Roster (and Dollar) Update

This is Kyle Brodziak. He is going to be an extreme bargain in the 08-09 season if he can play at a level similar to the one he gave the town team this season.

For slightly less than $500,000 the Oilers have a nice option in a variety of roles and a guy who “gets it.” For all the crap the Oilers scouting department gets a guy like Brodziak sometimes goes unnoticed when we’re getting riled up about the draft mistakes.

It’s been awhile since I posted the raw cap numbers for 08-09 so here goes:

  • GOAL-Garon 1.1M; Roloson 3.67M
  • LD-Souray 5.4M; Grebeshkov 1.5M; Smid .886M
  • RD-Gilbert 4M; Staios 2.7M; Greene 1.15M; Roy .500M
  • C-Horcoff 3.6; Gagner 1.625M; Cogliano 1.133M; Brodziak .497M
  • L-Penner 4.25M; Torres 2.25M; Moreau 2M
  • R-Hemsky 4.1M; Nilsson 1.013M; Pisani 2.5M

Unsigned players include D Joni Pitkanen (2.4M last year and reportedly after 5M now), Jarret Stoll (2.2M last year and can’t imagine an increase), Zack Stortini ($534,000 last year and an increase under to well under 1M logical), Marc Pouliot ($942,000 a year ago and a one-way contract at reasonable terms likely), JF Jacques ($668,000 last year and the waiver wire looming) and UFA’s Marty Reasoner and Curtis Glencross.

Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Sign Horcoff to an extension
  2. Sign Pitkanen (1 year, $4.4M)
  3. Sign Glencross (say 3 years, $1.8M a year).
  4. Sign Stortini (3 years, $850,000 a year).
  5. Sign Pouliot (3 years, $900,000 a year).
  6. Deal Stoll, Schremp and whatever else it takes to get Jonathan Cheechoo.
  • GOAL-Garon 1.1M; Roloson 3.67M
  • LD-Pitkanen 4.4M; Souray 5.4M; Grebeshkov 1.5M; Smid .886M
  • RD-Gilbert 4M; Staios 2.7M; Greene 1.15M
  • C-Horcoff 3.6; Cogliano 1.133M; Brodziak .497M; Pouliot .900M
  • L-Penner 4.25M; Gagner 1.625M; Torres 2.25M; Glencross 1.8M; Moreau 2M
  • R-Hemsky 4.1M; Cheechoo 3M; Pisani 2.5M; Nilsson 1.013M; Stortini .850M


TOTAL COST: $54,324,000

This roster doesn’t count on Torres or Moreau and can plug in Gagner and Brodziak where needed. Nilsson can push Cheechoo when he’s struggling and vice versa and there’s all kinds of depth when the injuries hit.

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32 Responses to "Roster (and Dollar) Update"

  1. HBomb says:

    Nice roster. Would have been nicer if the 7th was Roy at 500K and Jan Hejda’s 2 million dollar ticket was part of that top six, no?

    I’m shocked that no one on the Oilogosphere has commented on the BJ’s extending “Dan” yesterday. Nice work by Howson.

    Anyways, I do like that lineup Lowetide. A 2nd line of Torres-Gagner-Cheechoo strikes me as the kind of unit that would put a beating on the soft minutes.

  2. PDO says:

    That team is awfully inexperienced down the middle.

    And we’re beyond screwed if Horcoff went down.

    Then again, it’d be hard to find a way we wouldn’t be in trouble if Horcoff went down, selling-your-soul-to-the-devil-shooting-% aside :)

  3. Lowetide says:

    PDO: Yeah it is, and I’d bet MacT brings in Reasoner instead of Pouliot.

  4. DeBakey says:

    That line-up works.

    Reading MacT’s lips though, I swore I heard him say
    “NO” to the sons of Latino immigrants
    “YES” to wise-cracking American centermen earning under $1mm per

  5. HBomb says:

    PDO: Yeah it is, and I’d bet MacT brings in Reasoner instead of Pouliot.

    If they’re going to go with a veteran C instead of Pouliot, fine, but if they do that they need to go get someone a hell of a lot better than Marty Reasoner.

    He’s a 4th liner at max right now, and that’s Brodziak’s gig. A Craig Conroy-type at around 1.5 million a year for the 3rd line? Awesome.

    If the choice is Pouliot swimming upstream on the 3rd line vs. watching Reasone get torn apart in that role, I’d rather see 78 struggle and learn from it.

  6. Lowetide says:

    HBomb: Me too. :-)

  7. Jon G says:

    Well, we were not really screwed when Horcoff went down this year. But, I feel that is a pretty good line up. It will be interesting to see what divisional rivals do this summer as well.

