Canucks at Oilers, Pre-Season G1

This is Ron Sedlbauer in the mid-70s. Vancouver selected him right after the Islanders picked Bryan Trottier. He had good size and could skate and what I remember most about him was that he was another in a long line of Canuck forwards who looked like they were going to be stars but had no sustain.

Some ended up being solid role players (Don Lever, Curt Fraser) and others stopped scoring (Sedblauer, Rick Blight) but either way the Canucks always had more holes than most teams every summer.

It must have been frustrating to be a fan of the Canucks during those years. They weren’t awful but they weren’t great either and in fact they were porridge for so long their trip to the Stanley Cup final in the early 80s was just about the least likely finals appearance in my lifetime.

The current Canucks are frustrating but you can see they could win a playoff round with Luongo in any given season. They need to add some NHL players to the forward group and I think they will before training camp ends.

If they don’t, they’ll need to rely on someone emerging “from a group” of prospects who will be and suspects who never were.

Isn’t it funny how some teams are always porridge, always lukewarm. If they waste another season of Luongo I’ll count it as the biggest tragedy in Canucks history.

And that’s saying something.

Here (courtesy digger below via Joanne Ireland) is the Oilers lineup for tonight:

Shawn Horcoff-Erik Cole-Ales Hemsky
Fernando Pisani-Ethan Moreau-Dustin Penner
Marc Pouliot-Rob Schremp–Sam Gagner
Ryan O’Marra-Liam Reddox–Hans Benson

Sheldon Souray-Steve Staios
Ladislav Smid-Lubomir Visnovsky
Theo Peckham-Taylor Chorney

Mathieu Garon

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130 Responses to "Canucks at Oilers, Pre-Season G1"

  1. melanie... says:

    Off the Oilers website, they are streaming the game Live tonight

    Game time 7pm

  2. doritogrande says:

    Schremp and Poo both get the ++ linemate. Interesting to see that they’re putting them on the same line. How are they going to evaluate who had the more productive line if they’re playing together?

    I look for Pouliot playing solid offensive hockey, and Schremp hustling his ass to cover the defensive zone. We all know they’re suspect in those areas, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve improved.

  3. Dennis says:

    Well, at least he’s happy.

    Tonight’s game, and tomorrow night’s as well, is available on CI.

    I am looking forward to the RS vs MP 12th spot battle as well as seeing Cole and LV in the silks and of course tracking the development of Gagner.

    In other news, TO gave up a goal to Buf less than in a minute into their first EX game;)

  4. spOILer says:

    That squad looks like it could just about beat the post-Smytty team. We’ve come a looong way, baby.

    Expected Canuck line-up per CDC:

    D.Sedin – Wellwood – Pyatt
    Simek – Kesler – Gendur
    Pettinger – Labrie – Cowan
    Jaffray – Raymond – Krog

    Ohlund – Heshka
    Mitchell – Davison
    Edler – Baumgartner
    Rahimi – Sharrow


    If that lineup’s porridge, it’s put together out of kibbles and bits. What a dog’s breakfast.

    Looks like we can expect a fight on the undercard tonight.

    Schremp and Pouliot being given every chance to get a good start to the EX-season. That’ll be the main event.

    I’m looking forward to finally seeing Chorney dance, and the Peckham sideshow too.

    Cole and Vis, though, will be the scantily clad ring girls — a real treat to look at.


  5. Steve says:

    Is Garon expected to play sixty minutes? That seems odd.

  6. spOILer says:

    In the pre-game vid, MacT seemed to allude to Gagner or Nilsson getting a shot with Hemmer during the season, if Cole isn’t a good fit.

    Also sounds like he’s going to pare down the roster considerably, after these first four games.

    He also confirmed Garon will play the whole game tonight.

  7. doritogrande says:

    Don’t under-estimate. Schneider’s the real deal. I’ve seen him many a time in Manitoba.

    True that the forwards are a dog’s breakfast. I’m really interested in seeing how Danielle manages without Henrietta. Sure to be a gongshow.

  8. spOILer says:

    He’s one of the top goalie prospects in the entire league.

