Kevin Lowe’s Summer (Lowe Rider Part 1)

Kevin Lowe had been on the job about 20 minutes when he traded for Eric Brewer (left). Brewer was typical of the Lowe acquisitons before the new CBA in that he had talent and would take some time to develop.

Since the new world order arrived Lowe has had the freedom to add parts at the draft and has done so from time to time. He has also continued to make deals to bring in youth when available each year. These deals have combined to send away Roman Hamrlik, Doug Weight, Chris Pronger, Jason Smith and others in exchange for players who are still developing.

The Oilers aren’t a feeder system like the old Kansas City A’s were (for the Yankees) but it’s also true that a lot of quality NHL veterans call other towns home after learning their trade in Edmonton.

Veterans, depth and balance. This team has skill, but they don’t have enough depth, lack balance and could use a couple of veterans in order to make them a quality option in the Northwest. It can be done: Colorado took a step backward in the coaching department, management and coach are at cross purposes in Vancouver, Calgary seems ready for a dip in quality and Minnesota never seems to get anywhere.

Draft 2000 Trades

  • June 24: Oilers trade D Roman Hamrlik to New York Islanders for D Eric Brewer, LW Josh Green and the draft pick that became Brad Winchester.

Draft 2001 Trades

  • June 29: Oilers traded Sergei Zholtok to Minnesota for picks.
  • July 1: Oilers trade Doug Weight and Michel Riesen to St. Louis for Jochen Hecht, Marty Reasoner and Jan Horacek.

Draft 2002 Trades

  • June 18: Oilers acquire Jiri Dopita from Philadelphia for 3rd rd pick in 2003.
  • June 22: Oilers trade their first pick in the NHL Entry draft (14th overall- Chris Higgins) to the Montreal Canadiens for the Habs’ first round pick (15th overall-Jesse Niinimaki) and a eighth-round selection (245th overall-Tomas Micka).
  • June 22: Oilers trade C Jochen Hecht to Buffalo for 2nd round picks that become Jarret Stoll and Jeff Deslauriers.
Draft 2003 Trades

  • June 21: Oilers trade their 2003 first round draft pick (17th overall-Zach Parise) to New Jersey for the Devils’ first round (22nd overall-Marc Pouliot) and second round (68th overall-Jean Francois Jacques) selections.

Draft 2004 Trades

  • June 22: Oilers trade Jason Chimera and the pick that turns into C Billy Ryan to Phoenix for the picks that turned into Geoff Paukovich and Liam Reddox.

Draft 2005 Trades

  • August 1: Oilers trade Brad Isbister for the 2006 pick (I don’t know the player chosen with that pick).
  • August 2: Oilers trade Eric Brewer, Doug Lynch and Jeff Woywitka to St. Louis for Chris Pronger.
  • August 3: Oilers traded Mike York to the New York Islanders for Mike Peca.

Draft 2006 Trades

  • July 3: Oilers trade Chris Pronger to Anaheim for Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid and picks.
  • July 10: Oilers acquire Jan Hejda from Buffalo for 2007 7th rd pick.

Draft 2007 Trades

  • July 1: Oilers trade Joffrey Lupul and Jason Smith to Philadelphia for Joni Pitkanen and Geoff Sanderson along with a 2009 3rd rd pick.

The Oilers could easily send away one of the young defenders (Greene, Smid) and one of the young forwards (too many to list) and improve their chances of making the 2008-09 second season.

The trick is to have a balanced team when it is time for takeoff. I think Kevin Lowe can help Craig MacTavish a lot this summer, and adding a veteran defender and more experience up front will go a long way.

Did someone say three-for-one?

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31 Responses to "Kevin Lowe’s Summer (Lowe Rider Part 1)"

  1. toqueboy says:

    to be baited…combos seem something like:

    torres, greene, sugartits

    smid, stoll, moreau

    pitkanen, torres, jfj

    or some combo involving the above. realistically, how much of a player do we get?

    i have no idea which is why i throw it out there…how much of a market is there for B grade players from a bad team (read, not in ploffs)?

    i think more a interesting question is what horc could get us if dangled with some of the above

  2. doritogrande says:

    “August 1: Oilers trade Brad Winchester for the 2006 pick (I don’t know the player chosen with that pick). “

    I’m not sure about this one. From what I remember, the Oilers did not qualify Winchester, allowing him to walk as a free agent (later signing with Dallas). We could have been compensated with a 2006 draft pick, but I was unaware.

