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I used to watch the baseball playoffs with my Dad. He’d tell me about things like the 1961 WS (Yankees ploughed the Bucs in their wins and lost by a “ahem hair” in their L’s) and the Dimaggio hitting streak (read about it in the Saturday paper. Came to town every weekend, that’s how he followed sports. Had a roast beef sandwich and read the paper. I cannot imagine).

Milwuakeee deserves a WS win. They got screwed in 1982 on a call at 1st base a newborn would get right, and Bud Selig is the devil. Despite that (and a pretty together Phillies team) they have some life tonight.

The baseball Gods have always mocked me, they flushed the Expos long ago and broke my heart with it. But I’m watching a kid who the BJ’s threw away throwing Bert Blyleven hooks and I’m drinking just enough beer to cheer for a baseball team tonight.

So. Jesus, if you’re listening, could you give those cheeseheads (there’s some beauties in the crowd, some redheads and those devil brunettes) a little love?

God knows they’ve earned it.

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12 Responses to "That Other Sport"

  1. Black Dog says:

    I’m watching tonight’s game and have watched plenty this first week. I’m rooting for the Cubs although things look ugly there, again.

    Love playoff baseball. Especially since the Yankees began to implode. I used to watch a lot more but 1994, kids, too many teams and a few other reasons mean I watch very little until October.

    But there are few things I prefer to playoff baseball in sport.

  2. HBomb says:

    Sawx fevah. Wicked haad.

    Jason Bay rocks.

    That is all.

  3. doritogrande says:

    By other sport…you mean Junior hockey, right?

    Productive Friday night for the boys in the Dub. Plante continues his scoring tear with another assist and +2 rating. Eberle with two helpers.

  4. Doogie2K says:

    I think this makes four assists in four straight games for Plante, as well as three fights in as many games. Wow.

    Missed the game (stupid Bay again), but sounded like a doozy: 6-2 Hitmen, two goals a period and a couple of scraps. Oh, and that Burgart kid can fight. So now Calgary’s 6-0 to start the season at home, which I believe is one better than the Oilers’ club record for home winning streaks to start the season, but 0-2 on the road.

  5. Lord Bob says:

    I just can’t cheer for any team that Bud Selig has had a prominent role in. I’m sorry. That’s just not physically possible. If he came out in support of pepperoni pizza I’d go all vegetarian.

    I was all on board the Cubs train, but unfortunately that seems to have derailed with massive casualties. I’m still bitter about Rick Monday and that game happened before I was even born, so the Dodgers are out. To repurpose a well-known quote, cheering for the Red Sox is like cheering for the house in blackjack. So I guess I’m in with the White Sox, if only because I’d throw Cito Gaston off the CN Tower if it meant Ozzie Guillen would be the Jays’ new manager.

  6. Bruce says:

    They got screwed in 1982 on a call at 1st base a newborn would get right

    LT: I’m a Cards fan and I recall things entirely differently. The Cards won the 1982 Series over the Brewers in 7, but fair and square. It was the ’85 Series that my Cards lost where the umpire made the infamous blunder. To this day I call it the Don Denkinger Muff, cuz it had the exact same effect on the game as the (in)famous Fred Snodgrass Muff in 1912. Snodgrass muffed a fly ball, Denkinger muffed a call. In both cases the home team, trailing by one in its last bats, got a runner on base, none out, when the unmuffed play would have had one out, nobody on. In Snodgrass’s case, the result was two unearned runs and a devastating 7th-game, 10th-inning loss by his New York Giants to the RedSox. In 1985 Denkinger’s Muff went unrecorded in the box score because The Ump Is Always Right.

    One difference was that in 1985 it was only Game 6, and after Denkinger gave the Royals that game the Cards still had a chance in Game 7. Which they lost 11-0. But ’til my dying day I will maintain it was the goddamned ninth inning in Game 6 that cost them that ’85 Series. A terrible call at the worst possible time, one that had a direct outcome on that season’s championship.

    See this

  7. stubby says:

    Angels and Cubbies look like the same team. Waiting / expecting to lose.
    Dodgers / Red Sox WS would be fun. Manny vs the Sox. What a difference one player can make to a team. Can he ever hit, and as the games get more important and pitchers tougher, Manny still rakes.
    Since the loss of the Expos I’ve struggled to find a team to pledge allegiance to. Instead I cheer for good match-ups with clutch hitting and excitement. I’m thinking the Sox and Dodgers might be it this year.

  8. Lord Bob says:

    What is it with Lowetide’s blog and Expos fans? :P

  9. Lowetide says:

    Good taste, my friend. Good taste. Plus a bond that comes from Blue Monday, whether you were alive that day or not.

    Oh the humanity.

  10. stubby says:

    Not many baseball fans around and even less Expo fans, it’s a treat to find someplace to read about the Spos and LT has me looking up Expo information regularly, and I thought I knew too much about the Expos than I should.
    oh oh, 3 run HR for Burrell, Brew Crew looks done.

  11. Marty Sakic says:

    Red Sox are gonna finish up tonight!

    And I was rooting for the Brew Crew, but alas, twas not to be.


  12. Dennis says:

    I don’t like Pinella and because Zambrano beat up Micheal Barrett — that kid volunteered to play 3B because he thought it was the best thing for the Expos org — I don’t like Carlos either.

    There’s no way any Expos fan can like LA; you’ve got Blue Monday plus the fact that bad things would happen when the Expos went on the West Coast and, for fucksakes, Mark Gardner once threw a no-hitter there for 9 innings and the Expos couldn’t even scratch a run for him.

    I feel for the Cubs fans because no one loved the Expos more than I did. I really don’t get as worked up about the Oilers as I used to but back in the day a blown save would ruin my mood for days. Many a time I wished I could trade one of the Oilers Cup years just for a playoff appearance for Les Expos.

    So, it’s hard for me to put into words how much I loved that team and how much time I spent rooting. reading and obsessing about them or how much I miss them.

    So, I remember that and then I look at how long the Cubs drought is and I try and think what it would be like if the Expos won 97 games and then were swept out in the first round.

    It wouldn’t be pretty.

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