Quick Moss (Team Blue and Team White)

Just back from Joey Moss Game, thought I’d throw out some things.

Team Blue:

  • Visnovsky: Jesus. What a player.
  • Souray: He looked very good to me. Phyiscal, controlled, played with authority and sent lasers at the the net.
  • Smid: Looked calm compared to last season, I remember he was running around and hitting everything at the Moss game. This season he looked relaxed and aware. Nice game.
  • Nilsson: Beauty game. The kid line has no idea how good they are they just go out there and rattle and hum. Scored a beauty on Roloson off a ridiculous Gagner feed.
  • Moreau: Looked physical and riled up out there. Had a nice game, looked very good with Pisani and Penner.
  • Eberle: Looked a little star struck but buried his chance and did things to move the play forward quite a few times.
  • Cogliano: Buzzed with the other two, it was a blur. Peckham must have whiplash.
  • Penner: Big man once again looked a little slow but played a physical game and buried his chance.
  • Garon: Looked good to me, it’s early but he had his angles covered and the one goal I remember him giving up was one of those loose puck goes right to a guy plays.
  • Pisani: Helluva player. Beauty setup on the Penner goal and he looked about 10x smarter than the rest. Always has a plan when he gets the puck.
  • Roy: I liked him today. He’s got some nice things in his game.
  • Desluariers: Wasn’t terribly busy and seemed to be up and down like a yo-yo but he was certainly the best of the backups today.
  • Chorney: He’s not ready but you can see he’s a player. Good speed, made a beauty teeup pass to Visnoveky for a great shot on goal that resulted in the Eberle goal. You’re going to like him.
  • Plante: Better than I thought he’d be, he’s not a great skater at all but he’s big and has plenty of shot plus he made a couple of nice outlet passes. There are things to like about him.
  • McDonald: He was excellent today, in fact his line (Pouliot, Trukhno) would have to have been the second best line on the ice behind the kid line. His feet were moving the whole game, he has a plus shot and made smart plays all over. Impressed.
  • Trukhno: Oh doctor. A very nice game from him and that was long before the assist and then the penalty shot goal. He’s a nice combination of size, speed and skill. I love these kids with a wide range of skills and Trukhno is that. I can’t wait to hear MacT talking about this guy.
  • Sestito: He didn’t get a lot done because the other lines were ripping it up but to my eye he did some things away from the puck and along the boards that should get him into some games.
  • Spurgeon: He was very physical out there and skated miles. I don’t know how everyone did on the dot today (too much to keep track of) but he’s a smart player. Suspect he’ll play the whole year in the A but he’s from the Stoll/Brodziak tree imo.
  • Pouliot: I’m biased but to me he had a nice game. Scored a very nice goal and although Trukhno was the straw that stirred the drink on the line this guy played well in all three areas of the ice. Battled hard, skated well and scored a goal.
  • Gagner: He’s so smart. He’s just so damn smart. He had defenders skating in circles, and not dummies, really good ones like Staios. Quite seriously a ridiculous display.

Team White:

  • Dubnyk: He didn’t have a good game. Didn’t get the pad down on the penalty shot and reacted slowly on the Gagner goal. I think it all started with the Eberle tap in that wasn’t really his fault, as Visnovsky sent a rocket at the net. Either way, in the second half team Blue was running around like a fox in the hen house and team White were running around like the chickens in a hen house and Dubnyk was left alone for the shooting gallery.
  • Horcoff: Battled long and hard on a day it was not to be. He picked off passes all over and played very well in a losing cause.
  • Potulny: Made a couple of nice passes off the rush that didn’t develop but other than that I don’t recall him.
  • Staios: Was paired with Peckham and it was a long day for both of them. Played a physical game today and I don’t recall a bunch of errors but that Kid Line was chaos incorporated.
  • Cole: Scored a goal and looked dangerous but once they took him off the Horcoff-Hemsky line he didn’t have much chemistry. Obviously a player, the line was reunited later and threatened but couldn’t get it done.
  • Roloson: I thought he was fine, the Nilsson and Penner goals were a case of being outmanned against forwards who are going to at the very least get a good shot on goal.
  • Grebeshkov: He struggled today, but much like Staios it was a case of being lost in the flood. The White team had no time to think because of the stifling forecheck and made some poor decisions and even worse often did not have control of the puck in dangerous areas.
  • O’Marra: Had a couple of hits, did some things along the boards but I didn’t really notice him.
  • Strudwick: As is often the case in these games the D on the losing side are going to get bad report cards and that isn’t fair, but to my eye the coaches were trying very hard to keep Strudwick and Bisaillon out of their own end. I remember very well several instances where the D switched over when the faceoff was in the opposition end.
  • Stortini: Physical player, he got an assist but didn’t have a lot to do with the game today.
  • Peckham: He’ll sleep tonight. I’m not convinced he was exposed as much as run over. The signature play for Peckham today was the RW flying down the ice and beating him outside enough to get an offensive chance. That can’t happen and it’s an issue. Now, having said that there were some fast cars and big engines flying down the ice every 15 seconds. Seriously.
  • Brodziak: Looked good to me in the faceoff circle and worked hard every shift. He’s going to be very important to this team.
  • Bisaillon: Took many shots on net from the right point today, he got into some PP action. I like his game alot, can’t think of a specific thing just a general feeling.
  • Lerg: Had a very nice game. I don’t like it when others brag so won’t do it but I do want to see that it is/was somewhat predictable that Lerg would come in and turn some heads. He’s 22 and played a high level of college hockey, and played well at that level. Today he was always getting into the play and made some excellent passes. His goal was off a broken play but credit to him for not hesitating.
  • Brule: Fast, energetic. I don’t know that he’ll make the team but Mom and Dad Brule should be very happy this guy is an Oiler. MacT can make something out of this guy and if Brule’s a smart fellow he’ll soak it all up this fall.
  • Gilbert: He had a nice game even on the losing side. His D partner sent him a few grenades and he battled to at least a standoff most of the time. I know it might sound empty but Gilbert’s efforts (to me) in a losing cause were almost more impressive because he was on the wrong end of a slanted playing field all afternoon. He was Archie Manning in New Orleans today.
  • Hemsky: Made all kinds of plays today and had some terrific chances. He narrowly missed on at least two shots and set up a few players who either missed, clanked or hesitated.
  • Paukovich: The NHL players looked like NHL players and the minor leaguers looked like they were going back soon. He does have impressive size and he can skate some but needs to do everything quicker and better. Everything.
  • Reddox: Drove to the net early and knocked Roloson flat and was a fly in the ointment from then on. Among the non-NHLers on team White I’d say Lerg was the most impressive with this guy just behind.
  • Schremp: Three things. First, early in the game he’s playing LW with Horcoff and Hemsky and Horcoff is going all speed demon forecheck. Schremp’s standing at center along the blueline, which means he’s in no-man’s land and there’s a gap the size of an ocean on LW. Split seconds later it’s jail break down the ice (I believe Peckham was back against an oncoming Souray) for a strong scoring chance. Second, Hemsky sent a beauty to him on the PP, he had a glorious chance that he waited forever on and then clanked iron. Now, don’t get me wrong that was a terrific shot and he could easily have scored but really you’d like him to get that shot off way earlier. Maybe it’s a small thing, but my guess is Cole or Penner would have released it much earlier. Finally, late in the second half Schremp had a shift that was sublime. If you saw only that shift there is no way you’d guess that Schremp was a minor league player last season. So, what I’m saying is that he teased again today.

One final thing: People see things differently so if you were at the game and disagree with a point (or more), please post. I like to look back over these as the season wears on and find the comments section extremely valuable.

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38 Responses to "Quick Moss (Team Blue and Team White)"

  1. Cloned says:

    Something tells me all of this optimism will end either in one gigantic Oilgasm on opening night, or we’ll realize we’ve been a bit premature in our hopes.

  2. Schitzo says:

    I definitely didn’t see JDD the same way as you did, LT. I felthe was awfully scrambly and was losing track of the puck way too easily

  3. Ribs says:

    Good to hear Trukhno was playing well. This was at even strength? In the rookie tourny he seemed to only come alive on the PP.

  4. Ribs says:

    Here’s the cuts if anyone missed them….

