AHL Report Cards 07-08: Bryan Young

07-08 must have been a tough season for Bryan Young. He was a healthy scratch several times during the first half of the season and lost playing time to less experienced players (like Sebastien Bisaillon) through the end of the calendar year.

He was called up in the first week of November (Matty Roy injury) but spent the rest of the season in Springfield. Through the end of January he couldn’t buy a break and was a team worst -14.

The Oilers as an organization stated that he was perhaps trying to do too much and not playing that solid defensive style that included physical play and secondary skills (shot blocking, strong along the boards).

Injuries and a turnaround in effectiveness saved Young’s season and in fact his plus minus numbers reflect perfectly how much he turned it around:

  • October-December 31: -14
  • January 1-end of season: +10

Let’s put his overall season in context with the rest of the Springfield defense (36+ games)

  1. Rick Berry +6
  2. Bryan Young -4
  3. Danny Syvret E
  4. Allan Rourke -6
  5. Theo Peckham -12
  6. TJ Kemp -19

The are plenty of D I didn’t include because they played fewer than 36 games. The Falcons had a revolving door blueline this season which probably helps explain their missing the playoffs (along with lack of experience everywhere).

The Falcons are currently -15EV as a team this season, so Young’s -4 is an indicator that he did indeed return to effectiveness in the second half and is likely back on track as a prospect. His bio reads that he’s a dependable, reliable blueliner and those guys often have a quiet rise to the majors but his lack of offense in the new era NHL could cost him.


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7 Responses to "AHL Report Cards 07-08: Bryan Young"

  1. Jonathan says:

    Is there any question that we keep Allan Rourke over T.J. Kemp as a reserve defenceman? Any at all?

  2. pboy says:

    None in my mind. Rourke played a very simple but effective game when he was up last year and I don’t think he gave the organization any reason not to keep him as a depth guy.

  3. Ducey says:

    You have to figure the list of minor league call ups (of the prospects) would be in order:

    1. Roy (assuming he clears waivers and is healthy)
    2. Peckham
    3. Young
    4. Basillion
    5. Wild?

    Young’s skill set might help him as he and Peckham would appear to be a replacements for Matt Greene in another year.

  4. Jonathan says:

    //1. Roy (assuming he clears waivers and is healthy)
    2. Peckham
    3. Young
    4. Basillion
    5. Wild?

    Really depends if Chorney goes pro I suppose. If he does, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he jumps into the #1/2 spot on that list. Barring trades/injuries, I think Young has at least a full AHL year to develop.

  5. doritogrande says:

    “Is there any question that we keep Allan Rourke over T.J. Kemp as a reserve defenceman? Any at all?”

    Rourke is old, and appears to have chronic injury problems. TJ Kemp OTOH, has 45 points from the back end. If Springfield wants to be more competitive next year, I think Kemp is the veteran we re-sign.

    Kemp-Bisallion as the Offensive tandem
    Peckham-Young as the shutdown pairing
    Wild-Chorney as the young bucks
    Harlan Anderson as the 7th.
    And that’s even without Matt Roy, who I think ends up down here anyway.

    Anyone else notice who’s missing in this equation?

    Dan Syvret. Yeah, I almost forgot about him too.

  6. Jonathan says:

    //Rourke is old, and appears to have chronic injury problems.//

    This would be the same Rourke who’s one year older than T.J. Kemp?

  7. doritogrande says:


    Exactly, so why would we need both? What is Rourke bringing that can’t be duplicated by Peckham and Young? Kemp’s skillset is something that isn’t matched by another on this team (yet). Chorney may do it, but he doesn’t have track record in the A.

    If the team wants to be competitive next year, I think Kemp brings more of a plus to the team than Rourke.

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