June’s Top 20: How Are they Doing?

This is Bryan Lerg in his new uniform (he’s a Falcon!). I marked Lerg as the Oilers #13 prospect this summer and if anything that’s probably low. This guy is a player.

Below is an update on my top 20 list and where they stand now. You can read the original Top 20 by clicking here. Since late June a lot has changed for some players and I thought it might be an idea to see how each is tracking.

Oilers June Top 20 Updated

  1. C Riley Nash: Because he’s a college player Nash was unable to come to training camp this fall. He came to rookie camp and impressed everyone. Quoting the Edmonton Sun “He was rookie of the year, he was an all-star, he stepped in as a freshman and earned his ice,” said Oilers VP of hockey operations Kevin Prendergast. “We knew when we drafted him he was a special player. He does everything right. He’s not exceptional at any part of the game, but his whole game is very solid.” His NCAA season is a month away.
  2. RW Jordan Eberle: Had a nice training camp and is scoring at a very nice clip in the WHL with the Regina Pats (5gp, 3-4-7). There’s a quality buzz about him already.
  3. D Theo Peckham: Oilers management has suggested he’s pretty much NHL ready and Peckham was among the very last cuts of camp. He would have to rank as one of the likely first callups this season.
  4. D Taylor Chorney: A very nice camp after turning pro and we saw enough in pre-season to know he needs some time in the minors. A very nice skill package, ideal for this NHL.
  5. C Rob Schremp: He didn’t set the world on fire this camp so sending him down was not a huge surprise. However, unlike last season when Kyle Brodziak grabbed a job by the knackers and wouldn’t let go, Schremp lost his job through a late waiver move. I think he deserves a recall at some point and should get it this season.
  6. D Jeff Petry: Highly ranked college player whose season is just underway. Had one assist and 2 shots in his first game of the season this year. HUGE expectations for him this season, based on what I’ve read from various Oilers blogs (Guy Flaming, Bryanbryoil) I imagine the Hobey Baker talk will begin soon.
  7. LW Liam Reddox: The big mover on this list a year ago had a quiet camp for various reasons. He’ll need to establish himself again in Springfield to move up the list of possible callups.
  8. LW Slava Trukhno: Had a very strong TC and put himself back on the list of players Edmonton fans will follow closely this winter. A callup for NHL duty this season isn’t out of the question.
  9. D Cody Wild: He’s got a nice advantage over some of the rookie pro’s because Wild played some AHL games last season. It should be enough to move him up the depth chart in what is going to be a wild (sorry) and wacky race for “puck moving D” jobs in Springfield.
  10. G Devan Dubnyk: He’s the #1 man in Springfield this winter and it will be a huge year for him. Although Dubnyk has been regarded as the better of the two Oilers goalie prospects overall, it’s JDD who gets the nod this season due to waiver worries. I don’t see any real evidence Deslauriers is the better man but a strong AHL season for Dubnyk is essential.
  11. C Chris Vande Velde: Big center who made a big step forward this past year will begin another college campaign this weekend.
  12. D Sebastien Bisaillon: He scored 10 AHL points in 21 games for Springfield as a rookie pro, and if he can keep those numbers rolling over a full season this undrafted kid from PQ could outshine some pretty high draft picks.
  13. LW Bryan Lerg: Lerg went 20-19-39 in 42 games for Michigan State (NCAA) and led the club in powerplay goals (10). He impressed in training camp and got off to a very nice start in pre-season for the Falcons. Interesting player to follow.
  14. D Josef Hrabal: Injury has derailed his North American tour.
  15. D Johan Motin: He’s playing in the SEL. Not bad, not bad.
  16. LW Linus Omark: Has scored 3 goals in 9 SEL games so far.
  17. G Jeff Deslauriers: He’s got an NHL job and there were many times since June 2002 when that thought seemed impossible.
  18. D Mathieu Roy: Injured. Again. Looked good to me this fall.
  19. C Teemu Hartikainen: 9 games and one assist in the SM-LIIGA. One suspects he isn’t getting a great deal of playing time (the Jani Rita plan).
  20. D Alex Plante: Kicking ASS (compared to last year) in the WHL. 4gp, 0-4-4. He’ll move up this list if he stays healthy.

