Oilers at Canucks, G82/07-08

This is Cam Neely as a young Boston Bruin. He is very likely the biggest mistake the Vancouver Canucks ever made (it isn’t an obvious choice only because they’ve screwed up so much) but it appears as though there’s a new candidate on the horizon.

When we last left the lovable losers on the left coast, they had a “jam up jelly tight” ballclub with home run hitters (Bertuzzi, Naslund) a couple of blueline studs (Jovo, Ohlund) and goalies who learned at the “Tommy Salo School of Pucks.”

That ended badly. In Vancouver, it always does. “Bure wants to be traded,” “Bertuzzi broke some guys neck” and on it goes for the team that changes uniforms so often they still don’t have an identity to speak of despite having some nice players and seasons.

The Vancouver Canucks, incredibly, are about to piss away a season of Roberto Luongo. Why? Well they have no depth you see, so that despite the twin piss cutter Sedins and despite Jesus of Nazareth in net, they are simply unable to overcome injury because they don’t have any depth at all. If the Vancouver Canucks had the Edmonton Oilers farm club most of the team would have played a little this season.

The Montreal Expos used to do this, they’d have Gary Carter at catcher, Larry Parrish at third base, Tim Raines in LF, Andre Dawson in CF and all of those guys would be kicking the living BeJesus out of the ball all summer long. Here, let’s list the 1984 Montreal Expos:

  • C: Gary Carter, 17-79, .270
  • 1B: Al Oliver, 8-84, .300
  • 2B: Doug Flynn, 0-26, .237
  • SS: Chris Speier, 2-22, .257
  • 3B: Tim Wallach, 19-70, .269
  • RF: Warren Cromartie 3-43, .278
  • CF: Andre Dawson 32-113, .299
  • LW Tim Raines 11-71, .298

Now I can tell you they were certainly above average at CF, LF and catcher. Those guys were All-Stars and all three could eventually make the HOF. However, Doug Flynn got 452 at-bats which delivered little more than the #9 spot in the order, and although Speier didn’t play as much as Flynn his replacements were not much better. Plus of course your 1b has 8 homers all year and Cromartie is pissing away ab’s in LF like there’s no tomorrow but hey let’s blame Gary Carter.

The Expos of 1984 and the Vancouver Canucks of this season have something in common: their management was unable to find people who could be “average players for their position” and that is a shame. Hey, the hard part is finding Gary Carter, or Roberto Luongo. To lose a season because you have to play Doug Flynn everyday is painful, and someone needs to be fired.

As for the Oilers, well these are Blue Sky days. The phrase “wait til next year” is overused in sports but I have a hard time not getting giddy over this club’s future.

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  1. Loxy says:

    The Canuck fans that have tried to play the “you’re out of the playoffs” card on me haven’t gotten very far. I just say how my team of misfits and young guns have done so much better than I expected and that I’m psyched for the future.

    Usually that has them thinking, “Future? What’s that?”

  2. HBomb says:

    Time to play for pride and to play spoiler, to keep the Canucks and their legions of idiot fans out of the playoff tournament. Plain and simple.

    Failing that, I’d take a replay of the February 16th pier-six brawl, thank you very much. Preferably instigated by Glencross repeatedly crashing Luongo’s crease and causing him to cry.

  3. Sean says:

    The Flames have a similar problem as the Canucks. A team with Iggy, Kippy, Rhegher and Phaneuf shouldnt be fighting for a playoff spot this season. Their bottom 6 forwards are brutal and their bottom 9 is nothing to write home about.

  4. Temujin says:

    Lots of depth at D, but no depth on O

    Therein lies the problem.

  5. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I had the fortune of having tickets to the Saturday game between Van and Calgary (FREE of course, out there for work, perk from a supplier). I went with a co-worker, who just so happens to be a staunch Flamer, and he was decked out in a brand new Flamer jersey and everything. Now, even though we needed Cgy to win, I have to say it was fun watching my co-worker squirm as the beat down progressed. Not to mention watching the Flames themselves get embarrassed.

    Anyway, the best part of the night was on the Skytrain back to the hotel. As you can imagine, there were a number of drunken rowdy Nuck fans whooping it up, oblivious to the fact that their team was 1-4 in their last 5. All these poor dumb saps knew was that Luongo was “awwwhhhhsome” and Linden was “soooo awwwwhhhhhhsome” and that goal by Naslund was “friggen awwwwhhhhhhhhhsome”. The two guys on the train in Oiler and Flame jerseys were obvious targets. One kid got pretty loud with things like “ehhh, remeber that Bure goal on Vernon. Weeeewww, that was soooo awwwhhhhhsome. We totally knocked you guys out of the playoffs.” So, I asked him, “If you had to pick out your highlight moment as a Canuck fan would that be it?”. He says “definitely”. I replied, “I would’ve thought that would be you second favourite moment, behind the year they won the Stanely… oh, sorry.”

    The two guys in the Oiler and Flame jerseys rode in peace after that.

  6. Black Dog says:

    good stuff cm

  7. goldenchild says:

    Living in Vancouver, nothing would please me more than seeing the Canucks playoff hopes dashed at the hands of our boys. Hard not to be excited about this group going forward and if there is one thing we have leaned it is that they are not quitters. i expect we will see a tremendous effort tonight win or lose.

    On a side note, a buddy I work with was at Joey Tomatoes yesterday and saw the entire squad out enjoying a few pints, including all the injured guys, Horc, Hemmer, Moreau are all in town. looks like the guys are planning to end the season with a bang. Lets hope they all have a final W to celebrate tonight.

  8. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Cool story in the Sun about Brodziak playing with hamburger for a finger last game…

  9. rider guy says:

    check out staples blog today. he actually tracked down stan weir for an interview.


  10. Big T says:

    The future certianly does look good assuming the supporting cast can be locked up to affordable deals for the next three years or more. Preferably some kind of staggered contracts that don’t all end in the same year.

    YKOIL has a good article over at his blog talking about the tight salary position the Oilers are actually in. Although I think he’s slightly pessimistic, he brings up some strong points. Take a look if you get a chance.

    A couple of keys will be having enough tough minute guys to allow the top two lines to take turns beating up the the oppositions soft parade. For next year at least, we should be able to have two lines that can hold their own against most teams top lines not including the Horcoff line.

    A bottom 6 like this would be very effective IMO;

    Glencross – Brodziak – Pisani
    Moreau – Reasoner/MAP – Torres

    Six of the seven listed should be able to kill penalties as well allowing Horcoff’s load on the PK to be somewhat alleviated.

    These two lines should be able to be had for $9.0MM or so next season which is typically pretty expensive for a bottom six but is doable because our soft line should cost less than $4.0MM next season.

    The Horcoff line will cost just under $12.0MM next year in cap hit sot this forward group should cost in the neighbourhood of $26.0MM including a couple extras at or around $500K per.

    With the goalies and signed defensman costing approx. $15.0MM that should leave $9.0MM to sign Pitkanen, Gilbert and Grebeshkov if the cap doesn’t rise at all. If it goes up, all the better.


  11. RJ says:

    You know what I find fascinating, as a Canucks fan?

