Oilers Pick at #103: Johan Motin

From Illegal Curve:

Johan Motin is another Swedish defender who is likely close to NHL ready. He has already played half a season in the Swedish Elite League and boasts a steady, mature game at 18 years of age.Not an overly offensive player, Motin does have a good shot and offensive instincts, but plays more of a solid 2-way game and leans a little to the defensive.

He has all the tools that you hear scouts repeat when talking about defenseman that they like: size, strength, mobility, lateral quickness, instincts and hockey sense. What I like specifically is that, based on reports, he is mean.You can’t really teach someone to be mean, they either are or aren’t.

In my estimation, its a very good quality to have if you are a defenseman because chances are at least some of your opposition are fraidy cats. If they know you are mean, you are going to have all kinds of room and time because they won’t come near you.

I realize these players become fewer and fewer as the leagues get better, but as we all know, some of these guys make the NHL.In addition to being mean, Motin plays a simple low risk game and doesn’t give up on any play. He connects on his passes and makes the correct decisions with and without the puck. Though he won’t impress enough to stand out, he may turn into one of those guys whose play you don’t notice, but will nevertheless be an effective player.

UPDATE: A few more items on Motin-

Edmonton Sun-The Skinny: He’s rock solid and plays a simple game. Was ranked among the best 17-year-old prospects in Sweden last year but his game levelled off and he slipped to the fourth round. He’s not much on production, posting just two assists in 28 games for Farjestads of the Swedish Elite League last season before being loaned to a lower team, Bofors IK, to get more ice time. But he’s big, strong and physical.
QUOTE: “We like what he can bring to the table, he doesn’t get into trouble. He was the best player on the board. We feel he’s one of those sure bets.”
– Kevin Prendergast

Edmonton Journal-”A big strong kid. Plays as simple as it gets,” said Kevin Prendergast, the Oilers vice-president of hockey operations. “He doesn’t handle the puck a lot but he moves it. He’ll probably be on the Swedish junior team. We just like what he can bring to the table. He doesn’t get into trouble.”

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3 Responses to "Oilers Pick at #103: Johan Motin"

  1. Lord Bob says:

    This is the kind of fourth rounder I like to see. Go across the ocean, grab a guy who plays a safe game with a plus attribute (his intensity). He probably won’t make the NHL, obviously, but he’s a better bet than a 5’9″ speedster who scored 12 goals in Russia or something.

  2. Knamely Lacked says:

    Sounds like a safe stay at home d-man with a chippy physical side to him. Sounds like a decent and safe pick for the fourth round.

    “Though he won’t impress enough to stand out, he may turn into one of those guys whose play you don’t notice, but will nevertheless be an effective player.”

    I’ve always liked defenceman with attributes like that.

  3. Master Lok says:

    Jan Hejda II?

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