    Assigned to Springfield were:
    Goaltenders (2): Glenn Fisher, Bryan Pitton
    Defence (5): Jordan Bendfeld, Rob Bina, Mike Gabinet, Cleve Kinley, Milan Maslonka
    Forwards (7): Jamie Bates (RW), Marc-Andre Bernier (RW), Carl Corazzini (RW), Toby Lafrance (C), Ryan MacMurchy (RW), Les Reaney (LW), David Rohlfs (RW)

    Returned to Canadian Hockey League (CHL):
    - Philippe Cornet (LW) to Rimouski (QMJHL)
    - Milan Kytnar (C) to Saskatoon (WHL)
    - Kyle Paige (LW) to Kingston (OHL)
    - Dalton Prout (D) to Barrie (OHL)

    Returned to Canadian Junior A:
    - Tony Pisano (D) – Pictou County (Maritime Jr. Hockey League)

    - Kalvin Sagert (D)

  5. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: Thanks for that. I was at the other end watching Dubnyk closely so didn’t get much chance to view Deslauriers (big screen mostly).

    Ribs: Trukhno was flying at EVs. He was impressive today.

  6. doritogrande says:

    Wow. LT’s guy’s out on the second day of camp.

  7. grease trap says:

    You summed it up nice, LT.

    Based on today’s performances, I’d say Pouliot might’ve got the last roster spot if they’re considering between him, Brule, and Shremp. Sitting up behind the benches I saw something that interested me.

    Coming back from their shifts, Stortini and Pouliot had a bit of a jostling match and exchanged a few words. Shrimp noticed and looked over at Pouliot with a bit of a scowl.

    Later in the game ( likely the shift you’re talking about) Shremp burned rubber from one end of the ice to the other like a bat out of hell and was the only white in his own end as he broke up what looked like a very good scoring chance. Kid grew some wheels.

    But Pouliot scored.

  8. Schitzo says:

    LT: Yeah, I actually told my wife to watch for JDD getting scrambly before the second half started, it was something I really noticed yesterday.

    I don’t think video highlights are up yet, but on the Lerg goal when it got scrambly in front he was shifting his weight left-right-left-right and committing each time. Finally Lerg put him out of his misery.
    That said, he made a couple of nice saves later in the period on Hemsky and Brule, so what do I know?

    And does anyone know what happened to Cogliano? He wasn’t really out at the end, hoping he didn’t get banged up.

  9. dstaples says:

    Gagner, Nilsson and Cogliano, a.k.a. “Chaos Incorporated.”

    Nice tag, LT. We’re getting somewhere in the nickname department for sure.

  10. Lowetide says:

    David Staples: Yeah, they’re going to get a nickname soon.

    btw, I’ve dumped Corazzini and have gone to Bisaillon whose photo is now up.

    Hope his bags are packed. :-)

  11. digger says:

    Looking at Cogliano’s post game interview w/ Tencer, he simply left the game because of some muscle tightness…it was a bit tough to hear, but I thought he said it was in his ‘gleuts’?

    Anyway, it was strictly precautionary in nature given the game was essentially meaningless. He didn’t look concerned with it at all.

  12. raventalon40 says:

    I thought Schremp played really well, and him trying to get on the good side of fans with giving away pucks and all was good.

    But he has to be more assertive as a player and your point with his delayed shooting carries over to his puck retrieval too. He seemed to me to spend a lot of time waiting for the puck to come to him instead of battling for it. Of course, Horcoff was battling hard because he was a seasoned veteran, but I’m sure these are just a few of the thing Schremp will need to learn.

    As for Taylor Chorney: what a smart player! He never seemed to be in panic and he always seemed to be making the right plays. A chip here, a quick pass there; he never seemed to be in trouble. Playing with Visnovsky doesn’t hurt either, I guess. If Petry is really better than Chorney (as hockeyfutures suggests) then we are in it for the long haul in terms of defensemen, since we have Petry, Chorney, Peckham…

    As for DesLauriers: he seems to cheat off of the short side often. He has so-so rebound control, but he reminds me a bit of Garon in that he’s never really really out of a play – even when it seems like he might be. His glove hand has improved a lot this year too.

    Dubnyk looks to be getting worse, not better. I remember watching him the last few years at Golden Bears vs. Oilers Rookies games and at the Joey Moss cup, he doesn’t seem to be betting better. It may be that he was hung out to dry in the second half… but I’m not totally convinced.

    Trukhno was pretty impressive today. The healthy Spurgeon was very good on faceoffs and otherwise.

  13. Lowetide says:

    With regard to Dubnyk I watched from that end of the rink for the second half and he was all over the place. I was astounded at how few pucks hit him on purpose (seriously). He seemed to anticipate well but either overplayed the pass or had some fundamental mechanical problem (I don’t know how he didn’t get his flap down on the PS).

