29 NHL teams have a chance to sign Blake Wheeler. Starting tomorrow if my math is right. Here are the numbers:

  • 6-4
  • 220
  • 44gp, 15-20-35, 72pims at UMINN.
  • 82gp, 11-15-26, 72pims (Desjardins NHLE).

I believe the outer marker in terms of dollars is less than $900,000. Wheeler will make less with his new team than he would have earned by signing with Phoenix. His agent says he isn’t chasing money, he just wants to have input into where he plays.

There have been suggestions that he wants to play close to home, and that would mean he signs with the Minnesota Wild. He’s a college man so he must be smart, so teams like Detroit, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Philadelphia should be in the mix. And unless Cliff Fletcher has completely lost it, the Leafs will be in there like a dirty shirt.

As for the Oilers, whenever these free agents come available and the question is asked of management the reply usually involves “50 contracts.”

He’d be a nice addition to the talent pool.

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6 Responses to "Wheeler"

  1. Bohologo says:

    Plenty of dumb guys went to college. For example: me. So let’s not get carried away on that count.

    I think Wheeler and his agent are being disengenuous. They’re taking a pay cut now in order to achieve premature UFA status. Makes sense-Wheeler gets an inferior entry level contract relative to what he could have received as a 1st rounder from the Yotes, but neither will he have to wait to become a UFA. A no brainer, really, even if he did go to college.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Plenty of dumb guys went to college. For example: me. So let’s not get carried away on that count.

    Eddie Caron? What are you doing here?

  3. doritogrande says:

    So there goes the 35th pick in the 08 draft, correct?

  4. Lowetide says:

    dorito: Yes, I believe that’ll be the pick Phoenix gets.

  5. jon k says:

    I disagree that Wheeler will get less money than he would have from Phoenix. He’s still a free agent perceived to have value. I agree with someone above that we shouldn’t take what his agent says at face value. Oddly enough, I think he really would have fit in with Phoenix. They’ve got a lot of big, skilled forwards coming in. I see a few defencemen in their future early this draft.

  6. Lord Bob says:

    bohologo can’t be Ed Caron; he doesn’t type like his keyboard is full of pizza crumbs.

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