Oilers at Flames, G3/08-09

This is Chuck Arnason, Tyler’s Dad. He played for the Flames when they were in Atlanta and had quite the reputation for changing teams. He played 401 games and did it for 8 teams. That’s incredible.

He also wore a lot of numbers: 24, 8 (Montreal); 14 (Atlanta); 9 (Pittsburgh); 10 (Kansas City/Colorado); 26 (Cleveland); 19 (Minnesota); 19 (Washington).

He would have played for another team (Vancouver) who bought his rights in 1979 but he never made the club. Arnason’s connections to NW division teams also include the fact that he assisted on the first Colorado Rockies goal in team history.

The Oilers have had a nice start but tonight they play the Flames and honestly this is the club they need to master in 08-09. I remember a few years back when the Oilers routinely extinguished the Flames, but an early season (might have been the first game of the year) 1-0 win by Calgary (goal: Marc Savard) turned the tide and the Oilers have been the lesser team ever since.

If they’re going to have a season that involves a push at Minnesota for the title, the Edmonton Oilers need to come out of the weekend 1-1 or better. It’s early, but that Marc Savard goal tipped the scales and a hard fought pair of W’s this weekend would sound a warning bell across the NW division: the Oilers are for real.

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  1. Quain says:

    I’d like to see who is drawing in as twelveth forward. SMac is supposed to be the nuclear deterrent that protects Hemsky from Regehr (yeah, okay.), but Stortini was pretty effective in pissing off Flames in the last Battle, if I recall correctly, and given Iginla’s unwillingness to say no to every jackhole that invites him to fight, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Stortini/Iginla bout.

    Souray has been playing the pest role pretty well too. For all his faults, I do love watching him try to pick a fight with any valuable Duck that’s near him.

  2. DBO says:

    So does Macintyre draw in again and Stortini with him? And pouliot gets the night off? Seems like a “sending a message” kind of night. I see a penalty filled affair with the need for special teams, so a 4th line is not that necessary (especially since Brodziak will play the PK)

  3. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers need the two points, and to leave with a healthy lineup. Regehr is going to ragdoll people because that’s how he plays and he’s been around long enough that refs don’t call some of the things that are across the line.

    Hemsky and Gagner need to keep their head up and imo the team should dress Stortini over MacIntyre. Dress your best team, win the game, set the tone for the season.

  4. doritogrande says:

    Let Stortini and Strudwick do the knuckle chucking tonight. If someone takes liberties in game 1, throw Smac into the mix for game 2 at the expense of Brodziak/Pouliot next game, and run Giordano through the zamboni doors on the “forecheck”.

    And for the love of god, get some shots at the Michelin Man in the net. We know he’s going to produce 3-4 huge rebounds per game, if not per period.

    We need the likes of Cole, Penner and Moreau to elevate their forecheck game and get to the net double time for the second chances.

    We need cannons from the point from 44 and 71 (on different powerplay lines dammit)!

    We need the kids to keep their heads up (I can hear Regehr now: be vewwy vewwy qwiet, I’m hunting sophomowes).

    We need a win. GOILERS

  5. Sean says:

    I’m with the people suggesting Smac for game 2. Even Rhegher will know if he does something he might have to answer tomorrow. Its time to build off the 3rd period vs the Ducks and develop some momentum.

  6. PDO says:

    Paging Mr. Erik Cole.

    This is what we brought you here for.


  7. B.C.B. says:

    dg: you are right. Play stortini tonight and may be sit Poo for Smac tomorrow. I say Stortini should run Goirdano, Cammallerri, and Iginla (if he can) into the boards as many times as he can, or Huggy Bear can just stick Iginla when ever the ref is not looking.

    The oilers don’t hit enough, and having a nuclear threat needs to be complimented by a few small arms. Pisani had more hits then both Penner ad Smac (1 vs 0) last game.

    go oil go!

  8. goldenchild says:

    If 78 plays tonight like he did in Ana then there is no way he should sit on Sat for macintyre and Stortini. I would play Stortini tonight and if things get out of hand play maccintyre on Sat for 46 not 78.

  9. T. says:

    JDD gets the start! According to the Oilers site he was first off at the morning skate.

    Interesting. He did have a pretty good game in Calgary during the preseason.

    Go Oil!

  10. Coach pb9617 says:

    So does Macintyre draw in again and Stortini with him? And pouliot gets the night off?

    There’s no way that Pouliot can sit. He’s been one of the five best men on the ice for the first two games.

    Storts can become Legend if he draws that cheap shot hit-from-behind artist into a fight.

  11. Ribs says:

    I hope they can contain Glencross tonight. Seeing his name on the scoresheet tonight will be very annoying.

  12. Alice says:

    Keep PO in, and give Ethan the rest. – puts him one day closer to Xmas injury-free. SMac and Storts both draw in, wtf not? Battle of Alta and all, isn’t the first word battle? Dress the heavy artillery and I bet you actually get a cleaner game if everyone keeps their wits.
    That’s not a prediction, tho :-)

  13. Bruce says:

    We need cannons from the point from 44 and 71 (on different powerplay lines dammit)!