    How much both Oilers and Flames fans, despite their incessant blathering about how pitiful our ‘history’ is, both get so bent out of shape about the Canucks.

    Scour the respective blogs, talk to the fans; it is there for all to see.

    If we are such a pathetic laughing stock (and I will be the first to admit that our accomplishments, few as they are, are nothing to write home about), then why do you all bother caring so much?

    Serious question.

    (And let’s set aside, immediately, the old ‘their fans are idiots’ line. I have met my own share of moronic fans of both the Flames and Oilers. I was born and raised in Vancouver so I am well aware of our own moronic contigent. And I live in Toronto where I get to see new and highly developed breeds of moronic fan every day. Face facts, every team/city has them.)

  12. heed says:

    hemsky and brodziak out. roy and sanderson in? at the very least this is going to be entertaining.

  13. rider guy says:


    let me be the first to tackle your challenge about why do i hate the canucks…

    first and foremost, they play hockey the wrong way. they are quite possibly the most boring team i have ever watched. they make the minnesota wild of 5 years ago look like the 80′s oilers by comparrison. they’ve got the best goalie in hockey which to my way of thinking means you should be willing to open up the game and take some chances to create offence because you know that when the canucks give up chances due to being aggressive offensively that your goalie will more than likely bail you out. instead the canucks sit back, let you shoot from the outside and are content to win 1-0 every night. there is no way i could watch that crappy brand of hockey 82 nights a year.

    secondly, not only do they play boring hockey, they are also incredibly cheap. matt cooke is probably the cheapest player in hockey. he would hit you from behind and then go to the bench and laugh while never dreaming of dropping his gloves. burrows and kesler are just a step below what cooke was. if you want to play that way, back it up. and don’t even get me started about the bertuzzi/moore incident. imo it’s all a product of the way the canucks play. cheap, cheap, cheap, and your fans go along with it. all the crying on the left coast when bertuzzi darn near killed moore was unbelievable. your bloody captain went so far as to suggest that moore had faked his broken neck.

    finally, your fans suck. gm place is full of suits who are at the games to be seen rather than because they are fans of the game or the team. the place sounds like a bloody library for crying out loud. and the fans that actually realize they are at a hockey game drive me nuts with their moronic “looooouuu” chants when all the guy does is stop an attempted icing. oiler fans are blue collar and we care, something you can’t ever say about canucks fans.

    other than that, i think the canucks are great…

  14. MattM says:

    Alright RJ, I’m going to take a shot at explaining why we hate Canucks fans.

    It goes beyond the simplest element, that a colossal amount of the fan base is a bunch of bandwagoners who don’t know a damn thing about hockey. You get some idiot fans everywhere.

    The real reason that I think we despise Canuck fans is the sense of arrogance which is completely out of step with the historical ineptitude of the franchise. The Canuck fans I know remember losing a Cup like most fans remember winning one. The identity of the fanbase is one of unjustified arrogance. It’s a loser franchise that doesn’t seem to know it. Washington and Buffalo at least are fully aware of how their franchises are defined by a history of failure. The Canucks, bereft as they are of identity, have a fanbase defined by the loudest and most ignorant element.

    Hockey in Canada is like baseball in the states. It has cultural importance defined by the history of the game. Vancouver has manufactured a false sense of historical relevance which is offensive to anyone whose team has actually ever mattered. Basically, we care that your accomplishments are so pathetic because you don’t.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  15. ClaytonMagnet says:

    rj said: “If we are such a pathetic laughing stock (and I will be the first to admit that our accomplishments, few as they are, are nothing to write home about), then why do you all bother caring so much?”

    Because it’s fun when they get all defensive and crabby.

    I’m an Oiler fan living in Calgary who spends a good deal of time in Vancouver. I spend a lot of time talking to random people about hockey in all three cities, and I’m with you RJ; all three teams have their share of smart and dumb fans. Here is the difference I’ve noticed. When their respective team is tanking, the average comment you can expect goes like this:

    Oiler fan: “Hope they pick it up and turn it around here. Fire Kevin Lowe.”

    Flame fan: “God this sucks. Trade everyone right fucking now. Sutter is GOD.”

    Canuck fan: “The Canucks are losing? That’s not a good thing, right?”

    It’s not that they’re stupid. They, as a collective, just don’t care as much. In my personal experience.

  16. RJ says:

    Well, at least Oilers/Flames fans continue to demonstrate an ability to follow simple instructions.

    Every single one of you go for the ‘idiot fans’ argument.

    I figured as much.

  17. Dennis says:

    RJ: you’re always gonna talk about teams in your own division. Fuck, if the Wild go 40 years without winning a Cup, come back in around that time and we’ll be talking about them too;)

    What’s the deal with the Dys books for ’09, BTW? I know Naslund’s coming off and you won’t bring him back and is anyone else due to go? The solution with the Canucks could be three-fold:

    1: You turn the tables on Philly and offer a sheet to Carter or to any team for that matter. Has to be for the right player and the right gamble and we’ll get to that later

    2: You offer the moon to Hossa

    3: You trade some of your pitching – ie D- for hitting, ie offense.

    I threw out the sheet idea because I don’t think there’s a whole lot of offensive promise coming through the pipe so it might be worth throwing away your ’09 picks for the right guy.

    As for tonight’s game, I honestly don’t know who to cheer for. If the Preds win early and the Flames lose early in reg, I think I’ll root for Van to win and then Van can knock out the Flames HTH on Sat night.

    As for the lineup, I know SF played on Wed night and they’re doing a three game jaunt this coming weekend, I believe, but it would be that much of a logistical nightmare to bring up Schmremp plus one of Reddox/Truk to fill our forwards out for tonight? Fuck, even just Schremp for that matter if you consider you get Sanderson back in for what’s probably his last NHL game.

  18. RJ says:

    And, Claytonmagnet, I don’t know where you spend your nights in Vancouver, but those are not the Canucks fans I know.

    Seriously, there are considerable number of honest, knowledgeable, and committed fans in Vancouver. In fact, I have met, known, and am acquainted with many who are as if not more knowledgeable than committed Oilers, Flames, Leafs, etc., fans.

    Of course there is a fairweather fan contingent in Vancouver. But, again, EVERY city is susceptible to this.

    While we are comparing anecdotal notes, I have spent enough time in my time in Edmonton to witness ignorant Oilers fans too, yet I certainly don’t take them for the average Oilers fan.

    Anyway, I just don’t get it.

  19. therealdeal says:

    Come on, weren’t you watching last week when the great Trevor Linden lit it up? No depth my ass!

  20. heed says:


    i think it boils down to the fact that there is really nothing at stake for the oilers. they are going to dance with the girl they came with. roy and sanderson obviously didn’t drive the bus but at the very least, they were at the back firing spit balls and goofing around. besides maybe roy makes his mark by kicking kesler’s or burrows’ ass.

  21. Quain says:

    I don’t know, even with the prospect of knocking the Flames out of the playoffs, I’d be happier to see our ragtag bunch reel off a win. I don’t have enough ingrained Calgary hate to root against our guys, especially against the Canucks. I hate the Flames, just not enough to love the Canucks against our boys.

    However, I’d pay money to have the Flames lose out and the Preds win out so I could have the enjoyment of watching the Flames lose to Detroit in five.

