruce says:

    For the record, Luongo left the Canucks at 11:31 of the second period last night, having been shelled for 5 GA in half a game. This after allowing a 2-0 lead to slip away in regulation in an equally critical game the previous night.

    Tough times for BobbiLu, I’m sure he’s got other things on his mind, but fuck ‘im, he plays for Vancouver. I’m sick of hearing this “Great save Luongo!” stuff all the time like he’s some sort of hockey god. He isn’t, he’s human, he allows goals, and he loses games. Deal with it, ‘Nucks fans.

  179. Bruce says:

    Now we can get the goalpost stats, and though I’ve never checked, I’m sure that you’re right. … I know this is a bit fuzzy, but I really believe that there is a lot to it.

    Boy that gives me a warm feeling, Vic, even a warm fuzzy feeling. You’ve never checked, but you’re “sure” he’s right? Wow, that’s real cutting edge analysis. :)

    Of course you could always turn it around and say that if in a given game one team hits more posts and scores more goals, then by definition they weren’t that closely matched.

    If on the other hand you were to produce bulk stats of games between two team within, say, 10 standings points of each other (counting only games that had both a real winner and an imbalance in the number of posts rung), and show that the losing team hit more posts 60 or 70% of the time, then you might be on to something. And if games between teams separated by more than 10 points showed that the favourites usually won and hit more posts, well so much the better for your theory. As you suggest, the playoffs would seem a real good place to check, since there’s always a real winner, and you could count up posts hit throughout the series.

    But without such actual statistical analysis, it’s just another observation of the sort that have been made of this game for a century. There may be something to it, but can you prove it?

    One thing that is for sure, the losing team is a lot more likely to remember the posts they hit along the way. Whereas the winners will remember the goals.

  180. Oilman says:

    I remember watching a game with my Habs fan uncle one year and the Habs hit a few early posts…he said “well, that’s it – won’t win this one” and left the room. I never realized he was so far ahead of his time.

  181. Vic Ferrari says:


    I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’d use game odds instead, any game where the underdog has a 43% chance of winning or better (or thereabouts). That’s most games.

    Still, the standings thing is probably fair too, and easier to do.

    you can get all the posts hit in a year from http://timeonice.com/xposts.php?first=20001&last=21230 and cross reference with NHL.com standings and schedule. It shouldn’t take you long.

    I know different people on the blogosphere have checked for playoff series and it’s usually rung true. By memory, I think ANA has been a bit of an exception over the past couple of seasons, having won most of their playoff series in spite of hitting more iron.

    I’d confidently take all wagers as proposed in my last comment though, even before I see what you come up with. And good for you for stepping up and volunteering to contribute something of real value. :)

  182. Dennis says:

    Vic: Yeah, I remember your post from awhile back on IOF regarding how lucky the Oilers were with posts.

    I’d like to see how it’s been over the last 15 or 16 games though or perhaps even since the new year because it seems like the Oilers have been outchancing a lot of teams lately and in that regard their wins have been bought and paid for. Of course the win in SJ was the exception but it seems like a lot of what we’ve been doing as of late hasn’t been all that flukey.

    Or at least that’s the way I’ve seen it.

    Now, that being said, when the Oilers opened up the season 2-0 with wins over SJ and Philly, I opined how we’d been the benefactor of six posts combined so I can still call it both ways.

    Vic, you are as pessimistic as anyone; what do you see this team doing as early as ’09?

  183. Oilman says:

    So the team that directs more shots at the net should hit more posts, and the team that hits the most posts shouldlose? That sounds to be the exact opposite of the latest round of arguing doesn’t it?

  184. DBO says:

    Not only is Luongo out for Friday’s game, Morrison is out for the year with an ACL tear. Looks like we’re chasing the nucks.

  185. Bruce says:

    And good for you for stepping up and volunteering to contribute something of real value. :)

    If only Ales Hemsky had a backhand that was half as good as yours, Vic. :D

    I will be doing no such thing; but then again I wasn’t the one who “really believed” in the theory without checking the numbers either. Sorry I couldn’t resist calling you on it just because it’s so far from your usual style, which is numbers up the yingyang and out the wazoo.

    I love numbers too, but as you note, there’s so many numbers, so little time. These ones, while interesting, aren’t that important in my view; this former goalie — and now you know why we don’t agree on anything, Vic — considers all posts just to be a glorified missed shot, a “ringing” endorsement of how little net there was to shoot at.