    DG: One of the anomalies of the young season was its very first powerplay, Visnovsky came out with Grebeshkov and I thought, what a surprise! MacT is loading both up of the big ticket guys on their preferred right point, one on each unit, makes sense to me. And then Grabs had an absolutely sensational shift on that PP, handled the puck 6 or 8 times, skating forwards, skating backwards, skating sideways, the puck on a string as it went zip zip zip from Oiler to Oiler and finally from Grebs to Hemsky to Horcoff to the back of the net. Looked about as good as a powerplay can possibly look.

    So then Louie says Souray had a skate problem, and sure enough come the second powerplay it’s Lubo with Sheldon and it’s been that way ever since. Which makes me wonder was MacT even watching what Grebs did on that shift? Surely to christ he deserves another chance on the first unit after that display? But no … back down the depth chart he goes. I call it “the politics of salary” and the sooner we can get past that shit and into deploying our players where they’ll do the most good, the better.

    Powerplay aside, our $11 MM defence pair has looked anything but overwhelming to my eyes as yet. Good things from both individually at times, but I really don’t see them as complementary players. At all.

  14. Steve says:

    Per the Edmonton Sun, MacIntyre dressing in place of Stortini.

  15. Dennis says:

    bruce: anything but overwhelming??

    That tandem has flat-out sucked.

  16. Bruce says:

    SMac is supposed to be the nuclear deterrent that protects Hemsky from Regehr (yeah, okay.), but Stortini was pretty effective in pissing off Flames in the last Battle, if I recall correctly

    I never saw the last preseason game cuz I was on the road, but rumour has it Stortini tangled with Regehr again and bloodied his nose. Whereas the chances of Regehr facing SMac are pretty much Zero. He’s just completely outside of RR’s weight class.

    I don’t know where MacT is going with this, but I don’t think I like it.

  17. Asiaoil says:

    On HF they are reporting that Greene just signed a 5 year $14.75 million extension in LA – and in other news – Smid’s agent just poured himself a scotch and lit an expensive new cigar upon hearing that news.

  18. Bruce says:

    Dennis: “anything but overwhelming” = “flat-out sucked”. I’m just trying to be polite while the $$$$$ guys find their own games, let alone each others’. To their credit 44 and 71 did score the tying and winning goals on the Pond which is definitely worth some brownie points, but I remain, uh, underimpressed with them as a tandem.

  19. dawgbone says:

    Good news is the Oilers have gotten progressively better against the Flames the past couple of years, including picking up 4 wins against them last year.

  20. Bruce says:

    Visnovsky: $28 MM over 5 years

    Greene: $14.75 MM over 5 years
    Stoll: $14.4 MM over 4 years

    … meaning LA has given all of Visnovsky’s dough to the newcomers. Stoll has one fewer year of course, so the annual cap hit is $6.55 MM for the ex-Oiler duo vs. $5.6 MM for Vish2 alone.

    The team that gets the better player wins the deal? Bear in mind that when contracts expire Greene and Stoll will still be in their 20s, while Vish2 will be 36. Way too early to judge, but obviously the Kings are happy with the pieces they got.

    To my mind all three of them are now Overpaid.

  21. godot10 says:

    //On HF they are reporting that Greene just signed a 5 year $14.75 million extension in LA – and in other news – Smid’s agent just poured himself a scotch and lit an expensive new cigar upon hearing that news.//

    Smid is NOT going to get a long term deal from the Oilers next summer. It will be at most two years, or a trade. Greene is giving at least one and maybe two unrestricted years, which also would not be the case with Smid.

  22. doritogrande says:

    Rules for tonight and tomorrow’s battle of alberta games on the BoA website. Reserve your spot on the stomach pump early men.

  23. mjsh says:

    gotto love those old bombers

  24. Showerhead says:

    Say, have any of you ever written a Uni exam on a Saturday? ‘Cause I have to tomorrow and I’m pissed.

  25. HBomb says:

    Say, have any of you ever written a Uni exam on a Saturday? ‘Cause I have to tomorrow and I’m pissed.

    U of A Engineering student by chance?

    I wrote tons of those. It always sucked balls having to write an exam on a Saturday at 9am.

  26. Showerhead says:

    Hbomh: I’m at the U of M, doing a Bio degree. I finished a whole BA in Psych without ever having my Saturday morning raped and taken from me and now this feels rather odd. Booked work off to study and now there’s the season’s first BoA looming. Good thing that after all these years I’ve finally got the studying BEFORE the last possible day thing down so if my eyes start to wander I won’t go straight to hell.

    Are you saying that MOST of your midterms were Saturdays. Damn.

  27. Phil says:

    At the saddledome at the moment, on my blackbizzle. LET THIS SHIT BEGIN!!!!! GOILERS!!!!

  28. Scott says:

    MacIntyre draws the penalty! He must be up there with Stortini on a per 60 basis :|

  29. Jonathan says:

    And Jeff Deslauriers is off to a good start…

  30. danny says:

    JDDs positioning is looking suspect. he was just deep and off the post for that shot that hit the side of the net.

    71 with a nice slap pass a minute before that.

  31. doritogrande says:


    I’m actually in the same boat as you tomorrow. 9AM on a Saturday is not cool.

    It is further not cool that I follow that exam with three more monday teusday wednesday.

    Beer me.

  32. doritogrande says:


    Cogliano with his first. We had a goal…off a faceoff lost?