    I dont particularily agree with the trade for Cheechoo since he has/had Thorton and has only had one good year.

    Either way that line up means that we will need the cap to go over 54.5 million, but with little research I found that the cap is might go as high as 56.3 million. Bringing this line up in with some room to move

  8. Dennis says:

    That’s too much cash for GlenX and if Lowe winds up paying him that much, then we have ourselves an extra Pisani for when the first one’s off the books.

    Fuck, does anyone think 20′s gonna keep scoring like this and we can’t pay Everyone.

  9. PunjabiOil says:

    # Sign Pitkanen (1 year, $4.4M)
    # Sign Glencross (say 3 years, $1.8M a year).
    # Sign Stortini (3 years, $850,000 a year).

    That’s way too much for Pitkanen if he’s only giving up 1 year of restricted free agency. That’s the type of salary I’d give him if he signs long term.

    Glencross at that price is a bit expensive, especially since he doesn’t have much experience, and had a highly unsustainable shooting % during his span with the Oilers.

    I also don’t know if I’d give Stortini that much and for that long. With enforcers, they’re not going to score much, which will keep their counting totals down. There’s not much of a benefit in my opinion, in signing them long term.

  10. toqueboy says:

    i’ve been trying to figure out why people want to trade sugar tits and i just don’t get it.

    his value, all things considered, is pretty much, mute…so with that understood, why do we trade our best prospect? it’s not like we have a million other beauties coming up…after looking at all your desjardins stats, we don’t have a solid prospect other than RS.

    trading RS means that liam reddox (an absolute over achiever) becomes our best realistic prospect. this is not to be critical of riley nash, but we all know that mr. nash is a few years off…probably 5 from being anything “to do” in the show…

    so as i see it…everyone is campaigning to trade RS…let JFJ go on waivers and sign Pouliot to a one way…this leaves reddox as our defacto call up and then who?

    i don’t know if oiler fans have forgotten what it’s like to have a ‘feeder’ system, but the idea of trading all of our prospects for ‘now’ is ridiculous.

    we have enough proven nhl players that no longer have a roster spot (torres, moreau, stoll, greene), that there’s no need to trade out of our system.

    also, saying that nilsson could push cheechoo is ridiculous. they play such different games that such a scenario means that we’ve compiled the wrong players. i love cheechoo, but your suggestion for getting him, leaves us with a huge rut on the farm and a proven question mark taking up development room. no offense, but hemm’r isn’t big joe…nilsson wasn’t our problem on the second line…the problem on the seond line was the average age of his linemates. if they were all 23, we’d be cheering non-stop, but because they’re not, we decide that the issue is with the most mature of the three? something seems off there to me…and what seems off is buying into samwise’s draft spot. we have to remember that no matter the young man’s skill, if he was on a good team he would have been sent back to junior and then brought in like hemsky…so let’s not all get too caught up in 18 year old fever. we have to remember that there are realistic expectations to draw upon…and having a second line 19 year old player doesn’t exactly scream “playoffs” especially when the guy playing in front of him will struggle to get 25 every year.

    i don’t mean to be negative…but right now it seem like everyone is really liking the koolaid. if we trade torres and stoll, we’re gonna need a whole lot more the sugar tits and jfj in the minors, if we even have hald the injuries we had this year, unless we have a b. burns who can play any positions, anytime…and there’s nothing to suggest that…

    so if we trade RS, our call ups next year will be reddox, trukno and mcdonald…can you say “miss the playoffs 3 years in a row”

    i can!

  11. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: What would you peg a “fair” price for Glencross?

    PJ Oil: What do you think a fair price for one year of Pitkanen would be?

    toqueboy: Schremp’s value isn’t nil, he had a fine AHL season. I don’t think the Oilers could get a Patrick O’Sullivan return for him but he’s certainly got value.

    As for Nilsson replacing Cheechoo, although they don’t have similar skills Cheechoo is a streaky player so the butter minutes could go to Nilsson when Cheechoo is in a slump. That’s what I meant.

    Finally, with regard to Schremp and leaving the AHL cupboard bare I don’t see that being a problem. The Oilers are on record with Springfield with their intention to bring in some quality veterans so that means an AHL team stocked with Toby Petersen’s and Jamie Wright’s.

    We have to filter Schremp through the rest of the roster and that means the skill guys who would need to play the soft parade to get results. My idea gives those minutes to Cogliano-Gagner-Cheechoo with Nilsson there when the well goes dry.