    Well I’m off to the new local to see if they can pull a feed.

  9. doritogrande says:

    Uh. there appears to be some disconnect between the time zones tonight. The link to the live feed says 7PM Mountain, but the score tracker says 9PM. Does the game start now?

  10. DMFB says:

    That squad looks like it could just about beat the post-Smytty team.

    Probably because that squad has more legitimate NHLers on it than the post-Smytty team. It seems a bit strange to me that we’ve basically dressed our top six forwards and top three defenceman (in terms of EV ice time, anyway) for the first exhibition game. Is MacT really worried about the exhibition record?

  11. doritogrande says:

    Souray’s back. 1-0 Oilers on the PP.

  12. Steve says:

    For that matter, the site says

    Tonight’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks will be streamed LIVE to fans within the Prairie Region (Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba) on

    Any idea how those of us out east can hear or see it? CHED doesn’t seem to be carrying it.

  13. doritogrande says:

    steve: CHED’s got it. That’s how I’m listening.

  14. doritogrande says:

    1-1 tie. Cowen scores against the 4th liners.

  15. Steve says:

    Thanks, DG – the CHED site says that the Lesley Primeau show’s on right now, and I was too credulous to check their story.

  16. grease trap says:

    Anyone getting the streaming video?

  17. doritogrande says:

    grease trap: Nope. I’ve tried a couple of times, but they now seem to have removed the feed entirely. Bastards.

  18. doritogrande says:

    2-1 Oilers. Erik Cole with his first. Souray’s big shot is killing the Canucks. Cole with a tap-in after another Souray bomb.

  19. mike w says:

    I just dropped a boat load of money for cable NHL Centre Ice. Just in time for Cole’s marker.


  20. grease trap says:

    mike w, how much am I looking at and is it one time or every month?

  21. mike w says:

    Wait, I thought Visnovski was supposed to be fast.

  22. mike w says:

    Dearest Grease,

    Depends on your provider. It’s about 30 bucks a month with Rogers, but I get screwed because I also sign up for basic cable so I can get the CBC and TSN… and uh, CHUM’s Friday Night Blue movies.

  23. doritogrande says:

    Well, there’s the Nucks’ veteran component. Ohlund ties it at 2.

  24. mike w says:

    The Oilers PP is gonna have to figure out how to get the puck down low when the opposition keys in on Souray.

  25. doritogrande says:

    mike: I don’t think it’s going to be much of a problem when Hemsky’s out there instead of Schremp/Pouliot.

  26. Lowetide says:

    Canucks look interesting so far. Krog has been around forever he must feel like this is the last chance Texaco.

  27. mike w says:

    Man, I love Hemsky.

  28. doritogrande says:

    LT: Agreed. You’d’ve thunk that he’d get more than a fair shot with the Thrashers when he was in their system. Can’t think too much of him if he got passed over for the likes of Chris Thorburn.

  29. doritogrande says:

    Smid can shoot? Jesus. Someone’s been getting his shit over the summer.

  30. mike w says:

    Hey, it’s that fatty, Kyle Wellwood!

    Are you guys getting the CanucksTV feed?

  31. Lowetide says:

    Fun period. I’m always impressed by the actual NHL players. You could wake them up at midnight in July and they’d still play like NHL players.

    For the college/minor leaguers, it’s a measuring stick. Chorney skates well but that penalty against a non-NHLer showed he’s got some learning to do.

  32. Coach pb9617 says:

    Smid can shoot? Jesus. Someone’s been getting his shit over the summer.

    This isn’t a surprise. He’s still just a baby. A five-tool baby bull of a defenseman, but a baby nonetheless.

    I know that five-tool is cliched in LT’s favorite sport now, but Smid has all five tools. Tremendous upside but lots of baggage already from a flawed development process.

    Coach pb9617:Smid

  33. doritogrande says:

    mike: Nothing doing as of yet. Though at least the Canucks PR guys are nice enough to apoligize for the technical difficulties. Do we get that from the Oilers web gurus? Not a chance.

