Tumbling Dice

This is Ladislav Nagy. He’s still on the UFA market (and I haven’t really heard that he’s heading anywhere), he’s not 35 years old and he isn’t going to cost $10 million dollars.

Is he a player of interest for the Oilers?

Incredibly, the Edmonton Oilers still have some walking around money that could be spent on free agents or a rather large ticket item via the trade route.

Their value-wise signings of Pouliot, Jacques and Strudwick have (possibly) filled end-of-the-roll roster spots with inexpensive but effective options.

I haven’t done this since June 30, so let’s list the roster and the cap numbers. All salaries are from nhlnumbers.com or oilfans.

  • GOALKEEPER: Mathieu Garon (1.1M), Dwayne Roloson (3.67M)
  • LEFT DEFENSE: Sheldon Souray (5.4M), Denis Grebeshkov (1.5M), Ladislav Smid (.886M), Jason Strudwick (.650M)
  • RIGHT DEFENSE: Lubimor Visnovsky ($5.6M), Tom Gilbert (4M), Steve Staios (2.7M)
  • CENTER: Shawn Horcoff (3.6M), Sam Gagner (1.625M), Kyle Brodziak (.497M), Marc Pouliot (.825M)
  • LEFT WING: Dustin Penner (4.25M), Andrew Cogliano (1.133M), Erik Cole (4.0M), Ethan Moreau (2M)
  • RIGHT WING: Ales Hemsky (4.1M), Robert Nilsson (1.833M), Fernando Pisani (2.5M)
  • TOTAL DOLLARS SPENT: $51,869,000
  • CAP: $56,700,000
  • DOLLARS AVAILABLE: $4,831,000
  • LIKELY ADDITIONS: Stortini (.700M?), Jacques (.700M?), Reasoner (1M?)
  • LEFTOVER DOLLARS: $2,431,000

So if the Oilers decide not to sign Reasoner (and I think they’re going to sign him) and elevate Reddox (.508M) and Lerg (.568M) instead of Stortini and Jacques that would mean they could pursue Nagy with $3,755,000. The Oilers like to leave some cap room though, so maybe they’re done spending this summer. Looks like Brodziak, Pouliot and Stortini are going to play a bunch this season, Jacques too if he’s healthy. Rob Schremp has a nice shot at the roster based on the RW depth chart and even a guy like Sestito should feel pretty good about things.

I’d still like the Oilers to sign Marek Malik. They’d have to run with 8 defensemen, but there’s been talk of Deslauriers making the team anyway and Strudwick can play forward in a pinch. Could the Oilers start the season with 3G, 8D and 12F? Wild stuff.

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38 Responses to "Tumbling Dice"

  1. Peter says:

    During his interview on Just A Game, about a week ago, Oilers Capologist Olczyk said that Nilsson’s cap hit is 2M.

    His contract is 1,5-2-2,5.

  2. Vic Ferrari says:

    I like Nagy as well, though I’d be happy with a veteran RH centre who can play against quality. Like Smolinski (Still available, no? He doesn’t show up on TSN’s list of summer signings).

    I mean generally I just don’t buy into your ” … on a MacTavish team …” things, Lain. timeonice.com gives me a bunch of links to well thought out internet posts every time I check. And it turns out that every coach in the league is a line juggling, veteran loving nutter who errs toward defensive play far too much. At least according to most of the fans of the team. So I think that MacTavish is more rational, reasonable and conventional than he is unique.

    Having said all of that, dude does love his right handed centres for right side draws in his own end. And at this minute it looks like that will be Pouliot’s gig. And though he should have some very good wingers to play with, the D behind him are players that wouldn’t have the gig on any good NHL team, methinks.

    I don’t think that’s a good way to let a young player have success. Or maybe Pouliot’s a better player, and more ready, than i’m giving him credit for. Or maybe Lowe has another move to make. I dunno.

  3. HBomb says:

    Just say no to Marty Reasoner.

    Just say yes to….Jason Williams? Only if Ottawa doesn’t first.

    Based on Mirtle’s analysis late last week, it appears JW would be the best value-add out of the remaining UFA forwards.

    Reasoner? He was at the bottom of that list. For a good reason too – he’s done.

  4. HBomb says:

    Interesting thing I was thinking about yesterday. We all know how MacT likes to play with “pairs” and rotate other guys around?

    Well, in terms of the top nine and based on familiarity in chemistry, I’m thinking the pairs we’ll be seeing are Horcoff/Hemsky, Gagner/Nilsson, and Pouliot/Pisani (all these pairings have seen significant time together over the past 2 seasons).

    LW is going to be a fluid position, with Penner/Cole/Cogliano “rotating” and Moreau potentially jumping up late in games when they’re protecting a lead (assuming he’s not on IR).

  5. Dennis says:

    On cap space: I think the Oilers will make a move this season on a rental — at which point do we start talking about possible rentals — because by virtue of their offers to both Hossa and Jagr, MGMT has shown that they either A: are ready to move past the youth movement a little or B: think they’re close enough that a move here or there could win them a playoff series.