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24 Responses to "June’s Top 20: How Are they Doing?"

  1. doritogrande says:

    Omark running into a bit of a wall in the Elite Leagues?

    Phillipe Cornet lit the rookie camp on fire and has continued his pace in Rimouski.

    No mention of Perugini, who made some good strides in rookie camp?

    I know you’ve only got 20 spots, but surely they’ve got to get some love over Hartikainen.

  2. ClaytonMagnet says:

    Continuing on DG’s comment… without doing a re-ranking, is there anyone post-preseason (does that make sense?) that isn’t on your June list that perhaps played their way in to contention for the December list?

  3. Black Dog says:

    Damn that’s a nice list. A year ago you said, iirc, that this year’s list would pale in comparison, what with all of the graduates – Gagner, Cogliano et al.

    But I would say there’s plenty of quality and quantity here.

    Who do you see as your big movers, LT? And who graduates? Just JDD and Roy I would guess, unless injuries force Peckham or Schremp into the lineup.

    As for big movers, its early but Plante is the obvious choice.

  4. Lowetide says:

    dorito: Impossible to rank Perugini yet imo, we need to get some kind of idea about him. His junior numbers imply he’d be #3 G on the list behind DD and JDD.

    Cornet looks terrific, no doubt.

    clayton: Spurgeon for certain, plus Cornet, Goulet.

    BDHS: Lerg for sure, I also like Trukhno to move up a smidge. Bisaillon is a guy I like a ton. Alex Plante is off to a very nice start plus has draft pedigree so should move up some.

    Motin has zero points but is the SEL and that’s a good league.

    As for graduating players, no one really. The Oilers graduated:

    Kyle Brodziak
    Andrew Cogliano
    Sam Gagner
    Tom Gilbert
    JF Jacques
    Marc Pouliot

    and that’s a lot of players.

    Deslauriers would be the most likely graduate but I wonder if he’ll play enough this season to qualify.

  5. Black Dog says:

    Man, I forgot about Spurgeon.

    Jean Vande Velde interests me a lot.

    And I think Motin is a real sleeper.

    Nice list of prospects. Jeez.

  6. pennersmom says:

    Having Hrabal, Omark, and Motin ahead of Deslauriers seems crazy to me. All three could easily never suit for the big team (Hrabal might have his shoulder to blame for that one though)

  7. doritogrande says:

    Because I don’t have my own blog for this kind of stuff, I just have to post it here:

    Lubomir Visnovsky has the biggest chest Sam Gagner has ever seen.


    Are the titty bars in Edmonton that bad?

    It was a TSN special, find it if you can. I laughed.

  8. Backhand says:

    LT: Is Eberle’s buzz quality or is his quality buzzing?

    Just asking.

  9. Lowetide says:

    Backhand: It’s more of a hum, like a loose wire on an amp.

  10. Lowetide says:

    Eberle scored again tonight and is 4-4-8 in 6gp since being sent back to junior.

  11. doritogrande says:

    In addition to LT’s beaming of Eberle, Philippe Cornet with another assist for Rimouski tonight.

    Hopefully his prospect curve shapes up more like Slava Trukhno than Stephane Goulet. It’s early, but he’s looking like a damn good prospect at this point.

    Further to my previous post, I found the link to the video:


  12. DBO says:

    Where do you rank Brule? Or do you not list him because of the amount of game salready played in the NHL?

  13. Lowetide says:

    DBO: Brule isn’t really a prospect at this point. His career has been handled poorly and he SHOULD still be in that range but C-Bus didn’t handle him well.

    Leafs are doing the same thing to Schenn as we speak, I suspect.

