Young and Offenseless

For Bryan Young, the center-ice redline is just a rumor. He can’t make out the logo from where he is on the ice. The bench is North. Shooting the puck in anger means icing.

Bryan Young is from the Gary Doak family. Doak is the defenseman who once played 40 games (half the season) for a team that scored 345 goals (1974-75 Boston Bruins) and didn’t count a goal.

Or an assist.

40gp, 0-0-0. Bobby Orr, also a defenseman, scored 46-89-135 same season, same team.

Doak played 3 playoff games that spring. 0-0-0. Bryan Young belongs to the Doak family. Young has played 140 games in pro hockey and has 0 goals. 12 assists. In 17 NHL games, he’s 0-0-0.

Most of the men in the Gary Doak group are enforcers, or at least very physical defenders who can protect the more skilled (read: everyone) players around them. Young’s ISS bio still rings true: He is a good, steady defenseman. Reliable in his own end, makes every effort to be in good position in the defensive zone. Contains his checks down low and can be trusted with the simple pass. Good skater. NHL potential: 4-5D. He is a player that will need some time to develop.

He is unlikely to be a factor in the NHL this season.

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11 Responses to "Young and Offenseless"

  1. Kent W. says:

    40gp, 0-0-0. Bobby Orr, also a defenseman, scored 46-89-135 same season, same team.

    That is stunning.

  2. dstaples says:

    I remember old Doak well. A real clutcher and grabber, right in there with all the Boston cheaters from that time, Rick Smith and Dennis O’Brien coming to mind.

    I see that you were on about trading Smid again, LT. No doubt, I’m too attached to this particular player, but it does seem to me that now isn’t the time to get rid of him, when he might well develop into a defensive horse, and might well be willing to sign a long term contract at a discount. As well all know, those discount contracts are crucial to a team and Smid seems like the loyal type would would go for such a deal.

    Plus, I hear from Cal Nichols and also my journalist friend Peter Alder, another Czech, that Smid is not just a promising player, but he’s a helluva great guy, for what that is worth.

    All that said, the Oil’s time isn’t this year, it’s a year or two away, and Smid is more likely to be a top four defenceman then than Souray, Staios, and maybe Visnovsky, if the little man starts showing his age.

  3. Paper Designer says:

    Bryan Young might be a guy who stays in the Oilers system for ten years, and over that period, puts in about a season and a half’s worth of games whenever a physical presence goes down due to injuries.

    Not probably the career the kid wants, but it’s a job that somebody has to do.

  4. Hoos says:

    40gp, 0-0-0 … ladies and gentlemen … JF Jacques!

  5. Schitzo says:

    I’ve kind of been hoping Young turns into our own Hot Doorknob – career AHLer who can come up for 10 games here or there and not screw up too badly.

    Re Smid:

    Was it in 06/07 that Smid was sent down and the Wilkes-Barre coach said he was clearly too talented for the AHL?

  6. Lowetide says:

    Has anyone (and I mean anyone) suggested Smid be sent out? The issue with Smid is solely in regard to the current state of the Oilers defense, not based on his ability to hold down a job at the back end of an NHL depth chart.

  7. dstaples says:

    I believe someone in the comments section of your recent Smid post suggested that Smid be sent out to the minors, but no one associated with the Oilers.

  8. rananda says:

    Has anyone (and I mean anyone) suggested Smid be sent out?

    wait, are you serious? your whole post on smid was arguing for him to be traded for veteran help. i’m missing something obviously. or are you using “sent out” to mean “sent down?” then no, no one in their right mind would bring up sending him down because he would be picked up instantaneously.

  9. Scott says:

    Are these the three options?

    Trade for a veteran defenceman and

    1. Trade Smid
    2. Send Smid to the AHL

    3. Do not trade for a veteran NHL defenceman.

    If they are I must say that sending Smid to the AHL is the second best option. I think most of us agree that in time Smid will end up being a useful defenceman at the NHL level. Keeping him in the NHL seems to me to be the best option, but if the Oilers decide up front that they’re going to trade for another defenceman, then sending Smid to the minors is a good option. The advantages to having him there are:

    1. NHL depth in the minors that does not need to pass through waivers.

    2. Retaining the rights of a player that may well be a very good defenceman.

    3. Managing Smid’s next contract to the low side.

    I don’t think there is a lot to be gained by trading him, if the main concern is having no room for him on the roster once a veteran is acquired.

  10. John says:

    Of all of the D prospects and I use that term loosely, Young is the most intriguing. He plays physical, is smart, plays his position and, most importantly, gets better, by all measures, over the course of a season.

    Yet we get ongoing reports that Young has no future with the Oilers, that we should ship Smid out and that the 3 US college D men are all the “full meal deal”.

    Chorney appears too be small, Wild appears to have holes in his game and Petry is awfully old to be a freshman in college.

    Added to the hyperbole equation are the Theo Peckham lovers who fail to understand that he has strikingly mediocre numbers offensively and is too small to be a destroyer of worlds defencemen. Scott Stevens was a destroyer of worlds defencemen. Peckham at 215 lbs is a really good # 7 -8 D man

  11. sexy says:







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