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I love this photo, probably my favorite one unless it’s the Horcoff turn of the century one. It’s the uniform and the goalie pads and the story the picture tells us about this guy.

The other day I was flipping channels and came across an old game featuring Chorney’s Dad Marc playing for Pittsburgh. It was a playoff game, Chorney played some pretty big minutes in the game (paired I believe with Pat Price).

Marc Chorney played about 3 NHL seasons before slipping into the minors and then eventually drifting out of the pro game. He was drafted in the 6th round and from all reports was not the player his boy has become.

Chorney played for a very strong college team with some interesting defenders:

  1. Chay Genoway 38gp, 8-21-29 +17 46pims
  2. Robbie Bina 43gp, 2-23-25 +12 42pims
  3. Taylor Chorney 43gp, 3-21-24 +8 24pims
  4. Joe Finley 43gp, 4-11-15 +24 79pims
  5. Jake Marto 28gp, 2-6-8 +3 4pims
  6. Derrick LaPoint 31gp, 2-5-7 +6 34pims
  7. Kyle Radke 27gp, 1-3-4 -1 64pims
  8. Zach Jones 41gp, 0-0-0 +8 40pims

Chorney’s +8 trails 3 of the regulars and is tied with JF Jacques’ brother Zach Jones. We don’t know the “toughness of minutes” faced by these men but he was also well down the list of plus players for the Fighting Sioux in 06-07. Chorney does not have the best draft pedigree of the group (Joe Finley went 27th overall in 2005, 9 picks ahead of Chorney) and they’re all pretty much the same age save for Bina who is 24 and recently signed with the Springfield Falcons. It isn’t a huge stretch to suggest that Chorney and Bina might end up being a pairing for the Falcons in the AHL this season.

I think it’ll be a season of adjustment for Chorney. He’s clearly a talented fellow but is coming out of college at age 21 and turning pro. Oilers fans expecting him to make the NHL quickly should remember that Tom Gilbert was 23 years old before he played a game in pro hockey. We should expect a season similar to the one posted by former UND teammate Brian Lee. 55gp, 3-22-25, -3 in the AHL. Offense may come slowly since the Falcons will have other powerplay options and Chorney’s learning curve away from the puck is going to be fairly steep.

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17 Responses to "Taylor Made"

  1. Bank Shot says:

    I think given this guy’s pedigree, and apparent talent level, it’ll be a disappointment if Chorney isn’t the concensus number 7 by season’s end.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Genoway’s an interesting character. If he wasn’t 5’8″ he’d probably be a good bet to have a career.

  3. Coach pb9617 says:

    I think given this guy’s pedigree, and apparent talent level, it’ll be a disappointment if Chorney isn’t the concensus number 7 by season’s end.

    Given the leapfrog he would have to pull off to get there, and that doesn’t include Hrabel, I’ll be stunned if he’s a consensus #8.

  4. doritogrande says:

    bank shot: I disagree completely. I think he’s going to be best off to get a full season in the AHL before we even think Oilers for him. Hell it took the aforementioned Tom Gilbert and Brian Lee (9th overall pick iirc) a year to get the call. We have plenty of NHL-calibre defenders already, no reason to rush Chorney.

    I’ll be happy with somewhere around the 25 point total, and I’m guessing that given his college numbers, 24 of those will be assists. Many of which will come on the powerplay, feeding Peckham or Bisallion.

    If he can stay at evens through the year, I think we can call the season a success.

  5. Gandalf The Red says:

    My last memory of Chorney from last season was him leaving the Frozen Four semis against Boston College w/ an injury, but I never heard more about that. Any Oilers fans have any insight? He must be fine because no one mentions it, but it took him out of the game early and he didn’t return.

    As a Wisconsin Badger fan, Chorney played for one of our biggest rivals. Having watching him play over the past few seasons, I would say that he is a lot better player than Joe Finley and that his +/- doesn’t tell the whole story.

    Great prospect for the Oilers.

  6. Lowetide says:

    I believe he was at rookie camp so must be fine.

  7. Richard Pollock says:

    I saw Chorney play a number of games in person last season and I would agree that he should spend the season in the AHL. He certainly possesses a ton of talent, but he needs seasoning and I believe at least one season in the AHL is necessary for his development.

  8. Scott says:

    He said at rookie camp that the knee wasn’t a problem and he was focusing on getting stronger and improving his slapshot.

    He talked about wanting to make the team, but I think he knows it’s a long shot.