    So, money you pick up as the season goes on is pro-rated so you don’t need to keep a whole lot of space under the cap unless you’re trading for Alex Rodreiguez;)

    But, considering things like:

    - the depth we have in prospects
    - the way Lowe tried to move this summer
    - the way Lowe moved in ’06 when he got the jump on a guy like Spacek…

    I’ll predict the Oilers get out early and bring in a rental quite a few games before the deadline; much the same way the Expos once did with Langston and Colon and the Brewers just did with Sabathia.

    So, let’s get a list of guys who are off the books come the end of ’09 and if they’re on super shitty teams — like Stuart last year with LA — I think we’ll be able to figure out just who Lowe will target.

  6. Asiaoil says:

    I simply can’t see the need to carry 3 goalies. What team would be silly enough to:

    a) pluck a guy off waivers who has not done anything notable in 4 years as a pro and has exactly 0 starts in the NHL, and

    b) keep him on their NHL roster for the entire year

    Add to this the fact that every team will be pretty much set in net by the time TC opens or will be looking to upgrade their starter if anything. Labarberra was light years better than JDD and the Kings sent him down without a wimper at the end of TC two years ago. So no need to carry 3 goalies – and no loss even if a team was silly enough to claim JDD.

    This team has developed a fetish with collecting “assets”……but 7 mediocre players do not add up to an elite player. Just weed the garden already.

  7. Sean says:

    I dont mind Malik or Williams. Nagy is LW which we dont really need and disappears down the stretch too often. I’d be happy if we signed Horcoff, kept the cap space for next year and added a few rentals.

    The organization has a lot better feel than we do about who is ready to make the jump Schremp, Chorney Pouliot ect. LT, do you think the team is good enough to go with status quo and address needs later or would that be too costly for the overall playoff picture?

  8. Sean says:

    This team has developed a fetish with collecting “assets”…… but 7 mediocre players do not add up to an elite player. Just weed the garden already.

    Good line. I think they’ve been trying a quaility for quantity trade since the season ended. Visnovsky was close to one – Oilers could still use another. Its just very hard to speculate whats available.

  9. Asiaoil says:

    ATL is still set up for us to dump a bunch of extra prospects onto their squad becuase they have nothing…..god what an awful lineup. Lord knows TOR is bereft of prospects in their system.

    Would ATL be silly enough to do Schremp, Chorney, Roy and our #1 for their #1….probably not.

  10. PDO says:

    UFA’s on crappy teams:

    Peca (would he want to come here for another run?)

    Does NJD count as crappy yet?

    Madden, Gionta, Holik

    Sedin #1
    Sedin #2

    … so a few guys there that I doubt can be had, but I basically included everyone that is at least a question mark for the playoffs and isn’t Calgary or Anaheim.

    From that list, the guys who would really grab my attention are Antropov, Peca, Leopold and Lappy.

  11. Lowetide says:

    I’ve always wanted Zubov to spend one season as an Oiler.

  12. PDO says:

    Zubov is a beauty.

    Top 5 D in the league along with Lidstrom, Pronger, Gonchar, etc…

    I just can’t see any reason Dallas would let him go. He’s signed to a stellar contract on a contender.

  13. doritogrande says:

    I’d love to have the Sedin that can score on this team.

    Whether that’s #1 or #2, I think only their mother can actually tell.

    Fuck the checking line, let’s go run-and-gun and hope Garon can become black for the playoff run.

  14. Traktor says:

    I don’t think Nagy makes much sense at all. 36 goals since the lockout, he doesn’t offer any grit and has 4 points in 18 playoff games.

    Either sign Filppula, Dawes or Clowe to a 2nd round pick compensation offer sheet money or stay pat and see if anyone surprises in camp.

  15. Jonathan says:

    UFA’s on crappy teams:

    I missed Erik Cole on that list ;)

    I don’t think Nagy makes much sense at all. 36 goals since the lockout, he doesn’t offer any grit and has 4 points in 18 playoff games.

    Nagy doesn’t make sense for the same reasons Schremp has trouble making the team.

  16. oilerdago says:

    Agree with the running sentiment on Nagy. He was a waste when traded to Dallas before the playoffs in 07 and a total loss last year in LA.

    I say use the money to re-up Horcoff and Garon. And I still think we need more grit.

  17. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    Smolinski makes terrific sense, Vic.

    Zubov is brilliant, and one of my favourite players to watch over the years. He has insane vision, his decisions are incredibly swift, and the mutual trust he has with teammates damm near always moves the puck in the right direction PDQ. Systems play is a Tippet strength, and Zubov makes the buy-in easier.

    That said, I may have coveted Visnovsky as highly if he had about three more inches. As it is, he can’t match up well against the big men, but he’s a beauty, too.