  22. GB says:

    rider guy – “The identity of the fanbase is one of unjustified arrogance. It’s a loser franchise that doesn’t seem to know it.”

    Really? I’ve been a Canuck fan for 35 years, and me and every other fan I know have a pretty good idea that we’ve never won a Cup and only been to the finals once in the last 25 years. We also know you guys might have won five or so, and I watched you guys constantly destroy us in the 80s without breaking a sweat. I’m a Canuck fan – I expect to lose.

    And the gm place crown drives me insane too, but this continuous call that all Canuck fans are idiots and aren’t committed “real” fans is strange to continously read here.

    Anyway, Nonis has a big job this summer to get some talented scoring forwards to go with the Sedins. They have some good prospects on d, and a couple of okay prospects (Hansen, Grabner) up front, but nothing like Gagner or Cogliano ready to step in.


  23. PDO says:


    Flames don’t have a hope in hell against any of Detroit, SJS or Anaheim… which means if they finish any of 8th, 7th or 5th, we’re set.

    I’m not too worried :-).

    Go Oilers. Make sure that draft pick stays out of the top 10 tonight… which a win will certainly do.

  24. PDO says:


    Tell that to Don Taylor and Jim Hughson, please. And John Garret while you’re at it.

    Those 3 are 3 of the biggest reasons I fucking despise Vancouver. I’m sick of those morons wearing their Naslund tightie-whities.

  25. dave says:

    I’m a BC oilers fan so I have to deal with “them” all the time. The 90′s canucks did it for me. While it was a faily successful decade. The Quinn years remind me of the rangers or leafs in terms of the high number of FA’s that made up the power of the team. And their fans generally loved the 90′s. Burkes stamp on the team (think of him what we will) improved the Canucks standing in my mind. Nonis hasn’t done much but from our experience we know it can be difficult. I’ll see what he does with Naslund to make a decision.

    As painfull as it would be I think they would need to go through winning the cup and not making the playoffs to bring some sort of reality to Canuck fans. They just continue to be a bunch of pestering “also rans”

    Oh ya one more point, they have a hate on for Mess. The biggest culture change for the canuck was Mess. Naslund and Bertuzzi were all promise prior to Messier. I believe he had a huge influence on getting them to compete (at least for a few years). But he didn’t put up numbers or bring a cup to Van so we hate him. Now thinking of that just gets me upset.


  26. Nelson88 says:

    Any chance JDD plays tonight? Slap in the face to Roli or would he accept it given the recent workload and a nothing game?

    No pressure away game would be a good one to start JDD in imo.

  27. Steve says:

    Every single one of you go for the ‘idiot fans’ argument.

    Hey rj – explain the beginning of World War II without mentioning Germany.

  28. Dennis says:

    Back to one of LT’s lines about how these are blue sky days, I feel the same way.

    I was surprisingly a little depressed yesterday about us missing the playoffs but I got over it quickly and it’s gonna be a long summer waiting to see how we make out once the ’09 season begins.

    All that being said, what’s truly in store for us? Can this club win a division in the next two years? Can we become constant contenders like your Sharks-Wings and Stars?

    I loved ’06 as much as anyone but it’s also hard not to remember we’ve missed the playoffs in four of the last six seasons, either.

    I’m still scared silly that Lowe will somehow fuck this up. He’s got the Horc extension to decide upon and he’s got decisions on a bunch of young guys and that’s all off-ice stuff.

    On the ice you’ve got a Hemsky that’s more determined than ever, size in Penner, a steady to great guy in Horc and then a line of young kids that should start drilling soft opp any year now. Plus you SHOULD create your other tough min line around Torres and Pisani.

    Let’s see what Lowe does with this. Is this cache or talent idiot proof?

    Few are if they’re tweaked by the wrong hands.

  29. heed says:

    Hey rj – explain the beginning of World War II without mentioning Germany.

    i think i just peed a little.

  30. Tweezer So Cold says:

    Vancouver has the dullest brand of hockey. Period. Last year’s playoff series against Dallas was an abomination of the sport. It was unwatchable.

    Set up the “trap” on the first shift against Edmonton last week.

    The Sedins are robotic, and play one style – dump, let some pylon chase, then cycle/pick play. Repeat.

    As for your fans, rioting when you lost the Cup to the Oilers…I mean Rangers in 1994. Not cool.

    I look forward to Glencross dominating again tonight.

  31. GB says:

    tsc – “The Sedins are robotic, and play one style – dump, let some pylon chase, then cycle/pick play. Repeat”

    They’re also great players who will finish in the top 30 in scoring for the second straight year. At 3.5m per for another year, I think you’d take them on your team. They’re certainly the least of the Canucks’ problems.


  32. heed says:

    They’re also great players who will finish in the top 30 in scoring for the second straight year. At 3.5m per for another year, I think you’d take them on your team. They’re certainly the least of the Canucks’ problems.

    unless they make the playoffs. then they are usually your biggest problem. As a vancouver fan can you tell me which one of them is the big spoon and which one is the little spoon?

  33. RJ says:

    “Hey rj – explain the beginning of World War II without mentioning Germany.”

    Why don’t I give you the definition of non sequitur instead.

  34. Ender says:

    As for your fans, rioting when you lost the Cup to the Oilers…I mean Rangers in 1994. Not cool.

    Exactly. We rioted equally for wins and losses.

  35. Alice says:

    LT said something recently about the first line, as in ‘hell, throw Glencross up there…’

    I’m not sure why we should be so flip about this idea. Just because he was purchased as a mucker, I think he’s shown good hands and can skate – look what kind of numbers a Darcy Tucker puts up beside Sundin. And if he could provide a little same-shift air cover for Hemsky, I think that’s more effective than “you better watch out, someone big might get to you after the next TV break…”

    In the juggle Penner might be a guy that moves at next deadline, not because he’s tanking out but maybe his chem doesn’t suit as well what the Oilers are doing up front. Then you might be able to do a nice quality-for-quality move on a dman.

  36. heed says:

    roy is playing on a line with sanderson and stortini tonight so i have a feeling we see stoll, penner and glencross as a line. i took the day off tomorrow so i cold drink my face off. should be a fun night, win or lose.

  37. Bruce says:

    Dennis: You don’t know who to cheer for in an Oiler/Canuck game?? For shame.

    RJ: Jumping on the “bandwagon”, I lost all respect for Vancouver fans when they gave Todd Bertuzzi the hero’s welcome before the last game in 2004. That would be the Todd Bertuzzi who disgraced the game of hockey with his premeditated and utterly gutless assault from behind against a player who had already answered the bell by dropping his gloves in a fair fight earlier in the game. It would also be the Todd Bertuzzi who through his petulant violence completely destroyed the Canucks’ chances of success that playoff year or in the foreseeable future. If I were a Canucks fan — which I hasten to point out, I’m not — I would have been fucking choked at Bertuzzi for being such a complete muttonhead, for bringing (more) failure on my team, and for bringing shame and disgrace on my city and my sport.