  34. doritogrande says:

    Okay, I know it’s preseason and what not, but the coaching staff should be getting into good habits and not just the players.

    Steve Staios on the powerplay? This should not be.

  35. Kevin says:

    can someone post the live feed link? I can’t find it. I see an apology stating that the feed is down. Anyone else having this issue?

  36. doritogrande says:

    kevin: I’m having this problem too. I’m listening to the game on 630CHED’s online feed.

  37. doritogrande says:

    Thank you Sheldon, for not fighting. We’d kinda like you to play 20 games this year.

    From what I’m hearing it was a great, legal hit and Labrie got pissed.

  38. boopronger says:

    Geez Sourays having a hell of a game. This link worked for me

  39. doritogrande says:

    LIVE HOCKEY! Thank Stan Weir!

  40. doritogrande says:

    Oh robbie. You’re not going to make the team missing open nets.

  41. doritogrande says:

    just how in the fuck did that stay out of the net?

  42. doritogrande says:

    Gagner! That was the shootout move!

  43. Slipper says:

    Thanks to LT and boopronger for the link.

    Nice pass Steve.

  44. Lowetide says:

    Samwise made some moves yesterday that were just as sweet. He’s kind of like Denis Savard in that way, just silly talent

  45. Quain says:

    Horcoff would’ve buried that, Schremp. Man up.

  46. Slipper says:

    This game feels like a constant powerplay.

  47. doritogrande says:

    my god how snakebitten is 88 tonight? Beauty feed from Hemsky and he misses wood.

  48. mike w says:

    Damn, I go for a 5k run in the intermission and come back with 4 minutes left it in the period. Is Moreau injured yet?

  49. Lowetide says:

    You’ve gotta feel for Schremp. He’s getting a strong chance tonight but may not get one until others vying for that job get a full chance.

    Brodziak didn’t let the door open a crack last season. That’s the way to do it.

  50. doritogrande says:

    Quite entertaining 2nd. Oilers are winning all over the ice. Though it’s almost expected given the respective lineups.

  51. doritogrande says:

    LT: What’s your difference between a strong chance and a full chance? He’s getting time with “the franchise” and logging good PP time. I’d go as far to say this IS his chance.

  52. Lowetide says:

    dorito: Hemsky set him up yesterday too and he hesitated, then clanked iron.

    I’d say 5 games. 5 games with this much ice time and with actual NHL linemates. I’d bet he would show enough to either make the club or elevate his value enough to get something useful out of him.

  53. doritogrande says:

    Okay, so we’re talking about regular season games and not pre-season. That’s fair.

    I’d imagine he gets his chance the moment one of Cogliano/Nilsson have a couple off-games in a row. 89-13-12 are actual NHLers no?

    He seems to have some definite powerplay chemistry with Chorney, no doubt harkening back to their days on the Team USA U-20s.

  54. Lowetide says:

    dorito: In baseball, if you see a rookie 1b come up and he gets into 25 games (or about 100 at-bats) generally speaking that’s enough to see what he’s got.

    Hockey obviously is a shorter season plus you can’t really give Schremp too long of an audition because there’s another bunch coming along. In yesterday’s game Trukhno looked positively dynamic. Seriously.

    If he plays in the next exhibition game with Cogliano and Nilsson and scores a goal then all of a sudden we’re talking about another guy altogether who wasn’t really mentioned before TC.

    That’s Schremp’s problem. So I think the Oilers need to give him 5 games in the NHL with actual NHL players.

    After that, he’s on his own.

  55. grease trap says:

    One non-cancel-able Centre Ice subscription later and now the game goes up online.

    The saddest part? Shaw doesn’t even start ‘er up until Oct.4. I found that out on my second call.

    The Rep’s response when I called back about it: “Well, I wouldn’t pay $199 for a stupid game.”


  56. doritogrande says:

    There’s the Mathieu Garon we remember from last year.


  57. mike w says:

    A kind-of brawl!

  58. mike w says:

    Apparently Mason Raymond doesn’t fight his own fights.

  59. Lowetide says:

    Benson skates like John Kruk ran.

