Slava Trukhno scored early again tonight for Springfield. Just a couple of weeks ago we discussed this player and what appeared to be a corner turned.

Since then he has built on it and is now 7-5-12, +3 in his last 9 games. Most of the offense has come on the powerplay and it’s reasonable to assume that Trukhno will spend some or all of next season in the AHL, but after a slow start to his pro career it looks like he’s back on track as a legit NHL prospect.

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  1. Dennis says:

    I just came here looking for somewhere to post it.

    Good job:)

    Looks like we’ve got another guy to keep a keen eye on.

  2. Bank Shot says:

    The Oilers should put the kid on the Brodziak skating improvement program. That seems to be the only thing holding him back from uninterrupted prosperity.

  3. Asiaoil says:

    Good for you for hanging with the kid LT – I’ve been a sceptic but he’s winning me over wityh his play in the 2nd half of the season. Another goal tonight as well so he’s keeping it up – and if he works on his skating over the summer (who does that remind you of) then he could be an interesting player going forward.

  4. Black Dog says:


    A whack of graduates and still some very nice looking prospects to come.

    Exciting stuff.

    Check out the Habs’ top twenty from the fall – they have seven of their guys playing with the big team now and I believe 15 or 16 of the players on their roster are Montreal draftees, iirc.

    I know Tom Benjamin says that the early UFA age means that drafting and development mean less now but I think the opposite. A steady pipeline of cheap young players who can play is essential. The teams who succeed in this arena will be the most successful ones in the years to come.

    Good for Trukhno. Like a lot of recent Oiler draftees it sounds like he just gets the game. It took him a little longer to get going in his first pro season but the fact that he has turned the corner is very exciting, especially considering he plays the wing.

  5. speeds says:

    SPR up 4-1 now, Trukhno added an assist on the Schremp’s goal, a goal that gave SPR a 4-1 lead.

  6. heed says:

    trukhno was fun to watch during the preseason. he clearly had skill and wasn’t afraid to throw his body around. my buddy and i also enjoyed referring to him as “techno” the whole night.

    ps the preseason game against the leafs was a blast. they chanted “go leafs go”, i responded with my own chant of “40 years”. good times had by all.

  7. Ribs says:

    Nice to see the guy poking his way through to the sunlight. I wonder if The Schrempster has had anything to do with his resurgence…

    Trukhno in the last 9 games with Schremp in on the play: 5G, 1A

    Trukhno in the same 9 games without Hockey Jesus: 4A, 1G

    Tonights tallies add another goal and an assist to the Schremp bin.

  8. Asiaoil says:

    Poor old Schremp – last year at this time he was almost at the from of the call-up line – but since then Nilsson, Cogs and Gags have shown up and blown by him. I can’t see any place for him on the Oilers going forward with 3 smaller offensive top 6 guy in front of him. Shipping him off at the draft by himself or in a package with another extra player or two probably makes the most sense. At least Truk has some time.

    I figure the follwoing choices about players have to be made.

    LW: one of Torres or Moreau goes
    C: one of MAP or Stoll goes
    RW: no depth so everyone stays
    D: one of Greene or Roy goes
    G: trade Roloson but it’s no biggie

    My off-season victims would be Schremp, Stoll, Torres and Greene – that’s a lot of decent talent and should net us something useful.

  9. dstaples says:

    Just what Oil needs, another guy who can produce on the powerplay ;).

    My big concern is how Nilsson will get more powerplay minutes.

    Which spot does he take? There is such a powerplay glut, now that Gagner demands first pp unit status.

    Hemsky, Penner, Gagner, Pitkanen, Stoll, Souray, Nilsson, Cogs, Greb, Horc . . . Who should get the minutes? Or, put another way, who should be traded?

    Young guys like Schremp and Trukhno are coming to this team at the wrong moment, perhaps.

    The Oilers big move this summer has to be a trade, moving two or three or four 9s and 10s pieces for one King or Ace.

  10. Black Dog says:

    staples – I think Trukhno is a year away at least. A nice month or so doesn’t make him ready. Means he’s figured out the AHL.

    As for Schremp, yeah the timing for him is bad. Wasn’t ready two years ago. Last season three guys passed him by – he had a good camp despite coming off the injury.

    Next season there is no spot in the top six for him unless someone gets hurt.

    May not mean anything anyways – he may be Todd Simon.

  11. dstaples says:

    Black dog: Had to look up Todd Simon’s stats. Didn’t know the player. But, yes, I can see the comparison. Similar size, similar stats, though Schremp was a much higher draft pick than Simon, so the scouts saw the two differently.

    All kinds of top scorers in major junior can not translate that into pro success. One of the most common stories in hockey. You look at the Top Ten scorers every year in each Major Junior league, and it’s striking how few of them go on to the NHL.

