The Rest of The Story

Even Paul Harvey might choke on a quote tonight from the National Post (I’d give you the prompt but it doesn’t work). Quoting the article: Having loved her previous time in Washington, she reportedly ordered her husband (Nylander) to get on the blower to the Caps and was standing right beside her man as he called. Caps GM George McPhee: “I got a call at four in the morning from Michael (from Sweden), who wanted a four-year contract from us. I told him, ‘Look, I don’t want any part of this, Michael. You phone (Oilers GM) Kevin Lowe and work this out.’ Kevin was upset and I don’t blame him.” Google National Post Nylander Edmonton and it should come right up.

If you’re married and you’re laughing, me too. If you’re married and you’re saying you’d never have done it, you sir are a liar.

Money changes nothing. :-)

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15 Responses to "The Rest of The Story"

  1. uni says:

    Never been married so I can’t say if that’s true or not.

    But I wonder how Nylander felt as he called McPhee while Mrs. Nylander stood next to him at 4 A.M. haha.

  2. Mark says:

    How long until Mrs. Luongo reenacts the same scene in Vancouver?

    This was a chuckle and Staples’ latest post is a good bookend to this.

    I think we should all count our lucky stars. The worst I’ve had to do was sit through “The Notebook”. Lowetide, your post reminds me of a Simpsons episode with this exchange between Bart and Homer:

    Homer (upon renting “Love Story to watch with Marge and the kids): Listen boy, sometimes when you stuff like this for ladies, it can have some excellent benefits.”

    Bart: Like what? They do crappy things THEY don’t wanna do?

    Homer: Exactly.

  3. Lowetide says:

    Mark: lol I haven’t seen that episode. The funny thing is that Washington is apparently not the most attractive city in America but I guess better the devil you know. I can’t imagine it can be much fun for these wives arriving in a new town and trying to settle their family in before school, etc.

    Can’t be much fun.

  4. Mark says:

    Lowetide, I felt the same way about Spacek going to Buffalo. Other than it being “closer” to the Czech Republic … would anyone who lived in either city choose Buffalo over, well, anywhere else.

    I think the Oiler wives are a close knit group, almost like the Booster Clubs of small town Alabama High School football teams, or such the like. I believe that would help.

    I said this about Prongs and I’ll say this again. As crappy as the situations were, when someone chooses the good (or in this case, peace) of their family before anything else (even $2.5 mil), that’s one hell of a person. It just sucks when you are on the other end of it.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’m married, and I’m laughing, and so’s my wife.

  6. Showerhead says:

    Mind you… if it was 4am in Washington it was probably in the range of noon in Sweden. Nylander’s ball-less-ness had everything to do with him and his wife and not so much to do with the hour.

  7. Dennis says:

    Money changes nothing?

    So, let me get this straight, you’re saying Cyndi Lauper was Wrong?;)

  8. Kev says:

    If it comes down to it, absolutely family comes first.

    What I had a problem with is (IIRC) leaving Lowe in the dark for most of that big trading day, and him having to find out the way he did. Given the time zone differences, could they not have left messages via email, phone, faxes, etc. that Lowe could’ve gotten first thing in the morning when he got to work?

    I was actually glad he didn’t end up here, and him getting hurt felt like karma in my mind. We don’t know and may never know, but that sequence of events may have screwed up other moves.

  9. Art Vandelay says:

    That article doesn’t tell us anything.

    Did the future ex-Mrs. Nylander induce the old man to break a contract with the Oilers? Or was she just telling him to pull his head out of his @zz?

    When Nylander was pimping himself out, and various gentleman callers – including Kevin Lowe – were making offers, did he not, I dunno, sit down with the ol’ lady and discuss where they might both like to live. You know, like, before July 1?

    I realize most of what’s in the National Compost is made up, but this one sounds like George McPhee trying a little too hard to get back to being Lowe’s bestest little friend.

  10. Devin says:

    Why did McPhee give him such a large contract? If I have a guy begging me for a job I’m not going to give him a crazy 4yr deal at 19.5M. Even though it was less than Edmonton’s offer, I can’t see a ton of teams lining up for Nylander at around the 5M mark. If I’m McPhee I would have put the screws to him (maybe he did?)

  11. HBomb says:

    I realize most of what’s in the National Compost is made up, but this one sounds like George McPhee trying a little too hard to get back to being Lowe’s bestest little friend.

    If that’s what he’s trying to do, I’ll suggest and appropriate remedy: since he’s stuck with Nylander’s salary, we’ll offer him relief by taking that monstrous Ovechkin contract off his hands for Stoll, Smid and Schremp.

    Heck, even throw in a couple first rounders. Because that’s five assets, and GM’s love getting five assets for one asset, right?

    In all seriousness – you cannot blame a guy for choosing his family’s wishes over his own. However, you can crucify a guy for handling such situations poorly. Both Pronger and Nylander fall into this category.

  12. DeBakey says:

    The thing I don’t understand

    What could Mrs Nylander possibly have against Edmonton?

    I mean what’s not to like?

  13. Marchantfan says:

    DeBakey: I assume you are either being sarcastic or you aren’t actually in Edmonton right now.

  14. CrazyCoach says:

    completely unrelated, but for those of you still giddy over the Demise of the Nucks, check this video out. It’s been done with the Dallas Cowboys and other teams, but I like this one the best.

  15. Bruce says:

    Crazycoach: Thought you said “Demise of the Ducks”, but that was even better. :D

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