  60. grease trap says:

    Benson’s out

  61. doritogrande says:

    Well, Benson did his job tonight.

    Good on ya kid.

  62. grease trap says:

    That’s a good way to get noticed.

  63. grease trap says:

    Looks like Strudwick’s sitting on an electric seat, or something.

  64. doritogrande says:

    I didn’t know Sasquatch resided in the Northlands area, and owned a suit.

    …Oh wait. It’s Stortini.

  65. mike w says:

    Man, Vancouver has two good goalies.

  66. doritogrande says:

    mike: correction. Vancouver has one good goalie. Manitoba has one too. :)

  67. grease trap says:

    And that’s why you need a veteran presence on the power play. Ouch

  68. mike w says:

    A pre-season BOOOOOOO.

    Also, all of those Canuck fans in Edmonton should be lined up in the Northlands parking lot and SHOT.

  69. grease trap says:

    Man, I love these early days of optimism….was what I was just writing before that goal.

  70. mike w says:


  71. doritogrande says:

    Is it too early in the season to get the bottle out?


  72. Lowetide says:

    I’d have to see it again but it looked at first blush like Chorney had a chance to direct that puck behind the net and didn’t get it done. Tough chance no doubt, but another tell about the young college kid.

  73. grease trap says:

    Is it just me or is Smid way more physical?

  74. Lowetide says:

    He looked good yesterday, made all kinds of solid plays. That play he just made was also good, he didn’t let his man beat him to the net.

  75. doritogrande says:

    I may have been seeing things, but I think I just saw 88 win a battle for the puck.

    Small victories boys. Let’s take what we can from a tie against the Manitoba Moose.

  76. B.C.B. says:

    Why was poo/shrep on the ice on the last minute?

  77. grease trap says:

    Pouliot seemed to have a little trouble in the last 5 minutes there.

    Is anyone surprised the Oilers first game is going into overtime?

  78. mike w says:

    Is it just me or is Smid way more physical?

    Didn’t you catch that post with Staples drooling over Smid’s muscles? ;}

  79. Slipper says:

    Why was poo/shrep on the ice on the last minute?

    Because it’s pre-season?

  80. grease trap says:

    4 on 5


  81. mike w says:

    There’s my huge pet peeve. A D-man uses his body (ie. one arm pushing, not wrapping) to fight for space and gets a penalty.

  82. grease trap says:

    Staios has been awesome

  83. doritogrande says:

    A win would be nice here, but dammit I want to see Rob Schremp on a shootout!

  84. mike w says:

    And how about Gagner? He shouldn’t be that good.

  85. mike w says:

    Did anyone even notice Wellwood in this game?

  86. Ribs says:

    If I’m MacT I sit Robbie for the shootout. Not because he’s had a bad game, just to make a point that this is serious stuff.

  87. grease trap says:

    He’s a smart little bugger. And he’s got his head on straight. Christ, we got a good draft pick there.

  88. grease trap says:

    ouch, that was good

  89. Ribs says:

    wow ched is way behind the video online for me.

  90. mike w says:

    Well, that was fun.

  91. doritogrande says:

    ouch, that hurts. We just lost to the fucking Manitoba Moose.

  92. grease trap says:

    I know you have to put Hemsky out there, but wouldn’t you throw Pisani out there on that last shot?

  93. grease trap says:

    Ahhh…now I remember what it feels like to be an Oiler fan.

    Good times.

  94. Lowetide says:

    Love watching hockey. A few things:

    1. Gagner.

  95. grease trap says:

    2. Gagner

  96. doritogrande says:

    Did Ryan O’Marra play tonight? Seriously. I don’t remember hearing his name once. And I didn’t hear from Reddox after the 2nd intermission.

  97. B.C.B. says:

    DG: thats what I am drinking. ’cause our shootout saviour just lost to the moose. I knew Garon would look like a god for ever (that first shootout goal was terrible)

  98. Lowetide says:

    Are you seriously upset about the loss? Guys, for crying out loud here. They played Peckham and Chorney as a pairing.

    Come on.

  99. grease trap says:

    True, LT, but we want our prospects to outplay their prospects.

