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Little Rogie Vachon works hard to prepare himself for what is widely regarded as the toughest job in pro sports, tending goal in the NHL. He plays tennis in the off-season, feeling the game is a good conditioner and a sharpener of reflexes.

He runs four miles a day all year around. And to relax himself in the tense hours before a match, he watches television game shows.

(source: Jim Proudfoot, Pro Hockey 75-76)

They didn’t publish save percentage in 1974-75, but if they had I think Rogie Vachon would be better remembered now:

  1. Rogie Vachon .926
  2. Bernie Parent .918
  3. Daniel Bouchard .914
  4. Phil Myre .909
  5. Ken Dryden .906
  6. Tony Esposito .905
  7. Billy Smith .904
  8. Gary Inness .904
  9. Gilles Gilbert .895
  10. Gary Smith .894

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2 Responses to "SP Tracer"

  1. Dennis says:

    That jersey/mask combination is awesome. I’m serious.

  2. Oilman says:

    you beat me to the punch dennis – vachon had some cool masks…check this out. There are some other awesome ones in their collection. It was cool back in the day when fans did’t know what the goalies really looked liked. Reminds me of the old “tony….tony eposito” commercial.

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