Training Camp Survivor 07-08 (A Look Back)

This is Anson Carter. He had a small part in the Oilers 07-08 season, beginning September 16 when he signed a tryout contract and ending October 1st when he was released with only a headache to show for two weeks work. He would sign HC Lugano (Swiss League) on November 5, 2007 and went 15gp, 3-5-8 for them.

I always like to look back at training camp to see who got voted off the island first and which players may have made the greatest impact during the season.

As an example, a player sent down on the first day of cuts (September 16) who eventually played in the show during the year would have to improve markedly during the year. Also, a player coming out of junior or college or attending their first pro training camp who played in the NHL during the year would have accomplished something rather amazing.

So with that said, here are the dates of assignment and players who made it back to the show are in bold:

  • September 16: Oilers assign G’s Brian Pitton, Glenn Fisher, D’s Theo Peckham, Rick Berry, TJ Reynolds, Allan Rourke, F’s Stephane Goulet, Colin McDonald, Jacob Micflikier, Geoff Paukovich, David Rohlfs, Milan Kytnar, William Quist, Vitaly Karamnov. Notes: Rourke had a nice run in the show and certainly came in handy, but the player of interest here imo is Peckham who had a helluva year to even get a cup of coffee.
  • September 17: Send out Ryan Flinn.
  • September 24: Send out Adam Huxley and TJ Kemp.
  • September 26: Send out D’s Sebastien Bisaillon, Danny Syvret, Bryan Young and F’s Troy Bodie, Fredrik Johansson, Ryan O’Marra, Liam Reddox, Rob Schremp, Slava Trukhno. Notes: Looking back, this might appear to be a little early for Schremp to be sent out (they were at 35 after these cuts) but his injury probably set in stone that he was on the way to the Falcons. Reddox getting a callup is a reflection of a huge step forward season over season and Bryan Young is one of those stay-at-home defensemen who keep getting recalled because they are safe options. He’s the new Tom Reid. Bisaillon is a guy who probably would have gotten the call if not for injury and I think he’s the top “sleeper” prospect no one ever mentions among the Oiler group of kids.
  • September 27: Oilers assign G Devan Dubnyk, F’s Tim Sestito, Jonas Almtorp and Ben Simon to the minors.
  • September 29: Oilers send out Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers.
  • October 1: Oilers release Anson Carter.
  • October 1: Oilers place Patrick Thoresen on waivers. Note: He clears and is sent to Springfield.
  • October 1: Oilers sign Sam Gagner. This is a terrific accomplishment. Kid arrives in camp, turns heads and makes the team. Out of junior. At age 18. Three months after the draft.
  • October 3: Oilers make their final cuts to get down to 23 players. D’s Ladislav Smid, Mathieu Roy and Alex Plante, F’s Zack Stortini, Patrick Thoresen and Tyler Spurgeon are sent away. Plante and Spurgeon survived until now because of injury, Smid and Roy would be up and Stortini had his final disappointment before winning an NHL job for what looks like it’ll be some time. All of the cuts who weren’t injured ended up playing in the NHL in 07-08.
  • October 3: This meant C Andrew Cogliano made the club straight out of college. Although not on the same level as the leap made by Sam Gagner, it doesn’t happen every season with these Edmonton Oilers.

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9 Responses to "Training Camp Survivor 07-08 (A Look Back)"

  1. Rick says:

    I forgot that Carter was in camp on a tryout last fall. In playing the “what if” game, I wonder what would have changed on the season if he was actually given a spot.

    Considering the time missed by Pisani, Moreau, Torres and Sanderson could he have been useful? Could he have made a 4 pt difference in the standings over the course of a year? Does Lowe still go out and pick up Glencross?

  2. Schitzo says:

    Or worse – does AC take up minutes that ended up going to one of the kids, and we never see Nilsson come back up from the minors?

  3. GSC says:

    Or worse – does AC take up minutes that ended up going to one of the kids, and we never see Nilsson come back up from the minors?

    I’m inclined to agree with you here. Knowing Craig’s perpensity to stick with the skaters he’s more comfortable with, it’s very likely that those minutes for the youngsters would have been filtered through AC. It could very well have meant that Nilsson stayed in the A all season, as well. I didn’t like giving him a try out to begin with and that was the reason why. I’m glad he didn’t make the squad (not because of his concussion, just in general).

  4. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Ummm… guys?

    You do know that MacTavish CUT Carter on October 1st, right? He DID choose to play the kids ahead of AC.

    Most ‘what if’ speculations are ridiculous, but this one’s a doozie.

    OT: Bruce…
    Don’t know if you’ll read this, but if you do… I responded to your comments in the mothers’ day thread that has been bumped to page 2.


  5. Schitzo says:


    Is that because he wanted to play the kids no matter what? Or because AC didn’t prove anything except that he needs to keep his head up?

    If AC would have stayed healthy and had a good preseason, I don’t know if MacT still lets him go.

  6. Bruce says:

    OT: Bruce…
    Don’t know if you’ll read this, but if you do… I responded to your comments in the mothers’ day thread that has been bumped to page 2.

    Thanks Louise, if there’s one blog you’re most likely to catch me, it’s Lowetide’s excellent site. I read all the threads, even the rare ones where I STFU. The only “downside” is that the commentary is so rich, sometimes threads get relegated to Page 2 before their time.

    Thanks for the heads-up; my further response is there now. Happy Mother’s Day, btw.

  7. IceDragoon says:


    Anson Carter was invited to camp as a favour to him. The Oilers gave him an opportunity to showcase himself in hopes of landing any NHL job.

    It didn’t hurt the Oilers that he was an apparent roadblock that youngsters vying for spots had to get past, adding to their urgency. But, he was not in MacT’s plans, and would have had to blow the doors off to have any hope in hell of staying with the team. Coach is in his IQ element. He won’t suffer the obtuse unless they are difference makers.

    If AC had outperformed his competition he may have earned a spot ahead of one of the kids. He didn’t… and… didn’t.

    One can speculate on ‘what ifs’ all they want, but what’s the point? You can’t find anything that reflects reality when your basis is imaginary.

  8. IceDragoon says:

    Thanx, Bruce.

    You’re right. Lowetide’s blog is where all the hep cats hang.

    I have to run now and may not find the time for a day or two, but I’ll get back to you.


  9. zh01 says:

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