    Also, not sure why you’re not counting it, but we traded two picks for Riley Nash’s selection this past draft.

  3. Islandlife says:

    2005 was great…otherwise, hide your eyes and cover your ears.

  4. Simon says:

    on principle I think they should keep Smid. The Pronger trade hurts too much otherwise.

  5. Lowetide says:

    dorito: My mistake, it was Isbister.

  6. HBomb says:

    Smid, Stoll, Moreau.

    That’s the package I’d be shopping of roster guys. Non-roster, I’d look at dealing Schremp and Jacques as throw ins, and I’d consider moving Chorney as well since we’re already flush in young puck-movers and Petry’s coming also.

    If it’s either of Pitkanen or Torres heading out, it better be a fucking nice return (Alex Frolov or better). And I’d cry if they didn’t extend Shawn Horcoff and decided to move him and go Stoll-Gagner-Cogliano-Brodziak down the middle.

  7. Dennis says:

    Lowe makes all kinds of those quan/qual trades.

    He’s also a fine hand at moving up in the draft.

  8. Lowetide says:

    I think he’ll make a move one way or another this season. There are just SO many rfa’s at the stepping off point and the Oilers have only one pick in the top 100.

    So it’s either a three-for-one, dealing a couple of rfa’s for picks or they hope they pass through waivers in the fall.

    Ideally he makes a package trade for someone useful. Failing that, trading one or more of the bubble boys for picks.

    Jacques certainly is a player who could get his passport stamped at the draft, Schremp too imo.

  9. PDO says:

    dorito: My mistake, it was Isbister.

    Same thing :).

  10. Lowetide says:

    PDO: lol. I swear when I was typing Winchester I was thinking Isbister so maybe my keyboard agrees. :-)

  11. Islandlife says:

    Pitkanen, Shremp and Torres for an NHL defenseman.

  12. Bendelson says:

    Assuming the 3 for 1 has to be break-even in terms of cap hit (or close to it) – I would think any significant ‘talent’ coming in would HAVE to be offset by Pitkanen. Torres is the obvious enticing bonus in the offer (so long as GlenX stays put).
    The third is whatever they want – young talent (Schremp), veteran leader (Moreau) or toughness (Greene).

    So who do we get?

    Given the choice, I’d look for a Bouwmeister trade first a foremost.
    Replacing Pitkanen with a world class, reliable Canadian workhorse defenseman would be a HUGE improvement in a very necessary area.

    Could they afford Souray, Bouwmeister and Gilbert longterm?

  13. HBomb says:

    Could they afford Souray, Bouwmeister and Gilbert longterm?

    Dump Souray for whatever to make it happen. Seriously.

    Even almost a year later, that contract still looks oh-so-stupid…

  14. Sean says:

    2005 was a beauty.

    Getting Pronger is like trading Lecavalier for Stoll, Nash and Schremp. Hot damn, we make another trade like that and we get the honor of losing to Detroit in the Western finals. Lecavalier – Horcoff down the middle anyone?

  15. goldenchild says:

    It seems so logical that you would include Greene or Smid in a deal that nets a veteran D man, but why do I think this is nowhere on Lowes radar?

    Lets say you package up Greene/Smid + Moreau + HF’s Boy Crush, what does that get you? could you get a top 4 dman and 2nd or 3rd rd pick?

    Also is there any GM who is as desperate this year as Lowe was last year that could be baited into Souray? Is there anyway a team like SJ that needs a PP guy could talk themselves into Souray? Or am i just dreaming?

    btw I loe how Dennis comes in with 2 lines of truth and rains on everyones parade haha.

  16. jd says:

    Bouwmeister in a heart beat. Is Martin that stupid out in Florida or does it bring his organization some much needed depth. Looks to me like hes building through the draft right now so would he give up a potential leader and franchise player for ptikanen and some others that could turn out to make him look like Iron Mike.

  17. Jonathan says:

    Not that I want to see it happen, but to me the centre-piece of any trade is likely Pitkanen or Grebeshkov. The big need out there right now seems to be puck-moving defensemen, and I think there’s only really room for one of the two going forward.

    If Pitkanen signs long-term, I’d say Grebs gets moved; if Pitkanen won’t sign at what Lowe wants, Pitkanen moves.

  18. rickibear says:

    Goldenchild: I am perplexed with Dennis’s comments. Was it sarcasm.

    We know up till the new CBA, the team has never been in a position to take on a big contract on quality players. We have allways had to go in the other direction. (quality for Quantity)

    The STL Pronger trade changed all that.

