2008 Draft: Mikkel Boedker

This is Mikkel Boedker. If I had a vote at the Oilers draft table (and good that I don’t) this would be the player who would get my vote.

Why? Well he’s really good, by the math crowd and the “saw him good” set.

I haven’t posted too much about the 2008 draft but have given some info on Tyler Ennis and Colby Robak and since we’re in that period of time when all there is to do is pray to the Gods that the Flames lose it might be time to have a closer look at some of the best young players to come down the pipe this season.

International Scouting Services does the best job of listing the approximate draft order each season (at least until Bob McKenzie does his list) so let’s start by listing the top 30 according to ISS (April 2008):

  1. Stamkos, Steven C (OHL)
  2. Filatov, Nikita LW (Rus-2)
  3. Bogosian, Zach RD (OHL)
  4. Doughty, Drew RD (OHL)
  5. Pietrangelo, Alex RD (OHL)
  6. Schenn, Luke RD (WHL)
  7. Boedker, Mikkel LW (OHL)
  8. Wilson, Colin C (NCAA)
  9. Hodgson, Cody C (OHL)
  10. Sbisa, Luca LD (WHL)
  11. Bailey, Joshua C (OHL)
  12. Boychuk, Zac C (WHL)
  13. Beach, Kyle C (WHL)
  14. Tedenby, Mattias LW (SweJE)
  15. Myers, Tyler RD (WHL)
  16. Nemisz, Greg C (OHL)
  17. Del Zotto, Michael LD (OHL)
  18. Teubert, Colten RD (WHL)
  19. Grachev, Evgeny C (Rus-2)
  20. Robak, Colby LD (WHL)
  21. Carlson, John RD (USHL)
  22. Petrov, Kirill LW (Rus-2)
  23. Colborne, Joe LW (AJHL)
  24. Ness, Aaron LD (USHS)
  25. Eberle, Jordan C (WHL)
  26. Gardiner, Jake D (USHS)
  27. Toews, David LW (USHS)
  28. Sauve, Maxime C (QMJHL)
  29. Dalpe, Zac C (BCJHL)
  30. Cuma, Tyler LD (OHL)

Ennis isn’t on the current top 30 and they have a goalie list outside this one but we’ll deal with goalies later. In the next few weeks I’m going to do several of these but won’t focus much on the top 15 listed here because those young men will be gone before the Oilers draft. If you want me to post specific information on them just post and I will but one of the reasons for doing this is finding the name of the player Edmonton will take with their pick so looking at Nikita Filatov is a lost cause.

I did this last year with zero success in terms of prediction who they’d take but some of the stuff we talked about looks good one year later. So let’s start by comparing the top CHL F prospects in terms of their Desjardins NHLE (per 82gp):

  • Stamkos: 23-19-42
  • Bailey: 11-24-35
  • Hodgson: 14-17-31
  • Boychuk: 13-16-29
  • Boedker: 12-17-29
  • Eberle: 15-11-26
  • Beach: 11-14-25
  • Nemisz: 12-12-24
  • Sauve: 9-14-23

None of them approached the Kane-Gagner proportions of a year ago but we don’t know the difference in ice-time, the difference in offense, the difference league-to-league. This is just a tool to find as level a playing field as is possible without hurting our brains with math. A few notes here: Tyler Ennis (15-17-32) may go earlier than ISS is predicting just because he’s in the mix offensively and a team might take a chance on an undersized player (it’s happened in the very recent past).

That said, Stamkos appears well clear of the pack and Joshua Bailey’s number is a nice one too. Boedker is in the next group and combined with his scouting report would have to be considered a strong contender to be the second forward taken in the draft.

One scouting report on Boedker goes like this: “He’s an outstanding skater with great puck control. Works the boards well and is an overall horse in the offensive end. His offensive production will only improve. Needs to learn to return defensively, but (Peter) Deboer is a great coach and by the time he leaves juniors, he could be a solid two way player with his other intangibles.”

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14 Responses to "2008 Draft: Mikkel Boedker"

  1. jon k says:

    Boedker has moved up over the season which is unfortunate. I havn’t seen him play, but from the reports I’ve read he reminds me a bit of Hemsky in terms of draft day description. Would definitely be a nice player to add.

