He’s A Real Straight Shooter

That’s Danny Syvret with the puck. He’s been traded to Philadelphia for forward Ryan Potulny. This blog has talked about Syvret a few times, specifically here. In that post I suggested “it doesn’t look like Syvret is going to have much of a future with the Oilers but it’s also likely he’s going to catch on with another team as an AHL regular and fringe NHL callup. Europe is also a possibility.”

Which is where we are today.

Kevin Lowe traded with one of his traditional trade partners (the Flyers) and received someone in return his coach can find uses for should he make the NHL roster.

Ryan Potulny was drafted 87th overall in 2003. There were future NHLers still on the table (Zack Stortini went 94th and Jan Hejda 106th) but Potulny had some nice things going on. His Central Scouting report was positive about his hands, acceleration and lateral mobility, and play without the puck. He did some impressive things in college (38 goals in 41gp in 2005-06) and scored 21 in the AHL this season. He’s played in 44 NHL games (7-7-14).

I’d guess that Potulny has been acquired in the hopes that he’ll push the other kids enough to put them over the top, or establish himself as clearly better with a new organization. Sometimes these moves serve as a wakeup call. He’d rank somewhere in the mix with Pouliot, Schremp, Jacques as guys who will need to have good training camp showings in order to make the grade. His ability to play center is a plus, his two-way reputation is also a positive.

The first question I had when hearing about the trade was “why this guy?” I understand Danny Syvret has fallen down the D depth chart but the Oilers are in need of draft picks way more than another fringe NHL player.

So, why is he so unique in comparison to others knocking on the door?

AHL Shots per game, 2007-08
  1. Ryan Potulny 201 shots in 58 games (3.46 per game)
  2. Marc Pouliot 150 shots in 55 games (2.73 per game)
  3. Rob Schremp 205 shots in 78 games (2.63 per game)
  4. Liam Reddox 146 shots in 65 games (2.25 per game)
  5. JF Jacques 82 shots in 38 games (2.16 per game)

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9 Responses to "He’s A Real Straight Shooter"

  1. Ducey says:

    Your move, Mr Glencross.

    The only thing I don’t like about the trade is that Potulny is not noted for being very physical. I guess if he was, he would not have been traded for Syvret.

    Potulny looks like Marty Reasoner v.2. Maybe he spends this last year in the AHL working on his defensive zone coverages, PK and faceoffs, and he might have Marty’s job next year.

  2. Bendelson says:

    Filling out the roster in Springfield. Someone has to score some goals for Dubnyk this season.

    Nice move.

  3. Lord Bob says:

    Here’s how I look at it.

    What were Danny Syvret’s odds of making the Oilers in a regular role sometime in the next two seasons? Gotta be really near zero.

    What are Ryan Potulny’s odds of making the Oilers in a regular role sometime in the next two seasons? The guy’s got some serious and successful NHL experience already, so put me down for “pretty good”, particularly if (as seems likely) Glencross gets away.

    I’m happy.

  4. Lowetide says:

    There’s no way this guy replaces Glencross. He might win a roster spot but the bottom 6F need a physical player for LW should Raffi or Moreau get hurt.

    I like Jacques way more for that job than Potulny. He’s a shooter.

    As for Syvret, I think it’s important to remember he has more experience than the other young D and that would have value.

    Also, the Oilers are now fairly deep in pro defensemen who may play for long periods in the NHL someday. Being well down this depth chart doesn’t mean he can’t play.

    I like the deal for both sides and for both players.

  5. Sean says:

    I thought the Oilers needed needed a pick more than Glencross when we traded Tarnstrom too. I wonder what the return on Syvret would have been otherwise. 4th rounder?

  6. RiversQ says:

    I like Jacques way more for that job than Potulny. He’s a shooter.

    Oh yeah, I think I can count JFJ’s career NHL shots on one hand. If he’s a shooter, he’s been punishing the advertising. Dude has a mental block.

    As much as I harp on tough minutes, the successful teams have bottom sixes that can outscore their counterparts. The Oilers had that with Glencross/Brodziak towards the end of last year (granted the percentages were unsustainable, but I digress) and this move should help the odds of finding six forwards to do the job.

    Looks good to me.

  7. Lowetide says:

    RQ: My point was that POTULNY was a shooter.

  8. oilerdiehard says:

    The Oil brass made promises to the Springfield fans at years end. That they would be aggressive in getting them some extra help to be competitive. It is also probably a signal that they expect some of MAP, Schremp, JFJ etc.. to not be back in Springy (whether that is by trade or making the big club or both).

    I think this move has as much to do with strengthening the Falcons as it does with hoping he can turn things up and become an NHLer.

    Plus that Springfield D corps is starting to look crowded. Especially for guys that lean towards being puck movers.

  9. Dennis says:

    KP was pretty curt with his quotes on this trade, wasn’t he? You get the feeling that Syrvet never listened to what he was told because there was no love for him on the way out.

    Looking at the big picture, you could say Dan had the same problem as his old London buddy, Schremp. Guys like Gilbert and Grebs leapt over Dan just like Nilsson, Cogs and Gags did over Schremp.

    And, yes, this looks like a decent enough bet for the Oil. We’ve already got Wild, Bisallion, Peckam and Young in the A and Chorney’s soon to follow. And while we’ve got a glut of young forwards up top, it’s basically Reddox, Truk, McDonald and Goulet to build the forwards around for the Falcons. Sure, JFJ might sweep through waivers and be back down there and perhaps Schremp gets sent back too. But Pouliot won’t get through waivers so we need a young forward down there.

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