    It was not a good day for him.

  14. Dennis says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post all day; I’ve been pretty jacked for the start of the season ever since I noticed last night that the first two Ex games will be on TV.

    Anyway, nice to see 78 pop a goal because he needs every bit of positive press he can get. I’m as neutral of a guy on Schremp as you’ll find in the sphere — I believe his PP totals suggest he’s an NHLer for sure but I’m not dying for it to be as an Oiler and I’m not calling for his expulsion — but I still believe that Pouliot instead of Schremp will help the Oilers win more games in ’09.

  15. raventalon40 says:

    I have a new post up, just in case anyone cares.

  16. Lowetide says:

    raven: I zipped over and read it. Tuberculosis? lol.

    Anyway, I’ve added your blog to the list.

  17. raventalon40 says:

    Yeah, I wanted to refrain from adding the Horcoff one… but I thought it had some comedic merit… albeit moreso corny than anything.

    Anyway, out of all the players at the Joey Moss… I was most impressed by Taylor Chorney and Fernando Pisani (he seems pretty good at the draws, at least in TC so far) and least impressed by Ryan O’Marra and Jason Strudwick (who looked very awkward on skates, which is a strange thing to attribute to a hockey player)

  18. Lord Bob says:

    Obviously, I wasn’t at the game. Making that clear right now. But your description of Colin McDonald sounds really familiar: plus shot, good physical talent, hey, he might just do anything! Exactly like his reviews last year in training camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d copy-pasted it.

    We all know how that went. I’m wondering if McDonald isn’t just a guy who does really, really well when the heat is off and he’s playing with superior players.

  19. Bank Shot says:

    I’ve got alot of opinions too. ;) We know what last year’s players bring so we’ll leave them out:

    Visnovsky: Guy is a great player. Does everything well. He made a nice pokecheck on Hemsky.

    Eberle: The talent and head for the game are pretty impressive. He was more the type of guy that fishes for pucks rather then battles. I’m hoping for him to add some more rough and tumble to his game in the next couple of seasons.

    Roy: I liked him too. He’s the type of guy that can step in when injuries happen, and you don’t have to shit bricks everytime he steps on the ice, well except to fear for his own safety. He turned his back on at least one forechecker again today.

    Deslauriers: I thought that goal by Lerg was pretty weak. Sure the puck took a couple of weird caroms to make its way back to Lerg, but Deslaruiers was bouncing up and down too much and wasn’t ready for a weak shot from a bad angle.

    Goalie experts sometimes refer to something called “quiet feet”. I suspect JDD could have used some of those on that play.

    Chorney: I thought he played great today. The guy seems to have all the neccesary smarts, skating, and puck skills to play in the NHL today. He does however need 20 more pounds in a bad way. He was absolutely run over twice within the span of 15 seconds.

    He and Vis also played regularily behind the kid line and the Pisani line so their own zone prowess wasn’t tested much compared to other pairings and that could have contributed a bit to those two looking so good.

    Plante: Same as you Lowetide. I liked that way he could put passes on the tape. Ran over Lerg in the neutral zone, but pokechecked guys on the rush a bit too much for someone who has the size to crushinate everything.

    McDonald: I thought he was the third best player on his line.

    Trukhno: He had some pretty phenominal dekes out there. Seemed to have more wheels then last season, but he could still use another step or two in my opinion.

    Pouliot: I thought that perhaps he was cheating a bit much for offence in the beginning of the game, and he made a pretty piss poor change which contributed to a 3 on 2 and the Cole goal. I was ready to put the whip to his back at that point, but he turned it around after that.

    Made some real nice passes to the right areas in the offensive zone, he hustled and marked his man in the d-zone, and he scored a beaut.
    When he did play well after the poor beginning, he looked like the best out of the bubble guys.

    Spurgeon: I like him. He and Lerg are similiar players to me. Nice underdogs to cheer for.

    Dubnyk: I was in the corner behind team blue’s net so I didn’t have the best view of what was happening to Dubnyk. He faced alot of shots, and let alot of them in.

    Potulny: Skates pretty well. Didn’t make much if any attempt to block Visnovsky’s shot on Eberle’s goal, and it looked like he could have. I wasn’t impressed with his own zone work, and he didn’t create any scoring chances.

    Cole: I like his game. Goes to the net and battles hard in the corners. Saddled with poor linemates for most of the day.

