Desjardins NHLE for NCAA

This is Riley Nash. It’s my opinion that he is the best prospect in the Oilers organization now that the top end has graduated (Gagner, Cogliano, Gilbert, others) to the NHL.

Nash has a wide range of skills and the math says he can score some too. His Desjardins’ NHLE suggests the Oilers might have something special. Negatives would include the level of competition in the NCAA division he plays in and the fact that his splits didn’t show a big step forward in the second half (overall: 36gp, 12-20-32):

  • 18gp, 7-8-15
  • 18gp, 5-12-17

He does pretty well when run through Desjardins:

  1. C Riley Nash (18) 11-19-30
  2. C Chris Vande Velde (20) 12-13-25
  3. D Cody Wild (20) 4-19-23
  4. D Jeff Petry (20) 2-17-19
  5. D Taylor Chorney (20) 2-17-19
  6. LW Matt Glasser (20) 5-3-8
  7. C Robby Dee (20) 1-3-4

The most impressive number here is Nash’s age (18). Here he is compared to a few previous Oilers picks and their college totals at that age in terms of points-per-game:

  1. Mike Comrie 1.05
  2. Riley Nash .889
  3. Andrew Cogliano .718
  4. Shawn Horcoff .575
  5. Brock Radunske .317

Finally, here’s the NCAA Desjardins numbers for Oilers picks last season:

  1. Andrew Cogliano 17-19-36 (19)
  2. David Rohlfs 11-11-22 (22)
  3. Taylor Chorney 6-15-21 (19)
  4. Colin McDonald 10-3-13 (22)
  5. Cody Wild 5-7-12 (19)
  6. Geoff Paukovich 5-7-12 (20)
  7. Chris VandeVelde 2-4-6 (19)
  8. Matt Glasser 0-0-0 (19)

Nash is shy of Cogliano this season but is also a year younger. Chorney ran in place this season, Cody Wild and Chris Vande Velde took big steps forward.

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7 Responses to "Desjardins NHLE for NCAA"

  1. KlingonHockey says:

    Only ever saw the stats roll in so this isn’t the most insightful observation but he looks to be a player, potentially an extremely good one. Your summaries show one fact that was obvious throughout the season – he’s outpacing some guys that have gone on to have a lot of success (Horcoff, Cogs). Other things from watching the ticker tape: he was consistent, he’s getting goals and assists, he got a lot of each for an 18 year old.

    Other 3rd hand accounts: he’s reasonably fast and aggressive, not afraid of traffic. Drives to the net. Possesses a two-way game.

    There’s a lot of positive stuff being said here, and it’s not “consolation” praise from Prendergast either. He’s backing up that crease crashing with goals; not simply a project with optimistic projections.

  2. Jonathan says:

    One thing to note about Chris Vande Velde – seven of his nine points as a college freshman came in his last nine games. Thus, the production Vande Velde had this season could be considered a continuation of his strong finish to 2006-07.

  3. GSC says:

    Chris Vande Velde, Taylor Chorney, Jeff Petry, Cody Wild, and Riley Nash are music to my ears after all of those years of hapless drafts. I’ll give Kevin Lowe and the Oiler brass credit where credit is due when it comes to drafting. They’ve gotten progressively better year after year.

    All of the aforementioned players have the intangibles to make it into the show. With that, the Oilers have an abundance of talent on the farm that could crack an NHL lineup. Obviously, not everyone will find a place with this organization but it’s a helluva nice problem to have.

  4. Coach pb9617 says:

    I need to stop reading this damn blog. I’ve fallen in love with Nash’s potential and his game and I’ve never even seen him on youtube, let alone a live game.


  5. Andrew says:

    I’d be interested in you running the Coyotes prospects through your filter.








  6. Lord Bob says:

    Do the Desjardins numbers reflect strength of competition (i.e. is Nash being docked for his playing in a weaker college conference and was Cogliano bumped for playing in a stronger one)?

  7. Lowetide says:

    Lord Bob: No. The Desjardins NHLE for NCAA players is based on 295 players from the various divison 1 conferences.

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