    I’ve never kept specific track of posts as you have been attempting to do (and props for that), but as a lifelong fan of all levels of the game I have accumulated a sizable sample of a few thousand hockey games over the years. My prediction (read: “semi-educated guess”) would be that the posts hit by winners vs. losers would even out at something vanishingly close to 50.0%. And if I’m wrong my next guess would be that the winners hit a few more because they generally take more shots. (Wasn’t that what all that Corsi stuff was about?) But obviously there’s friggin’ large number of counterexamples where the loser lost in part because they found iron instead of twine. Would make an interesting study, Vic. :)

    FWIW, I tried to remember the last time I remembered the Oilers hitting 5 fucking posts in one game, and the only certain example I could find in the voids of my brain was Game 7 of the 1987 SCF, when the Oil encountered Ron Hextall’s Only Three Friends (aka two posts and the crossbar) on no fewer than 5 occasions. Game Freaking Seven, doesn’t get much more evenly matched than that (in theory). I was there, and have subsequently watched the video (more than once). Five fucking posts. Final score was the same as last night, 3-1. Except it was 3-1 Oilers, and the posts simply underscored the degree of domination they demonstrated that night.

    That’s only 2 examples of course, but in a well-balanced league, goalposts cut both ways pretty close to 50-50 is my guess. But I’m not quite prepared to say I “really believe” it.

    As for game odds, I’m not sure I even know where in the paper to look, I’m not a gambling man. I know just enough about odds to know I should never bet the house but I should always bet on the house.

  186. Oilman says:

    Finally, a friend and fellow goalie who will join me on my goalpost hill to die on:o)

  187. Jonathan says:

    hbomb said: //Stoll better be the first guy sent out of town//

    Now, Stoll’s season this year has been atrocious. Just awful. A miserable, miserable year. And yet..

    Stoll’s career shooting % by year is as follows:
    03-04 – 9.35 – 10 goals
    05-06 – 9.05 – 22 goals
    06-07 – 11.03 – 13 goals
    07-08 – 6.67 – 11 goals

    His career year in 05-06 was built on a shooting% of 9.05, his NHL low-water mark prior to this year. Assuming that he had shot at that level this year, he’d have 15 goals. Shooting at his high-water mark, he’d have 18. Similarly, his career +/- is +8, +4, +2, and -24 this season.

    So although I’m not sure I disagree (if this season is to be his future level of play, due to a fundamental change caused by concussion) isn’t it possible that Stoll rebounds? Even given that he has always been a PP producer more than EV, his career numbers indicate a much better player than we’ve seen this season.

  188. DBO says:

    i think Stoll stays for sure if reasoner goes. At this point he’s a good fit for the thrid line hecking centre, with some PP time. if he rebounds, then maybe him and Pisani put up some points, along with their running mate (torres or Moreau). i guess best case you sign a Hossa for $7.5 mill (not happening I know, but I can dream), and you move Moreau to the fourth line with Brodziak and Glencross, with Stortini as your extra forward. Not sure where we get the money to do it, but it would be a solid lineup

  189. DBO says:

    Ok now i’m into numbers. If our lineup up front with Hossa looks like this:
    Hemsky – Horcoff – Penner
    Gagner – Cogs – Hossa
    Torres – Stoll – Pisani
    Moreau – Brodziak – Glencross
    Stortini – Nilsson

    And our defense says the same, with Pitkanen getting $4 mill, Gilbert getting $2.5, and greb $1.2 and we keep the goalies our cap hit is: $56.908 mill.
    Not sure what the cap will be, but can we compete for a cup with that lineup? or do you need to move Torres and his $2.25 mill so Nilsson is in the lineup.

    i’m Ok with that group.

  190. rider guy says:

    wouldn’t it be something if luongo’s kid came out looking like stan weir?

  191. Bruce says:

    beard and all


  192. Bruce says:


    [Son of Weir]

    Still laughing, Rider Guy, that’s right up there with “born in a log cabin he built with his bare hands” for line of the week. Hilarious on multiple levels.

  193. rider guy says:

    we’ll know for sure about little stan if mrs. luongo is in labour for a full week before giving birth to a child one week from tonight as the oilers knock the canucks out of the playoffs and clinch the 8th spot:)

  194. PDO says:


    Not saying, but I’m just saying…

    I don’t care how good of a shooter you are. A player simply can’t control the half inch between off the post and straight out, and off the post and in. We all like to believe we can :-), but the fact is when you’re in the slot and making that shot, it’s all down to luck at that point. We know when we’ve cleanly beat you, and we know when we only have the post to hit… and the amount of times that I’ve hit the post on a shot that needed a half inch to the side to be ping and in far, FAR out numbers the amount of times I’ve fired it and barely got it by the goalie, to the point if it was a half inch more to the side it’d be off the goalie.

    Of course, the solution to the NHL’s problems was mentioned by Scotty Bowman years ago.

    Make the posts smaller. They’re too damn big.