    Forgiveness is wonderful, but what Bertuzzi did was flat-out criminal and he shouldn’t have been feted for it. I lost an awful lot of respect for Vancouver fans that night. The “Oilers suck!” chants that followed throughout that game were a bitter pill; Oilers were eliminated from the playoffs that night, but at least played with heart and class. I hope every Oiler who played in that game remembers that experience tonight and shoves it right up Vancouver’s ass.

    Bertuzzi, Cooke, Crawford and Burke may be gone, but it’s still Vancouver, and they’re still the Canucks. A few good players, but a lot of bland ones and a very boring playing style. And they’re still a team that continues to have trouble coming up big when the games really matter.

  38. doritogrande says:

    Untrue about the Canucks farm team. It’s just that Nonis is the dumbest fuck that ever lived. He’s got a potential AHL MVP in Brad Moran stagnating in the minors with young up and coming snipers like Jason Jaffray, Jannik Hansen, Mikael Grabner and Colby Genoway beating the piss out of all comers lately. Moran could easily be slotted onto the 2-line in Vancouver and wouldn’t miss a beat if he got to play with say, Naslund and fellow Moose Mason Raymond, who may or may not be injured. Ryan Shannon should be getting more ice time with the skill he exudes, and lets not forget that the Moose developed Kevin Bieksa, Alex Edler, and Luc Bourdon. Truth be told, the Canucks have the better farm team; look at the records.

    Signed, The Winnipeg dude.

  39. heed says:

    Truth be told, the Canucks have the better farm team; look at the records.

    you do realize out farm team has been in existence for one year.

  40. Big T says:

    “Hey rj – explain the beginning of World War II without mentioning Germany.”

    rj said ‘Why don’t I give you the definition of non sequitur instead.’

    Do YOU know the definition of non sequitor rj? Or are you just having trouble following the bouncing ball?

    Germany is to WWII as Idiot Fans are to hate-on for the Dys.


  41. Steve says:

    Germany is to WWII as Idiot Fans are to hate-on for the Dys.

    Exactly. More generally, you can’t ask somebody to explain something and include a rider that they’re not allowed to provide a given explanation, especially if that explanation happens to be (as in these cases) the best one.

    As for the level of fan idiocy, I can’t objectively comment on the idiocy of Oilers fans, since I am one. But comparing the idiocies of Canucks and Flames fans, there’s no contest. Which isn’t to say that there are no intelligent Canucks fans (and certainly isn’t to say that there are no dumb Flames fams).

  42. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I know, I know:) It would just be fun to see the Flames missing:)

  43. Quain says:

    Our fourth line is going to be Stortini, Sanderson and Roy? Good lord, I want them to score the game-winning goal more than anything in the whole wide world.

  44. rider guy says:

    gb, i think you got mixed up because you quoted mattm in yout post but addressed it to me. anyways…

    your fans are awful. i was listening to cknw yesterday afternoon on line and 3 vancouver media guys were having a conversation about how bad the atmosphere sucks in your own rink and what an awful style the dys play. it’s not only oiler fans that think vancouver is a town where people go to the games to be seen instead of watch the game.

  45. Quain says:

    You know, I don’t even have a problem with the style of hockey Vancouver plays. Sometimes you have to play the cards you’re dealt, and ‘low forward skill,’ ‘defensive depth’ and ‘top three goaltender’ all lead to boring, defensive hockey.

    The problem I have is that they’re absolutely terrible at it… A 2-0 lead, and then suddenly you’re down 5-2 or whatever? When you’re fighting for a playoff spot? Congratulations, you have one style of hockey you can successfully play and you still blow it.

  46. GB says:

    sorry rider guy-I shouldn’t try and post while working :)

    Hey, I’ll admit the style they’re playing in front of Luongo isn’t pretty, but with the general lack of talent up front it’s probably best they play like this. And for whatever reason the Canucks aren’t playing defensively like they did in the second half of last year. Luongo just isn’t making the big save – or maybe they’re missing Ohlund more that I thought.

    I’m hoping they use the 9.5m they’re spending on Naslund and Morrison and get some players in who can score some goals.

    Like i said, the gm place crowds make me cringe, what with the Louuuuus all the time. It’s so bad part of me wants them to trade Luuuuc Bourdon.

    Anyway, enough of how my team and fans suck. Let’s all root for the Canucks to make the playoffs (and then the Cup) – okay gang?

    Btw, even a Canuck fan can appreciate how much this blog kicks ass – have been loving it the past few months.

  47. docweb says:

    The problem I have with Vancouver is that the games we used to have with them were great offensive, let’s trade chances, types of games. Now with the players they have, as Brendon Morrison acknowledged the last time they played, Vancouver can’t play like that and hope to win. So…they play the way they have to and it makes for boring hockey 90% of the time.

    As for who to cheer for…it’s kind of a no lose situation if Calgary loses. If the Oil wins..bye bye Vancouver and that’s good. If Vancouver wins and then beats Calgary the last game..bye bye Calgary and that’s good.

    Of course that assumes Nashville takes care of business in Comedy Central.

  48. breakerdog says:

    As much as it is fun to hate the Nucks and the Flames. I would rather both of them make the playoffs than Nashville. At least their fans care.

  49. Steve says:

    I’d rather Nashville – at least their fans aren’t personally obnoxious to me.

    I guess there’s every chance that tonight’s the final game of Sanderson’s NHL career, eh?

  50. Dennis says:

    Cgy about to lose in Minny; my scnario is still alive.

  51. Lowetide says:

    Cogliano is Butch freaking Goring. A beauty forecheck on the PK there.

  52. docweb says:

    Have the Flames ever done us any favours?? I mean seriously…go Oil but a loss and eventually Flames snuffed is not that bad.

    Decent first. Stoll with another chance on ES with another missed net…what else is new!!

  53. danny says:

    dennis, you might be playing with fire there… I’ll take a win and the Dys out of the playoffs just fine…

    If they win, and win against CGY, then we are left relying on NSH beating CHI, or both VAN & CGY make it.

    We need atleast one NW victim.

  54. Bruce says:

    Hey it’s milestone night: Sanderson’s last game, Stortini took care of that pesky 200th penalty minute, now they both need to set up Matty Roy for his first goal of the season.

    More important though is Dustin Penner just needs 2 goals to make that all-important 25-35 goal plateau.

  55. Dennis says:

    1st period thoughts:

    - Nice to see both 25 and 37 being physical that frame. Fuck, 25 rag-dolled Naslund on not one but two occasions. He’s also jumping into the play and I think this is as all-around as anyone could play.

    - Got a nice chuckle out of 13 standing up for 24 and his teammates by taking a shot at Ritchie as they went to their respective benches. Cogs also took a little run at Ryhien in the left corner after that puke had run Staios.

    - If Roli had played as well on Tues vs Cgy as he did in that first period, we’d still be in the hunt.

  56. Dennis says:

    Bruce: remember that line with Ferguson-Rita and someone else that played together late during the ’04 season, was it? I think it was a game in Col. That’s what I thought of when I saw the 36-8-46 line taking the ice;):D

  57. Bruce says:

    Who’s playing centre? Roy? It was kinda hard to tell.

  58. doritogrande says:

    Took til the 82nd game, but MacT can’t play Stoll anymore.

  59. PunjabiOil says:

    Hopefully that’s not a concussion

  60. Ribs says:

    It’s mean to say, but I hope that jarred the old stoll back into existence.