  14. Eetu says:

    SM-liiga has a pretty nice stats page at http://www.sm-liiga.fi/tilastot.html. According to that, Hartikainen has averaged 9:11 of icetime per game, less than eleven other KalPa forwards. He’s also -1.

    I couldn’t find icetime stats for Elitserien, but Omark seems to be playing quality minutes in Luleå (third in team scoring, four plusses, six minuses, on a team with just one win in nine games), whereas Motin probably has mostly been on the bench for Färjestad (eight games, no plusses, no minuses).

  15. raventalon40 says:

    Isn’t it a bit early to put Teemu on the top 20?

  16. Asiaoil says:

    Good list except Wild hasn’t done anything to merit a top 10 – especially ahead of DD and JDD. I know you like the Finns – so do I – but Hartikainen instead of Cornet doesn’t figure. I liked a lot of what I saw of Cornet in TC – a bit of talent, smart and battled like crazy – may be a poor-man’s Pisani in the making.

  17. shep says:

    omark is currently 3rd on his team among forwards with 17:23 TOI/GP after 9 games.

    motins statline is 8GP, 0-0-0, even, 0:01 TOI/GP. so he’s benched.

    the sel homepage has all this (now in english!) here

  18. honkey says:

    Omark has looked terrible at the start of this season. The team is struggling and has just won once in 9 games. Omark is counted in heavily but hasn’t delivered anything useful yet.

    Motin’s development is going in the wrong direction, only 11 minutes of total icetime in 8 games. So he played in game and has been om the bench for the rest.
    Färjestad has a lot of imports on the back end but none are particular good so to me it’s a big disapointment.

    The third swedish prospect William Quist is 0-0-0 +2 in 7 games for Nybro in Allsvenskan. He’s on the 4th line and doesn’t seem to be making any impact on a team which isn’t very good at all.

  19. Lowetide says:

    As for ranking, this is June’s so Cornett was an Oiler for a few days when I wrote it (as was Hartikainen).

    Here’s what I said about each when they were drafted, this was their line in the sand:

    Round Five: LW Phillippe Cornet. His scouting report reads like a pure tweener. He’s skilled but he isn’t fast, he’s got some try but isn’t overly physical. Somewhat similar to Stephane Goulet at first glance, but players with his resume taken in the fifth round do not have a terrific history of success. This is where the Kyle Brodziak’s of the world, the plumbers, find their homes and begin the long process of grinding themselves into useful role players. A real long shot from here.

    Round Six: C Teemu Hartikainen. This is the type of player who can get somewhere from this point in the draft. Good size and strength combination, he has feet of clay but some pluck and desire. Finns seem to be genetically predisposed to playing well in the North American style and based on his resume this fellow would seem like a worthy candidate. The third most valuable player taken by the Oilers this weekend.

    Clearly Cornet has turned heads since then, but that’ll be reflected in the December top 20.

  20. Lowetide says:

    Motin’s minutes are ridiculous. Am I reading that right? 11 minutes in 8 games total???


  21. Semenko says:

    lowetide: How do I get a hold of you? I’m with The Score and I would like to discuss something with you re: your blog. Could you drop me a line at scott.carefoot at thescore.com?

  22. kanadienkyle says:

    Vande Velde will be moving up this list throughout the year. I have seen him play dozens of times and he gets better each outing. Had a big game against Manitoba, and even with the disparity in talent he was outstanding. Has very good hands and patience for a player of his type, and intimidates other players with his strength.

    He cleared the zone on a PK by simply pushing a defender over the line with one hand, and whacked the MB goalie after the whistle, stared the defensemen down and skated away.

  23. Gnash says:

    The third swedish prospect William Quist is 0-0-0 +2 in 7 games for Nybro in Allsvenskan. He’s on the 4th line and doesn’t seem to be making any impact on a team which isn’t very good at all.

    The poor kid will probably never recover from that ‘magic boy with the stick up his ass’ label.

  24. Doogie2K says:

    whacked the MB goalie after the whistle, stared the defensemen down and skated away.

    With all due respect, that ain’t hard in university hockey.

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