    O’Marra: Meh. His line seemed to get quite a few shifts against the kid line, so they were either trying to pump up the kidline, or someone got badly outcoached.

    Strudwick: Not alot of talent there. I want to see how he fights.

    Peckham: Not a great view of where he played most of his shifts, but he looked to be running around his own zone a fair bit. Not the worst I’ve seen him though. Probably fairs better in an environment where the opposing teams are trying to hurt each other.

    Bisaillon: Wasn’t creative on the PP. I remember him taking only one slapshot today, and it didn’t wow me. Not a great passer for a small guy, and lacks rushing speed. This prospect doesn’t really excite me.

    Lerg: Got hammered by Plante in the neutral zone, similiar to the hit by Pelech on Lerg a couple of games ago. Small guys need to keep their heads up. He was making lots of smart plays otherwise. I don’t know how much of a ceiling guys like Spurgeon and Lerg have, but any failure to have an NHL career won’t be the product of lack of try or brains.

    Brule: I wasn’t making a point of watching for Brule, but he made me take note which is a pretty good sign. Much more noticeable in the first half, when he setup the Cole goal, and was crashing the net with wild abandon. I thought his puck handling was pretty impressive as well. Kind of disappeared in the second period, when Team White was getting hammered, but so did mostly everyone else on that team.

    Paukovich: He’s big and sucks.

    Reddox: He’s small and skates around quite a bit. I didn’t really notice him much.

    Schremp Mark II- The new and improved version looks alot like the old model. His skating was better granted, but he’s still a fisherman and not a warrior when it comes to puck battles. Seemed pretty out of synch with Hemsky and Horcoff for most of the game. Looked his best on team White’s second PP (go figure ;p) when he rang goal post, and setup up shop behind the net to make a nice scoring chance out front. Showed some willingness to go to the front of the net which was nice. Still looked pretty lost in his own end, and made one brutal giveaway pass into the middle in his own zone.

    Looked fantastic at times when he had the puck on his stick. Perhaps he could do some damage with teammates that would feed him the puck all the time, but Hemsky and Horcoff had their own plans.

  20. IceDragoon says:

    Good day.

    I don’t have much time now. I’ll be back tomorrow with some thoughts.


    You really should have searched me out. We had terrific seats with six beside us till the warm-up.

    For the first half… MacT and Huddy were in the box over my left shoulder. For the second half… MacT, Huddy, Prendergast and Olczyk were in the box over my left shoulder.


  21. Doogie2K says:

    it was a bit tough to hear, but I thought he said it was in his ‘gleuts’?

    Glutes, as in the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. Gluteus maximus is an external rotator and hip extender (as in straightening up), while medius and minimus are hip abductors (pulling the leg away from the body) and thigh rotators.

  22. Bruce says:

    LT: Thanks for the great report. Only thing missing was the score. {:o

    I had to miss the game, was out of province, just back tonight. Lain and Louise, sorry to have missed you two, it woulda been fun.

    But between LT’s report and Bank Shot’s, not to mention all the supporting tidbits from others, I at least feel like a fly on the wall. How was the attendance?

  23. Coach pb9617 says:


    Tell us what you really think of the kid line.

  24. spOILer says:

    Thanks guys. I’m exiled to Flame country for the next couple of years (at least) so your posts mean alot.

    From reports, and I know it’s still early days, but is it getting more possible that Strudwick doesn’t make this team?

  25. raventalon40 says:

    Bank Shot:

    I don’t think you give Lerg’s puck control skills enough credit! A better comparable to Spurgeon is Kytnar or even Pisani: defensively reliable checking centers (this is assuming that MacT keeps Pisani at the center position for the rest of the year). The thing Kytnar and Spurgeon have in common is their ability to win key faceoffs – at least at the level where they are playing.

    A better comparable for for Lerg would probably be Slava Trukhno or if we really stretch the scope of our imagination (I know I’m trying!), he kind of plays like Jiri Hudler.

  26. therealdeal says:

    Are the Oilers going to be having open practices like the Flames are doing in Calgary? Does anyone know?

  27. toqueboy says:


    this is the picture the oil have on the jmc coverage…it’s a little like sesame street in that one of these is not like the other. i think this photo perfectly sums up all the assorted comments about RS away from the puck vs real nhl’rs

  28. Dennis says:

    Didn’t we ready just the other day how McDonald’s supposed to the latest Pisani?

