Oilers Callup Deslauriers

The Edmonton Oilers have called up Jeff Drouin Deslauriers. No word on Mathieu Garon’s injury status having changed but reading between the lines the injury must not be getting better.

Deslauriers has been on the major league roster during the regular season, but has never played a minute in the show. That’s a point of interest because the Edmonton Oilers don’t develop goalies well historically. The last goalie they drafted who had a major league career was Jussi Markkanen and before that you have to go all the way back to Grant Fuhr in 1981 (and Andy Moog a year earlier) to find a significant goalie.

The Oilers have had very few drafted goalies play even a full season as a backup goalie (Darryl Reaugh, Mike Morrison) and since entering the NHL they have selected the following goalies (with career NHL games in brackets):

  1. Grant Fuhr 1981 (868gp)
  2. Andy Moog 1980 (713gp)
  3. Jussi Markkanen 2001 (128gp)
  4. Mike Morrison 1998 (29gp)
  5. Darryl Reaugh 1984 (27gp)
  6. Joacquin Gage 1992 (23gp)
  7. Mike Greenlay 1986 (2gp)
  8. Mike Minard 1995 (1gp)
  9. Adam Hauser 1999 (1gp)
  10. Rob Polman-Tuin 1980
  11. Ian Wood 1982
  12. Chris Smith 1982
  13. Dave Roach 1983
  14. Brian Tessier 1985
  15. John Haley 1985
  16. Gavin Armstrong 1987
  17. Tom Cole 1988
  18. Greg Louder 1990
  19. Mike Power 1990
  20. Andrew Verner 1991
  21. Evgeny Belosheiken 1992
  22. Chris Wickenheiser 1994
  23. Jeremy Jablonski 1994
  24. John Hultberg 1996
  25. Patrick Dovigi 1997
  26. Alexander Fomitchev 1997
  27. Kristian Antila 1998
  28. Jeff Drouin Deslauriers 2002
  29. Glenn Fisher 2002
  30. Devan Dubnyk 2004
  31. Bjorn Burling 2004
  32. Bryan Pitton 2006

Deslauriers could make the top 10 on this list by playing one minute. By the way, Dubnyk finally caught Deslauriers in SP, .911 which isn’t sparkling for either but rather troubling for Deslauriers. He has now played over 125 AHL games and his .911 SP ranks him in a tie for 21st in the league. The top goalie by SP is Michael Leighton (.934).

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22 Responses to "Oilers Callup Deslauriers"

  1. Bruce says:

    Hard to read too much into the pregame skate, but I made a point of watching Garon during the warmup last night where he performed “gingerly”. If they’re giving him all the practices off it makes no sense for him to even try to get ready for a game. Sounds like his ankle needs rest, plain and simple.

    This really sucks, but whatever else Roli is winning games (3-1-0 with a 4.00 GAA in the last week, all in regulation no less). I don’t think it will hurt JDD to spend some time around the current Oiler dressing room, perhaps it might teach him something about urgency.

  2. Oilman says:

    Boy, that 4.00GAA doesn’t usually translate into a 3-1-0 record (unless it’s in my beer league), interesting to see what MacT does if Roli lays an egg against Vancouver….could JDD get a start against the Flames?

  3. Oilman says:

    Woops, Avs…..not Vancouver.

  4. Bruce says:

    Boy, that 4.00GAA doesn’t usually translate into a 3-1-0 record (unless it’s in my beer league),

    Yeah, that’s why I mentioned it. 4 GP, 21 GF, 16 GA, which is a microcosm of the Oilers of 1981-86. Of course those Oilers kept scoring 5+ GPG for five years running, whereas this is just weird fun while it lasts. But there’s no denying it’s fun.

  5. Jon G says:

    I assume that JDD will not be getting a start this year unless the Oilers go into the tank in the next couple of games and are out of it. However, it will be a good experience to be on the big team for a prolonged period of time to hopefully get used to what it is like.

  6. speeds says:

    Note for any prospect junkies:

    Guy Flaming has Kevin Lowe on for an hour tonight, from 7-8pm, on TEAM 1260, talking prospects.

  7. Black Dog says:

    I went to high school with Brian Tessier. Poor bugger ended up behind some guy named Sean Burke in junior.

  8. ClaytonMagnet says:

    It’s interesting how some orgs are a complete contrast of the Oilers when it comes to finding/developing goalies. Montreal seems to develop one first rate goalie per year. Then they ship them to Colorado, or give them away for nothing. Minny, Dallas, and SJ also come to mind. It seems more than coincidence. Is it a result of the focus of the GM at draft time, good goalie coaching, or dumb luck? I know the issue of the Oil not having a AHL team for a while was a factor in development, but the list posted here is 25+ years of almost nothing.

    Except for the scratch golfer from Spruce Grove. He was obviously blessed by Mr. Weir.

  9. Asiaoil says:

    Roloson flat out stole a game in SJ and most of last nights goals were of the cheezy deflection variety. The guy is a proven money goalie when the chips are down and we are lucky to have this kind of depth in nest.