  100. Dennis says:

    It’s funny that Garon gave up as many SO goals in Sept of ’08 as he did in the Entire ’08 season;)

    Oilers controlled the first 40 but then got sloppy in the 3rd and of course they could’ve used another PP goal.

    Fuck, I hope I don’t have to say that a whole lot this coming season.

    There were times when Souray looked like a real dman — even though we were playing junk — and Peckham had an awful first bad and bad-to-average game.

    Some other stuff:

    71 looks shorter as an Oiler

    89 made some dandy plays but a lot of it was lost on his linemates
    78 had a great first period but then not a whole lot in the last two. He didn’t make any stupid plays but yet another game where you wonder where the offense will come from and then you realize it won’t. Not that he doesn’t have value, of course.

    88′s skating has improved and he can make some great plays in traffic but you have to get the puck to him and it’s hard for him to hang onto it.

    26 seemed to be in between; it’s really not his game when you can’t bang and I don’t think he could find his stride.

    27 seems smaller and just a tad quicker but he wasn’t all that noticeable.

  101. jon k says:

    Something was missing from Gagner’s game tonight, despite him looking good.

    Ah yes, Nilsson.

    - Schremp is just not going to be an effective player any time soon, perhaps ever. His upper limit is still Ray Whitney. If he’s lucky.
    - Chorney is not going to be a favorite of mine.
    - Hemsky when he’s not putting in the effort is a despicable player to watch.
    - Souray looked good. Very strong along the boards, which is refreshing when watching the Oilers for a change.
    - Gagner just has incredible vision and a knack for the game.
    - Pisani looked really, really good.
    - Cole and Penner as a LW tandem really strengthens this team.
    - Peckham did not have a strong game.

  102. doritogrande says:

    “They played Peckham and Chorney as a pairing.”

    Against Dan Gendur and PC Labrie.

    We lost to a farm team, with most of our defensively reliable players in the line-up. The only player missing from the lineup that I’d be confidant in putting out for an own-zone faceoff would be Kyle Brodziak. We had everyone else tonight.

    Damn but that Schnieder kid’s a good one. Drafted the same year as Dubnyk innit? Crap.

  103. grease trap says:

    Speaking of pairings, Staios and Souray out there together wasn’t bad. I have to admit, despite all the moaning from fans, I like Souray’s play.

    Also, from observations at the JMC and tonight, Penner’s still abit behind, but now it’s just a half-step compared to the two full strides from last year.

    I saw him up close in person and he’s definitely looking a little more lean. He mad some nice plays tonight and he’s using the body. There’s a lot to like about a Penner coming in like this.

  104. Coach pb9617 says:

    Didn’t you catch that post with Staples drooling over Smid’s muscles? ;}

    I would too.

    He’s dreamy.

  105. Coach pb9617 says:

    Are you seriously upset about the loss? Guys, for crying out loud here. They played Peckham and Chorney as a pairing.

    Come on.

    Have to find a reason to be all shitty towards the team already, I guess.

    I’m waiting for the Desjardins analysis and debate ove the game :)

  106. Lowetide says:

    Some interesting stats from the game:


    1. Pouliot 54% (23)
    2. Horcoff 52% (13)
    3. Pisani 47% (17)

    All the others were under 10 FOs for the night. O’Marra was 1/3 and Gagner was 3/3.

    1. O’Marra played 4:41. Was he hurt?
    2. Schremp played 4:41 on the PP, 11:16 at EVs. No complaints.
    3. Peckham and Chorney were only -1. I thought it was -2.
    4. Hans Benson had 6 shifts, O’Marra 7.

  107. Bruce says:

    Missed the game, was at a meeting. MacT shortened the bench in the first pre-season game? Sheesh.

    How comfortable did Pisani look playing centre? How about Penner on the right side?

  108. Showerhead says:

    So they tie it on a fluke and win a shoot-out? The 3rd period may have been a little tilted for my liking but otherwise the Oilers had a good showing and I don’t see how anyone could already be making doom-and-gloom predictions already.