  33. danny says:

    is the game thread happening on another site tonight? Awful quiet here…

    Cogs gooooooooooal

  34. Dennis says:

    Scoring chances from all four lines so overall we’re looking good.

    A couple of bad passes from 71 and 44 has been given the keys to the kingdom and that’s gonna kill me all year.

    Meanwhile, some disappointing news — although not surprising — is available for reading over at Covered in Oil.

    I’d really like to know who the arseholes are in this organization.

  35. honkey says:

    Good 1st period for Oilers against a Flames that should be pretty desperate after a poor start.

    Our captain has done some nice thing, that hit long after offside whistle comes to mind :)

  36. Lowetide says:

    Deslauriers looked as good as any goalie playing his first NHL game can, which is to say nervous. Seemed to settle in late and didn’t give up a 5 spot or anything.

    And of course, the game isn’t over yet.

  37. Phil says:

    Deslauier started this way in the preseason boa – early shakey goal, then steady as the game went on. Hoping for the same here. Lots of oiler fans here tonight; a whole section in the nosebleeds.

  38. andy grabia says:

    is the game thread happening on another site tonight? Awful quiet here…

    If only there was some site wholly devoted to the Battle of Alberta… :)

    Just kidding. It’s dead on our site, too. Friday night, I guess.

  39. doritogrande says:

    Ooooh. That’s a bad goal for someone trying to stick in the NHL.

  40. honkey says:

    Baaad goal.
    But Oilers deserved that.

  41. doritogrande says:

    Ryan Smy…er…Erik Cole with his first of the season.

  42. honkey says:

    That’s the way to use PP as a momentum shifter.

  43. Showerhead says:

    Aha, finally got a reliable online feed to go side by side my prof’s .ppt notes. Let the complete lack of devotion to my environmental science begin!

    and doritogrande: those back to backs do suck, there’s no doubt. in my case I will go one a week for 4 straight. manageable, sure, but always feels like something’s there.

    a thought as I see the kid line finish the PP – aren’t you just asking for an Iginla mismatch this way? if you don’t score I would think shifts of roughly a minute, 40s, and then back to guys you can go PVP with seems to play out safer. thoughts?

  44. doritogrande says:

    Souray hits ugly with a bomb.


  45. honkey says:

    Wow, so this is what it looks like when things clicks.

  46. doritogrande says:

    “Aha, finally got a reliable online feed to go side by side my prof’s .ppt notes. Let the complete lack of devotion to my environmental science begin! “

    Haha. Dude, that’s my minor. And, incidentally my exam tomorrow. It’s gonna be a piece of cake, but with Biochem and Limnology back to back next week, a little early studying won’t hurt.

  47. Showerhead says:

    Nice backcheck from Nilsson on the double-shift. Smart plays from Gagner et al on the shift prior as well – this is a fun game to watch so far.

  48. Showerhead says:

    And another note – wow, nice to see Hemsky practice what he preaches by going after Giordano but it would be nice to see ABA (that’s anyone but Ales) get that done.

  49. honkey says:

    The reffing is great, all penalties going to the Flames. What more could you ask for, now lets punish them again :)

  50. BenJammin says:

    Nice to see Strudwick stand up for his teammate. Now for another PP goal!

  51. honkey says:

    World class backcheck, I starting to think of Nilsson as a Zetterberg-type of player if he continues like this.

  52. doritogrande says:

    There’s the patented Kiprusoff rebound I’ve been waiting for. Nilsson with a gift.

  53. Aram Dellalian says:


  54. doritogrande says:

    One crafty sonofabitch, that Rowbert.

  55. T. says:

    Yay! The PP kids!

    More shots – check
    More faceoffs won – check
    PP working – check

    It’s amazing what happens when those things start going in the right direction.

    (please don’t let me have jinxed it)

  56. Showerhead says:

    Shit, the PP got so good that even those pretty passing plays before scoring got boring and they just went straight to the goal part.

    doritogrande: I’d laugh if it’s 1000 with Goodman and I’d laugh a lot more if you and I were in the same lecture. Piece of cake does sound about right, so maybe!

  57. gary b says:

    Row-bear was all over that juicy rebound like freckles on a ginger kid

  58. Showerhead says:

    WOW. Quick Gagner spin w/ a bouncing puck. Jebus.

  59. T. says:

    kids sure can skate! whoooey!

  60. doritogrande says:


    Oh fuck. See you tomorrow man.

  61. T. says:

    small world bloggers.

  62. Dennis says:

    It’s nice that we’re winning on the board but Ugly creamed 51, then he went after 33 and later on Sarich nearly took a headshot at 26 and then Giaordano ran 71.

    I’d like to get up by one more goal and then run around a little bit.

    Great friggin backchecks by 12 and 16 respectively that broke up what could’ve been dangerous Cgy rushes.

    This team has skill, vision and depth for days and I could really get behind it if it had defenseman.

    If Lowe finds an ’08 Spacek to jump in for 43, we could be on to something.

    Who’s out there that’s on their last year of a contract and are on rental-centric teams like LA, Atl and NYI?

  63. Phil says:

    Good time to be an Oil fan at the ‘dome. Except that a double rum/coke is $23. Wtf?

