Oilers Recall Peckham, David Staples Question

The Edmonton Oilers called up Theo Peckham today on emergency recall. I think maybe the NHL doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “emergency” but that’s for another day.

Peckham is a quality prospect who gives the Oilers another young defender for Craig MacTavish to break in. He seems to be ripping up the depth chart at a rapid rate having passed several more veteran options in the AHL just over halfway into his first pro season (and having turned 20 four months ago).

It’s a pretty nice thing for the kid no matter if he plays or not but there’s a chance he’ll get into game action. Ladislav Smid’s recovery is ongoing and Mathieu Roy is banged up (plus he’s an injury risk anytime during waking hours).

In the post below, David Staples (who should be given credit for drawing attention to the Oilers end of the blogosphere and treating it with respect. He could have gone the other way, you know) asks Lowetide, when you rate Schremp higher on your list than Riley Nash, does that mean that you wouldn’t trade Schremp for Nash?

It’s an interesting question. When I did the December top 20 Nash had scored 9 points in 9 games (3-6-9) for Cornell and Schremp was 21gp, 5-17-22 (-2) for Springfield. At that time we had 90 AHL games (plus junior) to look at when evaluating Schremp and a career in the BCJHL and 9 games in the NCAA for Nash.

Since then, Schremp has gone 39gp, 10-23-33 (-6) and 20gp, 8-8-16 at Cornell. I can’t seem to find college +/- just now, anyone who has it let me know. Anyway, Schremp’s numbers are an improvement over last season and Nash has delivered more and better than had been forecast for him this season.

If I rated Schremp ahead of Nash then, why would I rank Nash ahead of Schremp now?

  1. Nash is having a very nice season at age 18 in a year where he’s stepping up (from last year) in terms of level of competition.
  2. The secondary stuff (Ivy League Rookie of the Year, co-leader in team points) all favors Nash.
  3. Everything you read on Nash is arrows up, Schremp is having a little bit of a porridge season.
  4. Nash (according to the scouting reports) has a wide variety of skills and has time to improve in all areas, whereas Schremp is one dimensional is reaching the age where improvement is marginal season over season.

There would have to be a lot of evidence imo to put Nash ahead of Schremp based on one season, but it appears to be there. Riley Nash has done more to improve his stock this season than any other prospect outside the NHL, and that includes Taylor Chorney, Jeff Petry, Alex Bumagin and Linus Omark. And Rob Schremp. So to answer Mr Staples, I think Nash is the best prospect in the organization at this time, and I wouldn’t trade him for Rob Schremp. I don’t think that was the case at the beginning of December, but it’s obvious now.

As always, every season has winners and losers. Riley Nash is the big winner in this organization this year.

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21 Responses to "Oilers Recall Peckham, David Staples Question"

  1. Black Dog says:

    Peckham has been charging up the charts and with four graduates from the December top ten I see him as number six maybe, LT? Guess we’ll see.

    Nice writeups on him and like certain other recent kids – Gilbert for example, everything about the kid screams “player” to me.

    I have a ton of complaints about Lowe and the last two years but credit where credit is due amateur player procurement has improved and continues to do so, imo.

  2. Jesse says:

    I can’t wait for your post on this season’s losers, LT.

  3. doritogrande says:

    Wreck’em is quite the apt nickname for this kid. Friend over on another board posted this:


    Huggy-bear this kid is NOT. He’s feeding those OHLers their lunch in a 4-Litre ice cream bucket.

  4. Bruce says:

    David Staples … should be given credit for drawing attention to the Oilers end of the blogosphere and treating it with respect. He could have gone the other way, you know

    Hear, hear!

  5. Dennis says:

    I’m torn on Staples. I’d say he’s getting as much out of the Sphere as he’s putting in. Is there anything wrong with that? Not exactly. Just saying is all.

    When I make my final grade on Staples, he’s smart enough to know there are smart guys who post here but he’s still MSM and whipped enough to give Lowe a free pass on all his major and poor moves. I’m not telling LT what to write or not but the blogs are about opinions that differ from the ones that appear in the dailies and when it comes down to brass tacks, Staples practices Lowealingus with as much fervor as anyone else with a byline.

    As for the post, looking forward to seeing Nash playing pro somewhere.

  6. dawgbone says:

    I hope this means that Peckham concentrates solely on his workouts this summer and skips out on the ballhockey…

    I really don’t like playing against him.

  7. rickibear says:

    Dennis: That was an elitist peice of S**t you just spit out there.

    Yes the blogosphere is a forum for fans to enjoy others thoughts and to express our own.

    So what if he makes a little money off his thoughts. You don’t condemn a person for having thought diffrent than you. You read it and think about.

    Then you can laugh like I do when I read your **** or you say “nice thought” if it causes you to rethink what you percived.You even can say the person is brilliant if they parrallel your thought.

    That is what these oilers sites are. Education, entertainment, fanatacism, and free speach. Don’t s**t on someone for doing it just because you percieve it to be wrong.

    Sorry for the lecture!

  8. godot10 says:

    Isn’t an NHL club allowed 23 players on the roster? If there are not sufficient healthy bodies for the 23 spots, isn’t it an emergency callup?

    I don’t know the answer. I’m just asking/surmising.

  9. dstaples says:


    Yes, I’d take Nash over Schremp, too, at least from all the stuff I’ve read on your blog about Nash. He’s almost too good to be true, a big, fast centreman found with a low first round draft pick.


