Oh God

Saskatchewan is 4-0. Kill me. Kill me now.

For those who don’t know, the current Grey Cup (sweet Jesus take me now, lord!) champions are on a victory streak that hasn’t been equalled by them since 1970. I am currently listening to my wife rant and rave about George Reed and Kent Austin and last year and she is (as is always the case with “them”) getting louder as midnight approaches.

I try to explain to my wife it’s all a fluke. Take the fact that their last two victories came specifically because of two of the weirdest damn calls (in the end zone of course, because if it’s Biblical where the hell else would it be?) that both (incredibly) went in their favor. It does no good, they don’t hear you, it’s like they have their own language.

I have watched the Saskatchewan Roughriders play football since childhood and this is very strange. Weird. Real weird. End of the world weird. Finally (after 38 long years) catching the Superball you threw in the air in 1970 weird.

I can tell you one thing: I don’t like it. Not one damn bit.

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15 Responses to "Oh God"

  1. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Yes, it is hyper-odd. But, shit, the sun still has to shine on the dog’s ass once in a while. In two months, they’ll be 4-8, and Armageddon will be averted. Maybe.

    God, I love tequila.

  2. HBomb says:

    That “simultaneous catch” call tonight was pure horseshit. Clearly the Alouette player had possession all the way through. Total fucking joke.

    Oh well, a team from Montreal got jobbed, so it’s not ALL bad…

  3. Lord Bob says:

    You know, I was hoping that, after they finally won a Grey Cup, I’d never have to hear from the Riders fans I know every time they rushed for more than a six-yard gain or whatever it is they’re convinced makes them football gods this week.

    Not so. In fact, if anything, my Rider-loving “buddies” (and I use the term quite wrongly) have gotten more irritatingly enthusiastic in my direction. They better lose a game soon by, like, 28 or something, just so some order can return to the universe.

  4. Tim says:

    Puleeeese shut up about the Riderrs you poor Eskimo fans. Give credit where credit is due. They are playing with heart, discipline and a champion’s attitude (moving on quickly from bad plays or setbacks and focusing on the task at hand). While I am an Oilers faqn AND a Rider fan, I read this blog to follow the Oilers, not hear some MaChoker apologists and whiners complain about a sport that is not even supposed to be a part of this blog. Jealousy is SO ugly…

  5. uni says:

    I read this blog to follow the Oilers, not hear some MaChoker apologists and whiners complain about a sport that is not even supposed to be a part of this blog. Jealousy is SO ugly…

    That’s odd tim, I always thought that the only one that decided what this blog was about was Mr. Babcock.

    I guess you learn something new everyday huh? Silly me, thinking that someone could set the the topics for their own personal blog to whatever they so chose.

  6. HBomb says:

    Jealousy is SO ugly…

    Jealousy? Over a team that’s won 3 titles in ~60 years in an approximately nine-team league?

    Yeah, sure, I’ll get right on that. The 13 titles the Esks have clearly don’t measure up.

    I have yet to decide whether or not Rider fans are the Flames fans or the Leafs fans of the CFL. I was thinking Canucks fans, but the Riders, to their credit, have at least won something….

  7. gary b says:

    i grew up in Saskatchewan, and have bled Green & White since i was 'knee high to a grasshopper'. i like to think i'm more than just a casual sports fan (especially as far as the CFL/NHL go). i love the Riders, always will. pleased as punch for the Grey Cup win, and this season's early success, Hand-of-God-aided though it might be. i'm finding some of the current 'gush' a bit much, but this IS still a very good football team, (now) run by very smart football people.

    we all know what the season that follows winning a championship (or coming close) is like – suddenly EVERYONE loves the team, EVERYONE knows everything about football, everyone apes all the general stuff about team and champions and success and blahblahblah. words like insufferable, cloying, annoying come to mind. like when i lived in Calgary (after 2004). like i imagine being a non-Eskimo fan in Edmonton between say… 1979-1983 would have been like. i spose it depends on which side of the rose-coloured glasses you're looking.

    not sure i follow the comparisons to Leaf/Flames fans (Rider fans far more critical/sensible than the former, and not nearly as fickle as the latter), or the need to paint this team as a chronic also-ran. the CFL is a pretty unique league in that EVERY single one of it's teams has been champions, been doormats. Every single team has a long, colourful, storied history. The Riders were a Western powerhouse for a looooong time (Lancaster/Reed days, for example). the team has appeared in 16 Grey Cups (more than BC, more than Montreal, more than Calgary…), unfortunately has only won 3 of them. certainly the team was total crap for quite awhile ('76 thru most of the '80s), and up and down ever since. Still, i wouldn't call us long-suffering (hello Cubs, Leafs fans), or the dog's ass (Bills, Cardinals, Clippers, name your pick), cuz we've actually won once in a while.

    success in sports (for the most part) is fleeting. let Rider fans have their day. these things go in cycles, the bloom will come of this rose soon enough (i expect our undefeated-ness will come to an end during the upcoming home-and-home with the Stampeders).

  8. James Mirtle says:

    Go Lions?

  9. Lowetide says:

    James: Leon Bright thanks you.

  10. doritogrande says:

    Hell, I don’t give a shit about the Rider Priders (go find your cousins to make out with). But as long as they keep beating teams from the East so that the Bombers have a realistic shot, they’re not #1 on my shit list.

    God my Bombers are a right state of fucked this year. Thanks, Barrin Simpson. Thanks a lot.

  11. Doogie2K says:

    God my Bombers are a right state of fucked this year.

    At least you have awesome cheerleaders, if you know what I mean.

  12. Dennis says:

    The CFL isn’t real.

  13. Doogie2K says:

    The CFL isn’t real.

    I think this giant-ass stadium I see out the second-floor windows of my lab building would disagree with you.

  14. Shawn says:

    Bah, we all know who the real Rough Riders are on holidays for a few years ;)

  15. garnet says:

    As a ‘Riders fans it was weird to sit in Ivor Wynne a few weeks back and listening to the fans talk about my team in very wary terms. You know, as though we were good. It’ll take some getting used to.

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