    Best part of this is that Dubnyk gets the starts in Springfield. One thing to consider LT – I’m not totally pleased with Dubnyks’s year (he got 1 start in all of January) but he’s been a .921 goalie over the past 2 months and been much better than JDD who’s only about .902 since Jan 1. Also note who Dubnyk (.911) is ahead of in terms of SP this season:

    Montoya .907
    Pogge .906
    Rask .905
    Schwarz .896

    Dubnyk is fine and all he needs is more playing time next season as the clear starter. You can still question picking him that high until he puts up an outstanding season in the AHL – but clearly the folks who thought we were nuts to pick Dubnyk over Schwarz were barking up the wrong tree. He’s right there in terms of being one of the best young goalies in the minors – but again he has to take the next step in 08-09.

  10. James Mirtle says:

    Some teams just can’t draft goaltenders. Vancouver comes to mind, as I believe their record is even worse than the Oilers’.

  11. Lowetide says:

    Expos were like that. They could find RW hitting outfielders with power under the kitchen sink but LH power hitters? Not until Larry Walker iirc, which is one more reason 1994 was the day the music died.

  12. Ribs says:

    I picked Garon in the weekly pool three weeks ago and didn’t get the chance to change him after we learned he was injured.

    I fear I’ll have to keep Garon for as long as the teams winning even if he doesn’t play, just for supersticious purposes.

    It would be fine if I wasn’t leading my pool through the second half of the season….

  13. YKOil says:

    wow. my my semi-every-other-other-other-year draft review is almost complete and here I see two of the points I make in it covered in one post.

    LT nails the issue the Oilers have drafting goalies and Mirtle gets the same hi-light a buddy of mine pointed out – Vancouver is even worse at it.

    Anyways, should be out next week.

    I am starting to think Dubnyk may have a career but like others I think he needs a full year or two as the #1.

  14. Hemsky is a gangsta says:

    I figure this is the best place to put this…

    I only listened to part 1 of guy’s interview with kevin lowe. he was gushing about grebeshkov, talking about how rare his skillset was. Said the Nilsson/Pouliot development path is much more normal than Gagner/Cogliano coming out of no where. he also made a comment about how much better the team could be with four veterans inserted into the line up (horcoff, moreau, torres, souray). This could give us an indication on his plans for the off season.

  15. toqueboy says:

    perhaps this is why they say not to waste a high draft pick on a goalie. given our horrible draft record, we’ve still fielded an impressive roster of goalies.

  16. Bruce says:

    given our horrible draft record, we’ve still fielded an impressive roster of goalies.

    Yeah, the Oilers have drafted exactly two goalies that ever amounted to anything, the sparkling selections of Andy Moog (7th round) and Grant Fuhr (6th overall) in consecutive years. Those first three “Magic Years” at the Entry Draft set the bar at pole vault height, and subsequent Oiler drafts have seemingly been conducted without a pole. One of the tenfoot variety might have helped them weed out some of those bums…

    Since around the time Barry Fraser moved to Mexico Oilers’ goaltending acquisition has been a combination of trades and voodoo magic. Sather pulled off a couple of beauts, including what may have been the best Oiler trade of all time, Shame Corson for Curtis Joseph and Mike Grier. That was like a 3-for-0 as far as I was concerned, addition AND subtraction. Cujo and Grier were critical cogs in an Oiler team that in their first full year returned to respectability and the playoffs, two things noticeably absent throughout Shame’s tenure in Edmonton.

    When Cujo left for the Land of the Greenbacks Sather conjured up another deal for Tommy Salo, I think it was Mats Lindgren going the other way, maybe a pick? too lazy to look it up. Well Mats was a nice player, but he never really got much better, and when you can trade a 16-minute player for a 60-minute player, well that’s a pretty good trade in my view. Tommy was a good goalie here for several seasons, and a lousy one for about the last year.

    And of course going way back when, Sather also traded for a young Bill Ranford in 1988, also acquiring Geoff Courtnall in a deal that sent Andy Moog to the Bruins. Moog still had some good years in him, leading Boston to two Stanley Cup Finals. Both times he/they ran into the Oilers, first of all Andy’s old partner/nemsis Fuhr. The second time it was Ranford of course who stole the show with a Conn Smythe-winning performance.

    As for our current tender, a first rounder didn’t seem too harsh a price a pay for that run to the Finals in ’06.

    So that’s four pretty good trades, not to mention one solid free agent signing, that have collectively and for the most part provided sound netminding for the Oil since Andy and Grant left town.

  17. Bruce says:

    Make that 8th overall for Fuhr, not 6th. Fuck, my memory’s going. I was listening to that draft on the radio, Rod was doing a report as the picks were coming down on a Tuesday morning or something, I know I was putting a tie on at the time. (“Nevermore” quoth the raven.)

    Oilers had been waxing ecstatic about Fuhr so once he got down to #8 it seemed a no-brainer. Unexpectedly, James Patrick was also available. The Oilers called a timeout. I pleaded to my radio “Pick Fuhr! Pick Fuhr!” and sure enough … Patrick was the next pick, going to the Rangers and turning in an outstanding NHL career. But the Oilers’ magic still carried the day.