    I take no offence to what you’re saying about me (even your jabs at in regards to my general opinion on Lowe, which you believe is a somewhat cynical attempt to suck up to the guy, but which I believe is actually my real and considered opinion on Lowe; I honestly think he’s done an OK job, save for that Nylander/Souray moment of madness.).

    My blog is part work, but not much. It’s mainly my obsession, done on my own time. Lots and lots of my own time.

    So I am a fan with a blog, but a journalist’s mindset and training.

    You’re right to suggest that I get as much out of the Mighty Copper Sphere as it gets out of me.

    Without a doubt. More so, in fact. I’m just a little bitty part of the Oilogosphere, and I’m nobody if no one reads me or talks with me.

    The mass media is like the military, with the big newspapers like three star general, that everyone has to listen to, just because of the position it commands.

    But the Oilogosphere is like a town hall meeting, and I’m just another citizen, holding my hands up with something to say, wondering if anyone will agree with me, or shout me down as a damn fool.

    We’re all part of this same ongoing townhall meeting on the Oilers, and the distinction between the mass media and the fan media fades when we enter that arena.

    We are all only as good as our last opinion, our last post. I keep coming back to many blogs on the Oilers because, frankly, some of the best opinion writing on the Oilers is found here.

    Personally, I’ve learned many useful things about Corsi numbers, quality of competition, minor league equivalents, Oilers prospects and the utter rashness of the Souray trade. I’ve been challenged and pushed and prodded to defend my own (entirely correct :) ) positions on the Smythe and Pronger trades, the Penner signing and on the “error” statistic. The discussion has made me think harder about hockey than I ever have before, and I’ve relished it.

    I may be the first mass media guy to join in as I have with the Oilogosphere, but I won’t be the last. This is the new home of the mass media, and it’s a challenging and humbling place for us. I’m lucky that I’m not a sportswriter, so my ego isn’t as involved as it might be with my blog; otherwise I might be really hurting over a few of the thrashing I’ve taken.

    As you guys all know, I’m sure, the mass media no longer have the monopoly on opinion. We can no longer suppress any letter writer who says something too sharp or critical by trashing their “Letter to the Editor.”

    We are in the same big boat with you.

    One big difference is that mass media types have more access to interviews, but as bloggers get more ambitious, that will change, and bloggers will cover games and press conferences here, too, as they do already in Washington.

    So, Dennis, we’re not so different, except, of course, for the fact that you are wrong about Lowe ;) and I’m sure sure preparing a big post admitting just that.

  10. PunjabiOil says:

    Nice well thought out post David.


  11. jon k says:

    Peckham’s been one of my faves since pre-season and the Bears game this season. Underrated player with strength, work ethic, and the smarts to use both.

    Should be interesting to see where his utility lands.

  12. dstaples says:

    Thanks Punjabioil. Well said, except for any typos and grammatical errors. My excuse for them is that I had to run, as my wife said it was time to watch Law & Order.

  13. Sean says:

    Peckham looks like he can throw them pretty good with both hands. Didnt appear to dominate many of the fights though. Lets hope he does well tonight but moreso Pouliot brings his AHL game at the NHL level.

    Nice post David.

  14. Cam says:

    Why was I under the impression that “David Staples” was the guy from the Journal and “dstaples” was somebody else…

  15. dstaples says:

    I think there is a “DavidS” who posts regularly in the Oilogosphere, so maybe that was the confusion.

  16. namflashback says:

    re Staples:

    The Oilogosphere (and any blogosphere IMO) is amorphous. Paid MSM writers who are blogging as a hobby, or doing it freelance (dstables, Mirtle) — in my mind are welcome.

    I like the fact that Staples has been willing to go toe to toe and swing them. If everyone agreed on the sphere, we’d just have something as potentially biased and non-objective as the MSM.

    And whatever people’s obsessions (mc97 and Conklin, many bloggers and the 5 assets, pro-Smyth-signing con-Smyth-signing) I prefer the bloggers and commenters who don’t just employ:

    “Saw him good”


    “Saw him bad”

    And eschew any downstream objectivity because of a prior observation.

    “See it good” or “See it bad” in the present tense keeps a better balance.

  17. Dennis says:

    Staples: the proof is in the pudding when it comes to Lowe.

  18. Bruce says:

    Dennis: would that be the pudding that has Garon-Gilbert-Grebeshkov-Greene-Glencross-Gagner, not to mention Cogliano-Nilsson-Brodziak-Pouliot-Peckham-Nash?

    The G-G-Glass is half full, my friend.

  19. Dennis says:

    It would be the pudding that has Souray as a main ingredient, was almost garnished with Nylander, sucked in ’07 and would be a terrible team in ’08 if not for some crazy shootout luck.

  20. oilerdiehard says:

    Great post David. I enjoy your blog, please keep up the good work.

  21. Bruce says:

    Dennis: I hear you, and Lowe certainly has to answer to that. I just see lots of good things happening here too, mainly from the younger cheaper end of the roster and down in the system.

    You can write off Lowe’s Souray-Nylander-Vanek-Penner adventures as temporary insanity, or as a result of EIG pressure to make a splash throwing money around, or what you will. It certainly wasn’t the best two weeks of Lowe’s tenure, but I for one am not prepared to bury him forever based on that binge.

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