Oilers Pick 22nd in 2008

This is Kelsey Tessier. He is somewhat similar to three of the Oilers most recent first round selections in that he’s skilled and he’s undersized. That descrption would fit Sam Gagner, Andrew Cogliano and Rob Schremp from recent draft seasons.

Tessier is very small (estimates range from 5-5 to 5-9 and weighs about a buck 65) and extremely skilled. Last fall, ISS wrote about him “Has the talent to pull you out of your seat. High hockey IQ and leadership skills. Excellent core strength allows him to protect the puck well. Finds seams, picks corners. His vision is second to none. “

He went to Shattuck-St.Mary’s, he put up nice numbers in both of his QMJHL seasons with the Quebec Remparts:

  • Age 16 63gp, 23-27-50 .794ppg
  • Age 17 68gp, 36-45-81 1.19ppg

He was born in January so he’s an early birthday relative to other draft eligibles (Sam Gagner is just 5 months older). Among the things that make him a prospect of interest for the Oilers is his goal total. Tessier’s 36 goals tied him for 19th overall in the Q this season.

The Oilers select 22nd in this year’s draft, and although Tessier is unlikely to go that high he’s certainly an interesting prospect for any team looking for offensive players.

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21 Responses to "Oilers Pick 22nd in 2008"

  1. Jonathan says:

    What about Jared Staal, LT- he’s likely to be around when the Oilers pick, and despite mediocre numbers he’s playing for a poor team and he’s a very late birth day.

  2. PunjabiOil says:

    I have no interest in picking Staal. He didn’t show much at the top prospects game – and lets be honest – would his stock be as high as it is, if his name was say…Michael Huff?

  3. PunjabiOil says:

    LT: What are your thoughts on that other small kid, playing for the Regina Pats, Jordan Eberle and his availability at 22nd?

  4. doritogrande says:

    Joe Colbourne please. Kids going off to NCAA after playing Junior A are working well for the Oilers right now. It’d be a shame to not take the best one in the draft class. He should still be there by 22.

  5. Jonathan says:

    He should still be there by 22.

    Unless Howson takes him at #19.

  6. Bruce says:

    Eberle really impressed me at the U-18s.

    Small, speedy and skilled: 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  7. Lowetide says:

    With the understanding that I know less than zero about this stuff and haven’t run all the math on them, my top 22 right now would be:

    1. Steve Stamkos
    2. Zach Bogosian
    3. Mikael Boedker
    4. Drew Doughty
    5. Luke Schenn
    6. Colin Wilson
    7. Zach Boychuk
    8. Nikita Filatov
    9. Alex Pietrangelo
    10. Cody Hodgson
    11. Joe Colbourne
    12. Jason Bailey
    13. Colby Robak
    14. Kyle Beach
    15. AJ Jenks
    16. Jordan Eberle
    17. Mattias Tedenby
    18. Jake Gardiner
    19. Ryan Ellis
    20. Zach Dalpe
    21. Michael Del Zotto
    22. Tyler Myers

  8. Black Dog says:

    Yeah I don’t think Colborne will be around. Cox had an article on him today – Bruins and BJs sniffing around him. Outside shot at top ten apparently.

    My niece’s name is Kelsey. I have a problem with picking a guy with a girl’s name. Of course he’s probably damn tough as a result. Boy named Sue and all that.

  9. rickibear says:

    If Michael Del Zotto is available @ #22. Select him. If not arrange a trade with St.louis usually a good trade partner. Our #22 and #133 for STL:

    #33 Jared Stall 6’3″ 190Lbs 21/08/90 RW 60GM 21G 28A
    Its a bit of a Risk Pedigree dictates and hopefully he is not a RON or RICH.

    #34 Nicolas Deschamps 6’0″ 178Lbs 06/01/90 70GM 24G 43A
    All I read is he can skate and QMJHL leading rookie scorer.

    #64 Eric Mestery 6’5″ 195lbs 28/05/90 D 71GM 2G 14A 65PIM

    Big Physical Dman with TRI cities

    #103 Adam Comrie 6’4″ 201Lbs
    31/07/90 D 58GM 10G 18A 90PIM

    #133 Taylor Stefishen 6’0″ 180 Lbs
    15/08/90 RW 57GM 33g 48A (BCHL)

    Once decent video is out on all I might change my mind.