    Perhaps Schremp should go to Europe sooner than later, as there is more money to be made there than in the AHL.

    Not that I have anything against Schremp, and I’m not saying he can’t play in the NHL.

    I have no idea really, other than a few brief glimpses of him, what MacT says, how the Oilers treat him, and what his stats say.

  12. Black Dog says:

    david – yeah I’m not saying he will be Simon either but as you said, tons of these guys never make it – I saw Simon play 15 years ago and he could really light it up – size and skating were his issues iirc

    Schremp doesn’t have the skillset to play in the bottom six and so it has to be top six for him and in this case its a lot of bad timing. If anyone had said last summer that he would be passed by three guys I think most would not have believed it.

    I don’t think he will get a better chance with the Oilers then last fall though. Smyth, Sykora and Lupul gone from last year’s top nine. Moreau and Pisani out so Stoll and Torres had to take those tough minutes.

    We knew Nilsson would get his shot but Cogliano and Gagner came in and took his job. He was recovering from an injury so that hurt his chances but you have to think that if Gagner were in junior or Cogliano in the A then he might have gotten a better look.

    Having said all that I would take all three guys over him. I think he may be able to play in the NHL but it won’t be with this club unless someone gets hurt next year and he comes in and really really lights it up.

  13. dstaples says:

    Black Dog: In the distant past, the Oil did sometimes have a top scoring kinda guy on the third or fourth line.

    Petr Klima and Geoff Courtnall come to mind. Joe Murphy was also a fourth liner, breaking in.

    Now, the Oil’s current style doesn’t make that kind of move likely, does it? So Schremp seems out of luck. You’re right that him not beating out Gagner and Cogliano was the defining moment for him here. Really, it goes back to his first season in the AHL, when everyone expected he would put up huge numbers, but he failed to deliver that, just wasn’t ready.

  14. Dennis says:

    Just when I broke Lain of waiting for Lowe’s quan for qual trade, now I’ve got to do the same thing to Max Hastings;)

    In any case, before anyone starts to believe this kind of deal has any chance of happening, why doesn’t someone post the list of guys who are saying making 4.5 mill or more and have let’s say two years left on their deals.

    Otherwise, you’ll be talking about quanity for a quality rental and does anyone really advocate such a move?

    I mean, while it may be true that the Oilers have a plethora of guys making two mill or more — and as an aside, if Moreau’s last year was ’10 we’d be throwing him into the deal and talking about it NBA-style as an “expiring contract — a guy like Richards has found a new home so I don’t know where this quality is going to come from.

  15. Stuart van says:

    How about Schremp as a first line left winger? If three small skill guys can light up the 2nd line, why not a small skill guy on the first line? Can anyone one of Penner, Horcoff, Cogliano or Nilsson play a 3rd line role? If so, that could open up room for Schremp.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to count Schremp out or give up on him. The guy has had a more outstanding AHL career than Pouliot or Jacques, and comparable to Nilsson. His injury set him back from competing for a spot last fall and he simply hasn’t been given a chance this year at the NHL level, but he’s a leader in the AHL. I think his value as a trade chip doesn’t equal his potential, so its better to hold on to him. He could make the squad next fall, or start to dominate the AHL and produce at a 1.3+ pace – prior stats suggest he improves year over year.

    Brodziak didn’t make it until age 23, why rush with Schremp? This year has been a good development year for him, and with some strong off-season training, he could improve some of the strength issues.

    As for Trukhno, very encouraging to see his stats jump up. He too, is young, and a year in the AHL where he plays a greater role looks like it will be in the cards.

  16. Dennis says:

    Stuart: Personally, I’m not calling ’09 or bust’ for Schremp because a lot of the Oilers talent has graduated or outlasted their waiver rights so there’s certainly room for Robbie to get a tonne of time for the Falcons next year.

    I think what we have to watch out for, though, is not letting his stock get too low before we sell if that’s pretty much been the intention all along; or at least say for the last year.

  17. Black Dog says:

    stuart – I don’t think this is it for Schremp – all or nothing I mean – I just think you look at that top six and you have three kids who will have to be sheltered somewhat next year

    So your top three have to be able to take on some tougher opposition. Unless they drop Penner or Horcoff to what we will call the third line and bump one of the kids up to replace him then there’s no spot for Schremp in the top six. And I don’t think they will do that. Penner is getting paid too much to play on the third line and they brought him in to score goals. And Horc is almost a PPG player playing with Hemsky and Penner.

    Now, having said all that if they let Horcoff walk after next season then there’s a big hole to fill. But based on what MacT says about Horc and what he says about Schremp I don’t think that’s the plan.

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