    Colbourne is still a player I hope we consider, subject of course to the draft combine physical and personality results. Reminds me of Penner in playing style and upside.

  2. jon k says:

    If only I could stop misspelling his name.

  3. Ducey says:

    “and since we’re in that period of time when all there is to do is pray to the Gods that the Flames lose”

    While you’re praying, pray for the Ducks to lose too.

  4. Showerhead says:

    I don’t tend to follow undrafted junior players outside of the WJHC. That being said, if there is one (non-Canadian) player who impressed me in that entire tournament it was Mikkel Boedker. He looked dynamic and absolutely at home playing with (Eller?) and against Canada’s best.

  5. Bendelson says:

    I’m sticking with my original pick of Joe Colbourne… risky, but in the late round, with his potential ‘upside’ (size/speed), I think its a good risk.
    Outside of Colbourne, Toews might be the next most likely choice…

    Boedker will be long gone by the Oilers pick – without a big trade that is…

  6. breakerdog says:

    If Beach falls far enough do you think we should take him? One of those guys with “attitude” questions, but his skill is not.

    His numbers didnt get a huge jump over his rookie year, but his coaches praise his competitiveness and fire.


    seems like a guy you would love to have on your team. I keep hearing all these rumors about off ice problems but havent heard exactly what that means yet. No incidents that I have heard of.

  7. HBomb says:

    breakerdog: Knowing the type of players Anaheim is not afraid to employ, my guess is that they take Beach at 12.

    But that’s just my interpretation of things.

  8. knighttown says:

    The guy I’m hoping slips to us is Josh Bailey from the Windsor Spitfires. As I watch teams like the Rangers and Flyers succeed in the playoffs, I worry that we need more guys that can win head-to-head matchups. Sure Jason Spezza will out produce Chris Drury in the regular season, nearly 2-to-1, but give me Chris in a best of seven anytime. Bailey’s been called a mini-Eric Staal and a Daymond Langkow clone. Already a two way player and by putting up 91 points has proven he can produce with the big boys on your list.

  9. knighttown says:

    Wondering how Pieterangelo’s mono will affect his draft position. Learning from Pouliot, losing a year of development seems to be like a dog-year when you’re 17 years old. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall out of the Top 10.

  10. doritogrande says:

    Zak Boychuk’s been falling a bit of late, I’m still praying he’s availible. A speedy winger with great hockey sense and a penchant for scoring highlight reel goals would be a huge benefit on Gagner’s flank.

    However, if nobody takes a shot at the project that is Tyler Myers, I’d be all over that monster of a 17-year old like a fat kid on food.

    If Dallas can finish off Anaheim, I immediately become a Flames fan for the rest of the first round. Philly and Boston too.

  11. Asiaoil says:

    I like Boedker as well – and the 4/5/6/7 slots are full of teams that we have dealt with. If we throw our #1 pick from ANA plus Schremp does that get us there? Probably not – but how about Schremp and Stoll? Who knows – but a team like the Leafs needs young NHL-ready talent now and we have some extra pieces.

  12. Bruce says:

    Wikipedia has this on last year’s changes to the draft structure:

    Starting with the 2007 NHL Entry Draft, the Stanley Cup champion and runner-up will receive the 30th and 29th picks respectively. The conference finalists will get the 28th and 27th picks, and all other playoff teams will get picks based on their regular season point totals, but with the division winners getting the latest picks even if they had fewer points during the regular season than a non-division winner.

    Unless this has been redefined, a first-round Anaheim loss is no different from a second-round loss. So with the highest points total of any non-division champ, potentially their (our) pick could still be as low as #24 if the four teams that make the conference finals are all division winners. (So far Minny is out, the Sharks, Caps, and Habs are on the bubble, and just Pittsburgh and Detroit are safely through to Round Two.) Our pick will move up for each team other than those six who make it to the conference finals.

    At least that’s how I interpret the above. Does somebody know something different?

  13. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: That’s exactly as I understand it. We won’t know until the final four.

  14. Bruce says:

    Thanks, LT. What we know already is that it’s no worse than #24, and that it definitely won’t be the dreaded #30. Which would have sucked for two reasons.

    Good riddance to Burkie and his gang of thugs.

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