    Who should we throw in the ditch to make room for Sugartits? Even if one or two of those players were injured I’d rather elevate Raffi.

  12. Ducey says:

    I think your estimate for Glen X is about right Lowetide. He is a free agent after all.

    I am not sold on giving up on Stoll – certainly not as part of a package for Cheechoo. They had similar years last year pointwise. Stoll was the Oil’s best player before the head injury/ Hollywood girlfriend. I think Stoll might have a comeback in him. The effort always seems to be there. He would be a bargain if he makes it back. He would make the 3rd line dominant again.

    If you get Cheechoo, where do you put him? It seems to me that he is not 3rd liner and is not likely to be better that Cogs, Gagne, Nilsson. Other than being insurance for Penner, I don’t see him being a fit.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Schremp shipped out. Take a look at a playoff game. I cannot see Schremp being able to compete for the puck or physically in the NHL playoffs when he hasn’t even shown it in the AHL regular season.

    As usual, I would suggest trading Pitkanen. He has the talent but being questioned by his national team coach about his toughness/ committment just emphasizes to me that he has long way to go before he ever is a dominant D man. He could be Paul Coffey but he looks a lot like Tom Poti to me.

  13. PunjabiOil says:

    PJ Oil: What do you think a fair price for one year of Pitkanen would be?

    Joni was good, but his numbers were far below what he has delivered in the past. He earned 2.4M last year, so if there’s a 1 year deal, I’d be looking in the 2.9-3.4M range.

    Then again, estimates are just estimates. Your guess is as good as mine.

  14. Dennis says:

    LT: I don’t know what to suggest that we pay him because he’s holding the FA hammer. But, unless he’s about to become a shutdown guy, I wouldn’t pay him 1.8 per.

    In the dribs and drabs that passes as Oilers news during the last of April and first of May, we have learned that the Oilers are talking with his agent, expect to get something done soon and that KP says, “he knows he’s going to play and he’s going to play a lot.”

    Should we take anything From that?

    Also, did Joni really pull the chute on Finland and if he did, did he do it because he’s close to a longterm deal with the Oil? KP also said that Joni told Lowe he wants to come back to Edm so if you assume KP’s telling the truth, I assume that means Pitkanen would be fine here longterm as long as the money’s close.

    To finish on 20, after Moreau and Pisani, I’m wary about paying guys unless I know what we’re asking them to do.

  15. Bruce says:

    I think your estimate for Glen X is about right Lowetide. He is a free agent after all.

    GlenX is a strange case. He is indeed UFA, but his pedigree is pretty modest for a guy in that category, just 71 GP at age 25. So it would be a big gamble/overpay to give him anything approaching a $5 MM contract.

    Oilers still have two months to negotiate with this guy and they have selling points — he’s from around here, he likes it here, he’s a good fit on the team, they really gave him an opportunity, etc. — and if they make him a solid offer like, say, 2 years @ $1.2 MM he’d very possibly jump at it. That’s just a guess of course — what do I know? — but the cap market is new enough and GlenX is in a rare enough category that there’s not much precedent.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Also, did Joni really pull the chute on Finland and if he did, did he do it because he’s close to a longterm deal with the Oil?

    He did, allegedly over a knee injury. Between Ken Lowe’s comments and Doug Shedden’s, it seems likely it was an extremely minor injury, but Pitkanen didn’t want to risk anything given his uncertain contract status. My bet- this more likely indicates contract limbo than closing in on a long-term deal.

  17. Dennis says:

    Jon: Yeah, I think you’re probably right but I’m a 25 guy and I allowed myself to experience optimism for once;)

    On PJO and LT’s figures, the only way I give Joni 4 mill for a one year deal is if you have lots of space to do so and/or you think it will be an accepted goodwill gesture towards a longer term pact.

    The decision on Joni’s an interesting one and it depends on what his value is right now and just how you’d plan on replacing him. Unless you’re offered something really good, I’d hang onto him knowing you need his puckmoving abilities for ’09. Souray CANNOT – I feel the need to cap that just in case some of the journalists are reading this:) – move the puck, Smid’s ability is neligible and unless the 37-77 combo make huge strides forward, we’d miss a lot at EV just by dealing Pitkanen out and putting Souray in his place.

    But the biggest worry with 25 longterm is here’s a guy who’s already been injured a bunch of times nad he’s not even 25 yet. Just how many of those go on and Don’t keep experiencing various GP shaving injuries over the years?

  18. Jfry says:


    just saying. although it would be difficult to surmise that i have a degree in English from my posts.