  10. rickibear says:

    Stefishen is suppose to be #163

  11. Steve says:

    My understanding is that we only pick 22nd if it’s a Dallas-Philadelphia final, that we pick 24th if it’s a Detroit-Pittsburgh final, and that we pick 23rd with any other combination. The teams that pick behindd of us are the Cup winner, the Cup finalist, all division champions, and anybody else with a better regular season record than Anaheim. This means that the following teams definitely pick behind us:
    San Jose

    Dallas and Philly will pick behind us if and only if they make the finals; otherwise they pick ahead of us.

  12. Steve says:

    (Credit where credit’s due: this was explained to me, with reference to the NHL site, by sometime commenter Mustafa.)

  13. PDO says:

    I like Toews.

    He’s a little small than I’d like (5’11″), but at 17, it’s not that unfathomable to see him being 6′ or 6’1″ by the time he’s in the show. He’s a guy who prides himself on his play at both ends of the rink, a character guy and he’s smart… something that Louise has pointed out is one of MacT’s favourite attributes more than once.

    Work ethic. Check.
    Smart. Check.
    Skilled. Check.

    Further, he’s a guy who’s climbed the charts as time has gone by…

    So again, why not take a flyer on him?

  14. jon k says:

    Tessier sounds like a prototypical mid-2nd round gamble pick.

    As for Colborne, I’ve heard that scouts are cooling on him due to his lack of battle in the corners and physical play. I always recognized that as an issue, but now more than ever he strikes me as the second coming of Dustin Penner. Probably not there at 22, but I doubt he goes before 15 with some of the talent in this draft before then.

    For the lineage players Toews and Staal, I’m pretty wary of the picking them earlier based on pedigree, especially since both fall well short in terms of performance for the 1st round.

    Really can’t wait for the draft. Is Blue Bullet going to do another ranking prior to then?

  15. doritogrande says:

    LT, you missed a key offensive talent in your top-22. Mikhail Stefanovich of the Remparts would be a much nicer addition than Andre the Giant Myers.

  16. David says:

    Don’t we have enough small, skilled guys for now? If you saw the Stars-Sharks final, it should be clear that the road to the cup is going to be filled with a lot of physical pounding at some point, so we can’t rely entirely on 5’10″ skill players.

  17. Ducey says:

    Steve, no they are at 22.

    It goes:
    30 Champ
    29 Finalist
    28 semi finalist
    27 other semi finalist

    then 6 division winners from Reg season who are not in the above:

    Washington, Montreal, San Jose, Minnesota are 26 to 23

    Then the highest points for the playoff teams not captured above:

    Anaheim had the most points of a non division winner, so they are at 22.

  18. goldenchild says:

    If there is one thing I hope this organization has learned from the Parise fiasco, its that they shouldn’t make decisions in the draft based on the current make up of the team. This isn’t the NFL where you are looking for 1st rounders to step in and start from day 1.
    If i remember corretly one of the reasons they didn’t take Parise was because they already had smallish centers in Comrie and Marchant. The make up of a roster can change pretty quickly, in the draft take the best talent available regardless of how they fit with your current mix. if the best player on the board is a 5’11 skilled forward then so be it, by the time they are ready to step in a lot could have changed or at worst it gives you some options.

  19. Lord Bob says:

    It’s not physically possible for me to have less interest in the Oilers drafting Jared Staal. The kid makes Brent Gretzky look like Mark Howe.

    Toews might at least be worth a second-round flyer. My fingers are crossed hard for Del Zotto or a Cherepanov-style plummet down the board for Kyle Beach.

  20. HBomb says:

    Toews might at least be worth a second-round flyer. My fingers are crossed hard for Del Zotto or a Cherepanov-style plummet down the board for Kyle Beach.

    Fuck that, I hope they convince Atlanta that Smid, Moreau, Schremp and the 22nd overall are worth the 3rd overall and then move up and grab Luke Schenn (yes, he’s 3rd on my board right now, behind Stamkos and Doughty), and then somehow manage to turn Pitkanen and Stoll into Boumeester.

    Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  21. Jonathan says:

    Matheson today, commenting on who the Oilers might pick:

    The Oilers are picking 22nd and if I was to hazard a guess, I’d say the Oilers might be looking at Regina Pats winger Jordan Eberle, who had a very good world under-18 tournament for Canada. He’s not physical (20 penalty minutes), but he had 42 goals in 70 games this year, plus he’s the WHL’s Scholastic Player of the Year. I know they are deep in prospect defencemen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they like Eberle’s teammate defenceman Colten Teubert, who will likely be in that range. If they’re looking at any Europeans, Swedish forward Mattias Tedenby might be a possibility. Lots of speed, but some question his on-ice smarts.

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