  61. PunjabiOil says:

    Vancouver isn’t playing desperate hockey, even though they control their own destiny

  62. Bruce says:

    Beautiful pass by Pouliot, then a gawdawful play by Sanderson.

  63. doritogrande says:

    “Hey it’s milestone night: Sanderson’s last game, Stortini took care of that pesky 200th penalty minute, now they both need to set up Matty Roy for his first goal of the season. “

    How many points shy are Gagner of 50, and Cogliano of 20 goals?

    And could it have been so much to ask for Jeff Deslauriers to get ino on Milestone night tonight? Christ, this was his night!

  64. Bruce says:

    78 looked good in the 51 role that shift.

  65. Ribs says:

    Who’s giving Greene the green light for shooting the puck?

    He’s been doing it a lot more often lately and he still can’t get the damn thing to the net.

    I guess I really shouldn’t complain…at least he does shoot the puck.

  66. Bruce says:

    How many points shy are Gagner of 50, and Cogliano of 20 goals?

    1 and 2.

  67. Bruce says:

    Ribs: I was just about to comment, I like Greene but if there’s one thing he needs to work on the most, it’s the old pail o’ pucks at the end of practice and shoot, shoot, shoot, until at least half of them are hitting the net. Repeat.

  68. doritogrande says:

    Hmm, maybe it IS time to start the Gilbert for 2010 Team USA bandwagon. Nice comment by Quinn/Ferarro.

    On another note: JOE REASONER!

  69. doritogrande says:

    Why are Canucks fans applauding Luongo after a great defensive play by Smid? :D

  70. Bruce says:

    That’s a penalty, but Roy has to wonder how come Matt Cooke did the same thing to him and WE got the penalty?

  71. danny says:


  72. doritogrande says:

    Interesting. That’s usually what happens to Roy. He’s not the one that gives it.

    Completely deserving of a game misconduct.

  73. Bruce says:

    Same corner and everything, it was a virtual replay.

  74. Scott says:

    And Mathieu Roy with the karmically fitting end to the season.

  75. doritogrande says:

    Anyone else see who saved the goal on that scrum in front of Roli by clearing the puck to the corner with a Nuck poised to bury into an open net?

    Andrew Cogliano.

  76. doritogrande says:

    With Byron Ritchie on the powerplay for the Canucks, not only is Nonis the dumbest fuck ever for not bringing up Moran or a young kid just to work a powerplay, but Vinaeult is the dumbest fuck the second for thinking of playing Byron Ritchie on a powerplay. I know it’s a 5 minute powerplay but….Fuck.

  77. Lowetide says:

    Man the Canucks are snake bitten by Roloson tonight.

    Major over.

  78. Bruce says:

    Oilers are shorthanded with Hemsky and Brodziak out and Stoll and Roy gone. Good thing we only have to play 4 skaters at a time.

  79. doritogrande says:

    FUCK! MacT can still ride Stoll’s ass!


  80. Nuckels says:

    This is hard to watch :) I’m a diehard Nucks fan and they seem to not have any passion to win tonight. And with the Oilers missin Hemsky and icin Roli, they should be a pushover for a desperate team.
    ps. Have to admit though, that Nilsson looks deadly out there.

  81. Ribs says:

    I can only wonder how the Oilers would be doing if MacT & crew had come better prepared for the season.

    A couple of games where no one knew who the first two lines were might have made the difference this year.

  82. Ribs says:

    I guess it’s still early to say my wish came true? Stoll looked sharp on that one.

  83. Lowetide says:

    This is sad for Vancouver. There are like 5 forwards who are fringe NHLers out there and God love ‘em they’re working like buggers but the Vancouver Canucks are in danger of bleeding out for no other reason that they don’t have enough Marty Reasoner’s.

  84. doritogrande says:

    Pitkanen shows a backbone, in the form of a dumbshit penalty.

  85. honkey says:

    Oh this is great, watching Vancouvers season falling apart with Roloson and Stoll hammering the nails in the coffin.

  86. andy grabia says:

    Dear Jarret Stoll,

    All is forgiven.


    Andy Grabia

  87. Nuckels says:

    Wouldnt it be ironic for the Nucks to be shutout by Roli and the undermanned Oilers?
    As for 5 fringers. I question playing Ritchie on the P P, playing Cowan at all and thats about it. I like Rypien and Isbister is a big body who can chip in with a goal or fight when needed.
    As for Marty Reasoner, he is in the washed up and useless boat along with Sanderson. But hey, we all have out sentimental favorites :)

  88. Nuckels says:

    As for Vancouver fans, some are idiots. If you wanted a laugh, you should hear the radio calls out here.
    I think that the Nucks are without an identity right now. A few years ago we had a flashy team that led the league in scorin. People complained that there wasnt enough grit. Now we have a team that is long in grit and defence, but lackin in flash and scoring. People complain. You cant win out here, and with all the westcoast fakeness, most (not all) have any real interest or intelligence in the team or what they are doin. Its the product of living in a trendy city thats boomin…

  89. Quain says:

    Hey, wait a second, Marty Reasoner isn’t washed up! That’s how he has always played! We love him for it… or we want to relegate him to fourteenth forward for it, I can never remember.

  90. ChrissyT says:

    nuckles “As for Marty Reasoner, he is in the washed up and useless boat along with Sanderson. But hey, we all have out sentimental favorites :)”

    Don’t be so harsh on the guy, on your team he’d be tied for 6th in goals ;)

    And he may not even have a spot on ours next season.

  91. Bruce says:

    Hey Nuckels, you’re picking the wrong night to ride Marty Reasoner’s ass. A goal, +1, 3 shots, a takeaway, a block, and a monster 8:11 on the PK.

  92. Dennis says:

    Roli is flat-out stealing this one. Oilers have been killing penalties all night long and the bench got even shorter when 16 was getting repaired and with 36 being given the gate.

    YOu can see tonight that 13′s made for the PK, 25 has some edge in him and 78 looks ultra comfortable on the PP. Before that pass to 16, he took the puck to the net on a mad adv in the first and almost scored in the second.

  93. doritogrande says:

    So I’m sick with a viral infection, and my doctor advises me to drink plenty of liquids. And it hit me tonight…

    Beer is a liquid.

    It’s going to be a good night.

  94. Nuckels says:


    And Naslund would lead your team with 25 and hes only 2nd here

  95. rider guy says:

    nuckels, the fact that you think invisibister can help your team is reason enough to explain why your team is where it is. we saw invisibisters act here for a couple years and he’s got the tools, but to say he’s got no heart is being unfair to people with heart problems.

  96. Nuckels says:

    I dont like Isbister, I’m just saying that he can sometimes contribute. He was also cheap, and i’m sure will move on after this season.
    And i’m aware of his days in Edmonton, I distinctly remember Lowe comparing him to Bertuzzi when the Oil acquired him. He never lived up to it, and i’m sure he never will. I just dont see him as useless though.

  97. ChrissyT says:

    6M for 25 goals, no thanks. I’m perfectly fine with 23 for 4.25.

  98. Bruce says:

    Penner’s playing a real solid game tonight. His work on the PK has been a pleasnat surprise.