  64. doritogrande says:

    Careful phil. Might want to read the newest entry on coveredinoil.

    You may have a burly man looking for you spouting nonsensical dumbspeak.

  65. BenJammin says:

    Calgary may be head-hunting but after three PP goals against how long before the coach reins them in? I do agree with sending a message near the end of the third.

  66. Lowetide says:

    The Oilers PP in the second period hasn’t been seen in these parts forever. I mean “what is this salty discharge?” Jerry Seinfeld crying kind of rare.

    That’s 3 on the PP? Last time would have been (my guess) Weight era.

  67. Scott says:

    And in a shocking turn of events: Sheldon Souray is injured.

  68. honkey says:

    Grebeshkov with a few amazing passes on his last shift.
    Man he can make great plays when his confidence is at this level.

  69. Bruce says:

    boy that was one butt ugly goal Calgary scored to make it 2-1 but things really turned Oil’s way after that. Nilsson looks awesome and Gagner made me gasp about four different times. I’m seeing lots to like in Souray’s game, more on this later.

    One small problem, more or less as I feared: Calgary 18 hits, Edmonton 10, and not coincidentally, SMac 3 shifts, 1:55 TOI, -1, 0 hits. his last shift was a comedy of errors, ending with the puck in Oilers net, and he won’t hit the ice again tonight until the game is out of reach. In the meantime, replace him with skill players, and guess what? You get a Giordano running around and there’s only skill players around, like Hemsky, to stand in there.

  70. Showerhead says:

    Haha small world indeed but more importantly, did the announcer just call JDD “Delorean”?

    …and there’s Souray’s 1st injury of the season. How many people bet less than 4 GP?

  71. Scott says:

    “there’s only skill players around”

    I can think of worse problems. That exact same situation would occur with Stortini in the line-up.

  72. doritogrande says:

    The assault defendant brings it to 4-3.

  73. Coach pb9617 says:

    Two things:

    1. Calgary would be the worst team in the NHL if the referees called interference.

    2. Sportsnet announcers are HUGE Calgary fans.

  74. BenJammin says:

    Moreau looked like he had some jump in the first part of the first but has been looking lost since then. He needs to put back on the fourth line.

  75. T. says:

    Anyone check out CinO recently?

    Shitty shitty thing. We all knew freedom of the press was a myth in Oilerville but this is ridiculous…

    go Oil? sigh/

  76. Bruce says:

    Scott; I can think of worse problems too. I like skill a lot. But i also like a balanced line-up, and right now, we ain’t got one. The Oilers who will get all the ice time the rest of the way are in pretty deep on the physical side. Let’s hope one of those skill guys pots an insurance goal.

    Coach: right you are. The blatant pick play that Iginla got away with seconds before the (good) call on Grebs that out us two men down would have killed this comeback before it started.

  77. Alice says:

    The assault defendant is bringing it in spades this year, what’s that his 4th? Course he shouldn’t be playing in the NHL – sorry – but as he is he might be having his best go in a long while.

  78. Showerhead says:

    I like this year’s Penner. A good forecheck will at least temporarily calm down any momentum shift.

  79. BenJammin says:

    I hate to harp on the captain, but on that last shift Moreau seemed to be everywhere he wasn’t needed. He didn’t support the work on the boards. Was hanging back when he should’ve pinched, and then pinched exactly when the puck started the other way.

  80. doritogrande says:

    Did Garon get new pads?

    I thought only 32 coudl pull the splits like that. Great save Deslauriers.

  81. doritogrande says:

    The kids with 2 minutes left? Really?

  82. Showerhead says:

    DG – the puck was going the right way, that’s one thing I noticed. The icings sure make a guy nervous though.

    Game Edmonton deserves to win, rookie G in net, Calgary pressing… is anyone else feeling a bit disproportionately intense for G3 of the season?

  83. Showerhead says:

    The right way, that is, when the kids were let over the boards.

  84. honkey says:

    Easy win and a 3-0-0 start to the season and not a single game to overtime yet.
    Lets be happy, have a few drinks and celebrate.

  85. T. says:

    I may love our new giant goalie.

  86. doritogrande says:



    The beer’s flowing like a river across Canada tonight. With particular emphasis on Grabia’s establishment.

  87. gary b says:

    nice. what a fun game to watch.

    AND JDD gets a win, Oil 29 to 23 faceoffs, 35 to 29 in shots on goal.

  88. BenJammin says:

    Hear, hear.

  89. Coach pb9617 says:

    Good lord those kids sure to fly. I find myself hoping that the next three over the boards are the kids on almost every single change.

  90. doritogrande says:

    Dubnyk got absolutely lit up tonight. 4GA in the first period, pulled after that. 6-3 loss. Trukhno and Schremp with assists, Potulny on pace for 82 goals.

  91. Coach pb9617 says:

    Dubnyk got absolutely lit up tonight.

    Good thing that the other one did alright :)

  92. Asiaoil says:

    One super bad goal and an .896 SP is not my definition of “alright” – but hey we won so I won’t get too bitchy.

  93. Asiaoil says:

    Dubnyk still has a regular really bad start which should have stopped by now – which can lead you to think – maybe they never will stop happening. Not a great start to a key year in his development.

  94. gary b says:

    Lacouture scores again for Carolina.

