Chorney Injury Update

On last night’s Pipeline Show on Team 1260 Radio, Dean Millard and Guy Flaming interviewed Taylor Chorney about his injury.

Their first question was “how’s the knee?”

Chorney said “I got an MRI Monday they found out (it) was just a strain and I’ll only be out three to four weeks. It’s pretty good news, I feel pretty fortunate.”

This injury may have been very costly for Chorney as he has not yet signed a pro deal. When Guy asked him about staying in North Dakota for another year, he said “mentally I’m ready to make the pro jump” and he just has to make sure he’s 100% ready to go.

Chorney said he felt everything would be figured out in the next couple of weeks. Reading between the lines, he’s going to be at the prospect camp in June as a pro player.

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3 Responses to "Chorney Injury Update"

  1. Showerhead says:

    Lucky indeed! I hope his recovery is as speedy as predicted. I could see it being in his best interest to insist on his own good health right now, so I will take the 3-4 week number with a grain of salt. Would a college player be working out hard ordinarily during this time of year?

  2. oilerdiehard says:

    Great news. Thank you for posting that LT. I was really worried after I watched that hit and the way he made his way off the ice.

    I am guessing he would have taken a few weeks off of training right about now anyway.

  3. kanadienkyle says:

    Good news indeed. I think Chorney will be a better pro than collegian.

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