    Not sure if that was LT or from one of the dailies but it seems like anytime a guy who USED to be able to score goals but currently is unable to but is still supposed to be smart, this guy Could be the new Pisani.

    I was a Fernie fan Before the spring of ’06 and even without that wicked scoring run, it’s still not easy to be a Fernie.

    Anyway, seems like the general consensus is that 78′s off to a good start.

    I think that if Don Draper were his agent he could sell him as an affordable guy with a knack for a good GAON/60 and the chance for some offensive upside.

  29. Aram Dellalian says:

    you got me buzzing, LT. Salivating, even.

  30. Lord Bob says:

    Frankly, I don’t think McDonald has the speed to be the next Pisani. Fernando’s got exactly a flyer but he’s quick enough to keep enough and make up for the occasional mistake, and McDonald… well, doesn’t.

  31. Vic Ferrari says:

    Thanks Lowetide. Interesting to see that MacTtavish kept the kid line together right from the get go of camp. You have to list your priorities, literally. And this clearly at the top of the sheet.

    They won’t be carrying the mail in terms of playing against the other team’s best players or coming onto the ice when things are going sideways. So there is a lot of pressure on the second batch of good veteran forwards, this is a three-line league now, after all.

    Of course injuries and other setbacks will happen. Still, I think they start to shift Gagner out more and more against good players as the season wears on. He’s got the game I think. You don’t want to push the boat out too far, I mean how old was Gilmour before he really started playing against good players a lot … 24 or 25? You don’t want to wreck the kid, he already played way more against good players than the other youngsters last year (just checked yesterday at Johnson’s site, and perhaps the reason that i don’t remember him playing way more with Stoll than Stortini did … maybe that was because it wasn’t a shooting gallery in the Oilers end of the rink when he had the starboard side. I dunno, but facts be facts, it happened).

    And playing him with Cogliano and Nilson should pump the value of the other two. The Oilers have money to spend, and we all know that very good players become avaliable every year. Nilson and Cogliano are the trading chips methinks (mehopes, rather).

  32. Schitzo says:

    Vic – opening faceoff, they lined up the kid line against Horc/Hemsky. Unfortunately, that didn’t last, as it looked like Buchburger was trying to match Pisani’s line against Horcoffs.

    In the limited viewing where the kid line and Horcoff’s line were on the ice at the same time, they held their own pretty well. I’m sure the lack of real NHL defenders helped, but the kids got the puck in deep and cycled the hell out of Horc and Hemsky more than once.

    That’s definitely one way to neutralize the other team’s best players.

  33. digger says:

    Tonight’s lineup, courtesy of Joanne Ireland:

    Erik Cole-Shawn Horcoff-Ales Hemsky
    Ethan Moreau-Fernando Pisnai-Dustin Penner
    Rob Schremp-Marc Pouliot-Sam Gagner
    Liam Reddox-Ryan O’Marra-Hans Benson

    Sheldon Souray-Steve Staios
    Ladislav Smid-Lubomir Visnovsky
    Theo Peckham-Taylor Chorney

    Mathieu Garon

  34. Scott says:


    That would have to be considered the ‘A’ lineup without a doubt and should beat out Vancouver’s offering (which is not a full ‘B’ lineup, but isn’t very good, either).

  35. HBomb says:

    Still, I think they start to shift Gagner out more and more against good players as the season wears on. He’s got the game I think.

    You know what I’m thinking Vic? If this “Pisani at center” thing starts to falter AND Schremp proves he’s worthy of soft minute time, maybe do we see this for some stretch?


    Good protection on line 2 for Samwise, and the fourth line will be able to hold it’s own. Top line will be VERY capable power vs. power. Pouliot’s the spare forward as a fill-in for anyone from Schremp to Stortini if needed.

    Looks to me like the sort of thing we could see between games 25-50. If this team is in good position mid-January, I hope Lowe makes a pre-emptive strike for a veteran center and veteran d-man.

  36. Dennis says:

    4 of the top 6 D and 8 of the 12 top forwards and this should be a fun one to watch. Even that third duo will be fun to watch with a first look — at least for me anyway — at Chorney.

    Vic: those have been my picks for awhile now in terms of us picking up a Real D.

    Nilsson could get you a good Dman but with a suspect contract and Cogs gets you a damn good dman.

  37. zh01 says:

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