  95. Showerhead says:

    I’m kind of a JDD skeptic as it is – those goals + Dubnyk getting lit up don’t exactly make for a good night prospect goalie wise, but what can you do. If Edmonton can weather the storm early tomorrow night and carry forward this overall effort, they’ve got a solid chance at a great start to the season.

    With that, I’m off to bed early in prep for the exam (which is followed immediately of course by a 6 hour work day… which is followed almost immediately of course by a 6 hour work night.) GG all, and GL (as if you will need it) tomorrow to doritogrande.

  96. doritogrande says:


    My 8 hour work day beats your 6 hours. But who’s counting.

  97. T. says:

    Well… I’d be curious to see what other rookie goaltenders had as their save % in their first NHL game. I think it was a good first go for JDD. He’s got room to get better for sure but you can hardly be too disappointed with him.

  98. Bruce says:

    He’s got room to get better for sure but you can hardly be too disappointed with him.

    JDD 1-0-0-0, 1.000

    The kid won his first game. In Calgary. He gets a passing grade from me.

    Sure the second goal was weak sauce; as I said to my better half at the time, in the case of a young goalie it looms large against a tiny sample size. Whereas if Roli had let in a softie it would be business as usual. JDD bounced back pretty well and did a fine Garon impersonation in the dying minutes with the game on the line.

    It really sux that Souray is hurt already, poor bastard can’t buy a break. He brought a lot of game tonight, in all three zones. He brings a commanding presence to the Oilers’ line-up that will be difficult to replace.

    I don’t know if anyone else is pissed that it was a real cheap shot by Bertuzzi, but I sure am. Double forearm shiver. Good thing the ref called it right and the PP made the prick pay for his mistake with the goal that put the Oil ahead to stay, but that didn’t bring back Souray tonight and maybe not for awhile. Bertuzzi leads the world in dumb-ass offensive zone penalties, and tonight it bit his team on the butt yet again.

    Oilers now have four players with more than 2 points, and three of them are defencemen. The point shot was a major weapon tonight, four out of four goals were generated from the blueline.

    Quiet game night thread, “only” 100 comments. You got a good thing going here, LT.

  99. Dennis says:

    As much as I liked some of the good saves JDD made tonight, a GA like the one to Moss means that I can never be content and waiting for the light to go on everytime a shot finds the net reminds me all too much of the fucking Salo era.

    Overall, a fine road effort by the boys. They came out firing in the first period and really put in enough work and created enough chances to deserve this win.

    Another neat little game by 43 who’s tough and has shown a nice nose for knowing when to pinch.

    Some other things:
    - 12 makes enough backchecking plays that it’s no longer a coincidence

    - 89 will be a good two-way guy when he rounds out

    - THIS was the 26 we had heard about

    - 37 has been our best dman so far

  100. Dennis says:

    How long is Souray gone for?

    I gotta say, if he’s on LTI to the point we can save his money and bring in McLaren, then I gotta thank Bertuzzi.

    Souray jumps into the play way too much for a guy that isn’t fast and he has a hammer of a shot on the PP but he can’t pass the puck.

    And the other thing too is from what I’ve read and heard about him, he’s a pretty big arrogant snob and arsehole.

    I’ve never really been able to cheer for him to tell you the truth and that’s super-rare when it comes to an Oiler.

  101. Coach pb9617 says:

    Every year Lowe manages to root around through the league dumpster and find himself an untouched bucket of chicken.

    The the vein of Cross, Hedja and others, this year’s dumpster diving effort has produced Jason Strudwick.

    He’s really become a joy to watch for me. Every little thing is right. Simple chip outs, hits when the opportunity is there, screens and shields when necessary. He knows when to dump it in, he gets it deep to the corner every time. He tends to wreck whatever is in front of the net and has no problems shielding his tender at the whistle.

    Man is he nice to watch.

  102. Coach pb9617 says:

    - 12 makes enough backchecking plays that it’s no longer a coincidence

    Nope. He’s a beaut. I don’t care what the message boards and bloggers say about Lowe’s personnel management — the man brought us the kids and for that I will always be in his debt.

    There is a distinct chance that 1/3 of the return for Smyth will surpass Smyth by next year.

  103. Coach pb9617 says:

    Some other things:
    - 12 makes enough backchecking plays that it’s no longer a coincidence

    Mac sees it too. 12 was the #1 TOI forward tonight. A few of those seconds can be attributed to him on the penalty kill when he came out of the box, but even then, he was #2 behind Scorecoff.

  104. Cloned says:

    It’s unreal how Lowe keeps on signing these middling journeymen defensemen types and they keep turning into Smith’s, Staios’ and now Strudwick’s.

    I know it’s early, but Strudwick is playing extremely well and he’s miles better than what Smid could give us right now.

  105. dubya says:

    How long is Souray gone for?

    I gotta say, if he’s on LTI to the point we can save his money and bring in McLaren, then I gotta thank Bertuzzi.

    Souray jumps into the play way too much for a guy that isn’t fast and he has a hammer of a shot on the PP but he can’t pass the puck.

