2008 Entry Draft

This is Mitch Wahl. He’s a quality prospect who you can see play this weekend for Spokane at the Memorial Cup. He scored 73 points in 67 WHL games this season, is listed as 6-0, 185 and everyone on Spokane’s club appears to be aware defensively.

We’re getting closer to the NHL draft (June 20 weekend) and there’s more information available about each prospect now.

Many of the publications are readily available now so we can start talking about specific prospects and those who might be available when Edmonton picks in the first round.

Here’s my top 22 list, please post opinions and those who have a better view on the draft (there are a bunch of Oilers fans who follow this closely each season) please join in. I’m hopeful that we can add Blue Bullet’s list in the near future as we did a year ago and also post a link to speeds’ list when he posts it.

  1. Steve Stamkos
  2. Zach Bogosian
  3. Mikael Boedker
  4. Drew Doughty
  5. Luke Schenn
  6. Colin Wilson
  7. Zach Boychuk
  8. Josh Bailey
  9. Nikita Filatov
  10. Alex Pietrangelo
  11. Cody Hodgson
  12. Joe Colbourne
  13. Colby Robak
  14. Kyle Beach
  15. AJ Jenks
  16. Jordan Eberle
  17. Mattias Tedenby
  18. Jake Gardiner
  19. Ryan Ellis
  20. Zach Dalpe
  21. Michael Del Zotto
  22. Tyler Myers

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15 Responses to "2008 Entry Draft"

  1. DeBakey says:

    I am NOT an expert, but I would’ve put Colten Teubert in the Top-22.

    Based on Lowe’s track record, you gotta think Anton Gustafsson is at least a possibility with pick 22.

    Another guy who’s scouting report reads enticingly is Mikhail Stefanovich, “He’s a big kid, 6’2” and 200 pounds…he is a good skater and has a great shot. He can really stickhandle.”
    Due to questions about “want to”, his ratings are all over the place.

  2. knighttown says:

    I don’t want this to turn into a “how can you justify having player X so low” kind of thread, but I am surprised to Alex Pieterangelo in the 10 spot. Was it the mono as we know what that did to Poo’s development? From all I’ve heard, you could flip a coin (a three-sided one) and choose between Doughty, Bogosian and Alex P, with Schenn perhaps jumping up if a team had a bunch of puckmovers (Oilers?). If a guy with that kind of upside is available at 10, you make a move to get him. That’s Kopitar at #11 type value. Btw, love Josh Bailey at #8. Seems like a guy with pretty good size, skills and heart considering how he handled the death of his teammate this year. He looks pretty safe to me, with Chris Drury being the top rung on his ladder, and that’s a pretty high ladder. Also of note, I see everyone’s favorite potential Oil pick, Jordan Eberle is WHL (and maybe CHL) scholastic player of the year. The Oilers seem to have a hard-on for brains lately (Gagner, Cogs) so you gotta think he’s their target if he’s still there.

  3. Ribs says:

    The event calendar on the Oilers web site tells me it’s Marc Pouliots birthday today. I hope he blows out the candles on his cake wishing for a complete NHL season.

    I’m reminded of his draft year. He was picked 22nd overall by the Oil and there were some pretty damn good players in the 20+ range.

    20th – Brent Burns
    23rd – Ryan Kesler
    24th – Mike Richards
    28th – Corey Perry
    29th – Patrick Eaves

    Not to mention gems like patrice Bergeron(45th), or Shea Weber(49th).

    I wonder if this years draft will be so bountiful? Is this 22nd overall pick something to get really excited for here?

  4. Ducey says:

    “it’s Marc Pouliots birthday today. I hope he blows out the candles on his cake wishing for a complete NHL season.”

    I hope thats the last cake he eats for awhile.

    I note that he doesn’t seem to be training with some of the other players in California – I hope we don’t have repeat of last summer, when he showed up in poor condition at camp.

  5. Islandlife says:

    It’s time to fish or cut bait with both MAP and JFJ.

    No mercy.

  6. Lowetide says:

    knighttown: My reasons for dropping Pietrangelo have to do with the last 30 games or so (compared to say Bogosian) and the difference in offense/percentage of offense from Pietrangelo.

    Put another way:

    50 points in 58 games on a team that scored 213 goals in 68gp. So he was in on about 27.5% of the overall offense if we reduce the total goals by the number of games Doughty played.

    61 points in 60 games on a team that scored 199 goals in 68gp. So he was in on about 34.7% of the overall offense if we reduce the total goals by the number of games Bogosian played.

    53 points in 60 games on a team that scored 272 goals in 68gp. So he was in on about 22.1% of the overall offense if we reduce the total goals by the number of games Pietrangelo played.

    Hey, I have zero idea about which of these guys is a better player but if I had the second pick I’d take Bogosian.

  7. Coach pb9617 says:

    I think we need more Zach’s in the top 22.

  8. Boondock says:

    Put me down for never picking a player like Robak in the first round.

    There’s a quote on the NHL Draft page with a CSS scout questioning Robak’s ability to battle and play defensively.

    When questions like that come up with a prospect d-man, he better have some big numbers beside his name in his stat line if he is to have any chance of making himself a player at the next level.

    I don’t see how you can project him as an offensive defenceman at the next level when his numbers are marginally better than a guy like Teubert’s, who’s offensive game is the biggest black mark against him.

    His projection as an offensive defenseman seem to be based on his skill set and style of play much more than on what he has actually accomplished. Robak’s results don’t look like a future NHL offensive d-man, and then you have a pro scout basically calling him a bit of a pussy.

    Besides Robak and Jenks that high, I really like the list, though. I’d be very happy if Lowe could come away with any of the guys in your top 11.

  9. Bendelson says:

    Here’s to hoping there might be enough ‘bad press’ out there to have a real shot at either Colborne (12th seems high LT) or Stefanovich (will a skilled coke machine tempt the Oil LT?). Both similiar in their ‘reported’ weaknesses…
    Either one would be great at 22.

    Dalpe seems to me a very solid choice – when does NJ pick? Hmm, 21.

  10. alphahelix says:

    There seems to be one glaring omission – Luca Sbisa. I doubt there are many other lists in existence with him absent of the top 22.

  11. T. says:

    Totally a me thing but I saw Cody Hodgson play at the prospects game and in one of the Battalion games and I really like the kid. Isn’t always the one scoring but if you traced the play back a few steps he’s almost always in on it somehow.

    He’s probably too high for us and not necessarily what we need but he’s a gooder I think.

    And I was also surprised about the absence of Sbisa.

  12. Bill Needle says:

    Knowing how the Oilers like the think outside the box on with middle-to late first rounders on draft day — with its potential advantages (Nash so far; Pouliot) or disadvantages (Plante so far; not picking Parise) there’s a solid chance that the Oilers won’t pick anyone from the Lowetide list.

  13. Traktor says:

    Myers is about 10 spots too high.

    Of course JMO.

  14. Bank Shot says:

    “A far better playmaker than goal-scorer, his skills with the puck are something to behold. But he has some filling out to do”
    “He could be a home-run guy”
    “He also possesses good foot speed and an ability to make pinpoint passes.”
    -From THN draft preview.

    Plays in Ontario Junior “A” league.

    Corey Trivino, ranked 36th according to THN.

    This guy has Oilers 1st round pick written all over him.

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