Desjardins NHLE for CHL

This is Milan Kytnar. He was drafted 127th overall in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft by the Edmonton Oilers. Born in Topolcany, Slovakia and drafted one month after his 18th birthday, he had some nice things said about him around the draft.

Central Scouting said “hard working two-way center, has good hands and a quick stick on face-offs. Kytnar has good on-ice awareness and a good shot and is able to play very physical. Kytnar eeds to improve his first step quickness.”

The Oilers have only two propects playing in the CHL we can run through Desjardins.

Here they are in 82gp notation, with TOI and all other factors remaining equal we could expect them to do this in the NHL:

  1. Milan Kytnar 3-5-8
  2. Alex Plante 1-1-2

Oilers prospects in the NCAA, AHL and Europe have all had some success this season, but the CHL kids didn’t do much and that’s for sure.

The top 10 forwards are:

  1. Alexei Mikhnov 18-27-45 (RSL) (25)
  2. Linus Omark 13-24-37 (SEL) (20)
  3. Rob Schremp 11-26-37 (AHL) (21)
  4. Marc Pouliot 15-19-34 (AHL) (22)
  5. Alexander Bumagin 18-15-33 (RSL) (20)
  6. Riley Nash 11-19-30 (NCAA) (18)
  7. Liam Reddox 9-17-26 (AHL) (21)
  8. Chris Vande Velde 12-13-25 (NCAA) (20)
  9. Jean Francois Jacques 11-14-25 (AHL) (22)
  10. Tyler Spurgeon 3-22-25 (AHL) (21)

Traditionally the AHL numbers are the most accurate and the European numbers the most suspect. Omark is a very interesting prospect based on these numbers despite his small stature (he’s Bobby Sheehan). Scouting report: A flashy player with first-class technical skills and hands. Very creative player with good hockey sense and natural scoring ability. Defense is okay, although it can be fine-tuned. Good skater with great agility and moves. Additional strength and muscles would not hurt.

Riley Nash is the youngest player in the group, Mikhnov the oldest. The time is now for several of the AHL players listed and at a guess I’d say the organization gives Rob Schremp the biggest shove for a roster spot in the fall.

The question is where does he play?

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11 Responses to "Desjardins NHLE for CHL"

  1. agb says:

    Has anyone in the organization mentioned Omark’s play this past year or the possibility of him coming over to play in the AHL?

  2. Lowetide says:


    “Everything you’re looking for in a hockey player is there but the only problem is he’s 5’9.”
    – Prendergast’s succinct but mixed scouting report on the Luleå forward.

    That’s from a Guy Flaming HF article. There’s also some talk that he is signed for another year and then will come over, but we also heard he wasn’t signed so that’s where we are now.

  3. honkey says:

    He has signed a new 1-year deal with Luleå.
    If there is a prospect camp in june you might get to see him there.
    So one more year in SEL and a year in AHL after that. Then he might be NHL-ready.

  4. choppystride says:

    With all due respect, I’m not sure if the application of NHLE is a meaningful exercise for most prospects.

    Unless I’m mistaken, NHLE is based on the past histories of players who have already made the NHL. As such, it would seem to suffer from survivorship bias.

    What this means is that, the resulting numbers are meaningless unless you can time travel into the future to confirm that the player in question will indeed be an NHLer (I think Desjardins’ criteria is 40 NHL games minimum).

    This assumption can probably hold for the bluechip, surefire prospects. Unfortunately, most prospects don’t fall into this category.

  5. Dennis says:

    To address the shot about RS getting a push, and just for the sake of discussion, the only way I can see him getting a shot next year is if both 14 and 16 are sent out for either dmen or picks AND the Oilers feel so confident about how the kids developed last year that they think they can pull the same thing with Robbie in ’09.

    The kid is at least on a decent path by declaring his interesting in attending the Cali bootcamp.

  6. Ducey says:

    Schremp doesn’t make the lineup on opening day. He needs two guys to get hurt.

    If a top 6 guy gets hurt they would presumably elevate a Pisani, Stoll or Torres to cover that spot. If a second forward goes down he should get a real shot.

    If he could ever learn to check he’d be a shoe in…

  7. DBO says:

    Would anyone be upset if we gave jagr a 2 or 3 year deal at 4 million per? Will he get more? Adding Jagr kind of makes us have a run for the next 2 years before Gagner and Cogliano get huge raises.

  8. Bendelson says:

    LT – IF Schremp makes the line-up, I would think his only chance is as a spot-duty player that could take over Stoll minutes playing the point on the PP. IF they let Stoll go that is…

    Translation: Move him on draft day…?

  9. Jonathan says:

    Would anyone be upset if we gave jagr a 2 or 3 year deal at 4 million per? Will he get more?

    I wouldn’t be upset, I’d be ecstatic, because he certainly will get more. We talk about Hossa in the 6-8 million range; Jagr had more points than Hossa this season. If his contract is shy of 6 million, I’d be shocked.

  10. rickibear says:

    Is that not the whole point of a salary cap capable team. It should be ok to bring in guys for one to two years to get close to the cap. If the current player contracts dictate it. I would take 2YR of Jagr, Sundin or Hossa @ 5-7M over 6 years of Stoll, Torres, or Moreau.

    We do this only if it benefits team chemistry. The current situation with Cogliano and Gagner contracts rolling out in two years demands that we do this.

    I am sure we all have been thinking this in the last two months anyway.

    It should be part of the natural process. Pay for potential in your youth and older guns for hire.

    I have been wondering: since eastern conference teams gain large benefit in UFA recruitment by not travelling alot.

    Has the perdium for travel and expense been capped CBA purpose wise. In Alberta you are allowed to haveto 40% of 100% be tax free.It is not considered salary by the tax department. That might be a nice enticement. This would be all about travel and being away from your family.

  11. rickibear says:

    Answer my own question: Page 99 CBA $100/Day.

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