    Sorry, Dennis, but you bias is skewing your view. Souray isn’t smooth like Pronger, he’s not the most mobile, but he’s a decent veteran defenseman. He breaks the cycle, has an active stick, and can actually hit people. As for the PP, he’s an excellent performer. And that’s not just the big shot. He’s not smooth, he doesn’t skate well, but as far as I can tell he shows excellent patience and decent awareness of his pass options. His two assists tonight were off patient, heady plays. He may not look great, but he knows what he’s doing. Beyond that, the big shot totally changes how the PK plays him, opening up a lot of room down low.

    If you think McLaren makes this team better you are delusional. Seriously, through 3 games the guy was on pace to play 25 minutes per game, has 1G (plus two other shots off the post) and 4 points, and is even playing the other teams top players. Yeah, what we need is a waiver cast off to really right the ship.

  106. dubya says:

    that should read “and has an even +/- playing against the other teams top players”

  107. Cloned says:

    On another note, it looks like we can add Nilsson and Grebeshkov to MacT’s list of successful conversions from “bust” to “stud.”

    OK, maybe not that far.

    But Nilsson has a really good array of skills that make him one helluva player. If he had a stronger physical dimension to his game, I’m convinced he’d be approaching Mike Richards level (unfortunately, he doesn’t).

    Grebeshkov might be the best all-around defenseman on the team. Lowe needs to find a way to keep in the NHL without breaking the team cap.

  108. PunjabiOil says:

    I really liked Strudwick’s game. Lowe seems to have found another gem.

    Really loving Nilsson’s game. He’s skating all over the place.

    I do have reservation with MacT’s PP line-ups. Cole scores today, but it really should be Dustin Penner infront of the net.

    Speaking of Penner, great puck control down low. Absolutely fun watching him play.

    Gagner with 0 points thus far. He looks great though, very good instincts. Really nice to see.

    I’m warming up to Souray.

    JDD looked shakey. An horrific goal allowed against Moss. Will need more games to assess him.

    The Oilers didn’t score much on EV, but they controlled the play. The goals will come.

    Nice to enjoy a night off for a change. Work and study – 8 am to 11 pm from Monday’s and Thursdays. Life is good :rolleyes:

  109. PunjabiOil says:

    As for Souray, I believe one of the HF clowns (God, I love this term – whoever created it deserves a medal) mentioned that it’s just a Charley Horse.

    Out for tommorow night.

  110. Coach pb9617 says:

    Gagner with 0 points thus far. He looks great though, very good instincts. Really nice to see.

    My one and only complaint with the kid line is on Sam.

    Kid, do not be afraid a crisp pass. Not every pass has to be a cute one. Not every pass has to be a touch pass. Don’t be afraid to zing one through the zone. The old guys on your line can handle it – they’re quite skillful.

  111. Bruce says:

    re: Strudwick, I like most, not all, of what I see. He certainly is a keep-it-simple stay-at-home defender which is what you want in the 6-7 hole. Tonight though he caused some anxious moments when he knocked a high puck out of the air with his glove and right into the @#$%^ slot, and later he gave Brodziak a dead man’s pass that hung Kyle out to dry. That whole shift was an abortion; SMac was standing around out of position, the only two guys he touched were Pouliot and Brodziak, then he turned the puck over in the neutral zone and Boyd slipped wide on Strudwick and scored on the counterattack. It was a bad enough goal on JDD’s part to warrant an “unassisted error”, but the whole sequence leading up to it was flat out horrible, and the goal seemed inevitable at the time.

    Kudos to the PP for pulling out the win. As on the Pond the big money blueliners showed their worth on the second and third goals, but to my eye Nilsson was the man of the match. 4 shots, 2 hits (!), a goal, a number of excellent defensive plays and quite a few miles on the odometer. Those who have slotted him as a second line outscorer who might be useful trade bait are selling him way short IMO. This guy is a player.

  112. Bruce says:

    Souray isn’t smooth like Pronger, he’s not the most mobile, but he’s a decent veteran defenseman. He breaks the cycle, has an active stick, and can actually hit people.

    One play that caught my eye in the first period was where Souray was on the defensive end boards, Flame A with the puck in the corner, Flame B seemingly open behind the net. Souray played the gap perfectly, picked off what should have been a routine wall pass from A to B, made a fine power move to cut inside of B, chipped a decent breakout pass to the open winger, jumped into the rush, took the return pass and wound up whistling a wicked wrister past Kipper’s ear and off the glass. It’s not just his slapper that’s hard, all his shots get to the net a split second quicker, than most. A real heavy shot too, gives goalies nightmares.

    Then there was another moment where Bourque gave him a facewash and I said to my bride, oooh, Souray’s not a guy you want to piss off, and hearing my own words I thought a team can’t have enough guys like that and I’m glad we got a couple. Too bad his body doesn’t seem to be up to sustained abuse, because I think he would be capable of delivering more than his share of punishment. Guy is a very scary fighter too, basically never loses. But his Achilles heel is all too apparent. Let’s hope the latest knock is just that … the guy needs to play a bunch of games in a row for his presence to be felt. Charleyhorse doesn’t sound too bad, let’s hope that’s all it is.

  113. Dennis says:

    Well, that’s the other thing, though. How long do you think it would/will last for Souray to keep playing top opp and coming out ahead?

    I’m sorry, I just can’t get my head around it. He’s overpaid and macT has overrated him and that’s on the ice and on the books.