  18. Oilman says:

    There have been 34 goalies picked in the first round since 1990 – three have won Stanley Cups (Brodeur, Giguere, and (spits)Ward), about 9 have gone on to have success as starters (Thibault, Dipietro, Luongo, Lehtonen, LeClaire, Ward, Fleurey, and now Price)
    more than half of current NHL starters were drafted in the 5th round or later:
    1st – Giguere, Lehtonen, Ward, Leclaire, Brodeur, Dipietro, Biron, Fleury, Luongo,
    2nd – Budaj, Bryzgalov, Garon, Ellis
    3rd – Labarbera
    4th – Toskala
    5th – Miller, Kiprusoff, Turco, Mason
    6th –
    7th – Huet, Lundqvist, Holmqvist
    8th – Gerber, Legace
    9th – Thomas, Khabibulin, Vokoun, Nabokov
    10th – Hasek
    Undrafted – Roloson, Backstrom

    Most of these guys were drafted a good 5 to 6 years before making an impact (Ellis, Garon, Thomas, Giguere, Thomas, Kiprusoff, Gerber, Hasek, etc)…..point – drafting goalies is often a crapshoot

  19. Bruce says:

    Most of these guys were drafted a good 5 to 6 years before making an impact (Ellis, Garon, Thomas, Giguere, Thomas, Kiprusoff, Gerber, Hasek, etc)…..point – drafting goalies is often a crapshoot

    Excellent stuff, Oilman. I was thinking along a parallel path, of how many of these guys have succeeded with a different team than the one that drafted them. From your list above, Giguere and Luongo are each in their third organization, Biron with his second, and the other 6 first rounders stuck it out with their original team. Further down the draft list, that becomes less common: 3 of the four second-rounders have changed teams, and that seems the rule after that.

    By my count just 12 of the 31 goalies you listed [includes both Oilers, presumably the GP leader or presumed playoff starter of all other teams?] remain with their original NHL organization (11 draftees plus Backstrom). Whether 6 of them being first rounders speaks to those guys being more surefire can’t-miss prospects or is simply the result of the team having invested heavily in them waiting for them to develop, I’m not prepared to say without further study, but I’ll bet both factor in.

    One thing I don’t know off the top of my head is how many NHL players period are still with their original team. By my count 11 Oilers from tonight’s line-up, giving half points for Stoll (drafted twice) and JDD (likely to dress but not play). So ~half the team. I don’t know what the percentage is across the league … anybody keep track of that sort of thing? I’m not sure the situation with the ‘tenders is all that exceptional.

  20. Dennis says:

    Bruce: the pick in the Salo deal wound up being Radek Martinek.

    I think it’s cool to give Slats the gears these days — and personally I was choked that he took such a salary for being GM while authoring a team that was working on the cheap even though I understand he put the years in to ask for some decent money — but that fucker pulled off some dandy deals, didn’t he? Turning two draft busts in Bonsignore/Kelly plus Mush for Hammer, McGillis for Niinimaa and of course the CuJo deal. Guerin for Arnott was another beauty as well and would’ve been better had we been able to sign Billy. Straight up though, I loved that deal given that Arnott needed a change of scenery.

    SJ is the team that you guys missed when it comes to turning out goalies. Hedberg had that run for the Pit and of course you have the more well known guys like Nabakov and Kiprusoff. Seems like Warren Strelow was a big part of their success with netminders.

  21. Bruce says:

    Dennis: ClaytonMagnet mention SanJose in his observant post up top.

    Thanks for Martinek, I knew I should’ve looked it up. If the Islanders got two players out of it they probably did alright, Milbury was running Salo out of town on a rail in any event. It was probably a good trade for both teams. Whereas the sceond Salo trade (for Gilbert) was only good for one of the teams. :)

    Another beauty trade was Manson for Mironov, Lindgren, and a fourth overall pick (turned out to be Bonsignore, but I’ve always felt if we didn’t have two picks there we wouldn’t have gotten Ryan Smyth with the second one).

    Mironov, Lindgren and Bonsignore all became bargaining chips in later deals that netted Moreau, Cleary, Kilger, Salo, and Hamrlik, and of course Hammer netted Brew and Brew went for Prongs and CFP went for Lupul and Soft Joff went for Pitkanen … Other names involved, it’s more complex than that, but I find some of these little tributaries of roster development to be quite fascinating.

  22. Oilman says:

    It is fascinating Bruce…it’s cool how you can link Steve Smith to Ethan Moreau fairly directly…and the trickle effect ranges from the Oilers eventually getting Pronger to Smith basically beginning the end of Pavel Bure’s career while playing with Chicago….which, if you get really creative and off the wall, led to Gretz’s decision to retire when he did {he said he would have stuck around given the chance to play with Bure)….and because my mid works in this crazy way – I have a problem with Corsi numbers;o)

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