"Sugartits is Dead" (Metaphor Alert)

A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless unless they choose to reveal their identity in the comments section) attended the open scrimmages yesterday and stated emphatically “Sugartits is Dead.”

We’ve known for some time that Schremp has been working hard in California at camp Mandelbaum and is apparently in terrific shape entering camp. This is in complete contrast to last season when even in late September MacTavish was talking about the injury and his future (“I don’t want him to be discouraged because he’s making progress. But the injury set him back a little bit. There’s plenty of areas he can help us now, but I feel with what we have here, he needs a little more dimension to his game. We could keep him up with us and possibly play him on the wing on the fourth line and get him in there to help us on the power play a bit if we need it, but long-term the best thing for him is to go down, add another dimension, and when he comes back to us, he’s ready to play”) and next season.

Which is this season. I think we can safely say that Schremp is going to get a big push (ala Nilsson last season) this training camp and that probably involves getting “A” linemates this afternoon. A quick look at the posted rosters tells us Schremp is on the same team as Horcoff, Cole and Hemsky. He’ll probably play LW so one can see him getting minutes with Horcoff-Hemsky or possibly Brodziak-Cole.

Not bad, not bad.

Some other things I’ll be looking for:

  1. Cogliano: Can he cash those chances that come from maniac speed?
  2. Eberle: Can he remind us of Gagner’s ridiculous fall one season ago?
  3. Pisani: Can he move to the left on the defensive spectrum?
  4. Chorney: How fast is he?
  5. Roy: Is he actually Super Dave Osborne?
  6. Plante: Is he the worst skater since Leroux?
  7. Trukhno: Has he improved enough to be in the conversation?
  8. Visnovsky: Well, at least he can’t kill the Oilers anymore.
  9. Pouliot: For Christ sakes man, we’re all cheering for you. DO something!
  10. Dubnyk: Turned a corner?
  11. Horcoff: The new Brind’Amour?
  12. Cole: The new Smyth?
  13. Grebeshkov: Is he chaotic (1st half) or calm and collected (2nd half)?
  14. Peckham: I have him ranked as the top D prospect. Is he?
  15. Where have you gone, Ryan O’Marra?
  16. Brodziak: Can he have another TC like the last one?
  17. Bisaillon: He keeps doing things to get noticed. Will he today?
  18. Lerg: Can he compete against NHL players at this time?
  19. Brule: Is he built Ford tough?
  20. Hemsky: Is he ready to make that final step to top drawer talent?
  21. Paukovich: Did that hit in rookie camp move him up the depth chart?

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5 Responses to ""Sugartits is Dead" (Metaphor Alert)"

  1. Ribs says:

    I need to see Robbie in an NHL game before I’ll put the toe-tag on Sugartits. He’s dissapointed before.

  2. mike w says:

    He will get a good look, Lowe has all but assured it.

  3. namflashback says:

    Tambellini said in his post-day comments yesterday that Schremp needed to get into some NHL games so that they could see what he can do.

    So the GM is going to give him a push. What will MacT do?

    One of the biggest challenges is the long road trip to start the season. MacT has typically played “school” for the first 20GP before starting to lock in a winning lineup. Now, the past two seasons were anything but typical.

    How can the run with a veteran, but out of position 3-line C? And then add a Schremp on the 4-lline? On the road for 17 of the first 25?

    If Schremp survives that (on this team) — he will definitely have to have shown some more dimension.

  4. Dennis says:

    The thing I read from Lowebellini was that the goal this season for Schremp was to get into some NHL games so it could be that at the very least he’s the first call-up.

    I think he’s gonna get push over Pouliot but I’m still not 100% convinced of it.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading some blog posts from the folks who attended the JMC today and just a note that Mon’s ex game vs Van will be available on CI via Sportsnet Pacific and that the Tues game will be available via SN West.

    And I believe the Thursday game vs Fla will be on TSN, no?

    So, that’s a good chance for some of the non-locals to take things in via the tube and make up our own minds from evidence like their play and also get an idea of what the org thinks of them given their quality of linemates.

  5. Coach pb9617 says:

    *crosses fingers*

    sports hernia
    sports hernia
    sports hernia

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