    And… he’s going to have impact on another young Dman who just might become Zubovesque. Grebeshkov has a ways to go, but I think Visnovsky is going to accelerate the process considerably.


  18. Steve says:

    That said, I may have coveted Visnovsky as highly if he had about three more inches.

    That’s what she said.

  19. Schmidty says:

    “That’s what she said.”


  20. Lowetide says:

    Trust Steve. :-)

  21. uni says:

    That’s what she said.

    Yes, yes she did.

    I take it you’re a fan of XKCD?

  22. Lowetide says:

    According to tsn, Jason Williams has signed in Atlanta.

  23. Traktor says:

    Pretty smart move by Williams if true. Put up 75 points next year beside Kovalchuk and then sign a 6 year 27 million dollar contract with the Islanders and bust out.

  24. Steve says:

    I take it you’re a fan of XKCD?Not a fan, per se, but I’ve appreciated most of the ones I’ve read (I’m a Wikipedia hack, and he’s got some brilliant stuff about Wikipedia). I thought the “That’s what she said” was popularized by the Office, though?

    (Incidentally, I deliberated for minutes over whether She also said the “As it is, he can’t match up well against the big men, but he’s a beauty, too.” part or whether She confined herself to “That said, I may have coveted Visnovsky as highly if he had about three more inches.” I ultimately decided that shorter was punchier, which is also what She said.)

  25. Doogie2K says:

    Didn’t the Wings take Filppula to arbitration? I swear I remember reading that somewhere not too long ago.

  26. Islandlife says:

    Filppula actually filed for arbitration but the result is the same.

  27. IceDragoon says:

    ahh… yes…

    boys being boys…

    That’s what she said.

    Yes, yes she did.

    On more than one occasion, I might add. ;-p

    … always beat the helloutta, girls being girls, imo. It’s all good.

  28. spOILer says:

    Ted Nolan and the Isles have parted ways after it became apparent that over his 2 year tenure he and Snow had “philosophical differences”.

    Wonder what those were? A lack of speed and toughness? Nolan would like some real players, and Snow can’t bring them in?

  29. Schitzo says:

    spoiler: I have to imagine that Nolan got tired of being stuck in the situation Ron Wilson talked about earlier this summer in Toronto – a 3-year rebuild is all well and good when you’re a GM, but it’s not a lot of fun when you’re the coach and your job is to win every night

  30. Ribs says:

    Oh please let Milbury be Nolan’s replacement.

  31. Dennis says:

    - did the Oilers not offer Williams more than that? Did they just decide they had enough wingers/ammo for the PP as it was? You can’t imagine anyone would chose the Thrash over the Oil, can you? I’m serious.

    - read as much as I could yesterday NHL-wise via prosportsdaily.com and you could tell Nolan was done. He had zero input at the draft and him and Snow were at odds because the latter wanted to play the kids and Nolan didn’t have much interest in it; the Jeff Tamellini thing kept being mentioned.

  32. doritogrande says:

    Thoresen’s signed with Lugano of the Swissleague.

    Shame to see him go, but he cares more about the euros than paying his dues.

  33. Doogie2K says:

    Shame to see him go, but he cares more about the euros than paying his dues.

    What level of competition is the Swiss league? I was under the impression it was a step below somewhere like Sweden or Russia, but not much below that. If that’s the case, I can see why he’d want more money to play a similar level of competition.

    Besides, the concept of “paying your dues” sounds so outdated. Development is one thing, but playing in the A for the sake of it, when there are other options out there, is kind of silly. Besides, he spent most of the last two seasons in the NHL, and probably felt he deserved a one-way at that point, which again, I can’t blame him for.

  34. doritogrande says:


    I’m no expert, but if I’m placing bets, it goes Russia, Sweden, Finland, Switz; and probably very closely followed by the Czech and German leagues.

    I like Testacles Thoresen as much as the next guy, but some guys need to “pay their dues”, and I think a fringe NHLer who gets put on waivers still has dues to pay.

  35. ClaytonMagnet says:

    I thought the “That’s what she said” was popularized by the Office, though?

    Nuh uh. It was Wayne’s World.

  36. Vic Ferrari says:

    Dennis, I don’t think that Williams was a very good fit. Not for him and not for the Oilers.

    To my mind, he’s a guy whose real added value is that he’s very good at playing the point on the PP. In a time that’s seeing ridiculous contracts for NHL defenders who are mediocre at evens, but good on the PP … he seems like a really cost effective way of adding PP help to a team.

    But the Oilers already have Vis and Souray. Plus a right handed shot on the point isn’t a good fit with Hemsky (SEE Stoll).

    And at evens I always thought of him as better on the wing anyways, though you’ve seen more of him than me I’m sure. He had a decent WHC a few years ago (2004 maybe?). Played the point a lot on the PP there as well.

  37. Bruce says:

    LIKELY ADDITIONS: Stortini (.700M?)

    Good call, LT.

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