Falcon Hunt

Over at Copper & Blue Jonathan has the info (courtesy Vancouver Province) on Springfield’s signing of WHL forward Garet Hunt (in photo).

Craig Bonner, an assistant coach for the Giants, says “he’s our energy guy. You see what he does on the ice, he’s the same way in the room. He’s a big part of our guys getting ready in the room and that’s what you need from your 20-year-old as your leader.”

He’s an extreme longshot based on the math and his size, but simple googling gets you all kinds of rave reviews from fans and he seems to have been in a lot of fights that people talk about.

He’s invited to Oilers camp and will be shuttled along the trail after that, probably Stockton to start and then they’ll see from there.

It isn’t signing a big bonus contract and lets not get ahead of ourselves, but he’s got a contract to play pro hockey and if it doesn’t work out well he’s got a helluva long time to do something else with his life.

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5 Responses to "Falcon Hunt"

  1. Jonathan says:

    I love this quote from the Province article:

    Hunt doesn’t have an agent. He said that Giants coach Don Hay gave him advice throughout the process.

    “I signed the contract at Don’s office,” said Hunt. “He was a huge part of this. He helped me out quite a bit.”

    He really seems like one of those guys that, as a WHL coach, you want to see succeed.

  2. DeBakey says:

    I thought they might go after this guy:

    Jordan Clendenning, RW – Acadie Bathurst Titans, 6’0, 188 lbs.
    - “Clendenning has the tools and spirit to fill a necessary depth role in the NHL.”
    - “Jordan Clendenning appears to be the most interesting. Reports suggest that Clendenning is a small, but skilled and rugged winger who does not shy away from a scrap.”

  3. doritogrande says:

    This is what I hoped having a farm team could do for the Oilers. A second pair of eyes scouting for talent that slips through the cracks, to find someone who could make it to the NHL the long way. It’d be nice to have an Oiler version of the Manitoba Moose. That’s the way you find the type of players other team’s fans absolutely hate (Burrows, Rypien immediately come to mind)

  4. oilerdiehard says:

    I can see why the fans talk about his fights. I searched You tube for some of them. He regularly fights guys whose chins start where the top of his head ends. He does well for himself too.

    In one fight he knocked this big towering guy out cold. Looks like he hits deceptively hard for a smaller guy (speaking of seeing him throw a few body checks).

    Good luck to him. I guess one never knows Alex Burrows spent a couple seasons in the ECHL, then a couple in the AHL before making the big show.

  5. Boondock says:

    This kid is tough as nails. I got to see him a bunch as he started his junior career with the Junior ‘A’ Chilliwack Chiefs, before joining the Giants.

    His older brother was on that team as well and they were pretty much the Hanson brothers when they showed up. At 16 years old, Garet was even smaller than he is now, but got into all kinds of trouble and was more of a sideshow than a hockey player.

    An example: http://www.gongshowhockey.com/main.php?name=News&file=article&sid=94

    By the end of his junior days in Vancouver, he had cut the stupid penalties from his game and was taking a regular shift, making big hits regularly on the forecheck and fighting anyone who was even remotely interested.

    His value is best summed up by the fact that he was a 20 year WHLer on a team that was very competitive. Anyone who follows the WHL knows the value of those 3 20 year-old roster spots to teams looking to make a lengthy playoff run and Don Hay thought enough of Hunt to use one on him.

    Even when completely outsized or outclassed in a fight, he will not go down:




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