  195. Oilman says:

    PDO – I guess the shooter likes to think the exact opposite of the goalie and the truth is somewhere down the middle…I imagine if the posts were narrow, about one third of the current post hits would miss wide, one third would go in, and one third would hit (assuming the thinner posts gave more room equally on the inside and outside of the net. To me, a goalie is clearly beaten when the puck goes in and that’s all….to a shooter, the goalie is clearly beaten but that damn post was too thick;o)

    Also, there is a flaw in Vics post numbers. I’ve done some comparing of the actual game occurrence to the NHL game stats and not all posts are counted. If a goalie gets a piece of the puck before it hits the post, he’s credited with the save and no post hit is recorded (which makes sense – tough to have 2 countable results on one shot – either the goalie stopped it or he didn’t) – so unless you compare game footage to the stats sheets, you don’t know how many times a puck actually hit the post, only the ones that didn’t touch the goalie first – now that could be zero times for each team or ten times for both. Point is, why would there be a difference in the minds of NHL stat keepers between 2 different shots that ended up doing the same thing (hitting the post)…I’ve made the point before that baseball will count foul tips – but they don’t equate them as “almost hits” – their still a strike, just with a different sound.
    One last thought – PDO, you might not be able to hit a puck sized hole between a goalie and a post – but as far as I know, you aren’t an NHL shooter.

  196. PDO says:


    I’m not an NHL shooter by any means… but these are the same guys who struggle to go 4 for 4 on targets the size of your head. I’ve played competitively with a few guys from the AJ as well. Point taken, but I think there are just limitations. Maybe I’m underestimating them, but my thought is that they see a general area and are far more concerned with the speed of their release than anything else.

    And you’re right about the post deal… the Oilers had 5, but only 4 were counted against the Wild… Marty Reasoner clearly smacked the puck into the post as Fernando shot it through the goalies legs, but it wasn’t registered as such.

    Finally, you misunderstood my point about shrinking the post… I’m a shooter, remember? :D. If you changed it down the middle, you’re changing the size of the net – I’m not suggesting that at all. Shrink the posts by an inch all around, while keeping the measurements of the net the same size. A LOT more pucks would go in.

  197. Oilman says:

    PDO – if the inside dimensions of the net don’t change, then making the posts thinner is pointless. I saw Brett Hull doing something on this once and he basically said to get the outside dimensions of the post the same and shave half the width off the posts – it would give the shooter ~1.75 sqft more to hit around the perimter of the net and would take away some of the bigger equipment advantage.

    And I didn’t mean to sound snotty with the shooting comment. I’ve seen guys in the NHL fly down the wing and go top corner short side and score on some of the best goalies in the world by hitting a spot that is literally the size of the puck. If a guy is coming in on me from the wing in my beer league, that top corner short side over the shoulder area is the last place I worry about the guy shooting – and I’d say for everyone that’s tried that shot on me and hit it – I’ve taken 5 off the shoulder, 5 off the mask, and 5 have missed the net entirely – probably throw a few goalposts in there too.;o)

    You mention that once the shooter in in position, luck takes over…..what makes hitting the post any less “lucky” than missing the post by an inch? I really can’t figure that reasoning out – it really is just a closer miss. And Bruce made a great point – the losing team always remembers the missed opportunities. Theres enough pucks that go in off skates and asses during the course of a season to more than offset any “effect” post hits have.

  198. PDO says:

    Oilman – I’m talking about the Brett Hull deal. Shrink the posts from the inside to the outside, creating however much more net there is there. Keep the outside dimensions of the net the same size (the 6′x4′ is that measurement – correct, that’s not from inside post to inside post, but outside post to outside post?)

    I think it’s just a perception thing at this point that we won’t be able to get over on either side, and it’s best we just look at it like that :-). I think it’s a pretty ringing endoresement of luck, and that most pucks that hit the post could’ve easily gone in if the shooter took that exact same shot 100x… I’m not so sure that you do, though I can’t say I blame you.

    I didn’t take the comment as snotty at all… if anything it was a very fair comment to make, though I would like to play in your beer league and make that shot… preferably off the post and in ;)

  199. Oilman says:

    I agree with the Brett Hull idea entirely BTW…goalie equipment takes up a hell of a lot more room than it used to – so for goalies to complain about the size of the net – well that’s just being whinny – but there is something to be said about the integity of the game – if the area the shooter has to hit can be changed without changing the dimensions of the crease, then why not. Most goalies arguement against making the net larger has to do with the fact that they have spent their entire careers learning to play the angles right – this wouldn’t be the case in this example – Angles remain exactly the same. Also, make the posts flat on the insides – so that nearly every puck that hits the inside of the post goes in the net (simple tangents), instead of having a chance to come back through the crease.

    As an aside to how accurate shooters in the NHL are – when the Caps played in Edmonton last season – about an hour before the pregame warmup, Ovechkin and Semin came out on the ice in shorts and flip flops and were firing pucks from about midpoint of the ice -say 50′ – through the “camera holes” near the corners where the phtographers sit – those holes are what, 4″ to 6″ diameter?

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