A Brand New Day

Success comes from ownership, goaltending, and I’ve always been thinking that you can have a fire-wagon type of hockey but your ability to play good defence has got to surface.

The thread that ran through all of my success was undoubtedly ownership’s commitment to win.

I’ve been quite close to some of the owners, and the Bronfmans’ passion for the game as owners in Montreal and the Ilitches’ commitment to create a winning team in Detroit contributed greatly to our success.

-Scotty Bowman

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12 Responses to "A Brand New Day"

  1. tcho says:

    Doesn’t this change somewhat in a cap league though? It’s less about owners throwing $ at the team and more about effective and efficient management of, more or less, the same amount of $ per team.

  2. Lowetide says:

    There are still things you can do. One of the major improvements by the EIG imo was their ability (through the management they hired) to vastly improve the procurement department.

    This would include the draft, but also that group of players who cam via low-level free agency (Conklin, Bergeron, etc).

    The Oilers showed this week they can address need partly because of a quality procurement department (the Visnovsky trade was a money dump, but it also involved a pair of 2002 draft picks).

    I think a guy like Katz can improve on that, make the Oilers a stronger player in the NCAA free agent market (the Lerg group), etc.

  3. Ducey says:

    Hopefully they can put a few extra Euros into European scouting.

  4. Lowetide says:

    Plus there’s talk of a world class training facility at the University which can help with the free agent signing issues, etc.

    AND the Oil Kings have a chance at some point to draft and play gifted Europeans who might come to enjoy the city, etc.

    Bottom line: the Oilers were in on the bidding for two of the three best available free agent forwards this season and didn’t lose out because of money.

    Did this occur during the Pocklingtom regime? EIG?

    It’s already there. Traktor has been making sweeping statement about specific things and I don’t think Katz is in there saying to Kevin Lowe “let’s get Hossa.”

    Rather, he’s probably saying “how can I help” and hopefully if the answer is “nothing right now” he doesn’t do anything crazy like offer another year on the end of BG’s contract.

  5. godot10 says:

    A good sign is that the Oilers offered Jagr big money on a 1-year contract, but didn’t succomb and offer the second year. This shows good discipline by Lowe and by Katz.

  6. RiversQ says:

    Two years for Jagr would have been great as long as they got some kind of deal on it and used the fact that they can offer bonus money to players over 35.

    If they were close at 1yr – $7-8MM, then I would have had no problem with 2yrs – $12MM.

    They would still be able to make the core signings after this year and after two years. If the stumbling block was just the term while the rate was flexible then it was a silly move.

  7. RiversQ says:

    BTW, question for speeds or someone else who has been looking at the CBA routinely.

    Let’s say Jagr wanted to retire after Year One, could the Oilers buy him out in Year Two and ask him to wait on his papers? Wouldn’t that diminish the cap hit? Especially if the deal was front loaded to begin with?

  8. HBomb says:

    Riv: I think mudcrutch mentioned it, but the second year of a Jagr deal wouldn’t have been an issue if he chose to retire after one year.

    Simply flip his rights to a team looking to hit the cap floor for a mid-to-low pick, and problem solved. Team “x” makes the cap floor, Edmonton isn’t stuck holding the bag if Jagr takes off and retires after the first year of the deal.

  9. Scott says:

    What ever happened to option years, anyway?

  10. IceDragoon says:


    What’s the cap hit on something that may, or may not, be there?

  11. Coach pb9617 says:

    Man – that stock photo of Katz reminds me so much of Martin Short doing a bit.

  12. James Mirtle says:

    What ever happened to option years, anyway?

    Yeah, they canned them with the new CBA.

    How much cash ownership has is going to play a bigger and bigger role as the cap goes up. We’ll see a lot of teams that stay at the midpoint or lower this season.

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