    It looked like Robbie was trying to be a real hockey player tonight. He curled away from a scrum on the boards that already had 4 skaters in it and backed off to the high slot. He made a good play or two in traffic and he made a non-lacrosse attempt in the shootout. Guy is clearly gripping his stick a bit tight or perhaps overthinking things when it comes to finish, but for the first time ever I’m going to say I think Rob Schremp could have an NHL career. Fitness and brain are catching up, if slowly. Give him 5 games like LT says and I think he’d cover the bet.

    That said, there’s what, one spot open? If any of his competition come up huge then it’s working his way up from the A all over again (though this time I think he could do it).

  109. raventalon40 says:

    Chorney looked good while Peckham did not. Surprising, since Peckham has looked pretty good so far this TC. The call on Chorney at the end was suspect… but I guess you can’t blame the ref for following protocol.

    As for Cory Schneider… not bad. If this guy plays like he did tonight then one day soon he will be the Canucks’ starting goalie. Which means Bobby Lu the Saviour would fetch a decent return for a team looking to build a new nucleus.

    As for our powerplay… looked dangerous. As long as we can start capitalizing on some of those chances we’ve got ourselves something dangerous.

    Schremp looked nervous on the shootout. If he gets another chance at the shootout or a penalty shot (chances are slim, but hypothetically speaking) he will be guaranteed to do a lot better. He’s still got to learn to not do all those fancy things in dangerous areas, but he has simplified his game a lot since I saw him at the Oilers vs Golden Bears rookie game a few years back.

  110. Jonathan says:

    Chorney looked good while Peckham did not. Surprising, since Peckham has looked pretty good so far this TC. The call on Chorney at the end was suspect… but I guess you can’t blame the ref for following protocol.

    Seriously? I thougt things were exactly the opposite. While Chorney did look collected with the puck from time to time he had a rough night where he was tentative in the defensive zone, tentative without the puck, and reluctant to engage in contact. Peckham, on the other hand, not only came as advertised, but looked surprisingly calm with the puck.

  111. raventalon40 says:

    i don’t think Chorney was tentative to engage the puck so much as avoiding the situation altogether. On quite a few of the plays I saw Chorney making many safe plays: little pass or chip off the boards in the right directions.

    If you recall, it was Peckham who got crossed up with Lubomir Visnovsky on the tying goal in the third period.

  112. kinger says:

    raventalon40 said…

    If you recall, it was Peckham who got crossed up with Lubomir Visnovsky on the tying goal in the third period.

    That’s incorrect:

    EDM On Ice: 10, 26, 32, 41, 49, 83


  113. raventalon40 says:

    My bad. That was Chorney, not Visnovsky. Good call, kinger.

  114. goldenchild says:

    I’m sorry but Sugar Tits is not dead, that kid is softer than Downey. When the puck is in the corner or on the boards he wants no part of it. He doesn’t seem to give you enough when he has the puck to make up for the complete lack of contribution when he doesn’t have it.

  115. Satisfied_to_Ignore says:

    I thought Schremp looked like a legit NHLer. In tight his control was amazing and he laid out passes that were on par or better than Hemmer or Gags. His shootout was weak, but if that goes in we are all saying what a move in tight.

    in 5 games he may not show. he needs 15 – 20 as he has more pressure from the fans than most. like arnott the reason he doesn’t succeed here may have nothing to do with his on ice skills but alot to do with fan pressure and bad press.

  116. Say No to Mike Johnson says:

    Peckham made Smid look like a 10 year vet. He isn’t ready.

    I didn’t see the first period but from what I watched Pouliot wasn’t good at all. The puck died on his stick almost every play.

    Schremp looked much faster than I recall but this team needs a shooter and Schremp passes the puck too often.

    Penner looked faster and I think playing with Moreau and Pisani will do Penner a lot of good. If he can bring Moreau’s work ethic, Pisani’s brain and his size and skill and mesh them together we will have a hellava player for year 3,4 and 5.

  117. Dennis says:

    I thought Chorney looked OK but that Peckham was close to awful.

