Good Day Sunshine

Things are beginning to get interesting in Toronto where the decision on Mats Sundin is coming into focus. The Leafs management group has to decide what they’ll do with the face of the franchise. Do they let him walk and get on with the serious business of a re-build?

Or do they do what a good little Toronto management group would do: sign Mats to $7M, trade the lottery pick and bring in Terry Sawchuk from Winnipeg for one more go?

According to a tsn story, Sundin’s people met the Leafs people and it comes down to three options:

  1. Re-signing with the Maple Leafs at a reduced rate.
  2. Free Agency and a new home.
  3. Retirement.

There is a fourth option: The Leafs upper management group makes a last minute call and offers the moon, sun and stars to Sundin to come back for one more go. They trade the lottery pick for immediate help on the wing and Toronto is once again God’s Town.

Don’t think it could happen? Have you been paying attention?

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8 Responses to "Good Day Sunshine"

  1. Rick says:

    The Leafs can’t really be that stupid can they?

    On what level does it make any sense to bring Sundin back for one more year and still try to stay committed to a rebuild?

    Just the notion of Sundin and the Leafs opening up talks has to make you wonder if their top pick can’t be had for a couple decent but not great young established players as speculated in your Valeri and Nikita posting.

    Unless of course it’s just that Sundin doesn’t actually care that much about the cup and is simply looking for one last pay day.

  2. eyebleaf says:

    first of all, the leafs can be that stupid. it’s the leafs.

    second of all, i’m of the opinion that the leafs need sundin more than ever right now. the stajans, steens, wellwoods, kulemins et al need him more than ever. if they were ready for prime time, which they certainly are not, i’d say sure, let sundin walk. but our youths haven’t progressed the way others have – plekanec, derek roy, jeff carter, mike richards. sundin’s got to lead the way for these youngsters.

    and lowtide, how about that $50 wager on the leafs keeping their first round pick? come on, put your money where your mouth is. holla atcha boy!

  3. MF37 says:

    I think there’s a fifth option, but I’d wager the Leafs are more likely to bring Rocky Saginuk and Bill Derlago out of retirment than they are to pull this one off.

    Give Sundin 3.5 weeks to make a decision on his future and in parallel work with J.P. Barry to develop a list of other teams that Mats is willing to play for.

    If Mats decides he’s not coming back, trade Mats’ rights (a la Timonen and Hartnell) for a pick or a prospect to another club that can exclusively negotiate with Sundin until July 3.

    It won’t happen in a billion years (about the same timeline for the Leafs cup drought to end) but it is another option and one the Leafs should at the very least explore.

  4. Quain says:

    I’d like to see Sundin walk.

    Decline to waive his no-trade clause because he wants to retire a Leaf. Accept the Messier award. Decline to sign a new deal and wander over to Montreal.

    It would just be absolutely golden.

  5. Master Lok says:

    Oh Come on. Noone has seen the sixth option?

    The sixth option is that Cliff Fletcher is trying to convince Mats to be the new GM. bwawhahaha!

  6. Lord Bob says:

    Here’s what I’m wondering. We all know that the Leafs aren’t going to get a new GM before July 1. So is MLSE going to let Fletcher jettison the most popular player in the recent history of the franchise when the guy doing it isn’t going to be making the long-term decisions?

  7. Lowetide says:

    Yes. They have no choice. UNLESS!!! They sign Mats for one more year.

    I think it’s going to happen.

    The other thing we need to discuss is when are they going to announce a coach? This offseason is moving along here and organizations are making decisions. We’re three weeks from the draft and they don’t have a GM let alone a coach.

    It is basically impossible for anyone other than Fletcher to be at the helm when they:

    1. Hire a coach
    2. Decide on Sundin
    3. Draft

  8. Black Dog says:

    I think more and more its Fletcher until next spring when they get their man. Burke. Of course Burke will be getting Fletcher’s coach though.

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