Hayes Dead

Isaac Hayes died today. He was 65. Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft” is imbedded in our brains (or at least for people my age) and there weren’t many who could get away with singing “Who’s the black private dickThat’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Shaft! You’re damn right” way back when but Hayes did and they gave him a #1 record and every award they could for doing it.

If you know music history, then his history (Stax/Volt, Sam & Dave, funk) is well known. I knew him for his unqiue music, for his delightful appearances on my all-time favorite television show (“The Rockford Files”, he played Gandolph “Gandy” Fitch and called James Rockford “Rock-fish”) and for nights at the disco (hey, I’m not going to lie, that’s where the women were).

Sad to see Isaac Hayes pass away. He was on the radio and his records were playing when plenty of good things happened in my life.

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17 Responses to "Hayes Dead"

  1. James Mirtle says:

    And there are always his contributions to South Park, too.

  2. Art Vandelay says:

    If I’m Samuel Jackson, I’m nervous:

    “Hayes … had recently completed work on a movie called ”Soul Men,” in which he appears as himself. The film stars Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mac, who died on Saturday.” – mtv.com

  3. Fake Craig McTavish says:

    Let’s hope Jackson isn’t next.

  4. Oilman says:

    If I’m Samuel Jackson, I’m nervous

    These things always have a way of happening in threes

  5. toqueboy says:

    for those interested, i host a radio show on calgary’s community radio from 6am to 9am and the last two hours i’m going to focus on Mr. Hayes’ life and music.

    cjsw.com to listen if you want.

  6. toqueboy says:

    sh*t…sorry…that’s this wednesday morning. my bad.

  7. DeBakey says:

    I’m going to go plug “Shaft” into the player right now.

    Righ – Ton!

  8. PunjabiOil says:

    I’m upset Bernie Mac passed away over the weekend.

    Absolutely loved that guy.

  9. Dennis says:

    Original Kings of Comedy is an underrated film, IMO. I’d put it up there with Anchorman on the rewatchable scale.

    I thought Steve Harvey absolutely killed in that movie/tour as the emcee and while I liked Mac’s set the least, I really loved him in Bad Santa and especially Guess Who.

  10. Oilman says:

    I’ve never seen all of “Original Kings”, I seem to have caught the last half of it about three times now, but I didn’t enjoy Cedric the Entertainers set nearly as much as Macs…..his parts about, “What you want to tell me you’re doin’ a good job?”, and the “Him downstairs” had me in tears.

  11. JohnnyOil says:

    On the bright side, this leaves a little more ***** for the rest of us. (Cue up Elton John’s “Circle of Life.”)

  12. doritogrande says:

    But….who are Stan and Kyle going to go to for advice now?

    Blow on Chef.

  13. PDO says:

    I lost a lot of respect for the man when he pulled the “we’ve made fun of Christianity, Islam, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Canadians, Politicians, Celebrities, Sadam Hussein, baseball players… and well, that was all good and fun. However, I am a scientolgist, and to mock MY religion is ridiculous! I quit!”

    Still, very funny guy, and sad to hear that he’s passed…

  14. James Mirtle says:

    It’s been said that Hayes was not fully in control of what happened with South Park given he had recently had a stroke. His public appearances since early 2006 indicated he wasn’t quite himself anymore.

  15. Ribs says:

    RIP to the annoying beavers as well. Though Frank and Gordon will be missed, two new, just as annoying, commercials will be played over and over again whilst we enjoy our Oiler games on Sportsnet this season.

  16. Doogie2K says:

    It’s been said that Hayes was not fully in control of what happened with South Park given he had recently had a stroke.

    While I’m sure that may have played a role, I’m not convinced religion didn’t: why would Trey and Matt drop a bridge on Chef like that if it was just health?

  17. gary b says:

    brilliant musician, singer, under-appreciated as a songwriter, arranger and composer. his contributions to soul/RnB music are many. and he does the best ever cover of a Burt Bacharach song, imho (‘Close To You’ on the Black Moses 2LP).

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