Draft Week Post #1: Where Do they Come From?

When the Edmonton Oilers make their draft selections this weekend it’s extremely likely most of them will come from familiar places.

Stu MacGregor is the new scouting director but it’s likely that the procurement department has been eating crappy food in the same rinks throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

MacGregor covered the junior and college games in the west before taking over as the man, so perhaps the WHL, USHL and WCHA will get special attention.

Here’s the complete list of leagues (and the number of players taken) from each league during the Kevin Prendergast-Kevin Lowe era (2000 excluded, as Barry Fraser was still in charge):

  1. WHL-11 (last player drafted Plante ’07)
  2. Sweden-10 (last player drafted Quist ’07)
  3. QMJHL-8 (last player drafted Goulet ’04)
  4. OHL-8 (last player drafted Gagner ’07)
  5. USHS-5 (last player drafted VandeVelde ’05)
  6. Finland-4 (last player drafted Luoma ’02)
  7. US College-4 (last played drafted Wild ’06)
  8. Czech-3 (last player drafted Hrabel ’03)
  9. USHL-2 (last player drafted Petry ’06)
  10. AJHL-2 (last player drafted Glasser ’05)
  11. Russia-2 (last player drafted Bumagin ’06)
  12. OPJHL-2 (last player drafted Cogliano ’05)
  13. EJHL-1 (last player drafted McDonald ’03)
  14. NAHL-1 (last player drafted Rohlfs ’03)
  15. US U-18-1 (last player drafted Paukovich ’04)
  16. BCJHL-1 (last player drafted Nash ’07)
  17. Slovakia-1 (last player drafted Kytnar ’07)

In terms of top 50 picks since 2001, they break down thusly:

  • WHL-5
  • QMJHL-3
  • USHL-2
  • OHL-2
  • Finland-1
  • USHS-1
  • OPJHL-1
  • BCJHL-1

That’s Cogliano and Nash from tier 2 junior, and the WHL picks have been plentiful even in the top 50. The WHL, OHL and QMJHL picks tend to be higher selections, and the Swedish picks seem to come after the TV cameras have been turned off. There’s a Swedish kid named Karlsson who might be a surprise pick this year, but one suspects that Colby Robak or another WHL player will go in the first round for the Oilers. Edmonton hasn’t selected a Finn since Niinimaki’s draft.

As for GP by league for Oiler drafts since 2001, the QMJHL kicks some ass:

  1. QMJHL- 510
  2. WHL- 386
  3. OHL- 222
  4. USHL- 151
  5. Finland-144
  6. OPJHL- 82
  7. Czech- 53

So they drafted from 17 leagues and 7 have delivered content.

Among the players who are slotted 15-35 in most of the draft guides, the following players loosely fit the description of BPA and reside in the leagues above. These players include:

  • D Tyler Myers (WHL)
  • D Colton Teubert (WHL)
  • LW Mattias Tedenby (Swe)
  • D Luca Sbisa (WHL)
  • D Colby Robak (WHL)
  • C Greg Neimsz (OHL)
  • C Jordan Eberle (WHL)
  • D Yann Sauve (QMJHL)
  • C Anton Gustafsson (Swe Jr)
  • C Joe Colborne (AJHL)
  • C AJ Jenks (OHL)
  • D John Carlson (USHL)
  • RW Jared Staal (OHL)
  • D Jake Gardiner (USHS)
  • C Tyler Ennis (WHL)
  • D Cody Golubef (NCAA)
  • D Erik Karlsson (SEL)

If the Oilers don’t trade up, that list means the odds are Edmonton chooses a defenseman who played his amateur career through age 18 in the Western Hockey League.

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10 Responses to "Draft Week Post #1: Where Do they Come From?"

  1. Jonathan says:

    They must be fairly happy with the job Bill Dandy’s doing scouting the Q.

  2. Bendelson says:

    Unless a defenceman that the Oilers are particularly big on is around at 22, I’d like to see the Oilers go with another highly skilled forward.

    Joe Colborne
    Anton Gustaffsson
    Jordan Eberle

    Some big names will slide…

  3. MikeP says:

    Take Hemsky off the list and the Q all of a sudden doesn’t look so hot. On the other hand, Hemsky IS on the list. Turn one of those late round Swedes into somebody like Zetterberg and all of a sudden the Swedes look better, but… well, he’s NOT on the list. :) Your call seems reasonable, but I wouldn’t bet on it – Lowe et al seem to like swinging for the fences on somebody few thought would go in the top 90, never mind top 20.

  4. CM says:

    I just want to thank you LT for the time and effort you take to create posts like this.

    We really appreciate it.

  5. Asiaoil says:

    Is Gustaffsson the son of the infamous BA Gustaffsson who was stolen by the Caps from the Oilers on a technicality when we entered the NHL. It sounds like the Caps are interested in him at #23 right behind us – big center with skill and decent speed. I like him and taking him from WAS would be nice karma – but moving up would be better.

  6. Bruce says:

    AO: I’m still pissed off about that. Ziegler should have made that ruling before the “Assume the Position” draft where we were only allowed to protect two skaters. Gustafsson ineligible? Fine, we’ll protect Langevin. To do so after the fact was piling on, a Mugabe-style “because we can” to put the newcomers in our places.

    To which my answer to John Ziegler remains: Fuck you.

  7. oilerdiehard says:

    As I mentioned in another thread a little while ago. Woodlief from the Red Line Report did a mock draft on XM radio. He said many of his picks he is basing upon who he hears teams are very high on. He had the Oil picking Luca Sbisa. I wonder if the Oil were one of those teams (with the inside info) he was talking about?

  8. Duke Phillips says:

    Oooh goody. A Swiss first rounder. That always seems to work out well for the Oil.

  9. Bank Shot says:

    How long until OHL games played passes the Q? Two, three years maybe?

  10. LJ says:

    I’m convinced Lowetide would write most (if not all) of Edmonton’s sportswriters under the table if he went mainstream. I imagine the salary of an ad salesman is considerably higher than that of a journalist though.

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