    The oilers had the faith in the scouting staff to move up to get Nash, proving Dennis’s second statement.

    It is nice to see Dennis have some objectivity rather than maintain his Kevin Lowe is trying to ruin the team stance.

    He is man enough to take a position counter to what he has been preaching. Way to show you can be a true thinker.

    On that note: Johnathan and Riversq have made me reposition my thought on the acquisition of Souray. I will reserve judgemnment based on his performance next year.

    At which point we will know if he is a EIG PR move that was a one HIT wonder or the strong PK, PP presence with an ability to be above average against weak opposition in EV situations.

    RiversQ and Johnathan now have leaning to the first option.

  19. goldenchild says:

    Nothing to do with Lowe or the Oilers but according to the Vancouver Province, Canucks Dman Luc Bourdon was killed in a motorcycle accident. Only 21 a fuckin shame.

    rikibear, I certainly detect sarcasm from Dennis but its hard to argue with his post no?

  20. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Some bodies have to move alright, but I don’t think there’ll be much, if anything, added to the team MacT will ice in the fall.

    bendelson:Given the choice, I’d look for a Bouwmeister trade first a foremost.

    Given that MacTavish has significant input in any choice, I’d suggest that Bouwmeester is not high on the ‘wishlist’, unless we have a ‘buy low’ situation.

    JayBo was MacT’s #6 Dman at the Worlds, and his #7 in the Gold Medal Game.

    3 6 9 16 +14 170:45 221 – Burns
    1 1 2 8 +6 160:11 221 – Hamhuis
    0 2 2 6 +9 159:02 197 – Keith
    0 0 0 2 +9 150:00 186 – Staios
    1 1 2 4 +3 148:49 198 – Jovanovski
    0 0 0 4 -1 135:13 181 – Bouwmeester
    4 8 12 2 +2 130:25 159 – Green

    JayBo went from averaging ~15:45 to 11:31(-2) in the GMG. Looking ahead to 2010, I think he’s already been bypassed by a few ^^^ young Dmen.

    And on that note…

    Imported from the ‘MacT on Gregor’ thread:

    Bruce: “Yes, I did notice that. In the end there weren’t quite enough hiding spots, as Jovo wasn’t the only D who struggled.

    Green was a, “No **** Sherlock!”, but Bouwmeester was my other notable. *see above* I wanted to check out the #s and found that I was wrong about Jovo, in the final game at least.

    For some reason, (relying on previous experience?) MacT played Jovanovski 22:05, a full two minutes more than Burns who was next with 20:03, and more than 6 minutes over his ATOI.

    Things that make you go hmmm… indeed.

    It seems to me that working (and hiding) the D at the WHCs has added to MacT’s respect for Huddy. I also think his comment about the Oilers players matching up well with the players on Team Canada was D-centric.


  21. doritogrande says:


    Sad news if you’re an NHL prospect fan. Luc Bourdon of the Canucks died today.

    RIP. You will be sorely missed on the back-end of the Canucks/Moose next year.

  22. Bruce says:

    God damn it, that is sad. Having lost my own brother at age 21 on a New Brunswick highway, this one resonates more than most. And it fucking hurts.

  23. spOILer says:

    Kevin Lowe’s Summer

    Let’s start with the assumption that top 6 size and goals against are the greatest concern…

    It’s the 2nd line, the kid line, that’s weakest on size. And none of these three kids appear big enough or strong enough to eventually take over the 1C role from Horc down the road.

    So if we’re going to resolve issue 1, it appears to me it should be for a bigger 2C.

    My focus would be on J. Carter, Jo. Staal, Kopitar, in that order and then slightly lesser lights like Dubinsky.

    For goals against, ie. possibly improving the defense, I’ll assume Souray and Gilbert to be untradeable, so one of the other 5 needs to bring improved GA, strength, physicality. My focus would be on Tyutin, Coburn, Bryan Allen, maybe McLaren, Sutton, etc.

    Our assets: extra NHL LW, NHL Centre, NHL Dman, ANA 1st

    The 2C issue needs to be dealt with first…

    1. Dangle Cogliano and Grebs for J. Carter. Point out Philly’s salary issues. If it takes some sweetener to make the deal, ok, if not…

    2. Approach Pitt and offer Cogliano and Greene for Jo. Staal. Point out their salary issues. Again, we can throw in any prospect not named Pouliot, Petry, Peckham, Reddox, or Nash, as sweetener, if needs be.