    Off the ice, he took a swipe at Matt Greene’s sense of humor the other day and I thought that was a bit off-putting. Though, when you’ve heard the things I have about him then it all goes together.

    I’ve got a friend who’s honestly the nicest guy you’ve ever met. He’s a huge Habs fan and was a huge Souray fan — him and I would trash each other all the time when Souray was there — and like I said, this guy is super nice and literally doesn’t say a bad word about anyone.

    Well, my bud was friends with Ryder’s first cousin and Ryder would get them tickets twice a year and the boys would either go to Mtl or follow them to a road game and everytime I spoke to my buddy after he returned from one of his trips, Souray would’ve always played the prick.

  114. Dennis says:

    On 12′s hits: Yes, he did lay out Giordano to the right of Kipper. It was just a think where he really caught the D off-guard.

    And I’m one of the guys who thinks 12′s a good deal because he’s locked into a good contract and he’d an attractive chip. But, listen, as much as I didn’t like the Smyth deal I was also one of the very first hardcore guys to say I thought he was a player; I’m pretty sure I wrote about it over on Ty’s site after a win in, ironically enough, Calgary.

    But, as much as we have a lot of good kid D, we need an EV stopper and we’re likely gonna have to trade one of our kid forwards to pick that up.

    That and Garon improving will be the last pieces; the forward depth’s clearly there but Souray’s fool’s gold and he’s not gonna stay healthy anyway.

  115. Phil says:

    Well, fun night. Managed to escape from the saddledump unscathed, besides hearing about three hundred and fourty eight bazillion comments about how the refs won the game for the Oilers tonight. Brilliant.

    DG – I agree with you that paying that much dough for a Cuba Libre is nonsensical dumbspeak :) Reading the apparent final entry over at coveredinoil makes me sick. What is this, the USSR? That being said, I did notice an unusually large and hairy man eyeing me up…turns out it was just a Canucks’ fan.

    I think in my drunken haze after the 1st period, I called the Deslaurier situation. Goal 2 was soft, but he made some really solid saves in the third – enuff to win. That’s all that matters, no?

    What was MacIntyre in the lineup for?

  116. Bruce says:

    And the other thing too is from what I’ve read and heard about him, he’s a pretty big arrogant snob and arsehole.

    Dennis: That doesn’t sound like the Sheldon Souray who came to my wife’s school while on a road trip back when he played for the Devils and gave a motivational speech to the primarily native student body there; nor the Souray who has been involved in numerous charity efforts and who is seen as something of a role model in the First Nations and Metis communities. That he has a strong personality I have no doubt; that it is possible for an arsehole to be an effective hockey player is also pretty well-established. (See: Pronger, C.F.). Bottom line, I’m not sure how relevant any of this is to what the guy does on the ice.

  117. spOILer says:

    Kevin Lowe, back in the day, was one of the biggest pricks to the commoners you’d ever meet.

    A little more than gallic arrogance too.

    But that’s out in the public with the rabble in a bar. What else would be expected from guys who’ve seen every come-on, every sycophantic play, possible? They’re heat scores for that shit. There’s a natural barrier toward the general public.

    And he could play on my team any day.

  118. Doogie2K says:

    Gagner with 0 points thus far. He looks great though, very good instincts. Really nice to see.

    Meanwhile, Hemsky has four points and has looked like he’s regressed so far this year. Go figure.

    As for the quietness around here, I wonder if anyone else is gun-shy about commenting after seeing Pleasure Motors’ last post.

  119. Black Dog says:

    Anw Doodie, just a Friday night I would say. Tonight I’m sure everyone will be out in force.

    The issue with Dave was that he was in the arena. Its complete BS and it was handled poorly to compound the problem but guys who do press for organizations strike me as the lowest life there are generally. Sports organizations, politicians, other businesses, government. The goal of these guys is to control outgoing information. They are directed to do so, of course, but I have never seen or heard of one with any sense or personality.

  120. Alice says:

    How does it matter that he was in the arena?
    I just don't understand how the team mgmt seems to think it's their duty to protect the turf of the MS press guys. You Might expect a couple of Them(MSP, not EO) to give buddy the cold shoulder, big deal, but does the EJ – or anyone else – pay the Oilers for access? Because if they don't, why does the team give a damn either way? I'm obviously missing something, what is it other than people given a bit of power – esp. gatekeeper power – will often behave like jerks? Surely there's nothing in this for the organization.

    So here's an idea: Recycle the Tiant pic, a pithy 3-para missive from LT that says what we all feel, with, like, the clarity and style parts, we all add 1 comment, eg. 'Amen, you twits. We're your Fans' – and there's your online petition.

    This blog is the only reason I follow the NHL before April, when things go dark in the ACC and Ontarians get to watch some hockey that's not Blue&White.

  121. Schitzo says:

    I was wincing the whole time giordano was stalking nilsson into the corner in the 3rd. A loud “fuck yeah” was heard when Nilsson turned the tables on him.

  122. Schitzo says:

    By the way, my wife had no sympathy for the BoA drinking game, and told me I was getting up with our little one this morning no matter what.

    It’s a goddamn good thing we won last night or I’d be dropping the kid off at the SPCA and going back to bed.