  99. ChrissyT says:

    Quick question.

    My TVs got no sound, is the crowd still saying Louuuuuuuuuu everytime he makes a save?

  100. doritogrande says:


    Yeah, they are. Oddly enough these Canuck fans are also chanting Luongo’s name everytime the refs make a questionable decision. Go figure.

  101. docweb says:

    No…the crowd is the 7th man. Only for the Oilers!!

  102. rider guy says:

    gagner’s so good that he’s actually making jarrett stoll look like an nhl’er

  103. ChrissyT says:

    Weird. I’ve never quite understood why they do it even on the most routine of saves.

    Wonder if he thinks, “STFU that annoys the hell out of me.”

    Oilers are playing well tonight. Roli is seeing everything.

  104. Ribs says:

    No wonder Pitkanen never hits anyone! He gets a penalty every time he tries!

  105. Bruce says:

    Anybody ever seen Reasoner take a slapshot before?

  106. ChrissyT says:

    Yeah, the refs have been top notch tonight, like always.

    Edmonton 2, Refs 1.

  107. Ribs says:

    He gets 10 fun points for not falling down, Bruce.

  108. doritogrande says:

    Hands up everyone: Who thought Penner could PK the way he has tongiht?

    I’ll call bullshit on anyone with a hand up.

  109. Nuckels says:

    I’ve been to a bunch of games this year, and i’ve never noticed it. I guess people still cant believe that we have a great goalie after the Cloutier experiment.

  110. Bruce says:

    19 minutes in PP to 4 … boy this is even. Blatant pick plan by Daniel, then a slash on Roli … no problem.

    But don’t breathe on anybody, Joni, it’s two minutes.

    Fuck. Right. Off.

  111. Tyler says:

    And i’m aware of his days in Edmonton, I distinctly remember Lowe comparing him to Bertuzzi when the Oil acquired him. He never lived up to it, and i’m sure he never will. I just dont see him as useless though.

    Someone (Dennis?) had a great line about hearing Bertuzzi’s name so much when Isbister was mentioned that you’d think that they were brothers.

  112. doritogrande says:

    Elapsed time to run downstairs for more beer: Whistle to faceoff.

    On that note, I’m down to my last Keiths. Anyone in Winnipeg that can help a fan out?

  113. Ribs says:

    Stortini is an interesting choice.

  114. Nuckels says:

    the even up call….

  115. Ribs says:

    How is that not an automatic goal?

  116. doritogrande says:

    And here comes the collective single-finger salute to the entire nation of BC.

    The Manitoba Moose just became immediate contenders for the Calder Cup.

  117. doritogrande says:


  118. Scarlett says:

    Ooooh that is so gratifying! Bye bye Canuckleheads!!!!

  119. PunjabiOil says:

    Naslund would fit into the ”buy low” strategy.

    He’s not exactly done either.

  120. doritogrande says:

    Go have a beer everyone.

  121. Nuckels says:

    There it is, both our teams missed out on the playoffs. While we are devestated on our season, you guys are elated. Who woulda thought it. Well, Nonis is gonna be on the hotseat now, and hes gonna have to save his job over the summer. There is no way Vancouver will stand a Vancouver team that comes in next year with the same problems.
    Good talkin to ya, and great job on your blog Lowetide. I enjoy checkin out the pics and readin the little bits of history on some of the players.

  122. pboy says:

    28 years and counting for the Canuckleheads. Pretty good night for the Oil, considering it was the Canucks plus both refs for most of the night.

  123. Bruce says:

    Vancouver isn’t playing desperate hockey, even though they control their own destiny

    Hanging on in passive desperation
    is Vancouver’s way
    The time is gone, the season over
    Thought they’d some games more to play

  124. doritogrande says:

    If Vancouver loses on Saturday against the Flames, are they ahead of the Oilers or behind them in the standings? Did we just fuck the Ducks, or Canucks out of a better draft pick?

  125. CrazyCoach says:

    Ah what a night.

    My rec team wins our semi-final game over a bunch of young punks and the Oilers win.

    Now, I get all of tomorrow to goad Canucks fans, and beauty of it all?

    I live in BC.

  126. rickibear says:

    Bruce: Nice call on Greene.

  127. Lowetide says:

    I wonder if Jim Hughson will be golfing with Luongo tomorrow. He can say “great SWING Luongo” on every hole.

    Hey Loxy, now YOU can say “you’re out of the playoffs.”

    God I love poetic justice.

    Wasn’t it Naslund who said they were basically in the playoffs?

    Honestly, I’m giddy.

  128. honkey says:

    Oilers 2008 record is 25-15-2, that’s pretty much on par with the top teams in the league.
    We have a very bright future ahead of us.

  129. Showerhead says:

    dorito: There were 15 glorious cans of that same pale ale in my (Winnipeg) fridge on Tuesday evening. For some reason, they all disappeared by morning and I haven’t seen them since. I am sorry that I can’t lend a hand.

  130. Hemsky is a gangsta says:

    that’s an incredible record, do you have the GF/GA excluding shootout goals on hand??

  131. CrazyCoach says:


    This is sweet. Ever since Tuesday all the smartass Nucks fans that pass by my office take my Oilers flag and put it upside down (signal of distress). Thank god it is casual day tomorrow because I’m going to be decked out in copper and blue.

    I also got to use my cookie line during my rec game tonight to.

    Life is good.

  132. doritogrande says:

    Yeah, I’ve got no problem cheering for Nashville this post-season.

    Sharks-Nashville final in the East, Montreal-Pittsburgh final in the West would be Prime.

  133. doritogrande says:


    Aw man I can’t blame you. It was my mistake to not make a beer run after work. There’s still a couple Stella left for celebratin’ later on before I have to get desperate.

  134. Lowetide says:

    Two words: Beer fridge.

  135. doritogrande says:

    Okay, time to get Smid, Stortini, Roy, Deslauriers, Cogliano, Nilsson and Pouliot on a plane to the state that Springfield is in, PRONTO.

  136. doritogrande says:

    LT: it’s the full-sized basement fridge. Problem is, my dad didn’t stock it before he left on his week-long trip to Alberta. I’m hoping he brings back enough Big Rock to stock it properly upon his return.

  137. ChrissyT says:

    doritogrande“If Vancouver loses on Saturday against the Flames, are they ahead of the Oilers or behind them in the standings? Did we just fuck the Ducks, or Canucks out of a better draft pick?”

    Well they can’t catch us in wins, so I think yes. In fact I think if Chicago wins 1 and loses 1 (in regulation) then it goes Oil, Hawks, Nucks. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  138. Bruce says:

    Great run by the Oil, they just lost the wrong games. After Feb. 1 they won 11 of 14 home games.

    The losses: Nashville, Vancouver, Calgary. Ouch.

    That last home-and-home round robin, Oilers split with all four teams. Just a little too late in the season to hold our own against the NW, we needed to be making up ground in those games. Or holding our own earlier in the season.

    Worst Oil can finish now is 10th from the bottom. Chicago can pass us with 3 points in 2 games, and Vancouver with 1 point from their last game. But if either team loses a game in regulation, we got the tie-breaker on them. So Anaheim could be picking as low as 12th.