  19. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I think there are teams who will pay full price and more for him based on age and a short resume.

    Glencross agent should be pushing hard for term and number, and he’s an Oiler type who the town team wants to keep.

    Based on history, my bet is it’ll be a number you’re not going to like.

  20. Bruce says:

    Just how many of those go on and Don’t keep experiencing various GP shaving injuries over the years?

    That’s the worry, isn’t it Dennis. Even if the guy really is a $5 MM defenceman, if he’s a 65-GP-a-year guy then by my math he’s already down to $4 MM in value, minus an uncertainty and unreliability factor that has its own price tag. Especially if he keeps coming up lame or sick for Big Games in Colorado and Vancouver and the like.

    You and I have already been having a variation of this discussion re: McKee, and obviously Souray fits this category as well as does Moreau. My general feeling with these injury-prone guys is “fuck, who needs it?” Exhibit A being Forsbear who has been in and out of the Colorado line-up pretty much as expected, and sure he helped them some but here it is Game 4 and he’s about to miss his third game of the series and in the meantime the game plan has gone to shit. If you live with these guys you can sure as fuck die with them too.

  21. Dennis says:

    Bruce: I agree. Just because of his brittleness — and I mean in terms of the actual injuries he’s had that we can pin down — there has to be a line that you don’t cross. I’ll throw out 4/18.

    LT: Well, if that’s the case, then let someone else pay him. Unless you can find someone to take Pisani and you think 20 can do what Pisani USED to do. Fuck, we can’t keep paying bottom sixers or even top niners for that matter. 83-27-12 are already getting paid, 10′s just about up and we’ve only got two more years before we pay for 13-89.

  22. Lowetide says:

    Bruce: I think 13-89 get paid with the Souray money, and Glencross is a nice player in a poor free agent summer. He’s going to get paid by someone.

  23. Dennis says:

    LT: Souray still has two years left on his contract by the time those guys need to get paid. And the money isn’t as big an issue as cap hit.

    Sure, his NMC expires by then but who’s gonna take him.

    As for 20, we shouldn’t pay him handsomely. Then again, You can always blame it on MacT and wear your cross-stitched Smidbelin jersey to bed at night:)

  24. Lowetide says:

    Dennis: I’d be interested in what everyone thinks Glencross would get signed for in free agency. It only takes one other team to drive up the price.

  25. Coach pb9617 says:

    I still look at the Rangers and wonder if Prucha is able to be salvaged.

    LT: I like Glencross on a 3 year at 1.5 per.

  26. Dennis says:

    LT: True enough but every team has their own unique set of circumstances and there’s a team I know that shouldn’t be paying everyone.

    I don’t care if there’s a team out there Frasers, ie Scott, him.

    I’m just saying the Oilers shouldn’t.

  27. Lowetide says:

    I’d be fine with Glencross signing that deal (3 yrs, 1.8M). The Oilers would have to offload someone from their bottom group but that isn’t impossible.

    I wonder if Souray is thinking about retirement. THAT might be something to watch.

  28. Dennis says:

    LT: I’m wondering if Slash will show up and put the finishing touches on Axl’s “Chinese Democracy” but I would’t put a Diet Pepper on it either.

    And I can’t believe you’d be ready to throw that much at Glencross.

  29. Schitzo says:


    //LT: Well, if that’s the case, then let someone else pay him. Unless you can find someone to take Pisani and you think 20 can do what Pisani USED to do//

    I know that wasn’t directed at me, but – what?
    All Pisani did was put up 13 goals in 56 games while playing 16:30 a game while trying to get his weight and conditioning back up. Oh yeah, in a shutdown and PK role, when he didn’t spend his first 15 games babysitting the young ones.

  30. Dennis says:

    ScH: I’m not sure if you’ll read this, this topic’s down the page now, but I’m a Pisani fan and I guess I didn’t explain myself well enough.

    I’ve got no problem with Pisani but there’s a limit to what you can pay other people if they don’t have a specific role.

    GlenX doesn’t kill penalties and he doesn’t drive a PP so unless he’s a scorer or he’s in a shutdown role, which Pisani is right now, then why do you want to pay him real money?

    We’ve already got 27-12 making ~7 mill a season in the top two LW slots so why are we gonna pay GlenX as well? I guess you can argue he’d take over top six tough portside min from Raffi but that’s a role 20 hasn’t proven he can play, either.

  31. mjsh says:

    I love the oilers but there is still a big problem, too many B plus guys and not enough A plus guys. We still need a forward who is better than any of Horcoff, Hemsky and Penner. Maybe a Spezza or Malkin?

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