    Penner looks like he’ll absolutely be hard to find if he’s on the checking line and not getting any PP time and I imagine it won’t be all that long before 89 replaces 10 as the primary PP pivot.

    As for Schremp, I didn’t see anything that swayed me from my belief that he’s an NHLer on a team that needs a PP specialist but the OIlers aren’t that club.

    He’s in the wrong place at the wrong time and there’s so many offensive small guys ahead of him that there’s no way they should carry him on the 4th line over a Pouliot.

    78 might not be closer to a scorer but he has size, defensive smarts and he’s not a bad skater and those are three areas that Schremp’s not likely to improve upon.

  118. Say No to Mike Johnson says:

    “and those are three areas that Schremp’s not likely to improve upon”

    Based on what? His skating and defensive play already look much better compared to last year.

    Pouliot might be a better option than Schremp in a checking role but he still isn’t a good option.

  119. Schitzo says:

    Dennis – if what we saw last night was any indication, Cole will not be staying on the first unit PP. They missed Penner’s fat ass in front of the net.

  120. Dennis says:

    I wouldn’t be against that; the 27-89-83 trio did good work for our PP last year, no?

    BTW, I didn’t think his skating was that much improved and neither was his defensive work. He looks a bit bigger but he’s still a guy that needs to have the puck given to him and then he needs some time to do something with it.

    At least at evens.

    Given the job and role they’re auditioning role, Pouliot is the better choice.

  121. Alice says:

    If Philly can make El Lupul look like a hockey player again, maybe Schremp should follow him there. And if he Does have a 30G campaign in him, it would be less painful for us all if it’s not in the Western Conf.

  122. Coach pb9617 says:

    like arnott the reason he doesn’t succeed here may have nothing to do with his on ice skills but alot to do with fan pressure and bad press.

    Keep telling yourself that. The reason he doesn’t succeed here will be that he isn’t willing to do the things that people not named Ales Hemsky or Sam Gagner must do to be successful on BOTH ends of the ice.

    He’s a loafer and hates the boards. Plenty of those superstars hanging out in adult leagues all over North America.

  123. doritogrande says:

    Pre-game's up for tonight's game. No word on rosters yet, but a couple interesting/funny highlights:

    Strudwick: shit these oiler forwards are too fast for me.

    Brule: "I'm not as skilled as Joe Thornton yet." (Direct quote!)

    Eberle(haha, he's got a pouf!): Playing with a veteran like Brodziak's going to be great for my development.

    Stortini: apparently every sentence has to have 3 "you know"'s in it. Get thee to a speach therapist.

    MacT: Gotta give development time to the real young kids who have no chance of making our roster. (seriously, why are we doing that? I'd rather see the ones who are fighting for a spot playing 5-6 games.)

  124. doritogrande says:

    Headed over to see the girls at Hot Oil to gossip about Eberle’s pouf, found this:

    The Markkanen family lost their eldest son at 4 years old. Sad day for Oiler fans.

  125. T. says:

    “you know” is the new “at the end of the day”

    I noticed Storts’ speech pattern last year; had hoped he’d outgrow it.

    I too thought Eberle’s comments were worth a giggle; you know you’re a young’un when….

    Sad, sad thing about Jussi’s son. Can’t imagine anything worse.

  126. Bruce says:

    The faintest of silver linings is that the other little guy might be too young to be scarred by this tragedy. A horrible thing, eerily reminiscent of the tragedy involving Eric Clapton’s four-year-old who will forever be remembered in “Tears in Heaven”.

    Jussi and his family will be in the minds and hearts of all Oiler fans and presumably the entire hockey community. I weep for them as i write this.

  127. Traktor says:

    Poor juice will probably blame himself for the rest of his life. Just horrible.

  128. PDO says:




    Per Tencer. That’s one helluva a push for Truhkno.

  129. Bruce says:


    SSSoundsss SSScary.

    The ultimate energy line?

    BTW, what happened to that rumour that tonight’s game was to be on local TV (RSW)? Looks like it’s on SN Pacific, and blacked out locally. Whazzup with that happening two nights in a row?
    And, is tonight’s tilt on the web?

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