    3. Approach LA and offer Cogliano, Torres, and Peckham for Kopitar.

    4. Approach NYR and offer Pitkanen & Cogliano & 5th, for Tyutin & Dubinsky and NYR 2nd.

    Hopefully one of these deals gets done, preferably the first two.

    If it’s the first three, then I go Pitkanen for Tyutin and NYR 2nd.

    It’s really difficult to assess the Pitk possibilities further as he would bring more value later in the summer when teams fail at their UFA signings.

    If it’s 1, 2, or 4 then Torres, Schremp to CBJ for their extra COL 1st (16). (or Torres and ANA 1st in a pick flip)

    Sign GlenX. Sign Horc to 5.5M * 3 extension. Sign Garon to 4.25M * 3 extension.

    The line-up becomes far more balanced & gains size up front, and we gain an extra 180 hits per year while losing some speed and risk-taking in the Pitkanen-Tyutin exchange.

    Here’s how we would look:



    To me it looks best with Grebs staying and Greene (or Smid) gone.

    We would no longer have a log jam at LW, no longer have a log jam at centre. We improve our size and hitting considerably. We add or improve our draft pick. Plenty of cap space for the extensions. And we have a true 2C who can replace Horc down the road.

    What’s not to like (other than the gun we’re holding to the heads of Holmgren & Shero)?


    LT — Great blog! I stop by often.

    BTW, in your draft review when you stated that Lafleur had the best 6 year streak of any player other than 2 in modern history (Orr and Gretz), are you also including Mike Bossy?

  24. Lowetide says:

    spoiler: Oh yeah, Bossy would be down the list. Bryan Trottier had a better peak value than Mike Bossy imo.

  25. IceDragoon says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Bruce.

    RIP, Luc.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Echo Louise, Bruce.

  27. dawgbone says:

    Didn’t the Isbister trade work out to be something like this:

    Isbister to Boston for a 4th rounder, and then Yan Stastny to Edmonton for that 4th rounder back?

  28. Bruce says:

    Thanks, Louise and LT. 33 years ago, and it doesn’t go away, it just lurks in the shadows waiting for a trapdoor to open. The one that connects my throat to the pit of my stomach.

    My thoughts go out to Luc’s family, friends and fans. I consider myself in the latter group, with fond remembrances of his double golds representing our country at the WJC.

    Like Michel Briere, we’ll never know how good you might have become. But we’ll remember how good you were.

  29. Dennis says:

    The whole Bourdon thing left me feeling really ill. When you are that age you absolutely feel invincible and anyone who doesn’t agree with that is either too old to remember what it was like or they’re still not old enough to know what it is like.

    RB: Well, if you’ll agree that Lowe makes quan/qual trades in years coming off lockouts when the team has a lot of money because it’s been on the cheap for years, then yeah we’re on the same page;) Hey, it’s not easy to make quan/qual and Lowe can’t do it when all things are considered even and because of guys like your buddy Souray, there’s not exactly a lot of money to satiate the uncatchable Mr. Quality.

  30. doritogrande says:

    “The whole Bourdon thing left me feeling really ill. When you are that age you absolutely feel invincible and anyone who doesn’t agree with that is either too old to remember what it was like or they’re still not old enough to know what it is like.”

    Agreed 100%. I played today on a possible broken ankle tonight. Brought my team down from 7-2 to win 15-12 It’s the little things we do that make us valuable to our teams. Luc was ablo to bring those intangibles to the fore, especially in the International play I saw him in.

    I think tomorrow will be the perfect time to bring out the 2007 Canada Semi-final game against the Americans in the “Canada: the Gold Standard” DVD series I own. IIRC, he scored the tying goal.

    RIP Luc. Manitoba misses you already.

  31. Bruce says:

    //…Jovo wan’t the only D who struggled//

    Green was a, “No **** Sherlock!”, but Bouwmeester was my other notable.

    Louise: It didn’t appear to me that the combo of Jovanovski and Bouwmeester ever gelled. Jovo is what some call a “chaos defenceman”. Such guys need a real reliable defender to play with to be truly effective; and Bouwmeester was lacking in this respect. Way too often for my liking was Bouwmeester on the wrong side of the guy on the edge of the crease, a la Smid (first half edition).

    FWIW, your short list above seems to be confirmed by Staples’ error assignments during the worlds:

    Green 4; Jovanovski 3; Bouwmeester 3; Hamhuis 2; Keith 2; Staios 1; Burns 0.

    No surprise to me with the first two, but I really expected a lot more out of Bouwmeester.

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