    Whatever, they won’t be getting Stamkos or Doughty, and for that I for one am highly thankful.

  139. Lowetide says:

    I believe they play in the Springfield that is in Massachusetts.

  140. Dennis says:

    14-5-1 in the last 20 and outside of tonight and last Fri at Col, I can’t think of another time where the Oilers were clearly outchanced.

    Stellar game from Roli and if he’d brought that on Tues night, we’d have the Flames shitting in their pants right now as well.

    27′s major problem is his weight. He’s going to have to drop a few pounds or otherwise he is what he is. MC’s pointed out many times just how many more min MacT ‘fed’;) the guy this season and you’d hope he’d use that as motivation to drop some pounds but we’ll see.

    As for other things:

    - By virtue of the PK time given to 2, 5′s the last Dman in the line. That’s how MacT sees it

    - I didn’t like tonight’s game from 12

    - We have to move 13 into the PK rotation and go with six guys in that role next year. 10 will be there as well and we can just go with a 12-89-83 line for the shift after the PK expires.

    - Same theme but I’d replace 34 with 78 on the second unit and then we’ve got the 14-34 combo to build our first shift around after the PP expires.

  141. Bruce says:

    I wrote:

    I hope every Oiler who played in that game remembers that experience tonight and shoves it right up Vancouver’s ass.

    I count 4 guys from the pre-lockout Oilers in the line-up tonight, and by the looks of the stats sheet all of them have long memories, esp. when it comes to bearing grudges:

    Stoll: 1 G, 10 stitches, 5:41 SH TOI
    Reasoner: 1 G, +1, 32 shifts, 9:10 SH TOI
    Pisani: 1 A, +1, 8:01 SH TOI
    Staios: 27:53 TOI, 12:27 SH TOI

    This one was for the veterans. Roli too, he was great tonight. Whichever of those guys isn’t back next year, my last memory will be of tonight’s outstanding effort on a night we had “nothing to play for”.

    Right. Up. Vancouver’s. Ass.

  142. doritogrande says:

    Quirky stat of the night: Every assist tonight was recorded by a player with a last name beginning with “P”

  143. Ducey says:


    After the last two games I won’t be upset if Pitkanen and his soccer talent ventures elsewhere in the offseason. Please let someone make a big juicy offersheet for him.

    Nice games by Pouliot and Grebs, among others.

  144. Bruce says:

    Okay, time to get Smid, Stortini, Roy, Deslauriers, Cogliano, Nilsson and Pouliot on a plane to the state that Springfield is in, PRONTO.

    I think Springfield is in the state of Ecstasy after getting reinforcements like that. They’re in the same position Oilers were a couple weeks ago, 5 back with 6 to play. A late winning streak is a must, and is still a tall order what with 3 games in the next 3 nights. I guess this is the silver lining to Oilers season being over alfuckinready.

  145. doritogrande says:

    “I think Springfield is in the state of Ecstasy after getting reinforcements like that.”

    Bruce, Fuck man, my Moose are also in that state of Ecstasy right now. We get Bourdon, Hansen, Rypien and possibly Edler back for our playoff stretch. Only difference is, we’ve got the playoff spot already.

  146. speeds says:


    EDM would also pass BUF in the standings if BUF doesn’t pick up a point in their last game.

  147. Bruce says:

    EDM would also pass BUF in the standings if BUF doesn’t pick up a point in their last game.

    Right you are, Speeds, I just noticed that and came back to post it and you’re all over it.

    Buffalo at Boston Saturday, probably a huge game for the Bruins, definitely a nothing game for the Sabres. How do you like them apples, Burkie?

  148. doritogrande says:

    And if Anahiem drops out in the first round…it’d be like we’re swapping down 6-9 spots for Dustin Penner.

    Cogliano, Gagner, Nilsson, Grebeshkov, Penner, Pouliot, Brodziak, Glencross, Gilbert, Staios, Hemsky, Pisani, Reasoner, Smid, Stortini, Garon, Roloson and Greene made Kevin Lowe look like a magician these past 20 or so games.

  149. Bruce says:

    Bruce: Nice call on Greene.

    Thanks Rickibear. Matt played another strong game tonight: 6 hits (of 16 by the entire team) and 2 huge blocks during yet another big 3-on-5 kill. 20:55 TOI including 8:34 on the first unit PK. He even attempted 4 shots.

    Of course he didn’t dominate against soft opp like he needs to, so maybe I just imagined he helped his team win the goddam game.

  150. Jennifer says:

    Where’s Temujin at?

  151. doritogrande says:

    “Of course he didn’t dominate against soft opp like he needs to, so maybe I just imagined he helped his team win the goddam game.”

    I like this a lot. It wasn’t that Greene made hay against the fourth liners, because we all know he’s not going to score anyway. He’s going out there and doing his thing. He doesn’t dominate soft opposition because he doesn’t have to. He has to hold his own in 5-on-3 situations to be effective for his player-type. Which he did tonight in spades.

    Matt Greene took a big step forward tonight. Lets not forget the faith MacT had in him at the beginning of the year pairing him with Souray. I think he can pull that off next year, leaving more room for the likes of Gilbert and Pitkanen to make hay with the lesser opponents.

  152. ChrissyT says:

    dennis “Stellar game from Roli and if he’d brought that on Tues night, we’d have the Flames shitting in their pants right now as well.”

    Have to disagree with you here. Thought Roli played well against Calgary. The difference in that game wasn’t goaltending, it was bounces. Yes every team can say that, but I swear Roli has been getting killed by deflections off his D-men.

    Either way, I like to think that other teams (namely Ottawa and TB) are jealous of our goaltending. Sure we can argue how much Roli sucks (what is he 7-3-1 since he took over?), but the fact is we have 2 solid goaltenders locked up at under 5M combined. Ottawa could only hope for that scenario.

    “27′s major problem is his weight. He’s going to have to drop a few pounds or otherwise he is what he is. MC’s pointed out many times just how many more min MacT ‘fed’;) the guy this season and you’d hope he’d use that as motivation to drop some pounds but we’ll see.”

    No doubt Penner started the year out of shape (and never really got into top condition, ask Zoolander how that one works).

    I’d hope all the guys from our current team, minus Sanderson, head down to California and work their asses off getting into top shape. Thats really the only advantage to not making the playoffs. You can heal up and improve much more if you have 4 months off compared to 2.

    And muscle weighs more than fat. So I hope Penner weighs the same (lets say 240), but this time around he has <10% body fat. I don't doubt he can do it, he seems like he has his head on straight. And while he may have only scored 23 goals, he's got size and hands you can't teach (just ask JFJ). Oh, and he played without his #1 C for over a third of the season. If Penner doesn't crack 30 next year I'd be shocked.

    But I agreed with the rest of what you said. Smid is the 7th D-man next year:

    Pitkanen (4.2*) – Staios (2.7)
    Souray (5.4) – Gilbert (3.4*)
    Grebs (2*) – Greene (1.2)
    Smid (800K)

    Thats just shy of 20M for 7 D-men, a little expensive but not that unreasonable. Spend 30M on 13 forwards and 5M on goaltending and hope like hell Souray plays 70 games and gets 18+ goals.

