This is Kyle McLaren back in his Boston days. He was drafted in the first round by the Bruins and came right to the show. He performed well enough to make the NHL All Rookie Team in 95-96 and since then has played in over 700 NHL games despite a laundry list of injuries.

He’s had a lot of knee troubles over the years.

McLaren can hit people to hurt them and change the tone of a game with a stick or an elbow or a crosscheck. He is not an overly nice fellow.

Desjardins has some nice things to say about him (he played the 2nd toughest minutes and with the crapiest possible teammates) and McLaren’s +3 ranked third overall on the Sharks blue one year ago.

McLaren has one year left (at $2.5M) and the Sharks (it is rumored) would be willing to move him.

If the Oilers acquired McLaren they would add to their “tough veteran stay at home D” list and have a very nice top 6 option. I’d argue he could play top 4 EVs and be a quality PK guy based on his stats.

He’s 31 years old. You may say the Oilers already have enough defensemen, but my counter would be “not like Kyle McLaren.”

An interesting player, depending on the price.

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24 Responses to "Shopping"

  1. Jon B says:

    I would trade any of our “bubble” players; Schremp, Brule, MAP + draft picksfor KM.

    This team need a Front-End-Loader D-man

  2. mjsh says:

    We all believe the Oilers need more toughness. I have always liked McLaren and would gladly give up Gilbert for him if we knew that Grebs was going to stay around and if we could sign McLaren for a couple more years. (I am sure that all the Gilbert lovers out there will think I am crazy but I think Gregs has a much bigger upside.)

  3. mjsh says:

    not only am i crazy, I can’t spell grebs

  4. Sean says:

    no your crazy for mentioning trading Gilbert for McLaren. it wouldnt cost that much.

  5. DeBakey says:

    Trade Spurgeon for him, whom
    I hear is having a great pre-season.
    Move him while he’s hot!

  6. mjsh says:

    If we sent Gilbert for McLaren, we could get the draft picks. The Oilers have lots of mid range bodies but not enough high end players and not enough tough players.

  7. Black Dog says:

    mjsh – you’d send a 24 year old Dman who can play top 4 D now and was in the top ten D in the league in scoring as a rookie in return for a guy with serious knee issues who is seven years older?

    when you could have the same guy for a fringe NHLer?

    you could keep both Gilbert and Grebs you know. and get McLaren, a stopgap for this year, for nothing


  8. Dennis says:

    His salary isn’t prohibitive and because of his injury history, I think this is a guy the Sharks won’t be asking for a lot in return.

    But, even as much as he would improve us at EV, this isn’t a move you make for the Oilers this year, we’re likely at least one year away from being able to win two playoff rounds, so why would you deal away anything in significent in return and/or take away Smid’s icetime?

    I don’t believe in Laddy as much as everyone else seemingly does but this isn’t a win-or-else year so I’d be willing to give him one more year before I cut him lose.

    Only way you do this is if you gamble that 37′s on his way to Russia after the year.

  9. Loxy says:

    Is this a move we do now? Or do we overpay a little later depending on how the team looks come halfway through the season?

  10. mjsh says:

    I do not like the Gilbert played the last half of the year. With the other kids, they got better in the last half of the year, Gilbert went down. More mistakes as time went on. Opposite direction as grebs. I think we paid too much for Gilbert

  11. Ducey says:

    McLaren Rat-.16, Comp.05, Team -.15

    Souray Rat .01, Comp .04, Team -.18

    Pretty much identical mathwise.

    They actually both play mean, are brittle (McLaren has played more than 70 games twice in 11 years), and have reputations as pylons.

    Can’t see a big need for McLaren myself.

  12. Black Dog says:

    What Dennis said – we have a winner!

    mjsh – Gilbert’s play did drop off and most of that could likely be attributed to the guy wearing down playing big minutes imo

    And yes Grebs did improve but once again the Oilers can carry both.

  13. Alice says:

    Wait a minute, didn’t we already get McL.. – er, Strudwick this summer? We need two of them plus Souray? Maybe us armchair GMs just want to do some deals.

  14. Asiaoil says:

    I’m mostly with Dennis on this one – the only way you do this is if you really think that Grebs can’t be signed to a reasonable deal and may bolt to mother russia – then a straight swap may work for us. McLaren vs Grebs makes us a bit more physical and a bit less talented – but that’s a swap we can afford with Gilbert and Vis on the roster. Smid will IMHO almost equal McLaren in terms of performance by next season – so he should not be the one moved as he could become a bit of a hybrid (tough puck mover?).

  15. mjsh says:

    I hope that I am wrong but I think by the end of this year, grebs will have passed Gilbert on the depth chart and we will all be saying that we have too much money tied up in a defenseman who only played a half season of good hockey.

  16. Vic Ferrari says:

    Jebus, I hope McLaren didn’t use that photo for his passport. He looks like a serial killer there.

  17. PunjabiOil says:


    The hair matches the jersey

  18. therealdeal says:

    Holy smokes we got a lotta guys here!

  19. Jb says:

    McLaren would make a great Steve Staios upgrade. A much needed upgrade too, IMO.

  20. dstaples says:

    One more vote for the “Dennis nailed it” faction.

  21. Say No to Mike Johnson says:

    “McLaren would make a great Steve Staios upgrade. A much needed upgrade too, IMO.”

    I don’t see it has a huge upgrade at all. I think they’re both 4-5 guys.

    I agree that we need to upgrade Staios though. Same mold but a better version.

  22. Say No to Mike Johnson says:

    “hope that I am wrong but I think by the end of this year, grebs will have passed Gilbert on the depth chart”

    If Grebs passes Gilbert on the depth chart it’s a great problem to have.

  23. Jonathan says:

    One more vote for the “Dennis nailed it” faction.

    Make it three.

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