Reasonable Expectations for 08-09 (Potulny)

This is Ryan Potulny as a Philadelphia Flyer. Darcy Tucker has just taken another high percentage shot which was deflected by #11.

Potulny is listed as a center although I’ve read in a few places he can play the wing. Among Oilers AHL prospects he’s got one huge advantage and that is his shots-per-game total.

AHL Shots per game, 2007-08
  1. Ryan Potulny 201 shots in 58 games (3.46 per game)
  2. Marc Pouliot 150 shots in 55 games (2.73 per game)
  3. Rob Schremp 205 shots in 78 games (2.63 per game)
  4. Liam Reddox 146 shots in 65 games (2.25 per game)
  5. JF Jacques 82 shots in 38 games (2.16 per game)

On a team looking for shooters Potulny stands out among the minor leaguers. He has other things (waiver eligible, some NHL experience) that put him ahead of Brule, Schremp and others but this is certainly just a guess on my part for 13th forward. The Oilers procurement department has found useful pieces over the years during the summer in exchange for guys like Danny Syvret or mid-level picks (Allan Rourke, Jan Hejda, Yan Stastny) and Potulny could end up being one of those players. I think he’s a better player than Danny Syvret and if I read the Oilers management group correctly a guy like Schremp has to be clearly better than Potulny for the club to risk waivers. Asset management and all that.

As an Oiler I think he’d probably be a press box player for a lot of the season but if there’s an injury to one of the skill guys he should draw into the lineup. That and their need for centermen who have at least some NHL experience give him the edge.

Prediction for 08-09: 50gp, 6-7-13 (.260 per game).

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2 Responses to "Reasonable Expectations for 08-09 (Potulny)"

  1. Schitzo says:

    Well, he definitely fills a role which neither Schremp nor Pouliot can: Pressbox fodder.

    Maybe it’s just institutional pride, but it’s a lot easier to let someone else’s 2003 pick sit than our own :)

    That said, I hope they keep him around to light a fire under Pouliot – I would have no problem with Brodziak playing 3C and Potulny playing on the 4th line should Pouliot need a wakeup call.

  2. Ribs says:

    I remember being interested in this guy a while back when I noticed him in a Flyers game. He looked like he had some nice driving to the net skills and had some hands to him. I wondered why I haven’t heard more about him.

    About two more shifts and a later game revealed the answer to me. It also explained why he gets so many shots with his limited ice time.

    The guy doesn’t pass the puck.

    Not that it’s a terribly bad thing, but it definitely puts some limitations on his potential and lowers his chances of making a MacT team.

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