    Well, not really, but damn. Do all little kids have hangover radar and decide to be even rowdier?

  123. Lowetide says:

    Schitzo: Yes. Yes they do.

  124. HBomb says:

    That BOA drinking game needs to come with some sort of disclaimer regarding how you will likely feel like crap the next morning after participating. How many more weekend BOA’s this year?

    Let it be known that I cannon-balled a full double rum and coke when I saw Bertuzzi injure Souray. For posterity. Just because.

    Thank God I live alone and the only things I have to do today are to meet my buddy at noon to go and look at cars (is it wrong that I’m scoping out BMW’s 18 months before I plan on buying one? I don’t think so), and then I’ve got to go play ball hockey with this Andy Grabia fellow tonight at 11pm (which will probably mean I miss the 3rd period of the Oilers game – let’s hope the Red Sox have the baseball game well-in-hand by 10pm, shall we?)

  125. amw says:

    punjabi oil: I do have reservation with MacT’s PP line-ups. Cole scores today, but it really should be Dustin Penner infront of the net.

    uh, dude, they were 3 for 6 tonight…….

  126. Dennis says:

    Bruce: Points taken, for sure. And I’m pretty sure that if Souray wasn’t being overpaid and wasn’t injury prone, I could like him more on the ice.

    In fact, if he was being given the keys on ST was being given third line min at EV, I would be a lot happier with how he’s being used. But, it seems like macT thinks he’s better by virtue of what they’re paying him and that’s not how it works.

    Spoiler: I doubt Lowe’s changed that much. He has a sulky/entitled side to him and he may play a role at the breakfast table but I think that’s for sure.

    All: Laforge doesn’t come across as likeable in the least and neither has Lowe at times. You wonder who tipped off the brass to Dave’s live blogging and then you wonder who made the order for it to stop.

    There are some hawks fans who are embarrassed the way the Savard thing was handled and today I’m an Oilers fan who’s had some of his fears and/or thoughts realized.

  127. Schitzo says:

    One thing I’m loving about Souray on the PP – has anyone else noticed that if he’s getting pressured, he’ll fake a windup and the defender falls away from him? It gives him room to make the smart play when he does that.

  128. Black Dog says:

    a;ice – agree with everything you said – my point was just in response to Doogie’s question about the lack of comments on the thread and its possible relation to Dave’s situation; I don’t think anybody is intimidated in the least – its a free country and its not like OIler press flacks will be knocking on all our doors

  129. Doogie2K says:

    @Black Dog: I should clarify that I didn’t think anyone was intimidated (other than Dave) so much as feeling a bit low about the whole thing. I had some shit to say last night, but I saw the post and was like, “well fuck that.” It’s a temporary thing, obviously, but it was a bit of a kick in the shorts.

  130. Oilman says:

    We’ve got 2 goalies making about $1.5m combined getting the starts so far and our $3.5m guy sitting in the pressbox and dennis is convinced that Mactavish plays people based on salary?

  131. Oilman says:

    I know that this is a really tight blogging community and this won’t be a popular comment, but does no one think that having the press pass from one group and using said pass to blog on your personal page a bit of a conflict? Sounds like Oilers staff handled it badly and security at Rexall is made up largely of arseholes – but really, is the story surprising? There’s probably 25 teams that would have done the same thing.

  132. Doogie2K says:

    I agree that by the letter of the press pass, as currently issued by the Oilers, he probably shouldn’t have been doing that, at least not with F-bombs and potshots at others in the press box (gleaned from a cached copy and comments on the thread, pre-deletion — let me know if I’m mistaken, here). However, the real question is, why can he not live blog at all? It’s not like you couldn’t live blog from your seat in the 200s with a Crackberry. It’s not like other organizations in the NHL don’t make it a part of their press pass. (Ironically, if he had stayed as Pleasure Motors and not advertised that he was there on a press pass, it might not have been an issue.) More to the point, though, the way it was handled — throwing him out before telling him what he was doing wrong — is a serious Goddamn problem. I also think that if he’s not allowed to live blog or use the material gathered on his blog, the ON guys (Gregor and Brownlee) shouldn’t, either. I don’t know how the Oilers plan on handing them, but I somehow doubt they’ll be given a jackboot in the rectum for their troubles.

  133. Alice says:

    I guess my point was the press pass is given to people in the hopes that they’ll help publicize the Oilers. Since the MSM doesn’t Pay for this access, then they shouldn’t have much to say, tho they might have their noses out of joint. I fail to understand the organization ‘protecting’ this turf. From whom?

    I’m not worked up about it, I’m just confused – the org has an odd view of what its interests are. Or some org flunkies do, anyhow.

  134. Doogie2K says:

    I’m just confused – the org has an odd view of what its interests are.

    That’s basically the problem. A lot of teams don’t seem to realize that a professional but dedicated blogger is one of the best tools in their PR arsenal, given how the Internet has evolved over the last few years.

  135. raventalon40 says:

    Tyler Arnason is already on his 5th professional team! He always seems to score against us.

  136. Dennis says:

    OM: One guy’s on his last year of his contract and the other fellow has four more years left so, yeah, I can see how you’d compare the two situations!

  137. Oilman says:

    sorry dennis – your reasoning is a little convoluted, and transparent, at the same time.

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