    How are the Oilers going to do next year? I don’t know but from where I sit, the Flames (really how much better can Iggy and TheDion be?) and Nucks (lose Nazzy + Mo and replace with who again?) don’t look like they’ll improve that much, while the Oil can and should expect better!


  153. doritogrande says:


    With Nonis pulling the strings, I’m not scared of Vancouver at all.

    With a new GM pulling the strings, I get instantly scared of Vancouver. They’ll have the cap space to offer the moon to Marian Hossa or something similar and still pick up a 2-line C to play with Hossa. Their D is solid and have some prospects that could emerge early next year.

    Nonis is dead weight on the BC coast, and they’d be well advised to sever ties.

  154. heed says:

    i would like to point out that cheeseburgers and all…the big man penner is still our leading goal scorer.

  155. Alice says:

    Heed, that may be true, and certainly Penner will get some unfair rap because as a big guy he’ll never Look like he’s moving that fast…

    But at 18min or better, with Ales on your line, you’re going to put up some numbers. Like it or not, on that line he’s the one expected to bring some bump, and that just doesn’t seem to be part of his kit.

    So it’s not a knock particularly, but I’m not sure he’s the role fit there that they thought he was, and just because he’s pulling the high contract it’s taken for granted that first line is the right place for him, on this team. I like him, he’s come a long ways, but he could bring the same on line 2, and GlenX has proven – in relatively limited ice time – that he doesn’t waste chances. Basically, I think we lucked into a top-6. If he can fill that role then that gives both MacT and Lowe some other options with Penner, put some size beside the kids, or trade for another need, which is really all good news as I see it.
    Waking up to the victory this morning made my day, a nice way to close that one out and enjoy the summer in anticipation of next year. Sure as hell beats being a Leaf fan, as I try to tell my son.

  156. rickibear says:

    Amen Alice: Lately I have been suggesting to all the people I talk to.

    The trade option are ????
    Everybody ?????? who has an answer.

  157. Doogie says:

    Sharks-Nashville final in the East,

    Not possible. They can meet no later than round two. Also not possible because they do not play in the East.

    Montreal-Pittsburgh final in the West

    That would be gold. That also may be the only way Montreal doesn’t come out of the Wales at this point, because no one else in that conference really looks scary to them. Maybe the Rangers, but after that Miracle on Manchester-esque comeback a couple of months ago, I don’t think they bother the Habs, particularly, either.

  158. MattM says:

    There’s a difference between being aware that the team hasn’t won and really internalizing as part of your fandom. See the Cubs or Bills for the kind of internalized culture of losing I’m looking for here. I’m not saying that there aren’t Canucks fans who do this, but it’s certainly not the overriding understanding of either the city’s media or the random fans you end up talking to when you go watch a PPV in a bar. I was nothing but sympathetic afterwards too.


    Well, I didn’t think my response had much to do with fans being idiots, but if you want a response that has nothing to do with the fans whatsoever…

    The Canucks have had two distinct teams since I moved out here: First, the flashy, high-scoring team. This team played a wonderful style of hockey and I didn’t mind watching them. But they were a bunch of jackasses. Burke, Crawford, Bertuzzi, Cooke, Cloutier, Jovonoski. Hardly a loveable bunch. Even Naslund, who at the time was the kind of player I like having on a team, ruined it by being so mopey. I liked their style, but I loathed the players.

    Now, the other team. The boring, trapping, defensive team. The defensive team is easy to hate as a hockey team because I hate the kind of hockey they play. Makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs. At this point, I’ve got Centre Ice and given the option the Canucks are the last team I’d choose. I hated the old Devils and the Wild for similar reasons. Plus the Canucks still have a lot of players I dislike and none I really love. Except Raymond, because he played his AJHL in my hometown.

    I also still have a fair bit of residual anger about the way the Bertuzzi incident was handled by the media here, so that plays into it as well.

    Aside from all that, the default position is disliking them due to the divisonal rival issue, so really, why woudln’t I hate the Canucks?

  159. Bruce says:

    Well said, MattM. The old Canucks were indeed a bunch of jackasses from the top down, as is still getting played out in the courts. My own residual anger from the Bertuzzi assault includes but is by no means limited to the media; the players (including the wounded captain), the organization and the fans all played a part.

    Say, did anybody see that cheap shot artist Matt Cooke put Vince Lecavalier down and out last night with a blind side hit ten feet from the puck? Imagine if the Lightning were to react in the petulant way that Crawford, Bertuzzi, May and Cooke himself did to the Moore hit on Naslund … luckily, they are virtually certain to respond with more maturity and class than Vancouver did.

    Good call too on comparing the current Canucks to the “old” Wild and Devils. Those classic trap teams have had that label hung on them since Jacques Lemaire was a boy, but both have become more interesting in recent years while Vancouver has become more unwatchable than either.

  160. Doogie says:

    Burke, Crawford, Bertuzzi, Cooke, Cloutier, Jovonoski

    Don’t forget the man with the Wanted poster himself, Brad May, now part of the Carnival of Douchebaggery in Anaheim.

  161. MattM says:

    Thanks Bruce. It’s not the first time I’ve given that speech. Agreed on continuing anger with other the other parties involved in the Bertuzzi incident.

    The Cooke-Lecavalier thing just reminds me how glad I am to have that punk out of the division.

    Doogie: Thanks, I knew I was forgetting someone.

  162. uni says:

    Say what you will about Domi, but that shot to Samuelsson was just a beauty. You have to think that someday Cooke will get his.

    I find it difficult to hate teams. Maybe it’s cause I remember those high flying high scoring Cloutier hobbled Canucks from the beginning of the millenium or maybe it’s because I don’t experience their fans firsthand. Since then, however, they are a painful team to watch. I’m just indifferent towards them, and if given the choice I’d want to see almost any other team save Anaheim, Ottawa, Carolina, or Dallas in the playoff, just because I’d rather watch a mildly entertaining game.

    Agreed on Nonis though that guy has just got to go. The only good move he’s made was getting Luongo really. And I still can’t believe they traded Luongo over 1 million and for Bertuzzi.

  163. Nuckels says:

    Reading this is why you Oiler fans are fools. You are runnin your mouth at Nonis, who has built a team that has won and contended for the Div title for a few years. Nonis has had positive results, (Luongo, Shannon, Pyatt)and has found gems in Edler and Bieksa. The current Oilers have no-one in there system who is even close to these 2 defensive studs.
    And for a fact, Kevin Lowe is the worst GM in the league, and should have been run out of town years ago. Instead, with a great 20 game stretch, you foolish Oiler fans are ready to forgive him for years of ineptitude and willing to look forward to a sophomore-laden team with a few talents and whole lot more bluff. Next year will be no different than the last 15 or so, where you will struggle mightily and just miss/squeak into the playoffs all the while knocking Lowe for the season and wondering how he could imagine the lineup winning consistently.
    This is why I think Oil fans are some of the most misled in the league, they see every player who dons the Oilers silks as a superstar and then wonder why it never pans out.
    I will admit though, that Nonis rolled the dice on this years lineup and lost, so he is at fault for that. Lowe gambled even more, but that is somehow overshadowed by there last 20 games.Hopefully you can see my argument.

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