  9. Scott says:


    Technically it was the development camp, rookie camp starts just before the main training camp. Right quotes, wrong location.

  10. Dennis says:

    There’s a glut of D and some of them will be traded for forwards or as part of rentals at or/around the trade deadline.

    There was a time when Lowe got out in front of the comp and did it weeks before the deadline so I’d say Lowebellini will do the same thing this year if the situation calls for it.

    There’s just no way that we can develop all of Bisallion, Wild and Chorney and Petry’s soon to follow. The only question now is measuring a prospect’s ceiling vs his value on the trade market.

  11. transplantedjetfan says:

    Why move any of the young D. Let them gain experience in the minors for a few years as opposed to trial by fire on the oilers blue line. Soon enough, 2-3 years, Staios and Souray will be gone and who knows how long Gebeshkov will stick around. Unless you can get back a pillar on D for the next 6-8 years there’s no way these guys should be moved.

  12. namflashback says:

    Transplanted — your move one or two of them because at least three of them (Hrabel, Chorney, Wild) are all at roughly the same stage and will “arrive” at the same time. Meanwhile, there will not be roster space available for even one of them. Assuming Visnovsky and Gilbert are here for awhile. The Souray slot is locked up until he is injured or his NMC expires. Staios is here for another 2 years of mentorship. So you need the best of the next wave of puck-movers as insurance replacement for Greb OR Smid. While both these guys might not be here in the long term, at least one of them should be.

    You move one or two of them because they are 2-4 years ahead of the recent draft crops that other teams have picked up. There remains a high demand for the “puck-moving D” and a scarcity at the NHL level and some scarcity still at the AHL level.

    You have something other teams want. You have too many of them. You can turn it into something that can help you.

    Just pick the best one in the group.

  13. Asiaoil says:

    NFB – the players will sort this out themselves through their performance – only maybe half of the young guys will develop well enough to be useful NHL players. Which of Chorney, Hrbal, Petry, Peckham, Wild, Plante or Bissalon will be able to make the jump – who knows at this point – but likely only 2 or 3 at most.

  14. Scott says:

    Given the sheer number of defencemen I can’t believe the Oilers haven’t moved someone yet. One of Bisaillon, Peckham, Chorney or Wild is going to be pretty pissed when he’s assigned to the ECHL until someone gets hurt on the big club and reverborates down. Camp is going to be insanely competitive on D.

  15. Bank Shot says:

    bank shot: I disagree completely. I think he’s going to be best off to get a full season in the AHL before we even think Oilers for him.

    I’m not saying he should be cracking the Oilers roster out of camp, but given this guy’s hockey history, I’d say it’d be a disappointment if Chorney doesn’t have an impact season in the AHL, and be the D favourite to break camp with the team in 09-10.

    If you look at it how Lowetide has suggested on a few occasions:

    05-06..College regular-Makes WJ squad …Up arrow
    06-07..College star-Captains WJ squad-Second team WCHA all-star…Up arrow
    07-8-College star-First team WCHA all-star. First team Frozen Four tournament star….Perhaps more of a sideways move then the first two seasons in terms of points, and departures of guys like Erik Johnson, but probably deserves an up arrow as well.

    The kid’s got his arrows in the right direction and has shown improvement every season. If Taylor doesn’t lay down a strong AHL season, and earn a call up by late in the season, it would make me wonder if he is what he’s being hyped as.

    The real quality prospects just keep on improving, and Chorney is tagged as one, so he should be leap frogging his way up the depth chart in months, not years.

  16. oilerdiehard says:

    Having watched a bunch of Chorney’s games over the last 2 seasons (probably at least 30+ games). I can vouch for the fact that he was facing tough opposition the last two seasons.

    He was better than Brian Lee in 06/07 by a ways. I am not the only one to think so. Depending on which teams feed I was getting that particular game. At least 3 separate announcers mentioned that he had passed Brian Lee as UND’s best all around D man.

    I like this kid an awful lot. Apparently Lowe does as well. He mentioned in a radio interview or possibly Oilers live last season. I forget which. That he does not expect Chorney to spend very much time in the AHL. He said something similar the season before about Cogliano.

    I think after a year in the AHL he will be challenging pretty hard the follow training camp for a spot.

  17. Schitzo says:


    NFB – the players will sort this out themselves through their performance – only maybe half of the young guys will develop well enough to be useful NHL players.

    I just hope Lowe and Huddy can continue to work magic on defence and be able to figure out which ones are the busts before the rest of the league does :)

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